Getting Sexy, Zelda Style

Sometimes people get a little obsessed with their favorite video game characters. Seven foot tall Spartans do it for me personally, but if you have a thing for young Hylian boys then this extremely unique garment will undoubtedly do it for you.

zelda corset

Purchase here : TheVintageDoctor’s Etsy Shop
Price : $99.98

This adorable corset features Legend of Zelda panels mixed with green and white polka dot fabric. It is topped with two black and white polka dot bows and comes ready to be laced up just as tight as you can get it. Comfortable? Probably not so much. Perfect for certain people who have a particular fondess for Link? Definitely.

10 Responses to Getting Sexy, Zelda Style

  1. ashame says:

    I dunno how to translate this in english, but uhm… I really don’t like the thingy’s (tied in a knot) at the top. The rest looks kinda sweet *pictures a hot woman in it* :mrgreen:

  2. Jonathan says:

    Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of them either, but overall that’s quite sexy. :D

  3. Sigafoos says:

    ‘Adorable’ isn’t really what I look for in a corset.

    (I look for ‘my wife’ /pun :D)

  4. Fezzer says:

    So this is what you spend your time looking for on the internet and 1am? Seems like your the one with the fetish…. ;)

  5. bs angel says:

    Busted, LOL …

  6. Valentine says:

    Ooohhh very cute! Me likey!

  7. wriXeL says:

    wow. i can picture a cosplay rocking this outfit… very niceee

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  9. Hawty McNaughty!

  10. Soulofaqua says:

    I can sooo imagine my girl in this she also is fond of cosplaying, perhaps she will leave the guts of the NES MP3 me and lubeman are working on alone then… although she never is satisfied in her search for gaming/geek ascesoires etc.

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