HMB’s Video Game March Madness: 2nd Round Sidekick Division

hmb's video game march madness

Welcome to Hawty McBloggy’s Video Game March Madness, where the traditional participants of college basketball teams have been replaced with your favorite video games! This is the second round of games in the Sidekick Division. Confused? Lost? Have no idea what you are doing here? Go read up about the tournament specifics here.

1st Round Sidekick Division Results:
Game 17
Game 18
Game 19
Game 20
Game 21
Game 22
Game 23
Game 24

continue on to the eighth round of games

21 Responses to HMB’s Video Game March Madness: 2nd Round Sidekick Division

  1. t0rm3n7 says:

    The choices are getting hard now…

  2. Das Kalk says:

    wow,it’s unamimous right now…

  3. SPOC says:

    where can I go to see an updated bracket?

    • bs angel says:

      Go to the bracket page and click on the bracket itself. That is where the up to date version is kept. :)

  4. TrAvIs 6t6 says:

    Halo is my only currently winning vote. =(

  5. Tentimook says:

    Vote CoD4 plz!!!! It is like the best game and even though Bioshock was good it doesnt have multiplayer and CoD4 is still the 3rd most played to-date so vote 4 it!!!

    • Mike says:

      I voted for COD4, but it’s trailing at the moment.

      And it looks like my beloved MK2 is going to get “finished” by Super Metroid. ;)

      • Tentimook says:

        right now it is losing by SIX votes… cmon people!!!

        • Mike says:

          It’s in the lead by 1 vote now… :)

  6. Scotty Bob says:

    uh oh… what happens when Halo 3 faces off against Halo CE! Lol! CE will destroy it!

  7. Socket says:

    Oh come on!

    You don’t have any decent sidekicks in Bioshock!

    In Cod 4 each of the side characters has a personality and everything!
    Capt Price.

    Gaz is awesome.

    • bs angel says:

      The division names are not a reflection on the games in them, just fun names to go along with an overall theme. :)

  8. Qix says:

    I think Halo has an unfair advantage against GoW… :)

    • bs angel says:

      Why, because it’s a better game? Yeah, I went there!!

  9. Rhamsey says:

    no, bioshock cant lose to cod4 again!

  10. caelan96 says:

    Bioshock has cool sidekicks! In the end you become a Big Daddy and the little sisters follow you around draining the splicers of precious ADAM.

  11. caelan96 says:

    Bioshock is so much better than boring old cod. I’m going to get so much abuse for saying this.

  12. Mitch Clayton says:

    bioshock has to win it is a way better game then Cod4. Cod 4 sucks!

  13. NakedScooter says:

    Sorry Bioshock, CoD4 is just too much fun online.

  14. PikminGod says:

    BIOSHOCK!!! COME ON!! i hate cod4….i think that is going to be the downfall of it. this is a site for halo fanbois(like me!!) and i would never vote for cod4 ever even if it was up against Bubsy 3d

    • Can I get a Hallelujah?!

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