2008 Best of Halo Awards: Best Video (Single Episode, Non-Montage)

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188 Responses to 2008 Best of Halo Awards: Best Video (Single Episode, Non-Montage)

  1. My7hos says:

    I voted No Scope Was Involved.

  2. DarkerNukes says:

    I voted No Scope Was Involved too.

  3. Jim 028 says:

    I’ll keep my vote secret and safe for now. :D

  4. Pete VenkmanPHD says:

    Guy, gal, Villian. Cool vid!

  5. Das Kalk says:

    HE GOOOOOT A……….

    How many times have you said that in matchmaking?

    my point exactly

  6. Kermi says:

    Vote cast. :)

  7. Destiny says:

    I went with No Scope Was Involved, hilarious!

  8. FoeHammer777 says:

    Gal Guy And Villian got my vote

  9. Foman123 says:

    “Oh So Beautiful.” I feel like there is not enough appreciation of the time that Bungie’s artists put into the game, and this is a great tribute.

  10. Jim says:

    Always enjoyed the “Oh So Beautiful” series.

  11. rowboat 000 says:

    Argh! Too many good ones. I picked Without Providence. It wa done really, really well. Thoughtfully epic.

  12. John says:

    No Scope Was Involved, hands down.

  13. Rivtander says:

    OSB. I agree with Foman. They put loads of detail into the game that a lot of players probably have never noticed.

  14. BladedDakkon107 says:

    Gal, Guy, and Villian. Nintendo themes + Randomness + Halo = Win

  15. Sarge Tomzilla says:

    Bag Boy. WWMCD Bracelet :P

  16. Mace Windex says:


  17. Ph4de says:

    I voted for “He got a no-scope” here. The video was so random and hilarious, who couldn’t love it?

  18. Mr Smiley says:

    No Scope was involved was so original and freaking hilarious! I loved how the song was played out then at the end, “I got a no-scope too…” “He got a…”

    I always use to sing that whenever I got a no-scope in H3. God I love that video…

  19. Penguin Ninjoid says:

    No Scope was involved, no questions asked. I found out about it while playing with a bunch of Hawtites and I got a Noscope on that very map on that very ramp and I said “Woot! I got a noscope!” and all of a sudden about 5 guys start singing into their headsets “Heeeee gotttt aaaaaa Noooo Scoooooppe!” and I became very very very confused and they summarily pointed me to the video, at which point I lulz’d for a very long time.

  20. ChazAntoine says:

    Hahaha no scope.

  21. SonGoharotto says:

    Oh So Beautiful. A rare look at the things you miss amidst all the explosions and teabagging and whatnot.

  22. AnTi PRO says:

    Bag Boy! I love Smooth Few Films their stuff is awesome.

  23. DiscipleN2k says:

    No Scope Was Involved was absolutely freakin’ hilarious!

  24. SonofMacPhisto says:


    LOL @ Penguin, I think I was one of those guys. Soon followed up by WORT WORT WORT!

  25. Helveck says:

    Sad face, my Banadu video wasn’t a nominee :( Lol

    But ultimately I went with Bag Boy… “STEVEN! What would your mother think!?” LOL I loved that guy.

  26. GrowingDemon says:

    Oh so beautiful reminded me of overlooked beauties in halo 3.

  27. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    Darkspire all the way. :D

  28. Jaklap says:

    Bag boy, it made it on to my iPod. Thats saying something

  29. Frogwart says:


  30. HSAR says:

    No scope was involved. It’s Legendary. Maybe even Mythic.

  31. AGhost says:

    Oh so beautiful

  32. estoy0no says:


  33. DeepCee says:

    You got my vote :)

  34. NartFOpc says:

    Clearly No Scope, always makes me laugh.

  35. Oh so beautiful was fantastic!

  36. Rev Freakshow says:

    No Scope…in fact, I’m going to go watch it again now just because!

  37. oMFG Carnage says:

    i voted for the dougroup vid…..

  38. R2-JL says:

    No contest … vote goes to NoScope.

  39. “He got a no scope…… he didn’t scope his gun”

  40. Philip Willis says:

    This was the hardest one to vote for. I absolutely loved 3 of them:

    Gal, Guy, and Villain
    Oh So Beautiful – Halo 3 Edition
    Without Providence

    However, if I had to choose one, I’d choose Without Providence. How such a short film can have such an epic feel I don’t know. But they managed it.

  41. nyo says:


  42. a10m1c says:

    Yes, the no scope song is QUITE catchy, but it really didn’t do much in my opinion. It was merely a clever little song, the “Video” aspect wasn’t really all that great. I’m going to have to give my vote to “Blackstone [Log 1]”

    Blackstone did what most machinima’s lack. It gave AMAZING audio to an even better video. Not many of you guys know this, but Blackstone was also nominated for an award at the 2008 Machinima Awards. Although it didn’t win, I do feel like it should have. Blackstones’s video editing was top notch, and it’s use of first person view was well done (better than Mr. DigitalPh33r in my opinion.)

    Dispatch film’s proved themselves as an amazing production team with this video and I am always on the look out for their next video.

  43. Blackstone here too.

  44. wadjet2 says:

    no scope was involved


  45. Al7eredBeasT says:

    Voted No Scope Was Involved :)

  46. No Scope Was Involved. I seriously rofled for about 3 minutes when I heard the song. Everyone has seen it, heard it, and sings it. Definitely gets my vote, as well as pretty much everyone here. :)

  47. The 14th Wonder says:

    No Scope.


  48. Coyote 2JZ says:


  49. Shadow says:

    ahaha Bagboy i love it

  50. Enrisan says:

    Voted for Oh so beautiful- halo 3 edition.
    Why? Cause Halo 3 is awesome and looks amazing!

  51. It was a hard vote, but I had to go with No Scope Was Involved.

    It reached cult status. What can I say about that? ^.^

  52. Ian says:

    I once got a no scope. Yep, true story. That’s why I voted for them.

  53. Ragingterror says:

    Voted. We have a clear winner here in my opinion…

  54. Firestream says:


  55. chris101b says:

    Out of all the videos, No Scope Was Involved is the only video I can’t get out of my head. I love watching this video and love watching it often….. in a non-creepy-stalky sort of way…… DON’T JUDGE ME!!!!!

  56. ThisOnes4Chief says:

    I have to say Bag Boy is awesome.

  57. Axilo says:

    I voted for the thing i found most innovative and groundbreaking the halo way xD :P.

  58. 0 KK Slider o says:

    I voted for Oh So Beautiful

  59. Gal, Guy and Villain!!!
    I love the ideas behind what they did such as using different armour effects for Pokemon such as the powerdrain. The mario scene was great at the end lol

  60. Andrew says:

    lol go blackstone!!

  61. Xaxus says:

    the Bag Boy was hilarious. They deserve something special. Like my vote.

  62. Laughlyn C69 says:

    no scope… just wrong and i hate when it happens to me… but something i cant do and respect greatly

  63. mastercmj2003 says:

    I voted for Guy, Gal, and Villain. It flowed very smoothly, was very funny, and was unique. The audio matched well, and spoofs on games i played as a kid are always funny to me. It points out just how straightforward Nintendo games were (princess gets captured, you have to save her)…lol. I loved Guy, Gal, and Villain because it never gets old.

  64. Guy, Gal, Villain.

  65. Ethan says:

    =X meh not saying nothing

  66. Mjonir says:

    I voted “Oh So Beautiful” for it’s originality

  67. I voted for “Gal, Guy, and Villain,” because it was the first video to parody other video games inside of another video game. It was hilarious, it had a good script, nice camera angles, and the one thing that should win everyone’s vote: Peppy told him to do a barrell roll. Guess what? He didn’t. Guess what happened because of it? He exploded. That’s what you get for not listening to Peppy.

  68. cheesey p00fs says:

    He got a Noooooo Scooooooope.
    He’s dead, he shot him in the head.

  69. Bob says:

    “Gal, Guy, and Villain.” It’s like a short movie! Never fails to make me laugh!

  70. franchize says:


  71. Cleenstream says:

    “Was there any scope involvled? I… I don’t think so!”


  72. Cameron McIntosh says:

    No-Scope. By the end I was laughing out loud!

  73. PR3FONTAINE says:

    the gal guy villion was hillariouse, it brought back awsomes memories and made me ROFL

  74. amaru215 says:

    voooooted, not veeeetoed. LOLOLOL

  75. Scapegoat413 says:

    I voted No Scope Was Involved

  76. TC Scrub says:

    No Scope evolutions awesome

  77. Prvtruls says:

    It’s a hard choice between Bag boy and No-scope.

    I guess Bag boy wins because of it’s genuis lines and crazy humor.

    No-scope makes me laugh too but in this fight Bag boy wins.

  78. Tylyr1 says:

    Deifinitly no scope was involved

  79. Zytrox says:

    No scope was involved! that song’s on my ipod!

  80. THE Tyronius says:

    i vote no scope

  81. sir face says:

    So many good vids, too bad we had to pick just one.

  82. XXXrayVizionXX says:

    No Scope was OK

  83. Reborn says:

    No Scope Was Involved. It just…makes the most sense. haha

  84. RevenADD says:

    I voted for “He got a…. No Scope!”

  85. Dan says:

    OMG, nintendo halo 3 LOL, so FUNNY, and EPIC

  86. K1ng koopa13 says:


  87. wolfmeister26 says:

    he got a no scope!

    do I need to say any more?

  88. Acclaiming says:

    No scope was involved? I voted for that because i thought it was the most original Machinima ever….and ever

  89. Alienhed says:

    No scoping was involved gets my vote..

  90. No scope was involved. Never have i heard a song more widely sung throughout matchmaking. i hear it at least once every time i play matchmaking and get a noscope

  91. StakOverflow says:

    I voted!

  92. Shadowshot2 says:

    Oh So Beautiful, I noticed all of the scenery but I just wasn’t able to slow down to take it in, wow what I missed half heartedly just to save the planet.

  93. Pancakes says:

    He got a noooooo scope! It is funny because it is true.

  94. NY Yanks 33 says:

    Okay.I have a pretty good idea what the community likes but once again I beg to differ.Without Providence was beautiful.Very well done.There are two reasons why I liked this one.#1 is that this can happen at any given time.By the Government or a crazed group.Showing you that there is always somebody that dosent like you so watch out.#2 is that it reminded me about No Country For Old Men.I liked that movie.Hehe.

  95. testiclease 95 says:

    i thought there would be other canidates in this one. i dont know a few of these.

  96. Falcon 995 says:

    this was a hard one

  97. RAIDERJUNKIE says:

    No Scope for me.

  98. Omega Weapon says:

    I love the No Scope Vid. xD

  99. warmach1n392 says:

    “Heeeee gooooootttt aaaaa noooooo scope, he didn’t scope his gun.” Very funny video but close between gal, guy, and villian

  100. ROYALTY SOLDIER says:

    I have to go with no scope was involved its just hilarious but the guy gal and villanin one is also very funny

  101. Evan MacGregor says:


  102. Titanbob says:

    the bag boy was a film short for the ages… i laughed i cried then i laughed so hard i cried. my face was melted by the urber awesomness of this short motion picture.

  103. halofan555 says:

    no scope for the win. like really that was one of the most addicting songs ever also the matchmaking series is one of the funiest series ever.

  104. firingphoniex27 says:

    I voted No Scope Was Involved.

  105. SMGstring says:

    Without providence I say with confidence.

  106. Mythonian says:

    It truly is so beautiful…

  107. cbclark says:

    “oh so beautiful” great tribute.

  108. Mini Shade 47 says:

    Gal guy and villain got my vote, first time i saw it and it was hillarious!!!

  109. TheAmgine25 says:

    Oh So Beautiful was awesome. :P

  110. RisingDragon11 says:

    No Scope FTW. That video comes to mind every time I get a no scope.

  111. Spartan78541 says:

    No Scope Was Involved!

  112. WW4G TaintSnfer says:

    Gal, Guy, Villain …. tooooo FUNNY!

  113. Karatesause says:

    Never tweaked harder in my life then for Guy Gal Villian

  114. Mulligan RX says:

    I voted for Noscope was Involved, just because it was hilarious, and it was much different than the rest of their Matchmaking series. I am dissapointed that none of DigitalPh33r’s work is being recognized, he has produced many great series this year.

  115. kilimanjaro7 says:

    no scope, it was so funny and it just gets funnier. i love the guy with the rocket launcher towards the start of the movie.

  116. DTDiegoxx951 says:

    Oh so Beautiful cuz its original and Unique :D

  117. Crazibouncer says:

    Guy, Gal, and the Villian. Lol this video was pretty great. It put Halo in the position as if it had the essensce of other great games from back in the day. Pokemon, Star Fox, Legend of Zelda, Pac-man, Final Fantasy. It was like an awesome adeventure/comedic/action-packed mini-movie. Using Halo as the main setting with little allusions of other video games. It made me laugh and also didn’t leave me not wanting more. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. I believe this video should win, but good luck to all other nominees.

  118. Heath says:

    Gal Guy and Villain

  119. rachcaiv says:

    there were a few good ones on there, voting was hard. but bag boy got my vote. it was hilarious.

  120. mmatienz says:

    The one in wich a feature wasnt involved

  121. ShaUSty says:

    Oh So Beautiful was pretty good. It really makes you appreciate all of the time and money Bungie Studios put into making Halo 3.

  122. MOX13 says:

    no scope was involved! priceless!

  123. Mutoid Log says:

    Do a barrel roll!

  124. Son0fAtreus says:

    I Voted.

  125. Kanatix says:

    No Scope Was Involved!!!!! Great video, have it as my ringtone. =)

  126. snafu BOOM says:

    Looks like I’m a member of a very small minority. I voted for “Without Providence” based on the very strong camera work and editing. No Scope is a favorite of mine and “Guy, Gal and Villain” is a new addition to my fave list, but WP is just so damn beautifully done that even humor can’t overcome it.

  127. keybird says:

    If youve seen Without Providence you would know the effort the Duo Group put into that awesome video

  128. Abel Garza says:

    no scope was invovled

  129. G Train 117 says:

    Definately Bag Boy: Let’s face it, this is what everyone wants to tell the little kids that ‘bag. Just say no.

  130. jeffrey says:

    Oh So Beautiful. Shows the Ture in game graphics are great if you would just look more closer.

  131. Bryan Ojeda says:

    I voted

  132. Izzy says:

    The Bag Boy. Father and Son, Great Moments.

  133. Chris says:

    No scope :D!

  134. Doom786 says:

    No scope is awesome to watch i love it

  135. sims3k says:

    the song is sooo catchy ” he got a nooooscoooppeee”

  136. Batosi says:


  137. Am41gama7er says:

    Guy, Gal, Villan – funny video, it gets my vote

  138. i am SeMpLe says:

    it was either the bag boy or no scope was involved but i went with no scope

  139. Damon says:

    once again i went with the one that made me laugh the most and that is no scope.

  140. Ziqo X says:

    Gal, Guy and Villian, to good to be true :D

  141. Sector Z 157 says:

    THE BAG BOY! Ahahaha, man, I nearly pissed my pants when I saw. Pure Awesome. I had to vote for that. It’s the best one ever. It never gets old. If you never saw it before, you have to see it.

  142. Sormeki says:

    Had to go with Oh So Beautiful on this one. It was a tough choice, but ultimately I feel that was the best.

  143. Luage says:

    Oh so butifull. Finally someone seing the buty of halo

  144. ActuatedSathman says:

    No Scope Was Involved. XD

  145. Mighty Mackinac says:

    No Scope just made ROFLMAO! haha…bar none the funniest…haha

  146. Chuckman Joney says:

    No Scope was Involved – Best

    It’s so true that people are like that when they no scope, was hilarious

  147. t u d v a r i 6 says:

    My vote wil have to go for the noscopes video, i love watching crazy noscopes and always try to get em in the head myself :)

  148. OVR Fatality says:

    i voted no scope song ftw

  149. MrTTom says:

    ‘Oh So Beautiful – Halo 3 Edition’ is an impressive video even if it is simple. It basically shows how well the graphics are in this game, I love it!

  150. Without Providence.

    The best video ever created in the Halo trilogy. I was flabbergasted by how much work was put into the video. The scene where the character looks out at the desert below and is greeted by the sight of a massive war effort comprised of hundreds of soldiers and vehicles left me breathless. The Duo Group puts the same effort into all their other videos and had their other short, Knocking on Heaven’s Door been an option, I would have voted for it. I urge everyone who has not yet voted, to please acquaint yourself with The Duo Group (http://theduogroup.com/).

  151. Wanderer says:

    Voted, yes.

  152. linkmaster2010 says:

    no scope was involved nuff sed

  153. ODST Sarge says:

    Blackstone gets my vote.

  154. beener25 says:

    Gal, Guy, and Villain. Blackstone was a close second though.

  155. dcdelta says:

    bagboy was great

  156. Zero Core says:

    “He used No Scope” Omg it was just right for the moment,when people were crazy with sniper no scopes.The others realy didn’t catch my attention as much

  157. Letol says:

    DAMN that was a hard choice. I’m gonna go with No Scope Involved though.

  158. Kevin says:

    My vote is secret.

  159. shotypie says:

    Best video. no scope was involved. I love this video. I saved it to my phone, my ipod, my computor, and i memorized it. All the videos are great. If i had to pick somthing else i would pick bag boy.

  160. Chewy1555 says:

    as much on each individual category page

  161. Dikdu says:

    The best video by a long shot is no scope was involved. It has that humor, and musical side to it. It makes you want to dance, and when you see them messing around in the video, makes you want to laugh or smile or grin or even smirk.

  162. Junior says:

    He got a no scope…

  163. Dave says:


  164. Dave II says:

    Voted Blackstone. A better video, story wise, audio wise, and most ways in general. Can’t wait for Log 2.

  165. A4H Tis mine says:

    without providence is mega epic

  166. Zaktansnake says:

    I have no clue about montages but I voted for no-scope cause that is cool! :D

  167. CamoZombie says:

    No Scope
    It’s just too catchy

  168. tealize says:

    I chose Gal, Guy and Villian. As a former Nintendo fangirl myself, I found this video particularly hilarious. All the references to classic Nintendo games really made me laugh :P

    I would have chosen Oh So Beautiful since (from the first day I got Halo 3) I have always thought the scenery and backdrops of every campaign mission and matchmaking level are beautiful. However, I felt the video was a bit on the boring side with too many shots of the some of the same scenery. They didn’t even include Avalanche or Blackout!

  169. Dougc143 says:

    no scope the song just sticks in your head and makes you wanna get a no scope

  170. Mr.6 Fu5I0nS says:

    Went with No Scope Was Involved, because it needed no talent and everyone deserves an Oscar Award.

  171. Alex says:

    Blackstone Log 1 ftw! Anyone can attempt humor in machinima, but it takes talent, creativity and patience to pull off what Dispatch Films did.

  172. Pingback: Battle Shots » Smooth Few Films

  173. Andrew says:

    No Scope Involved has some good lulz but The Bag Boy would have to be my vote. Yes it was just mostly comedy but it had some nice elements and the others (Blackstone for example) tried to hard.

  174. xxJG0Dxx says:

    oh so beautifull deserves to win

  175. Matthew says:

    Noscope all the way. Sniper rocks plus I love their singing voices.B-E-A-U-tiful.

  176. Hertzwijn says:

    Bag Boy. The guys from sff r great, u’ve got to see the leet world, it’s awesome http://smoothfewfilms.com/theleetworld/

  177. Spar7anT1g3r says:

    No Scope Was Involved

    Other than Bryan’s songs, I’ve never heard something sung as much over Xbox Live.

  178. cruelagamemnon says:

    I voted in this category.

  179. tim says:

    oh so beautiful – i never actually stop to look at the scenery in halo3, its always too frantic, but what they did when building the game is just incredible. An excellent showcase of the engines capabilities

  180. DeathCooper says:

    No Scope Was Involved

  181. TTL Quantifier says:

    OSB FTW!

  182. Posthumerous says:

    He got a…..

  183. Zeptonium says:

    Oh So Beautiful – Halo 3 Edition

  184. BigCountry1369 says:

    Quantifier said it best…..OSB FTW

  185. CdawgOwnd says:

    Anthing that includes spartans humping is amazing. No Scope. Vote 8 great.

  186. Don A K Bab says:

    He got a……..

  187. padres1944 says:

    I voted!

  188. BloodshotMocha says:

    my vote goes for guy gal and villain because some of the ways they reinacted nintendo games was really creative.i specially like the pokemon,mario,and pac man skits

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