Spartans in Disguise

master chief transformer

Because of the complete and utter badassery involved, I spent just as much of my childhood playing with Transformers as I did My Little Ponies. For some reason toys that morph from a robot into a vehicle or an animal were, and continue to be, entertaining as all hell. While there have been previous endeavors at creating a Spartan Prime Transformer, manipulating the numerous extremities disappointingly exposed a not Halo-related item. Those days of inefficacy are a distant memory as the latest Halo-themed Transformer transcends all prior expectations. Crafted from a McFarlane Master Chief figure, an Action Clix Warthog, and an Autobot Hound Transformer, this plaything starts as a Spartan supersoldier and converts into a battle-ready Warthog LRV. Current bid sits at $26 but considering there are nine days left in the auction, there is plenty of time for it to hit a more than pretty penny. Is this the part where I’m supposed to say queer eye for the Spartan guy? Or there’s more than meets Arby’s eye? I’ll try to remember the line while you look at more pictures located conveniently after the jump.

master chief transformer

master chief transformer

master chief transformer

*Many thanks to jbowen, who is clearly a news tipper in disguise, for the link!

28 Responses to Spartans in Disguise

  1. setters says:

    woo hoo! first!

    & this rocks!

  2. Mace Windex says:

    That’s actually pretty cool.

  3. Penguin_Ninjoid says:

    Michael Bay needs to be informed of this, STAT!

  4. nixproto says:

    so uhhh… when do we get this armor permutation, Bungie?

    “just get in the hog guys!”
    “there is now!”
    “theyll never see this coming… since we’re playing on Guardian!”

    recon just doesnt compare to this…

  5. RandomSauce says:


  6. the eNeME says:

    That is just so insanely cool…

  7. Ken Raves says:

    Chicks dig giant robots.

    • Mike says:

      i know that reference! and miss the show

      • Ken Raves says:

        lol, nice.

    • LAZR Blade 14 says:

      God I loved that show. I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t seen that.
      Anyways, I used to have a bunch of transformers, loved playing with them. Megatron’s shrill, near-intelligable cry of “Decepticons, attack! -ksh! pew! badadadadadada!-” was indeed annoying, but it grew on me, and soon became a wholesome part of my childhood.

    • DumbassCamper says:

      man, I miss that show. If only I could get this figure…

  8. MGH1138 says:

    “queer eye for the Spartan guy”?


  9. nixproto says:

    I thought of the Halo 2 cutscene where Johnson said:

    Oh, I know what the ladies like.

    Priceless. They should sell these!

  10. Das Kalk says:

    transformation win

  11. AT-AT says:

    Holy Crap, that is way cool. I forget who holds the license to the Transformers toy line, but McFarlane seriously needs to consider a team up with them based on what can be done by a mere fan.

  12. HellCat says:

    This would actually sell good by itself. its so shiny and cool.

    Master Chief, he’s a cyborg in disguise
    The UNSC rage their battle to destroy the evil of The covenant
    Master Chief, More than meets the eye

  13. Araknoros says:

    do want

  14. Kato says:

    That is truly awesome. I want to use him in Halo Wars!

  15. MK28 says:

    I often thought -after the Star Wars/Transformers crossover, that Halo would be a natural fit.
    I can imagine the Arbiter as a Banshee, with his slick head becoming the canopy; a Brute Chopper; a Prophet Wraith… why don’t they do these things? Seems like a lucrative franchise if you ask me.

    Figure looks the bomb; an all-over die cast version has gotta be in the offing.

  16. Yin117 says:

    That is soo cool, If my EMA Had actually Started and I was able to ue my Bank Account, I would start Bidding, that is cool.

  17. Rhamsey says:

    this is just an awesome toy.

  18. Fezzer says:

    So creative. That’s awesome.

  19. mysterioso2006 says:

    Transformers+Warthog+MC= EPIC WIN

  20. Sean C84 says:

    Damn, that looks like a lot of effort. Hope he gets a good price for it.

  21. untamedzebra says:

    I remember more tutu’s and obnoxiously large bows than Transformers, but maybe that’s just me… :)

    Freakin’ awesome! Am guessing I’m not the only one counting down till June for T2…

    • MK28 says:

      The trailer where Devastator (the original Constructicon Combiner, not the continuity error Decepticon Tank in T1) goes apeshit and wreaks havoc through LA, left me in shock and awe.

      Rumour has it there are like forty Transformers set to appear in this one… no Master Chief film though. Shame, I thought Peter Jackson had it all in the bag.

  22. SonOfKitFisto says:

    im sure i need to change my underwear now… where can i purchase?

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