Halo 3 Lighting Up Your Life

Halo 3 has been lighting up your life for the past five glorious months, and now it can light up your living room as well. Wow, that may have been the best opening sentence ever. Anyways, on to the strangeness that is this Halo 3-themed lamp.

halo 3 lamp

halo 3 lamp

Purchase here : rayanajames eBay Store
Starting bid : US $93.00
Auction ends : Mar-09-08 18:11:06 PDT

Two Spartans being ambushed by a Jackal sniper is the scene playing out on this 22 inch tall unique lighting fixture. I’m pretty sure the Jackal is going for the no scope. Regardless of who comes out the victor, this lamp is fully functional and ready to illuminate all of your favorite Halo 3 knick knacks.

And one more useless fact for you. I found this in the World of Warcraft section of eBay. Yeah, don’t ask.

UPDATE : This item ended with no bids.

8 Responses to Halo 3 Lighting Up Your Life

  1. jb84 says:

    Now that is one badass lamp. Nice find.

  2. PHANTOMFIRE X says:

    I wish I could get that lamp now. I wonder what it’s doing in world of warcraft section?

  3. bs angel says:

    I have no idea! That’s strange, eh? I found it buried amongst expensive level 70 characters and whatnot. :)

  4. schedonnardus says:

    i love lamp

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  6. M says:

    pretty cool. i once saw a Spawn one just like that. but still, it’s too topical to be cult cool. unlike these mario and space invaders stuff.

  7. hotoffthepress says:

    Those look like perfect gifts for the HALO HERMIT in your life.

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