Custom Xbox 360 Arcade Machine

xbox 360 arcade cabinet

Everybody’s childhood should be filled with memories of prepubescent bodies huddled over various video arcade machines, mashing buttons and slamming joysticks to flawless victory or sound defeat, taking breaks only to rest weary legs or relieve overly full bladders. Everybody’s adulthood should be the same (except for maybe the prepubescent bodies part). If coin-op games are no longer your thing though, perhaps this custom Xbox 360 full size arcade machine would be a more suitable option. Finding a home in an authentic Midway arcade cabinet from the 90’s is a 60GB Xbox 360 and a new 27” monitor. While the machine comes loaded with Mortal Kombat 3, Street Fighter Turbo HD and Soul Caliber, the console tray opens from the front of the control panel, allowing you to play any game you so desire. If you happen to have an excess amount of space in your gaming room, this Xbox arcade cabinet can be yours for just $2,250.00. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner you know. HINT HINT.

7 Responses to Custom Xbox 360 Arcade Machine

  1. Mizzy says:

    Nice find, but I prefer sitting on a comfy couch with a blanket when I play than standing for long hours on end, resulting in a back ache.

  2. Thats sick!

  3. Qix says:

    A four player of this would be a huge hit for castle crashers!

    Ive always wanted to build a computer into a cocktail table, never thought of doing it with an xbox. Might be neat.

  4. xboxhornet says:

    Very cool

  5. Penguin Ninjoid says:

    Wait…that screen is 4:3?


  6. Maniacxxl says:

    I would kill to have a beauty like this. And ninjoid i’m pretty sure you’ll have just as much fun with 4:3 as you would with anything larger. If not your just spoiled.

  7. secret says:

    Interesting. To me it looks bulky, heavy and outdated. I hate to have RROD with that thing.

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