Top Ten Things You May Not Know About Louis Wu

a tribute to Louis Wu in conjunction with The Running Riot’s podcast


Fun Fact #10
He taught Bungie how to please your mom. (bs angel 15:17:00 UTC) (permalink)


Fun Fact #9
He purposely serves bad pizza at his LANs so people won’t stay longer than four days. (bs angel 16:17:00 UTC) (permalink)


Fun Fact #8
He hopes to be the main driving force in keeping tie-dyed apparel alive for many years to come. (bs angel 17:17:00 UTC) (permalink)

Fun Fact #7
He likes goats. A lot. (bs angel 18:17:00 UTC) (permalink)


Fun Fact #6
He has a second gamertag so people don’t know how much time he spends on GoW 2. (bs angel 19:17:00 UTC) (permalink)


Fun Fact #5
He made four of the screenshots in the infamous Hot Forge Pr0n collection. (bs angel 20:17:00 UTC) (permalink)


Fun Fact #4
The Covenant are his favorite faction because he believes they are “a lot like prostitutes.” (bs angel 21:17:00 UTC) (permalink)


Fun Fact #3
He recently trademarked the phrases “Go watch,” “Go read,” “Go see,” and “Go play.” (bs angel 22:17:00 UTC) (permalink)


Fun Fact #2
He really is an old Asian man. (bs angel 23:17:00 UTC) (permalink)


Fun Fact #1
He has been the most dedicated, generous, humble and all around amazing member of the Halo community since July 21, 1999. And for that I say thank you. Much love Claude! (bs angel 01:17:00 UTC) (permalink)


Special thank yous to Miguel Chavez, KP, ElusiveEagle, and Captain Spark

20 Responses to Top Ten Things You May Not Know About Louis Wu

  1. jdars says:

    lol, awesome!

    • jdars says:

      PS: Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, Wu! Wuut! (Pronounced w00t)

      • COL0NEL SANDERS says:

        Fo sho, he’s teh shiz.

        You’re awesome, Wu.

  2. SoC BrownSound says:


    Thanks for all your work man!!

  3. LordOsiris says:


  4. Skibur says:

    Louis Wu is cool :)

  5. DethPwn says:


  6. SPOC XLI says:

    so funny. good post angel!

  7. elpolloguapo says:


  8. BerserkerBarage says:

    He is a GIANT of a man! I’m not kidding. Like 6’8″ or something. Makes LeBron James look like Spud Webb.

    Other than that, he’s awesome. Really awesome. I have some really great memories of meeting him at PAX last year, and I wish he still did his (in)famous LAN party (I’d pay money to go, even if there is bad pizza!)

    And he’s pro in Halo 3. It says so right in the game!!


  9. Louis Wu says:

    I really should consider a ‘pr0n only’ button on the site…

    You rock, Hawty. :)

    • Das Kalk says:

      I know right? You’re a pretty swell guy too louis, although I’m not an HBO’er, I know and respect what you guys do over there!

      Keep It up!

    • bs angel says:

      I think you have me confused with you Claude. Because you are the one who rocks. :)

  10. Rhamsey says:

    #9 is just awesome

  11. Predator5791 says:

    We all already knew about fun fact #1 ;P

  12. Cardo says:

    Louis, I hope you know there are plenty of people that appreciate your work even if we don’t chime in at HBO.

    Thanks for all ya do.

    Oh yea, I too have thought of covies as “prostitutes”, but mostly just the grunts … they’re like helium-sucking midget prostitutes.

  13. GeneCoon says:

    #3 is the best.

  14. DeepCee says:

    So according to Fact #2…Wu and I could be related :P

  15. Miguel says:

    Wu owes me money.

    • SonofMacPhisto says:


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