Call of Duty: Women’s Edition

call of duty for women

*For the record, one time my husband had a button fall off his pants and he asked me to sew it back on. I told him to have the dry cleaners do it next time he took them in.

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22 Responses to Call of Duty: Women’s Edition

  1. lol

  2. belpers says:

    so what ur saying is, you can hold ur own on the real game;-) you say when… boffman & I would love to play. loser does next week’s ironing.

    i actually have this game… and i’m better at it than my wife!

  3. Penguinish says:

    I lol’d

    for a while

    then i was like :D

  4. bs angel says:

    i actually have this game… and i’m better at it than my wife!

    I can very much relate to that! I iron maybe two or three times a year while my husband irons on a daily basis. One time a few years ago it was one of those rare ironing days and my little one came up to me and said, “Did you ask daddy if you could borrow his iron?” I about crapped my pants! It was so funny. :)

  5. BSG Daffy says:

    Did anyone else notice the word “Siemens” on the iron?

    Are you thinking what I’m thinking? :D

  6. ashame says:

    Lol. I can iron but I’m so slooow… My wife and I agreed that we have our own specialties ;)

  7. bs angel says:

    You know I noticed the brand name on that Daffy! And I thought of the Navy. What did you think of? ;)

  8. Qix says:

    Unfortunatly, I’m quite good at this game too. Being in the military for 6 years has that effect.

  9. DeepCee says:

    I live alone…Nuff said. I OWNZ this game.
    The sequel too. Call Of Duty : Whats for Lunch

  10. Crazyeye0 says:

    I have an even better game, it’s called Extreme Ironing, it’s British, and it actaly exists! Ironing in odd places, like on a mountain, outdoors, or even underwater!….wait, what?

  11. Fezzer says:

    Ha! I practically had to teach my wife how to iron.

  12. Jillybean says:

    I go for the rumpled scientist look so ironing is not necessary. It totally works.

  13. nyhitman0401 says:

    bs angel!!!! Your married!

  14. @ Jillybean

    Yeah, I can relate to that. Rumpled hipster works pretty well for me. They let me get away with it at work too, which is even more brilliant.

    Jeans FTW.

  15. Das Kalk says:

    at 17, my mom still irons for me. LOL that’s a lie, my mom barely does anything for me except pay the housing cost… but Ironing can be relaxing unless you have a bus to catch…

  16. Rhamsey says:

    living with a roommate who is even more of a lazy bastard than i am has made me a pro at this game. i have all of the achievements too.
    -started ironing, then said fuck it and threw it in the dryer instead. 20GP
    -slightly burned a white shirt, said fuck it, and threw another in the dryer. 15GP.
    -get asked to (and complete) iron someone else stuff cause you “all ready have it out” +20GP -5 self respect
    -start purchasing wrinkle free shirts and pants only. 10GP

  17. Mace Windex says:

    My ironing consists of putting my clothes in a basket after taking them out of the dryer. There is a high probability that they will remain there until I wear them again.

  18. Skibur says:

    Hahah… Oh wow, I love it XD

  19. yep, being a military man myself, i’ve had quite a good amount of practice with this controller. id definitely p0wn some n00bs at this game…

  20. cbd says:

    What is that odd device? Seeing as I live in a bachlor pad there are none of those where I live :D

  21. -S- says:

    I so emailed this to you like 4 weeks ago!!!! bah!!!!

  22. Ragingterror says:

    Let me guess… Wii exclusive release, amirite?

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