Link Needs a Good Home Cooked Meal

Link seems to be a bit of a lush. He is always sipping on a brightly colored potion of some sort but he doesn’t seem to consume a whole lot of solid food. Perhaps that’s his secret to maintaining his girlish figure. If someone were to cook him a great big meal to fatten him up a bit, I would imagine this is one of the kitchen gadgets they would use.

triforce cutting board

Purchase here : 1337motif’s Etsy Shop
Price : $125.00

This cutting board is made from walnut and hard-maple wood and was put together with FDA approved, water-proof glue. Any hardcore Zelda fan will love the focal point of everybody’s favorite sacred fictional relic. No cooking utensil is complete without the Triforce you know. I’m not sure what the current conversion rate is for Rupees but you should probably start saving now.

9 Responses to Link Needs a Good Home Cooked Meal

  1. soulofaqua says:

    Although I like Zelda much how the heck do people make this kind of stuff up, let’s make a master chief pony or a Zelda corset or wait no a Zelda cutting board!!

  2. Sigafoos says:

    You had me until $125.

  3. Revshawn says:

    Dittos to Sigafoos. I would rather buy Cooking Mama over this.

  4. Pundarquartis says:

    Dittos to Sigafoos and Revshawn… this baby’s to pricey for my taste :P

  5. Ragingterror says:

    $125? At that price, I’d rather build one myself.

    Not that I see any need to…

  6. -S- says:

    I’ll have to agree…$125? that’s a little outrageous. Maybe that much would be OK for something that was Zelda related…AND gaming related…but this? I might as well shell out $125 for an official Master Chief garden hose.

  7. Assassin 10k says:

    OMG that us the coolest thing ever! Though $125 is quite a ways out of my budget!

  8. Toms says:

    Ok, that’s actually pretty sweet.

  9. 1337motif says:

    Hey all, I’m the one that made this board. I know the 125 is pretty steep, but these things take a lot of time to make. You could definitely make one cheaper yourself (it’s not even prohibitively difficult), but it would take you about 8-10 hours total to finish it, plus the cost of materials.

    Anyway, I’m glad people think it’s cool. I was pretty proud of it.

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