Rocking the 2008 Best of Halo Awards Vote

2008 best of halo awards

After completing the nominations phase of the 2008 Best of Halo Awards (thank you to all 348 of you who participated in that arduous step), it’s officially time to move onto voting. Voting will remain open until January 7th at 11:59 pm PST. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • Bragging rights for an entire year (that’s 365 days people)
  • A mention on Bungie’s blog
  • A mystery box straight from Bungie headquarters (I don’t know what will be in the box, I only know they have committed to sending each of the winners something. It could be Luke’s toenail clippings. It could be Shishka’s belly button lint. It could be one square foot of air. Nobody will know until it arrives on their doorstep.)
  • My undying love, which actually goes to all the nominees just for doing what they do and doing it so extremely well

There will be something given away to one lucky voter as well. To be eligible for this unnamed prize, you must complete three steps:

  • Vote in all ten categories
  • Leave a comment saying as much on each individual category page
  • Leave a comment on this page saying you have completed both of the required steps

Ready to start voting? Hit the jump to rock the 2008 Best of Halo Awards vote!

Rather than having an overwhelmingly large list with all the categories on a single page, each individual category has its own page. It was organized this way for a variety of reasons. First, it makes it easier for nominees to show their moms exactly where they need to vote (because let’s face it, your mom isn’t going to vote in the Best Map category if you didn’t help make it). Second, it also allows voters to leave comments of support without getting cluttered and lost amongst the other categories nominees. Third, having the extra space left plenty of room for me to include a nice handy dandy link list should you desire to check out the specifics of each category. To vote, simply click the banner for a specific category to get taken directly to that page. To make your journey easier, when you get to your next destination a new banner will be awaiting you at the bottom of the page. That’s right, I’m always thinking of you. Kiss kiss! Now go vote already.

biggest halo news

best map

best resource website

best social site

best fanmade contribution

best screenshot

best montage

best video

best video series

biggest individual contributor

183 Responses to Rocking the 2008 Best of Halo Awards Vote

  1. My7hos says:

    I voted in all 10 categories and also left comments specific to each in each category for the special prize entry. :)

  2. Done and done.
    This looks like a lot of work went into it angel. Thanks!

  3. DarkerNukes says:

    Left a vote and comment in each category, so I’ve completed the two steps.

  4. Jim 028 says:

    Consider your vote rocked! ;)

  5. AusQB says:

    Some tough choices there, but I’m happy with my votes.

    Good luck to all nominees.

  6. Pete VenkmanPHD says:

    Done and Done! Can’t wait to see how this all turns out! Congrats to all the nominees!

  7. Bryan Simon says:

    Awesome idea. Happy new year everybody!

  8. Destiny says:

    I voted, tough choices, but I was hoping ATF got into the Social Site voting. Oh well.

    Good luck to everyone and I can’t wait to see the winners!

  9. Das Kalk says:

    I voted, and it was awesome.

    Good luck to every one of the nominees!

  10. Kermi says:

    I’ve voted and commented in each category. :)

  11. jdars1804 says:

    It keeps saying it has already counted my vote after I press “vote” on each category… And I know I didn’t vote already. Is this normal?

  12. FocusedWeevil says:

    I did both steps

  13. Foman123 says:

    Done and done… thanks for doing this Hawty :-D

  14. Jim says:

    Voted and commented. Looking forward to seeing the results!

  15. John says:

    I’ve completed both of the required steps. I’m really looking forward to seeing the results, also.

  16. rowboat 000 says:

    Vote in all ten categories…

    Leave a comment saying as much on each individual category page…

  17. BladedDakkon107 says:

    Vote: Complete
    Comment: Complete
    Save the Human Race: In Progress (H2 Trailer)

  18. FocusedWeevil says:

    Check out the news piece “Go Vote” in my clans group

  19. Sarge Tomzilla says:

    Voted and commented. Some were easy choices, some were extremely hard.

  20. Rivtander says:

    10 votes. 10 comments. Yeah, so do I get a sticker or something? Orange juice and cookies? Cake?

  21. Mace Windex says:

    Done and done.

  22. Ph4de says:

    I have voted and left all the required comments.

  23. Penguin Ninjoid says:

    Yay! I contributed to my community! And I was jerk about the montages! Heeee!

  24. SonGoharotto says:

    Did my civic duty. =D

  25. ChazAntoine says:

    Done and Done for both steps! Congrats to all the nominees!

  26. AnTi PRO says:

    Just finished voting in all of the categories. I wish ATF made it in there, but hey that means I have to work harder next year! Good luck to all of the people nominated!

  27. DiscipleN2k says:

    Voted and commented on all. Killer stuff in every category. Huge congrats to everyone who was nominated!

  28. SonofMacPhisto says:

    I R DUN VOTED!!!!11!!1!!1!!one!!!!

  29. GrowingDemon says:

    After voting in all catagories I’m eager to see who comes out on top.

    I’ve explained all my choices in the relative posts too.

  30. Jaklap says:

    I did both things, Angel. Great award categories, by the way.

  31. Frogwart says:

    Voted, noted, and I’m done!

  32. HSAR says:

    Good luck counting the posts! I think there are about 50 people already who’ve commented. Individual people.

  33. HSAR says:

    Whoops, double post. Sorry.

    I’ve voted for all the categories, and this is my post saying that I have done and that I have left comments related to my vote on each page.


  34. AGhost says:

    I commented and voted.

  35. estoy0no says:

    Voted, commented, loved every minute of it! Thanks for getting this all put together for us to enjoy!

    Good luck to all the nominees, as well as to the lucky person who votes and wins… :)

  36. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    I think I got them all.

    I love the Halo community so damn much. What other game still has this kind of following a year after it’s initial release?

  37. DeepCee says:

    That took longer than I expected
    But done! :)
    And I <3 all you guys !

  38. NartFOpc says:

    Steps completed, can’t wait to see the winners!

  39. oMFG Carnage says:

    i have completed both of the steps =]

  40. Just finished voting

  41. Dang so many comments to leave……

  42. Philip Willis says:

    I’ve voted and commented in each of the categories.

    Good luck to all the participants!

  43. nyo says:

    I voted in all of them

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  45. a10m1c says:

    Alright Hawty. I spent quite a bit of time giving my input on each and every topic and I feel I did a fail job :P

    This was a great way for me to get my word out on specific things and people and It also helped me get my daily blog post in for today. Haha. To check out everything that I had to say on each topic, I have organized it into one pretty little place. Just follow the little link below to my blog post on how I Rocked the Vote.

  46. Good luck to all! Comments left all over.

  47. ~Sk1ll says:

    Voted ~ But most of the good montages weren’t in the choices..
    ~ Peace

  48. R2-JL says:

    Voted and commented each.

  49. Al7eredBeasT says:

    I voted in all ten categories and commented on each one detailing my vote :). Hope they count for something!

  50. Ryaaan14 says:

    Give me my I Voted sticker pl0x.

  51. The 14th Wonder says:

    Followed the directions with teh votes and teh comments.

    Hopin for mah pryz.

  52. Coyote 2JZ says:

    I voted and commented!

  53. MidgetDance says:

    Where is halo 3 tricks? We were nominated more than once.

  54. Shadow says:

    Done and doner.

  55. Enrisan says:

    Voted in all 10 categories and left comments in all explaining my votes!

  56. Ian says:

    That was fun. Missed election ’08 by a week, this makes up for it.
    Happy new year!

  57. Ragingterror says:

    Done and done. Great stuff all around, particularly in the montage/video sections.

  58. Firestream says:

    I have voted in all of the categories.

  59. chris101b says:

    Alright, I have voted in all the categories and have left detailed comments in all of them. Best of luck to all of the entries!

  60. ThisOnes4Chief says:

    I voted/commented in every category.

  61. Axilo says:

    Okey i voted on my favorites and gave a comment. May the luckiest guy/girl win. GL People.

  62. 0 KK Slider o says:

    Voted and commented in all, good luck everyone!

  63. So many difficult decisions but I think Ive made the right choices in my opinion. Ive completed all votes and comments.

  64. Andrew says:

    I have completed both of the required steps!

  65. Xaxus says:

    Voted and commented! Good Luck to the winners!
    And winner!

  66. Laughlyn C69 says:

    check check and check! great reading everyones comments so far! made me second guess on a few of my own votes after i’d cast them but it certainly makes me look at some thing in a new and interesting light! good luck to all the runners and also the voters!

  67. mastercmj2003 says:

    I have voted and commented on all ten categories. Some votes were tough, some were easy choices. In the end, i gave descriptive details as to why i voted the way i did. In the end, all i have to say is this: Go bI2y4n 51m0n!!! Woo!

  68. Commented and voted on all.

  69. spiderdude28 says:

    I commented and voted on all of them. Thx guys

  70. Ethan says:

    ALL DONE =DDDD smiles smiles

  71. Well, as you instructed, I have voted within each of the ten categories, and thrown in my two cents on each of them. I tried to be as descriptive as possible on each, but I’m afraid I was a bit vague on one or two of them. Meh, I don’t think it truly matters. Finally, I commented here, which was the final step. So… I guess I’m done now.

  72. Cameron McIntosh says:

    I left a comment and voted in all ten categories. Nice job on all this by the way!

  73. franchize says:


  74. Bob says:

    Done, done, done, done, done, done, done, done, done, and done!

  75. Cleenstream says:

    I have succesfully completed both required steps to win the unnamed price!

  76. PR3FONTAINE says:

    I have done what was required… =]

  77. amaru215 says:

    voted. commented. done. and happy with the awards.

  78. TC Scrub says:

    Done, hope my pics win, but i bet everyone wants that

  79. Scapegoat413 says:

    This one rocked your vote. Consider yourself rocked.

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  81. Prvtruls says:

    I completed all of the tasks.

    May the best man/woman/boy/girl win.

  82. psychosniperelf says:

    All done with both steps.

  83. Tylyr1 says:

    I left a comment and voted in each category

  84. sir face says:

    I’m glad that the people here have taken the time to recognize the members of the halo community that put so much time and effort into making it the best gaming community out there. congrats to all of the nominees, and I’m happy that I could be a part of the voting. Good day

  85. XXXrayVizionXX says:

    I’ll rock your vote…..wait…..what…..I mean I rocked the vote. Thanks

  86. THE Tyronius says:

    commented and voted on all…one word to sum up this year…EPIC

  87. Zytrox says:

    Voted in All 10 and commented!

  88. Reborn says:

    Voted and commented on all of em! =)

  89. RevenADD says:

    voted in all 10 categories and also left comments specific to each in each category for the special prize entry. :) This was fun. So what do I get??????

  90. RevenADD says:

    CAN I HAZ R3C0N??? Na just jokin. But if you wanna give it 2 me…

  91. Dan says:

    I Voted and Commented, wow, so many awesome choices… This year in halo 3 Was EPIC

  92. K1ng koopa13 says:

    I Have completed both of the steps twords the rock the vote. :)

  93. Acclaiming says:

    I voted in all ten categories and I left all ten comments.

  94. wolfmeister26 says:

    all done. good luck with counting number of posts.

  95. StakOverflow says:

    I have voted and posted comments in all the categories.

  96. Im almost positive i voted in all of them, but every time i posted it reverted the poll back to the voting thing… let me know if i didnt vote in all of them.

    and i posted comments and whatnot.

    Heehee it was fun to read about zeDeathbringer.. he either wants to impress you or he thinks that writing so much will give him the auto-win.

    gah! and now i downloaded photoshop and winzip and now im getting an error message. i might cry now. cya’ll later

  97. Shadowshot2 says:

    I finished, voted in all and explaining my vote as well.
    Now to submit this and finish the final requirement.

  98. Pancakes says:

    I voted in all 10 categories and also left specific comments in each category for the special prize entry.

  99. NY Yanks 33 says:

    Done & Done.I have left very extensive comments on the topics.

  100. Falcon 995 says:

    finally finished. voted and commented

  101. RAIDERJUNKIE says:

    Voted 10 times, commented 10 times! What do I win?

  102. cheesey p00fs says:

    Done it all. All 10 votes, all 10 comments.

    I can only hope for the best now.

  103. warmach1n392 says:

    I voted in all catagories. there were a few tough catagories but i feel confident.

  104. halofan555 says:

    hey people i have joust finished leaving comments and voting in every category. joust to let you know.

  105. SMGstring says:

    I voted for each won. Each had a rhyme for fun! My real tag is SMGstrings but the “s” seemed out of things!

  106. Titanbob says:

    I give u my input, my thoughts, my heart, my soul, my face melting opinions. and in the end i feel like me and you have because closer. more comfortable with one another… its almost like i have known u all my life… i love you…

    i voted on my favorites. and i hope they all win. because i know after this experience my life and my face will never be the same again… Because all the the things i picked melted it off!!!!!!

  107. Mythonian says:

    Voted and commented in every category.

    Wow… Looks like the chances of winning are slim… very slim.

  108. ROYALTY SOLDIER says:

    I voted and commented on all 10 OMG!!!! I hope i win!!!!!!

  109. cbclark says:

    Great setup you’ve got here. It was a pleasure to contribute.

  110. Mini Shade 47 says:

    I found that it was easy to navigate and i was familiar with all the supported contributions; Hope my vote counts!! :)

  111. TheAmgine25 says:

    I have completed both steps. :D

  112. RisingDragon11 says:

    Completed both of the required steps.
    Hope the stuff I voted for wins.

  113. Spartan78541 says:

    I completed both steps! Good luck everyone! :)

  114. kilimanjaro7 says:

    i took my time and read everything carefully and voted in every single one. i also put well thought out comments in every single one too.

  115. Mulligan RX says:

    I completed both steps. I thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Good luck to everyone!

  116. I voted and commented in every single category.

    Also, I would like to thank you fr setting up this Award “Competition.” It really gets the community even more involved with projects mentioned in the categories, as well as inspires people to try to make their own projects. You really have a great, positive influence on the community (and yes, I am kissing ass a but here, get over it).

    Also, thanks should be given to all who took time out of their days to vote and comment on the nominees. None of this would have been possible without the people who voted.

    Once again, thank you all, and good luck to all the nominees!

  117. bs angel says:

    I’d like to echo Maxwell Spartan’s sentiments. Thank you to everybody who has voted and/or commented!

  118. Heath says:

    I voted and posted in all 10. Some very cool stuff up for awards. Congrats to all the nominees!

  119. Crazibouncer says:

    I have completed both objectives to get into the third step. I am pretty excited and hope my answer and votes satisfy whoever looks at them and decides who the lucky voter will be. I, CraziBouncer, believe am eligible for the lucky voter due to my elaborate and elongated answers/comments about the nominee i have voted for in each of the ten caterogories, I do hope you choose I. As for the others attempting to recieve this award, good luck and god speed. :) lol

  120. mmatienz says:

    Voted and Comment’d on all categories and Happy New Year and merry voting.

  121. rachcaiv says:

    alrighty i finished voting and commenting on all categories! that took a while due to my laggy computer but i got it done.

  122. ShaUSty says:

    Ok i voted in all categories and i would like to wish good luck to all contestents and whoever wins goodjob, you deserve it.

    Happy New Years


  123. FrijoIes says:

    voted in all and comented too…

  124. MOX13 says:

    Both steps completed! Voted in all cats and commented too! Halo 3 woop woop!!!

  125. Mutoid Log says:

    Voting process completed. The Installation is ready to fire, starting final countdown.

  126. Son0fAtreus says:

    I did it. I voted in all 10 of them. Crossing my fingers on this one.

  127. Kanatix says:

    Voted and commented all specific for each category. *crosses fingers*

  128. snafu BOOM says:

    I voted in all 10 categories and tried to have some salient comment in support of my choices. It wasn’t easy. I hated having to choose one over the other in most of the topics. It’s kind of like wearing pink armor. Somebody, somewhere is going to grief you about your choice.

  129. keybird says:

    i did all ten but i just feel i was the only one on some of them

  130. G Train 117 says:

    Ha, this was a great review of the year.

  131. jeffrey says:

    I hope to see more stuff like this in 2009.

  132. Bryan Ojeda says:

    completed both of the required steps

  133. Izzy says:

    I have Completed both required Steps. Happy New Year Halo Community!

  134. sims3k says:

    ive voted and left comments about my opinions on all pages. i had to research some of the links before though cause i havenet heard of all of them.

  135. i am SeMpLe says:

    i voted on all to XD

  136. Am41gama7er says:

    Made my votes and comments

  137. Damon says:

    ive completed both steps i think…

  138. Jonshaft says:

    i’ve done my duty!
    Happy New Year!

  139. Sector Z 157 says:

    I have completed all votes, and made comments on each poll. Say, does Mail mean E-mail.

  140. Sormeki says:

    Votes cast. Comments posted. Requirements met.
    Also, Happy New Year everyone.

  141. Luage says:

    I have Completed both required Steps.

  142. ActuatedSathman says:

    I did everything, it was worth it. Happy New Year.

  143. Mighty Mackinac says:

    I voted, i commented, and i now i wait…Bungie is the bomb…no doubt about it…COD doesn’t come close…

  144. MrTTom says:

    Done both of the requested :)

    Hope the votes go well

  145. linkmaster2010 says:

    im done voting, done commenting, and now… i play halo 3

  146. beener25 says:


  147. dcdelta says:

    i’ve finished voting and commenting on all categories. Go Bryan Simon!

  148. Zero Core says:

    I finished my contribution into this contest on my thoughts about all Categories.Also I have completed both the required steps.Hope I have a chance at the one lucky voter prize.

  149. Letol says:

    Finished voting and commenting and what not.

  150. Kevin says:

    I have voted in all 10 categories and commented in each category as well.

    Thank you for organizing such a fun way for people to earn further recognition for their accomplishments.

  151. Chewy1555 says:

    (I) you have completed both of the required steps

  152. Chris says:

    Voted on them all. Commented as well. Good polls :).

  153. Junior says:

    Voted & commented in all 10 categories!

  154. A4H Tis mine says:

    Woot done. voted in all ten!

  155. Mjonir says:

    Phew, done, finally, voted and commented everything!

  156. NyHitman0401 says:

    Bryan I can plz hazz Milk Duds?

  157. tealize says:

    I have voted in all ten categories and left comments on each. Some more lengthy than others but comments nonetheless :D

  158. SpYdA MuNkY says:

    I voted for Bryan Simon because he is so awesome at making song’s and he’s a cool guy. Milk duds FTW!

  159. BungieJankins says:


  160. Dougc143 says:

    step one done step two done

  161. Mr.6 Fu5I0nS says:

    Voted in every categorie and also left comments specific to each in each category for the special prize entry.

  162. Andrew says:

    I’ve voted in each category, left my comment in each section and reporting back.

  163. xxJG0Dxx says:

    ive voted in all catagories and also left comments.. Good luck to everyone.

  164. Matthew says:

    Done on both required steps. Awesome job with the nominees. It’s time these guys got respected. And remember, even if you don’t get number one… you are all number one in my heart!!! Nah, but seriously, great job.

  165. Nub Powner says:

    ya im going with predator in a lot of these catagories cause a lot of his screen shots are amazing……. im surprised 9/11 tribute was never mentioned

  166. BungieJankins says:


  167. Sport Agility says:

    Man I vote for Bryan Symon with his song he really gave a good name to songs! Man keep it up and I hope you win!

    – P.S “Milk Duds” ^_^

  168. Spar7anT1g3r says:

    I’ve completed both steps.

    Awesome job compiling the nominees and organizing the information. I can’t wait to see the outcome. :-D

  169. cruelagamemnon says:

    I left a commnet in every category and left a comment on this page, completing the two steps.

  170. tim says:

    i have rocked and voted until i can rock and vote no more. consider me in :P

  171. DeathCooper says:

    Byan Simon Rules!

  172. Posthumerous says:

    Voted in all. Give me a cookie.

  173. Zeptonium says:

    I voted and commented in all ten catagories. Hard to choose on best map and 2 best websites.

  174. Generalocity says:

    Bryan I have already voted for you, it’s Generalocity and I already voted for you, so I just want you to give me the god damn milk duds. You forgot Predator at the end of the youtube video. I already have the CD, and I can get Milk Duds from around the corner, so, just vote for Bryan and I hope you win!

  175. BigCountry1369 says:

    Voted and commented on all….great job angel!!

  176. CdawgOwnd says:

    I voted on ALL ten. Woo

  177. CdawgOwnd says:

    I voted and Commented on all ten. Opps. Forgot to mention the comment part. Woooo Anyway. haha.

  178. T3h ZC Prodigy says:

    I came back to check on things looks like things going smooth.Also to say my new gamertag is T3h ZC Prodigy not Zero Core anymore just incase if needed.

  179. Don A K Bab says:

    Just made it. Voted in all catagories.

  180. padres1944 says:

    I voted in every category. I hope the Halo 3 Mythbusters win, they deserve it.

  181. BloodshotMocha says:

    i voted for all 10 and i think i made some good choices on my votes.very tough catergories to decide on tho.

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