An Exciting Concept

penny arcade comic

penny arcade comic

penny arcade comic

10 Responses to An Exciting Concept

  1. HellCat says:

    HAHAHA Penis joke. And that is why motion sensor is stupid

    “Bleep bloop” Penis extention high score 50G

  2. Lord Osiris says:


  3. Lincoln says:

    this reminds me, I forget where it was mentioned but someone pointed out that in the Natal video, when the girl shows her friend what she would look like with the dress she picked out, it showed her shoulders. So it didn’t just scan her how she currently was because she had a sleeved shirt on, so you’d pretty much have to stand there and let it scan you naked for that to work. =\

    • Crazy A 64 says:


    • Mike says:

      being a guy, i wouldnt mind if it had to scan the girl naked for that to work :D

    • CodeMonkey76 says:

      Or maybe it uses the millimeter wave scanning like in the new airport body scanners that Congress calls “TSA porn”.

  4. DethPwn says:

    Can’t wait ’till PAX this year.

  5. LAZR Blade 14 says:


  6. bs angel says:

    So glad I’m not a guy, LOL!

    • pikmingod says:

      I wish i was that guy!

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