The Flood Strikes Again

Apparently the Flood was still hungry after consuming Master Chief because they took another victim, this time one of a much smaller stature. Perhaps the Flood needed some dessert after its main course. Or maybe it was just their birthday.

flood infected halo 3 grunt

Purchase here : jin-saotome’s eBay Store
Current bid : US $36.00
Auction ends : Mar-23-08 19:15:00 PDT

Handmade by the same person who created the Flood infected Master Chief figure, this doomed little Grunt has the dreaded Flood tendrils sprouting out of several different places of his poor infected body. The highlight for me though is the “multiple shades of rotten flesh color”. Does it get much better than that? I think not. But I do have one small question, where is the confetti?

UPDATE : This item sold for US $87.00.

14 Responses to The Flood Strikes Again

  1. Socket29 says:

    That looks Awsome!!! I don’t have enough money. :(

  2. Nick says:

    Nice… but ugly…… so nugly?

  3. bs angel says:

    That’s a perfect description, LOL … I love things like this. The weirder and gorier, the better. :)

  4. Digipatd says:

    Poor guy!!

  5. Penguinish says:

    Why does the grunt make me want to ask this question?

    “If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?”

  6. LordShotGun says:

    Great Statue, and I don’t want to be a stick in the mud, but according to the halo canon, grunts do not become combat forms but go strait to Carrier Form. Go to this site if you care, but nevertheless this is a great piece of art.

    • ULTRAfodder says:

      actually when the covenant first encountered the flood, grunts and jackals were the first to become combat forms, but the flood found they were so weak compared to elites and brutes that they no longer used them as combat forms. So you could say this is one of the first infected… and btw great sculpt! =)

  7. NsU Soldier says:

    Penguinish, why you want to talk about enjoying diarrhea and it’s relation to a grunt, vexes me.

  8. TheDeeZone says:

    Nice figure. I feel sorry for the grunt.

  9. bvl says:

    you know penguinish thats a very good point.

  10. lovercovenet says:

    poor guy!

  11. FireMachine says:

    gahh.. a grunt in combat form??…. Totally speechless… just outa context that looks like a halo4 too me. Not that.. oh nvm i need to stop talking.

  12. kraid 2401 says:

    poor dude that flood is such a fucker to the grunt stupid ass flood.

  13. emo ethan says:

    hahahahaha funny i hate grunts love the flood id love to see a walking magot infested grunt with an infected body witha a living flood in lt awesome >=)

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