The Legend Of Zelda Stained Glass Mosaic

Who hasn’t found themselves wishing they had a stained glass interpretation of the adorable Link from The Legend of Zelda? Ok, so maybe it’s just this gal but I bet there are also plenty of other people that would love to have this beautiful tribute to the young Hylian boy.

stained glass link mosaic

This stained glass mosaic, which took the creator approximately three months to complete, looks to be about one foot wide and two and half feet tall. The eyes are the striking focal point and “made of a single piece of black glass grinded to fit“. Available for a very pretty $250 at ProphetOfDoom’s Etsy Shop, Link can now live forever in your garden as he does in your heart.

9 Responses to The Legend Of Zelda Stained Glass Mosaic

  1. Susie says:

    wow…. a lot of time and effort went into that, and it certainly paid off! It looks beautiful!

  2. NiceFace says:

    muy bonito, me encantan estas cosas ^^

  3. I’d love to own this. It’s a fantastic piece of art. Talent.

  4. silvercube says:

    Its not cute enough for me. LOL.

    Maybe if it was an exact replica from the Wind Waker. :)

  5. chickachicka says:

    We are going to put a bathroom across from my room and I said I wanted a stained glass masterchief on the showerwall (if it was tiled) but my mom said if we ever sold our house the people probably wouldn’t like that. *sad face*

  6. That Girl says:

    Thats really cute

  7. ***sigh*** This is gorgeous!

  8. PyroHiroshi says:

    I cannot comprehend how something like this could possibly take three months to complete. It’s easy enough to generate a stained glass template from any type of picture… you could sketch your own, generate a stained glass template and then just print it out to whatever size you want it. From there on out it’s pretty much just building a puzzle by cutting the right shapes and sizes from the selected colored glass. Shouldn’t take more than a full day of work and the quality would be a million times better than this. $250?! Please.

  9. PyroHiroshi says:

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