Forget the Princess, Save Yourself


The Deal of the Week, Microsoft’s semi-regular offering for Xbox Live Gold members, is making a triumphant return after a several week hiatus. This week’s discounted Marketplace offering comes in the form of the highly acclaimed 2-D platform game Braid. Typically costing you a very pretty 1,200microsoft points, for the next handful of days you can snag the painterly style Xbox Live Arcade title for a more reasonable 800microsoft points (you have to be logged into your Gold account to see the discounted price). While I’ve been interested in this game for quite some time, I couldn’t bring myself to succumb to the higher price point so I personally will be taking full advantage of this temporarily rolled back price. If you’ve played it, drop me a comment with a few spoiler free gameplay hints!

Recon Armor For A Penny

recon spartan action figure

You may not be able to get the highly coveted Recon armor permutation until later this year, but your favorite little dolly can get it right this second. Available at everybody’s favorite auction site with a starting bid of a paltry penny, this custom made 5″ tall Spartan comes with intimidatingly black removable Recon armor. Including a whole slew of magnetically attaching weapons (a shotgun, Spartan laser, battle rifle, and grenade), the much sought after armor can be swapped out with any of your other McFarlane action figures that are made from the same small build. I highly recommend buying this for a friend, telling them you got them Recon armor, and then presenting them with this amazing action figure, all the while laughing hysterically in their face (teabagging is optional but encouraged). Oh come on, don’t act like I am the only one that is that mean! You know where more pictures are. And stop looking at me like that already.

UPDATE: This item sold for US $261.00.
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Beating the Big, Hard Boss

beating the big, hard boss

Hawty McBloggy’s Guide to Selling Video Games on eBay

While selling goods online is typically an easy process, actually making money from that venture is not quite so simple. For those people looking to maximize their profits, I have created a straightforward guide for selling your video game-related products on eBay. Continue reading for a surefire method of attracting numerous buyers to your less than average auction.

the wrong way
the wrong way

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A Mythic Map Pack Code Thank You

halo 3 screenshot

I love playing video games, I love writing, and having a hobby that effortlessly combines the two has provided me an exorbitant amount of entertainment. My favorite thing about blogging is the in-depth interaction it not only allows but encourages. I have met so many amazing people I wouldn’t have otherwise had the pleasure of crossing paths with (yes, I’m talking about YOU!), and for that I am grateful. Today I have the opportunity to give a tangible thank you in the form of a Mythic Map Pack code. While I certainly wish I could give one to every single one of you, unfortunately the resources are not available for that so instead we will do the next best thing. To enter this contest, simply leave a comment on this article. The winner will be the person who has left the most comments on my blog to date; it’s as simple as that! This giveaway is intended for those of you who have supported me and my endeavors because I appreciate you more than you know. Entries will be accepted until tomorrow (Sunday, February 22nd) at 3 pm PST and comments left on this post or today in general will not be added to your final count. Remember to enter your usual valid email address, and I politely request that people purchasing the Limited Edition of Halo Wars not enter so this code is utilized to its full extent. Whether you win or not, thank you for making my days a little brighter!

EDIT: The winner has been notified and has accepted their code. Congratulations to Das Kalk, and enjoy the new maps!

The Console War Is Officially Over

console war comic

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I’ll Need Some Chocolate Milk Too

You know that annoying person that mindlessly talks on the phone in the middle of a game and doesn’t have enough respect for his teammates to mute his mic? The one who barks orders at his wife/yells at his children/screams at his mother, all the while broadcasting his irrelevant ramblings nobody gives a shit about to the entire team? This video is about him. While it takes place during a game of Call of Duty, you don’t have to be a war game buff to appreciate the humor behind it. I say boot the bastard. Fucking inconsiderate, talking over everybody, no common courtesy, disrupting the game, rude and thoughtless jerk. Oh, and I meant that in the nicest possible way.


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