Top 10 Gamer Panties

Gamers are a very unique breed. We have our own 1337 language, we have our own inside jokes, and we have our own special sense of style. Thankfully we have a broad selection of casual video game-themed clothing items and accessories available to choose from on the market these days. While gamer underwear is fairly easy to come by, these are my picks for the top ten gamer panties that only the true players will appreciate during those more intimate moments.

expert thong
[Expert Thong]

gamers do it all night thong
[All Night Thong]

sextris thong
[Sextris Thong]

don't shoot thong
[Don’t Shoot Thong]

bonus stage undies

[Bonus Stage Underwear]

achievement unlocked panties

[Achievement Unlocked Underwear]

pwned thong
[Pwned Thong]

playstation thong
[I Love This Game Thong]

legendary thong
[Legendary Thong]

game over thong
[Game Over Thong]

All of these panties have prices between $9.99 and $13.95 so treat yourself or your significant other to something new and sexy. You can thank me later after you have finished the fight.

11 Responses to Top 10 Gamer Panties

  1. AusQB says:

    I love the Sextris and Achievement Locked ones.

    Game Over. Ouch.

  2. Penguinish says:

    LOL angel, those are too funny, i like the achviment unlocked one XD!

  3. Ray says:

    The sextris one is pure win.


  4. Rift says:

    They make gamer thongs? I shouldn’t be too surprised… but… o’well. They are pretty damn funny. I like the Bonus Stage one and the Expert one. They might make you feel like you’ve achieved something if you get into them.

  5. Jonathan B. says:

    My (relatively new) girlfriend is a Xbox 360 gamer. I think those Achievement Unlocked panties would be perfect. Yep… I’m seriously going to buy them. Thanks for the reminder, Angel. :)

  6. Jonathan B. says:

    Oh wait. It says Locked, not unlocked. Well damn, that’s cold.

  7. Afrit007 says:

    What, no Halo “Legendary” icon? I think I’m a bit disappointed.

    Then again, that would be just a little weird.

  8. aussie_spartan says:

    … so many jokes… so little space to write them all.

    Many of them, however, begin with: “Male gamers will never…”

  9. Okay…is that HAIR on those thighs?????????? lmao

  10. belpers says:

    Yeah Angel… looks like you need to shave your legs.

  11. bs angel says:

    I only shave my legs when the average temperature is above 80 degrees. We aren’t quite there yet, sorry!

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