Blinged Isaac Clarke Papercraft

Approximately six months ago I constructed the most adorable blinged paper Master Chief you have ever laid eyes on. Upon completion of that particular activity I adamantly vowed to never attempt another tiny papercraft project again. Today is the day I go back on that word. Apparently painful memories subside with time. Who knew?

isaac clarke papercraft, a website featuring free downloadable papercraft designs (many of which are video game related), recently released a compact version of everybody’s favorite Necromorph fighting engineer. This blocky version of Isaac Clarke even comes with his own miniature plasma cutter. Be warned though, you should start saving your nodes now because it appears to be in desperate need of some upgrades. Assuming you have a piece of white cardstock, a pair of scissors, and an exacto knife laying around, you can have your own Dead Space-themed paper guy in just under an hour. And if you’re like me and also have some crystals and industrial strength glue handy (and really, who doesn’t?), with a little more time and effort you can even have a fancy schmancy blinged version. Take a peek at mine after the jump, then head on over to Cubeecraft to make your own!

isaac clarke papercraft

*A special thank you to Socket for the tip! I know you just wanted me to suffer through another frustrating project (bastard!) but it’s ok, I still appreciate the heads up. And I promise I did not spend the last hour repeatedly cursing your name.

9 Responses to Blinged Isaac Clarke Papercraft

  1. davyboy94 says:


  2. Mondo Titan says:

    very nice Angel. i dont see why a certain pink bowed MC shouldnt meet such a square dude. i can see it now:

    MC – “is that a plasma cutter in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

  3. Socket says:

    AAAAHHHH!!!! You blinged it!!!! My eyes…..they BUUURRRNNN.

    Lol, j/k

    I wonder how the word looks like, looking through a bunch of green crystals…

  4. Socket says:

    I fail at spelling…that says “world” not “word”.

  5. @ Socket- Like one glorious, emerald-hued acid trip, which is all well and good until necromorphs are crawling up your rear.

  6. mendicantbias00 says:

    Anyone else notice that this is character 117? Is this a sign? I think so!

  7. bs angel says:

    Socket noticed that as well when he emailed me. It was a definite sign that I needed to make it, as if I didn’t already know that!

  8. Crunchbite says:

    here’s another dead space papercraft (Helmet and plasma cutter):

  9. where’s the codpiece????//???/?/fowardslash???/?/?

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