Everyone’s Favorite Halo Cannon Fodder, Now in Plush Form!

Halo Grunt Plush

Remember this cute, little guy? The incredibly soft, stuffed Grunt who was searching for his nipple mate? If you’d like to be his one and only, you can make a play for his red, stitched heart over at everybody’s favorite auction site. Current bid sits at a paltry US $0.99, but it certainly won’t stay at that price for long. I can personally guarantee that!

Attempt to purchase the Halo Covenant Grunt Plushie, or just see bs angel’s current bid

Mona Lisa Makes This Custom Xbox 360 a Classic

The Mona Lisa, a sixteenth-century portrait painted in oil on a poplar pane, is arguably one of the most famous paintings in the world. If you happen to be a fan of this popular piece of artwork, you’ll be excited to know it was recently recreated upon an Xbox 360. While a video game item is undoubtedly an unusual medium for classic art, the iconic image of a slightly smiling woman adorns one side of the interactive entertainment device while the artist used the second side of the case to flex his creative muscles. I’m thinking 2 Girls, 1 Box would be an excellent alternative title for this custom console (and that’s not just because I think it looks like shit either!). It can be purchased on everybody’s favorite auction site so hit the link to place a bid, or hit the jump to take a gander at a picture of the other side. One of those things causes more trauma than the other, but I’m not saying which one. As The Go-Go’s once stated, my lips are sealed. When penises aren’t involved anyways.

Mona Lisa Xbox 360

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Real-Life Halo Spike Grenade

Spike Grenade

One morning, upon arriving home, I witnessed my neighbor use my driveway to turn around and, in the process, knock over my extremely full garbage can that was patiently awaiting pickup. As he sped away, I pictured myself adhering a spike grenade to his crotch and then dipping my nonexistent balls directly into his face. Unfortunately my daydream did not come true, but it could have if I would have had one of these at my disposal. Made from PVC, smooth-on urethane, aluminum, and faux leather, this amazingly detailed Halo spike grenade prop stands 38″ tall and weighs in at an impressive 4.5 pounds. It’s currently up for grabs on eBay with a starting bid of US $150.00 and while it doesn’t explode, I’m thinking some creative modifications just may make that possible. Don’t worry guys, I’M ON IT.

Don’t Cha Wish Your Spartan Was Hot Like This?

Custom Pink Halo Action Figure

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Reach for this Autographed Halo 3 Poster

Autographed Halo PosterWhether you like Halo collectibles, charitable causes, or things that are just really freakin’ big, this amazing video game-themed wall adornment is definitely for you. Currently up for grabs on eBay and spanning an impressive 90″ x 32″, what started as a Halo 3 launch poster turned into a gamer’s dream with the addition of numerous Bungie employee autographs. Devotees of that particular developer will love the numerous signatures but those with a heart will appreciate the fact that all of the proceeds from this sale will go to Rebuilding Together Dayton, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing home rehabilitation for low-income Dayton homeowners (particularly the elderly and disabled). The donation will be made in memory of Berserker Barage, a long time Halo fan who left us too soon. Bid on a poster, remember a friend, and score some swag. You know you want to!


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