Chain Maille Guitar Hero Strap for the Bad Ass Rockers

Some people are such complete and total bad asses that a neon green skull covered strap for their guitar shaped controller just doesn’t cut it. Thankfully there is now an option fit for a true Guitar Hero.

chain maille guitar hero strap

Purchase here : CzarAlex’s Etsy Shop
Price : $33

Rock stars looking for a unique way to support their guitar controller while standing up will love this chain maille guitar strap. Made from 16ga shiny bright aluminum, each end stays secured to your toy guitar “with a piece of leather fastened with an ultra bad stainless steel spike to a strong brass connector bar”. The seller says it won’t tarnish and that it is extremely lightweight so you can rock out for long periods of time without being unnecessarily weighed down. Want to customize it even further? Apparently you can choose rings of a specific color (for an additional charge) which may come in handy if you want to coordinate a pink strap with your pink plastic guitar shaped controller. Which some of us may want to do.

8 Responses to Chain Maille Guitar Hero Strap for the Bad Ass Rockers

  1. wriXeL says:

    wow thats PRETTY BADASS. $33 is a decent price but if it was slightly cheaper I would consider it.

  2. bs angel says:

    I’m pretty torn at that price point too. I would love a strap like that, … I’m just not sure I want to spend that much on it. I don’t know! I do love it though.

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  4. CzarAlex says:

    Thanks for posting my strap! I’ve dropped the price to $28 +2 shipping. For another strap I made, check out:


  5. bs angel says:

    I love the flame effect on the new one. You do nice work! Thanks for bringing some extra options to the hardcore among us. :)

  6. elonoz says:

    woow that belt is tottaly sick dude =] =] =] =] =]

  7. DC Metal says:

    Hey, thats pretty badass, but im just wondering, would they be able to be made into REAL Guitar straps for REAL guitars? I’de deffinatly use that badass, im considering buying one and trying it out, but not sure if it would fit.

  8. bs angel says:

    I’m not sure. I would contact the seller to find out. Many sellers on Etsy gladly do custom orders. If you follow the link to that item, you will see a “contact” option under the seller information. Never hurts to ask! :)

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