Play Halo 3, Help Beenie Get a New Kidney

ragingjellybeanPlanning a charity tournament takes a lot of manpower and a huge investment of time. You have to manage the finer details of sign ups and donations. You need to figure out what gametypes will be played and what rules will be enforced. You also have to organize multiple brackets. On top of all that, the people hosting them volunteer their hours and do it all for free, simply because they care. Such is the case with this Halo 3 charity tournament.

The Help RagingJellyBean Finish the Fight Tournament, proceeds of which will be used to help fund a fellow gamer’s much needed kidney transplant, will be held the afternoon of Saturday, March 22nd (2008). Included in this Halo 3 charity tournament are two different events, FFA and also 4×4 Team Slayer. Participation is a mere $10 per person (you may donate without participating as well).

I don’t know RagingJellyBean. I do know we share a passion for blowing the Covenant to smithereens on a frequent basis but beyond that, all I know is what has already been mentioned. So I asked someone close to her to share some more personal details to give us a little more insight into the situation. From Orphicdragon :

There are two main things one should know about Beenie (RagingJellybean). 1. She is not sick. She has some medical issues, but she is not now, nor is she ever going to let you call her sick. 2. She is a hard core Halo player.

Let’s start with Halo. After her stroke she lost a lot of motor function. Everything was hard for her, from tying her shoes to not biting herself when she ate. I read a couple of articles about the Wii and video games being good for hand eye coordination and hatched a plot (I plot, I’m weird like that). I managed to get her to play with me a few times, she fell in love with the xgx and the rest is history. It’s all Halo all the time now, and I can pretty much tell you what she is going to be playing in the hospital when she does get her transplant.

I could lay some sob story on the line, but it doesn’t do Beenie justice so I won’t. She has dealt with a lot of….hmmm, set backs. Few things seem to go “by the book” for her, but she is happy and relatively healthy at 20. This last year or two has brought a kidney failure, dialysis, a stroke, sepsis, hemochromatosis, four clots to her AV fistula….it’s a long list. At the end of every day, she is still ok, just needs that kidney.

She looks forward to two things these days, a kidney transplant and the day Jypcee (Head Goddess of the Femmes Fatales) let’s her put the FEM in her GT.

I can’t do anything about the gamertag request, but I can certainly spare $10 to spend an afternoon playing my favorite video game. If you would like to do the same, you can find all the information and sign up here.

halo 3 charity tournament

Charity Tournament specifics, from Gaming4Others :

G4O is pleased to announce the Help RagingJellyBean Finish the Fight Tournament, sponsored by the Femmes Fatales. “Beanie” is a gamer in need of a life-saving kidney transplant. Without insurance to help her she needs the funds to get her needed surgery and aftercare. We are honored to be helping RJB with this endeavor.

There are two Halo 3 events running, Free For All and 4×4 Team Slayer. Here’s a summary of how this event will work.

  • Each gamer will be charged $10 to enter.
  • FFA matches are based 6 players, top 3 advance.
  • Team matches are based on 4vs4 teams, best of three.
  • Event is March 22, 2008, begins at 2 p.m. EST
  • Prizes for all winners! TBA

If you are not able to participate in the tournament but would like to make a donation, a link is available. All payments will go directly into the RJB Charity Paypal account.

Additional reading :
Sisters need financial help with kidney transplant costs
MySpace page which includes two articles in the blog section

24 Responses to Play Halo 3, Help Beenie Get a New Kidney

  1. Ragingterror says:

    Knowing full well the cost of a kidney transplant (not to mention all of her other medical expenses), I certainly hope this little tourney turns out to be a big earner for her.

    Best wishes to you, RJB.

  2. Peniamina says:

    See this shows the compassion of gamers to their fellow gamers even though may not always be peers, but the media never picks up things like this they concentrate on the negative all the time.

    I’m not sure how much the cost of the operation is because I get free medical care in england but I sure that it’s gonna cost a pretty penny. I hope this tournament goes and raises a lot for RJB. And bs I’m able to join in and I shall was wondering if the 4v4 teams can be pre-organized if they can do you want to team up?

  3. Peniamina says:

    sorry in the assumption that it’s over xbox live if not I’ll donate and just play all afternoon

  4. Peniamina, I think it is over XBL, but I too was wondering about the organization. I think ill be doing the FFA though myself.

  5. -S- says:

    Unfortunately, the US media likes to blow up stories that emphasize points like, Video games are the Devil because little timmy blew half his classmates away with his granddads shotgun because he saw the Master Chief do it. It’d be really nice to have more media coverage on all the awesome stuff gaming communities band together and do, like this tournament, the fight like a girl tournament, etc, etc.

  6. Jypcee says:

    Thank you for the article! And we’ll work on that GT request for Beanie…

  7. bs angel says:

    You’re welcome Miss Jypcee. <3

    And bs I’m able to join in and I shall was wondering if the 4v4 teams can be pre-organized if they can do you want to team up?

    I am sure they can be prearranged Peniamina. Should we do a forum team maybe? I’d love to be on it!

  8. momohine says:

    angel, thanks for the great posting! Hope to run into all of you on the battlefield!

  9. Zoom says:

    To all that are wondering, yes it is over Xbox Live :) You can play from anywhere in the world.

    I will be entering both tournaments.

  10. ooopy says:

    Thanks BS Angel for this post and helping to spread the word

  11. Peniamina says:

    bs a forum team sounds good, I’ll make a post on it and see how long it takes to get the two other members, prob not long.

  12. bs angel, I cant seem find a link to sign up or donate.
    Do you have anymore information on this? =)

  13. kilaMOMjaro says:

    Thanks for the coverage Angel! We are so excited for this tourney and hope MANY MANY gamers join us on XBL March 22nd! <3

  14. nevermind, please ignore post 13, im all set.

  15. bs angel says:

    Glad you’re all set mendicantbias00. :)

  16. Crazyeye0 says:

    I’m sorry, I can’t donate or particapate, but I hope all goes well for her.

  17. chrissylas says:

    I’m so happy to see gamers coming together. I’m an incredibly crappy Halo player so I might just have to sponsor someone for this :)

    Glad to hear that you’re loving xgx as much as you are and here’s hoping that tons of people participate!

  18. Joe says:

    I wish her the best of luck, I have been through 3 kidney transplants and I am only 26 so I know what she is going through. Its really great to see people coming together like this to help.

  19. SidearmS says:

    They only way you should use the “s-word” about her is to describe how well she plays.


    XBox 360 – If I donated, so can you…

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  21. Cybit says:

    I plan to be there, definitely. If I can convince our fund administrators, I’m hoping I can take care of Beenie’s problems for a little while. :)

  22. orphicdragon says:

    I can’t explain to you the feeling of holding that letter in my hands. It felt worse than seeing her in a coma, cuz in a coma there is at least some hope. Everything our little family has came to a dead stop that day, and scary isn’t the word. Insult to injury is they made the decision on her birthday.

    Some of the proceeds are going to go to a fund to other folks in the same position as the Bean. She is well loved and cared for and has a loooot of people fighting for and with her, some folks have to go it alone.

    So many people get that letter…and really really know its their death sentence. A grand in the bank and untouchable is not going to happen for a LOT A LOT of folks.

    The ultimate goal is to make this a yearly thing so that we can help at least a few people who get told “not yet” cuz they don’t have a grand.

    (and I love her dearly but her Halo skillz are at serious n00b level >.< lolz)

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