Another Gamer Screwed by Microsoft

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved video games. This boy bought an Xbox 360. Two years later it broke. The boy had no choice but to send it in for repairs. It was then that Microsoft decided to screw him over. A very big bend on over so we can give you the royal treatment sort of screwing. This is his story.

A passionate gamer by the name of Nathaniel purchased an Xbox 360 at launch. After working reliably for over two years, his faithful console companion finally kicked the bucket. It was then that he faced a major quandary. Should he send it in for repairs or attempt to fix it himself? The obvious answer would be send it in for repairs but Nathaniel’s 360 was not like yours and mine. Oh no, it was special. “Was” being the key word.

xbox 360 bottom

Nathaniel’s Xbox 360 was his trusty traveling companion. Throughout their joint adventures, Nathaniel acquired several signatures from notable members of the gaming community, all collected directly upon his console with permanent marker. Signatures from several members of the Rooster Teeth Productions staff shared space with signatures from members of the Xbox 360 team and also staff from Bungie Studios. He even had custom artwork by Rooster Teeth Comics artist and Halo fan artist Luke McKay on it.

This console adorned with things representing very special memories held great sentimental value to Nathaniel as you can imagine. Not even taking into account that it had monetary value as well, it was simply a console that he adored. That is why shipping it off to the repair center was not the easiest choice to make. But between that and trying to repair it himself, it was the better option. Taking it apart would have voided the warranty so if his attempts at fixing it had been unsuccessful, he would have been screwed. Unfortunately he still got screwed, but he didn’t know that would happen at this point.

xbox 360 top

Obviously concerned about his prized console’s case, he called Xbox support to discuss the possibility of getting a different 360 sent back to him and the importance that he get the same exact console and case back. He was assured his console would get repaired and they would ship the same console back to him. They gave him a reference number for the call and that was that.

Nathaniel carefully packaged his beloved 360 into the coffin, including this letter :

To whom it may concern:

Enclosed in this package you will find one Xbox 360 console, serial number 610537654806. I pre-ordered this machine months before the Xbox 360 launched, and I’ve been a proud owner ever since it arrived. Although the original warranty for my machine has expired some time ago, I still keep the sales receipt and original retail box.

I have taken this unit along with me on some of my travels over the past two years, and during that time I have acquired a number of signatures from notable members of the gaming community.

Among those signatures are several members of the Rooster Teeth Productions staff, certain members of the Xbox 360 team, and some of the staff from Bungie Studios. Those signatures are also joined by custom artwork by Rooster Teeth Comics artist and Halo fan artist Luke McKay. This console represents some special memories—of which I am quite fond—from the past two years of my life. As you can imagine, this particular unit has a great deal of sentimental value to me and is quite possibly of reasonable monetary value as well.

I am well aware that in many cases new replacement units have been returned to those who have sent their consoles for repairs. I would be displeased if this were to happen to me. When I put in the service request for my unit, the agent that took my call assured me that the same unit I have sent to you would be shipped back to me. If you must send a different unit back, please put my original case on the replacement unit. Having put the above information forward, it is logical to conclude that I would be most disappointed should I receive a different console with a plain white case in return.

Please take care in handling the case, as despite the fact that the ink is permanent and has had plenty of time to set, the possibility yet remains that it may be smudged.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

So he called beforehand and was told he would receive his exact console back. He also included a letter just to cover all his bases. I bet you think you know what happens next. If you were to guess that Microsoft sent him a different plain white console back, you would be wrong.

They sent him his Xbox 360 back. The front serial number and the back serial number match up exactly. So what is the problem then? Someone at the repair center took the time to clean his console case. Despite the fact that the repairs that needed to be done were inside the console, someone wiped down the outside of the case. Wiped it down so well in fact that all of the signatures and artwork are completely gone. All that is left are some smudges and the unmistakable purple-ish hue of diluted permanent ink.

not so clean case

Permanent marker does not rub off that easily. Someone put a lot of work into making sure they erased all of the rich history that was built up on that console. There were not scribbles all over it, there were signatures. And pictures. Is there any way you could see a picture of Master Chief and think it wasn’t there on purpose? I am at a loss to understand how an employee looked at that console and thought it would be a good idea to scrub off everything on it.

Despite the fact that Nathaniel called beforehand and got assurances that everything would be ok, despite the fact that he included a very detailed and clear letter with his console, despite the fact that it was no fault of his own that his console broke in the first place, Nathaniel is just another gamer to get screwed over by Microsoft in a rather unique way. My brain simply can’t understand how an error of this magnitude happened. I do hope they take the time to make this right. But what are the chances of that, right?

02.29.08 – AM UPDATE

Nathaniel wanted to share his story for this reason (his words) :

It is a cautionary tale to those 360 owners sending a console out for warranty repair.

He doesn’t want people to make the same mistake that he did. In retrospect does he realize he shouldn’t have sent off his console? Absolutely. However when you call their customer service number, share your story with all of the details, and are assured that your console will be returned to you safe and sound, you should be able to believe that. There was a communication breakdown somewhere along the way that resulted in a tangible loss. It’s unfortunate, and lessons were learned.

I agreed to carry the story because Nathaniel wants to discuss this with Microsoft, but all of his correspondence has continued to go unanswered. Last time I checked in with him, he still had not heard back from them. Not everybody wants to sue and receive some sort of compensation. Sometimes all it takes to feel like a valued customer is an acknowledgment of a mistake and a simple apology.

02.29.08 – PM UPDATE

Microsoft has responded to Nathaniel personally. They are looking into the issue and working to correct the situation.

771 Responses to Another Gamer Screwed by Microsoft

  1. I am completely lost for words. To think that somebody would do this even though it is clear that the signatures and artwork have extreme sentimental value. Its nothing short of an outrage. This wasn’t even console but it makes so angry they have done this. Screw you microsoft, screw you.

  2. CzarCastic says:

    It seems to me that permanent marker does not just rub off that easily, no matter how much work you put into it. I think that some jackass Microsoft repair monkey put a little bit of black ink on a new case, just to make it appear that the old signatures were rubbed off. I would bet money that whoever did that took the signed case and has it at home. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see that case on eBay, knowing the intelligence level of the Microsoft repair center employees first-hand.

  3. Dude, Microsoft owes that young man BIG TIME!

    • James says:

      if i was him i would want for Microsoft to get all of the signatures and artwork back and more. i am very disappointed in them.

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  5. setters says:

    excuse my language but holy f***ing sh*t!!

    resilientmonkey has said it already but microsoft really owe nathaniel!! f**k!!

    My heart truly goes out to him as well…wow, sorry about that Nathaniel

  6. ausqb says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine how he must’ve felt when he pulled it out of the box. I don’t know how they [MS] can let something like this happen and not reimburse him. Of course, as has been mentioned in the article, it is far from just being a monetary matter, and I would expect no less than than a very generous helping of games, accessories and other merchandise. If I were MS, I would also pay for him to visit Bungie Studios for like a week and get more signatures and mementos than any 360 casing can fit.

  7. Tyrone Hawk says:

    Angel, I’m out of words. This is what normally happens when you a have a long list of departments in a company that really start suffering from the typical “left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing” approach. Just by reading your post made me shiver. Even if his repaired console works out like a classic Xbox (without any problems until Xbox N1000 appears on the horizon and we’re on Halo 10), nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will replace the cost that the console had beforehand.

  8. -S- says:

    This is officially the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Negligence in the act of replacing his original console would’ve been one thing (and possibly could have been fixed), but the fact that an employee went through this following thought process deeply disturbs me –
    “Hmm, an Xbox 360 thats been sent in to be repaired. Huh, it has SIGNATURES and ARTWORK all over it. Hmm, oh its permanent marker…as if someone wanted it to BE like this, PERMANENTLY. Looks like I’m gonna need the rubbing alcohol if I’m gonna have to give it the old cleaning procedure” ?!?!

    I demand that the community continues be vocal about this atrocity. Angel runs a very well respected blog that is visited by a very strong, very numerous “banded together” gaming community. Hopefully, eventually someone at Bungie will read/hear of this, and will be just as outraged as we are. You can’t put a price on things that have sentimental value. This is just an abomination. There aren’t enough words to describe how angry I would be if this happened to me.

  9. jayman007 says:

    OMG. That is fucking horrible! Microsoft owes him a trip around the world, meeting with all those original signatures and many more. This will be the biggest internet PR hit that Microsoft will have faced yet. Whoever took he case is screwed, there is no way he could sell it now.

  10. GutsyToaster says:

    Posted on

  11. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    Oh my God!
    That is HORRIBLE!

  12. snorkle256 says:

    My heart dropped while reading this.

  13. Ray says:

    I simply can’t believe this!

    A) The person from Microshit he talked to was just telling him what he wanted to hear.

    B) I fully agree with the first comment… someone has the case to his Xbox on theirs now.

    C) I wouldn’t be surprised if Bungie gave him Recon armor for his troubles, at the very least. They are one of the most amazing game developers in the world, and and very passionate about their fans.

    D) If I had the money… I would fly him to Redmond, to get some answers and compensation myself.

    Nathaniel, man… I feel for you.
    I am a huge fan of the Halo series and Xbox as a whole. I own the Legendary edition, a Halo 3 controller, and yet I don’t have my own Xbox 360 due to the price.

    Don’t think for a moment that community awareness won’t get this problem recognized by the right people… this will not go unnoticed!


  14. Fishd says:

    You know… knowing a little about how that side of the industry works, I can totally see how… despite the letter, the comments in the call and the phone calls to the service desk… that he would receive a totally different console in return.

    The repair jocks would get the call reference, pretty much ignore the comments in the call log, they drop the letter and it wouldn’t get passed on to whoever does the repair… they’d then fire up the box and say “Oh yeah… it’s component X again”…. stick the box on the pile and ship a new one.

    However, if someone has actually seen the case… then deliberately ERASED it… that’s plain heartless. Bet this tech also destroys the christmas cards his/her kids make for them every year as well, eh?

  15. Socket29 says:

    I almost started crying. :(

  16. Socket29 says:

    Oh, I’m going to put a mark on my console (RRoD). I’m still waiting for the box, but I’ll ship it with the mark and see if it comes back the same.

  17. mister bubblesz says:

    THAT SUCKS ! microsoft owes him signatures and drawings ! and memories that cant be replaced. id flip out. hell id probably sue.

  18. the light show says:

    this is a truly sad story for any gamer. i can not imagine how that feels. i am sure there are very few who have gone through that caliber of sentimental loss (video game wise). i hope that there will some type of compensation for this tragedy. however, i do not think that anything can replace what has been lost…

  19. I sent a link to this post to the Webmaster at Bungie, hopefully this gets passed along to the right people. I told them that I wasnt sending them the link so that they could compensate him, but that they needed to know what an atrocity happened to an obviously huge fan.

  20. Cayote says:

    I cried. However my box remains white. I do not decorate it, and now I know why. That sucks!

  21. Ragingterror says:

    Screwee here.

    Thank you all for your support in this matter. As you have probably already guessed, I am in the process of sending the word out on this one.

    I’ve already sent a personal message to Larry Hyrd (Major Nelson) of the XBox 360 team. If I receive no response, this will be going to every major gaming blog that is willing to post it.

    Any help that I can get from fellow members of the gaming community will be appreciated.

    Personal thanks go out to my buddy Laird, an original signer of the console and the one who forwarded the information from me to this blog.

  22. Ragingterror says:

    One more thing:

    “D) If I had the money… I would fly him to Redmond, to get some answers and compensation myself.”

    Don’t worry about it. I live in Vancouver, WA, which is about a 3 and a half hour drive away. If you want to pay for my gas, though… ;)

  23. Will says:

    I’m going to take some flak for this, but I don’t care…

    Nathan, go check with Merriam-Webster, because you can find sympathy firmly between shit and syphilis in the dictionary. Seriously, how could you be so monumentally stupid as to send an item like that off to Redmond to be repaired? If anything, it should have just been shelved and you should’ve bought a new one. If it were that precious, you never would have parted with it even if it were RRODed.

    What Microsoft did may be wrong, but you were just as wrong for parting with such a unique keepsake.

  24. To be fair, if I were in the situation Nathan was in, I would have to either send it in for repair, or not have one because I can’t afford to purchase a brand new 360, even the Core version. That is a lot of money throw around b/c the original 360’s were forced into the market too fast. As I see it this is Microsoft’s mistake twice over.

    1. For placing a faulty device on store shelves before properly testing it.

    2. For the reasons in this blog.

    Btw, I am not trying to start a fight or a “Posting War”, just adding my two cents.

  25. tornado says:

    oh damn! my heart hurts. :(

  26. jb84 says:

    That does really suck and I’m sorry to hear it. But the important thing is that you got to meet those people.

    Think of it this way. It would suck if a family album of pictures was destroyed, but what made those pictures special is your relationship with those people, not the pictures themselves.

  27. Ragingterror says:

    “Think of it this way. It would suck if a family album of pictures was destroyed, but what made those pictures special is your relationship with those people, not the pictures themselves.”

    Quoted for truth.

    Nevertheless, wouldn’t you be upset if you learned that said album had been destroyed at the hands of a negligent party?

  28. trigger119 says:

    WOW….that SUCKS!!!
    : (

  29. Arbiter419 says:


    That is genuine crap. Really, You can’t just make the “mistake” of erasing history. It just doesnt happen.

    Some M$ n00b, probably not even knowing what Red vs. Blue is, Totally destroyed a unique peice of art, one of which is irreplaceable.

    Sorry man.

  30. Slothboy says:

    Sweet merciful crap! Hopefully the people who signed this thing originally will hear about it and send this guy some new artwork/signatures to replace it. That’s the only thing that would ever make the pain stop.

    And I thought it was bad that it took three months to get my premium content to work after repair. This puts my problems into perspective.

  31. JeSteR 343 says:

    Wow. I really hope this guys gets some kind of reimbursement for this. And, Thanks Hawty McBloggy, for posting the story. At least here it will get some of the attention it deserves.

  32. MasterCheifn says:

    This was obiously a malicous attack on an innocent fan. It was someone with too much time on their hands and too much hate in their heart. The fact that there was a note along with the system makes it even more worrying. What other explinaton for this outrage is there? Make’s me think twice about supporting MS, even more so now that Bungie became independent.

  33. -S- says:

    “Seriously, how could you be so monumentally stupid as to send an item like that off to Redmond to be repaired? If anything, it should have just been shelved and you should’ve bought a new one. If it were that precious, you never would have parted with it even if it were RRODed.”

    Come on Will, that’s not right – it’s an extremely touchy situation. I don’t know about you, but I have bills to pay, and maybe the situation is the same for Nathaniel: we all just don’t have $350+ lying around to spend on a brand spanking new 360…otherwise it wouldn’t have been such a hard decision for him to make. It’s not like its his fault for assuming it would all go to pan…
    because he was TOLD by someone at Microsoft that it WOULD go down that way. That’s not right, and someone seriously needs to be held accountable.

    We can’t just say “Oh, we figured that something like this would happen, you’re stupid for not expecting the same” or “I can’t believe you would just send your prized possession off like that, didnt you think this would happen?” That’s absurd – we can’t be afraid to speak out and complain when something big like this happens…Just because they’re “Big Scary Microsoft” and it’d be ‘impossible for the little guy to file a complaint’ doesn’t mean they should be allowed to get away with a slip up as major as this one…or any at all for that matter.

    I hope this keeps snowballing…I seriously demand some kind of compensation or justice for this guy. The bottom line is that what Microsoft did was wrong, and blatantly did something against the wishes of a PAYING customer, when they said they wouldn’t. Nuff said.

  34. bs angel says:

    I’m not a fan of the “blame the victim” game. For me the bottom line is that he was told his console would be returned safely to him. And it wasn’t.

    This story continues to shock me for the simple reason of the effort that went into erasing everything on it. It didn’t take one simple pass of a wipe to do this damage. Someone intently scrubbed it until it was as clean as it would get. If this were mine, I would be beyond heartbroken.

  35. Even if there is come sort of compensation from Microsoft, its never ever going to be the same. When memories are attached to something like that its hard to just let them go because “you should have known better.”

    I feel really bad for him. My g/f got me a halo 3 edition xbox, and I would hate for it to break because who is to say that they will send me a halo edition back for compensation…mine isnt signed but it still has sentimental value attached to it.

    I think if enough people see this, that something will be done to correct it.

  36. Stumpy says:

    I got my 360 for halo 3 only. microsoft would be nothing without Bungie. Im on my 4th xbox!!!!!! I hope im costing them by sending it back so often.

  37. Dhya says:

    Although you have a point, Will – he should have known what he was getting into with M$ – he did try to make sure of what was going to happen to his Xbox. He got assurances, wrote a letter, did what he could to try to make sure that it would be okay. I think, regardless of who is at fault or whatever here, we can all agree that this is a very unfortunate situation and that it would be wonderful if M$ found a way to rectify the situation some how.

    A thought – do M$ often keep rubbing alcohol lying around for this exact purpose?

    Another thought – wouldn’t the rubbing alcohol have damaged the plastic in some way? Perhaps an indicator that the case still exists, just in the hands of some vicious, thieving employee?

  38. Spartan DC-17 says:

    Wow, all I can say is what cruelty,I don’t believe anyone would do that on accident.I hope Ragingterror, that you get some compensation or get a chance to visit those places again get those signatures back perhaps. Video game console or not what a heartless person to wipe off something with clear sentimental value.

  39. Laird says:

    Thanks Angel for doing this story up, I am glad it is getting the attention it deserves.

  40. RighteousTyrant says:

    That’s what happens when you outsource to Mexico…the tech working on it probably looked at the letter, mumbled “No habla Engles,” and went about his routine.

    BTW, permanent marker comes off very easily with alcohol.

  41. Corewave says:

    :( Sad face…shame on you Microsoft

  42. geekadelphia says:

    That’s just absolutely horrible. The poor guy.

  43. Bolognafire says:

    How cruel. I hope you are able to get the word out about this. Hyrd has always seemed very understanding so I think you can count on his support. You’ve got the whole community behind you here. We would all feel just as devastated.

  44. x Kyrpt x says:

    I made a topic on Just clicky my name. Now my comment:

    Wow. Microsoft sucks.

  45. Xor1an says:

    That is terrible, and I sympathize… but I have to say I too would have been reluctant to send such a cherished item of great sentimental value in for repair like that. The person on the phone was telling you what you wanted to hear because that’s their job. They may have actually believed it, but they had no control over what actually happened.

    I’m not trying to blame the victim, but I think there’s an important lesson we can all learn here about what we can expect from big companies. They optimize for the most common case, and usually don’t respond in a sensitive and intelligent way to things outside the norm.

    If it were me and I couldn’t have afforded to buy a new replacement 360, I probably would have tried to get another used one and swap cases. If that can be done without voiding the warranty (and maybe that’s not possible), I’d send mine in for repair with the plain case from the other one, swap cases back when it came back, and then re-sell the other one. (All highly theoretical and not really useful at this point of course, but it’s how I tend to think about circumventing the system.)

  46. x Kyrpt x says:

    I made a topic on bungie. Click my name to check it out.

    And wow. Microsoft blows. Why would they intentionally wipe it as clean as possible even with a note right in front of their noses. This is worrying.

  47. Ragingterror says:

    “If it were me and I couldn’t have afforded to buy a new replacement 360, I probably would have tried to get another used one and swap cases. If that can be done without voiding the warranty (and maybe that’s not possible), I’d send mine in for repair with the plain case from the other one, swap cases back when it came back, and then re-sell the other one. (All highly theoretical and not really useful at this point of course, but it’s how I tend to think about circumventing the system.)

    At first, I considered doing that, but there are two problems:
    1. I don’t have much money to spare right now.
    2. Removing the case breaks a taped seal covering part of the seam between two halves of the case. Breaking that seal voids the warranty, and I don’t know of a way to get around that.

  48. Smurfa says:

    I can not help to laugh. Not in contentment, but in frustration. It seems that Microsoft follow the rule: “All publicity is good publicity.” Unfortunately for them, they are wrong. Ever since the Ring of Death issue began, Microsoft have more or less neglected their customers in one way or another. Consoles have been on repair for months for some persons, some persons have had their console reurned only to discover that it was still broken and now this happens.

    This is much unfortunate and I feel sorry for Nathaniel. There are no words for describing this issue. One have to be quite, how shall I say, stupid not to understand that when there are lots of autographs and a well painted image on the case, it is because that person wants it to be there. The repair center are supposed to repair technical errors INSIDE the console, not wipe it clean on the OUTSIDE where there are no electronics at all. I really do hope Microsoft change attitude towards its cstomers or they might face even more distrust than now. And I also hope they compencate him greatly.

  49. bs angel says:

    Opening the case at all voids the warranty.

    I’m not trying to blame the victim, but I think there’s an important lesson we can all learn here about what we can expect from big companies.

    I understand the wisdom behind those words, and I know they are true. However, that is a cop out. Just because the company is big does not mean they should get away with things like that. Yes, we have come to expect that because communication obviously falls apart somewhere along the line. BUT, it is still inexcusable. Period.

  50. Some Guy says:

    Hi guys,

    Im one of the people that works at MS for console repair.
    (im a lacky but I can shed some light on this)

    Keep in mind that the console repair facility for north america is in mexcio, by a 3rd party company, under administration by microsoft. Very few people there speak english so the letter would have just been disregarded when the consoles are unboxed.
    Standard procedure is for the consoles to udnergo a cleaning and removal of any stickers or anything on the console before and after the repair process (otherwise it might get back dirty and people would complain about that). Thats what happened here. It got scrubbed with rubbing alcohol twice before leaving.

    Nobody took vengance against the console to purposley scrub it off, this incident inst the fault of MS. Its just std procedure to make sure the consoles are returned to the customer in like new condition.
    Sucks that it happened to this console though :(

  51. pittofdoom117 says:

    I’d die if that happened to me. This guy should sue for the combined value of the signitures and pictures, and the console itself.

  52. Ultra Dolphin says:

    WOW, all I can say is wow. How could they do that to you? My condolences go out to you Nathaniel.

  53. TheDonWan says:

    Hey my signature is on that box!!!

  54. Ragingterror says:

    “Hey my signature is on that box!!!”

    You mean was? If I remember correctly, you were at CanWest last year, yes?

  55. Final S says:

    The problem you here is the fact you sent the XBOX in and didn’t write the letter in like 10 different languages. When have you called 4MY-XBOX and gotten someone that speaks PERFECT english. Most of them don’t have a clue how to do anything besides read off cards.

    At least you took picture before, to provide them with evidence and such. They MIGHT attempt something……………

  56. TheDonWan says:

    Well, it WAS on that box.

  57. S@ndm@n says:

    That is absolutely unbelievable. There is no excuse for negligence and incompetence of this caliber. It should have been immediately obvious to even the most Noob-ish Microserf that that Xbox was not just a piece of hardware, but a piece of gaming history.

    They owe him big time.

  58. Some Guy says:

    lol do you people not read comments before posting?

  59. SealthLegacy91 says:

    I would be so f***ing pissed! I can’t believe they’d be so inconsiderate and dumb enough to do something like that.

  60. SealthLegacy91 says:

    hmmm, “Some guy” huh? STFU!!!! Just like big comp.s to lay the blame on someone else. And YOUR just a NOBODY!

  61. lukems says:

    This is really unfortunate. I’m sure there’s something we can do. BS Angel, shoot me a note.

  62. Tangero says:

    Man, that is a sad story. I wonder if Luke is willing to do another sketch.

  63. Hi,

    I work for Microsoft in the repair department. I see all sorts of Xbox 360. Every fired I select a system for a ‘Special’ repair. I walk through the whole shipping departments till I find one that catches my eye. Once selected I take it back to my cave and ponder what to do with it. First I fix it. Then the mischief starts. Sometimes I write little messages for people on the inside of the system. Onetime I put part of my Cold Cut Combo in the case(Was so stuffed). We play that game every Friday. I personally remember yours. Me and my Cohorts labored over yours. We tilled the dirt cleaning your. If you open the case we left you a special message.

    Phil McCrevass

  64. Look at that!!!!
    Bungie to the rescue!
    You guys rock, thats what a game company should be like!

  65. -S- says:

    “I understand the wisdom behind those words, and I know they are true. However, that is a cop out. Just because the company is big does not mean they should get away with things like that.”

    This is 100% correct – we can’t just shrug it off and say “eh, its Microsoft…its to be expected and what can we do about it? nothing” Bull friggin Crap. BULL.

    and ‘Some Guy’ – yes, the procedure you mentioned sounds about right, but come on, seriously. its absolutely MS’ fault that this happened – someone assured the customer that something incredibly important to him would be secured, otherwise he wouldn’t have sent it in in the first place. This is simply just inexcusable no matter how you look at it. Wouldn’t someone who performs the task of the “Wipedown process” take 1 look at the console and say “hmmm…maybe I should check with someone before I do this”. Absolute Fail.

    I DEMAND we get more attention on this issue.
    I Demand Lous Wu!
    I Demand Frank O’Connor!!!!!!
    I Demand the guy with the Freaky mask from V for Vendetta!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is ri-god-damned-diculous, and something needs to be done.

  66. Kev says:

    Nice sentiments, Will….do you also blame rape victims because their skirts were too short?

  67. Sebasman2 says:

    I say sue the bastards. They have no right to erase that. Some sick son of a bitch probably took Comet and sandpaper to the case. I say that MS should financially compensate the guy with the cost of round-trip airline tickets to all those places, then a few thousand for anguish….

  68. Xor1an says:

    Standard procedure is for the consoles to udnergo a cleaning […] before and after the repair process (otherwise it might get back dirty and people would complain about that).

    Like I said: they optimize for the most common case. It’s much more common that someone would have a dirty case than that they would have a case customized with autographs and artwork.

    I’m not trying to say this is reasonable or good or even excusable behavior, but it is understandable. A business in a modern capitalist society has to remove as much extraneous cost as possible if it wants to stay competitive. Standardization is one way they do that. It’s much more important to them that they keep costs down than that they make exceptions and treat each case individually.

    Try writing a detailed business plan with profit/loss estimates and cash flow projections. It won’t take long until you see what I mean.

  69. Jim says:

    That’s disgusting.

  70. Xor1an says:

    FWIW, Bungie is not Microsoft and not even that big as corporate entities go. I never had any doubt they would step in once they got word of this. They can’t replace what’s been lost, but I’m sure they’ll do something awesome. It’s much easier for smaller operations to have compassion.

  71. It wasn’t Microsoft that did this. It was me!!!!!!!!!

  72. gaymer says:

    I read this entire thing and almost cried… thank god nothing of that magnitude happened to me or people would die :(

  73. EmpressCortana says:

    Hopefully Roosterteeth and Bungie will take pity on him and sign it again or do a special faceplate for him.

  74. OmegaShadow says:

    dude. lol.. u probally drew that stuff on it, then u bought a new 360 because that broke, but i bet u never sended the old 1 to Microsoft.

  75. don says:

    Please every1 send this article to Major Nelson over xbox live. If enough people send it something could happen

  76. Acclamator says:

    wow, this story is just i cant believe it. its horrible

    the story is on

    its attached to my name


  77. Twilight Ronin says:

    It’s already been said, multiple times. But that is just horrible! They better at least have some sort of compensation for this… Though, I know if this happened to me, I would want the original back.

  78. Geoff says:

    That’s really bad, sorry to hear about it.

  79. Pingback: Top Posts «

  80. (6) says:

    Damn, that’s awful. I hope he will get new signatures !

  81. tanaka says:

    and you know they tea-baged it as well

  82. WallaWalla777 says:

    Well, I feel very bad for you man. I would be devastated if something like that happened to me. Its good to see that Luke picked up on it and that Bungie will probably do something.

  83. verysadrightnow says:

    That is f***ing messed up. I would sue for descration of personal property.

  84. wesley says:

    fooking ‘ell. that’s inexcusable, i think (as it’s already been suggested) one of the MS repairs employees made off with the case. though more than likely for their own collection than for any other purpose.

    still try forwarding it on to see if they can step in and help with this. MS tends to respond if enough negative attention is turned their way.

  85. Some Girl says:

    You know, you’re all ready to point fingers and blame Microsoft, but really what they did isn’t OH SO TERRIBLE. As the Microsoft employee pointed out, the people doing the repairs don’t speak English, and on top of that, they don’t have time to question their procedure, they just do it, so the console got cleaned. I’m not saying it doesn’t suck, and while I agree that he shouldn’t have parted with it in the first place, its not like Microsoft purposely screwed him over! Its standard to clean something before wanting to repair it. I used to work at GameStop, and let me tell you, some of those consoles are just FOUL when they come in. Its likely an assembly line type thing that they do for unboxing & reboxing. Yes, it sucks, but its not the end of the world.

  86. Some Girl says:

    Also, Nathaniel, I feel for you, I REALLY do. My luggage was lost on my way to PAX last year and there were important items in there. But honestly, Microsoft did nothing wrong here. :/ Sorry & good luck getting more sigs.

  87. Unbreakable says:

    Man, thats terrible. Please keep us updated on what happens.

  88. ColinSSX says:

    WHAT THE FUCK!!! This is the problem with having foreigners working at Microsoft, THEY DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH! “Duh, this Xbox has marker all over it, I better clean it.” They owe him double the money he payed for the repair back because of this!

  89. Shdwsnipa says:

    Jesus fucking shitballs… that’s a good several grand out the window.

    Good thing I’m:
    A: A PC gamer and
    B: Too worthless to be able to get 1337 autographs like that.

    Best of luck to you. If necessary, call for /b/lackup.

  90. vgtech says:

    Wow. That’s a shame. O_o At first I thought Nathaniel’s 360 got the RROD (Red Rings Of Doom). But, it turns out Microsoft wiped off all the signatures, despite being told not to.

    What a shame. :\

  91. Randy Stewart says:

    Hellooooo….people…wake up. I can’t believe you all banter about, oblivious to the fact that this “IS” the America we live in today. Compliments of the liberals that think the government should take care of them and nobody should be responsible for themselves.
    There is no such thing as ethics any more….dead issue.
    I feel sorry for the poor chap, but not understanding the world around you is not anyones fault but your own, and plays right into the hands of the way the liberals want you to be. Take responsibility for yourself and quit whinning.

  92. fabeo2 says:

    wow that kid drew a lot of shit on it

  93. mid90smatt says:

    Worst thing eva…I agree with the guy who said someone intentionally stole it. Sad times indeed.

  94. Digipatd says:

    That maniac was jealous of his 360!

  95. B says:

    Could have hit it with some clear spray sealer / urethane before you shipped it off kiddo.

  96. ImperfectMyth says:

    OMFG!!! I would be majorly PISSED!!! NO!!! PISSED ISNT EVEN THE RIGHT WORD FOR IT!!!!! MY GOD!!!! Microsoft really has just fucked up alot in the past few years. If they didn’t have the XBOX 360, I would never even THINK about them again. HOLY SHIT!!!

  97. Will says:

    “Nice sentiments, Will….do you also blame rape victims because their skirts were too short?”

    As I said, I’d draw flak and didn’t care, but that was an amazing leap. But such is the status quo on the anonymous internet.

    Microsoft can not bear the brunt of the blame for this. I understand that you may not have $350 laying around to purchase a new 360, but sacrifices could be made, and money saved, and a new one purchased in short order without parting with the beloved keepsake. Furthermore, a used system, or a core system could have been purchased, rather than a new one, and the hard drive simply swapped out.

    There were easy solutions to be made without parting with the original 360, but you had to be willing to make them and make the sacrifices necessary. As I said, I may have no sympathy for this situation, but but what was done still isn’t right. By the same token, it also isn’t right to play the sympathy card to the masses of the internet and expect compensation for the event.

    At least your 360 is working.

  98. GrimRune 21 says:

    Maaaaann……that sucks in so many ways. My most sincerest condolences.


  99. WC Snaks says:

    Wow. What an epic failure Microsuck has become. I’m sorry for your loss, man.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Did you not think to remove the cover before hand?

  101. Ragingterror says:

    “Did you not think to remove the cover before hand?”

    Voids the warranty.

  102. Grim says:

    wow. im speachless. that sucks sooooooooo bad. omg i think i would go psycho on m$n. thats just totaly $h%y

  103. Miles says:

    i want to introduce you to one of humanity’s oldest invention its called PAPER, people use paper to write stuff on it like signatures

    consoles aren’t for writing signatures microsoft repaired the console and even sent the same one(normally they don’t do that on request) that’s their work and they did it

    did you really think your console would receive special treatment, the person that cleaned your console probably cleaned another 100 that day,

    Everyone complains about the way MS reps treat you , well do you have any idea how MS treats them HINT: a lot worse

    they don’t owe you nothing for erasing the writing , next time you want a sig, remember “PAPER”

  104. MERLIN says:

    Man, Nathaniel, that’s horrible, my heart goes out to you man.

  105. Masterofgrunts says:

    I’m sorry, but whoever erased all of those signatures could not possibly be a human being. There is no person alive who is truely that evil. Either (A: Microsoft has Hitler-Bots that do the matinance on them or (B: The person seriously didn’t give a crap about what was on the case.

    But hey, you have the pictures to prove the stuff was on there. Aleast that can be your memory…

  106. Rai says:

    I don’t have a 360 so I would never know how it feels. but dam…microsoft employees either don’t know how to read or listen or they just don’t care.

  107. Anonymous says:

    Will, you are in the wrong. Yes, he should have known better. That isn’t the point.

    The point is, a hardware failure that was THE COMPANY’S fault is the reason the thing needed repaired. At no fault of his, his xbox broke. The company representatives told him his xbox would be taken special care of, and that he should not worry. He took extra steps to inform them of the special nature of the xbox case (Beyond the fact that any idiot could see the case had some special signatures on it, artwork nonwithstanding) and they ERASED IT. They didn’t mess up and ship him the wrong xbox, they MALICIOUSLY rubbed it out with alcohol. This, i guarantee you, is not routine cleaning procedure.

    Microsoft completely and totally screwed up on this one. Its like handing a trusted friend a glass ball, telling them to make sure to hold it carefully. They say they will, and promise its safety. the second you move to place it in their hand, they move theirs and it drops and shatters. Sure, the glass ball was valuable, but they had their hands there, and you had reasonable belief that it would be safe. Just as the trusted friend was in the wrong, so is microsoft.

  108. Morpheus says:

    Wow. That’s unbelievable. If that had happened to me, I would’ve walked into the Microsoft Corporation building with a blank mind and something that would end up on the news.

  109. shaz says:

    Man that is disgusting if i was you i would sue them.They fcuked us over with RROD and now some sad shit goes and do this to him.THAT WAS WRONG.

  110. Dude984 says:

    wow…it seems like Microsoft actually took the time needed to preserve and adhere to the requests of this guy by giving him the exact same console back…

    but somewhere along the way…someone was an asshole.

    I wouldn’g go ahead and blame Microsoft over this deal, but whoever did this should definately be fired for acting so unprofessional to this accumilation of history.

    We may never know what really happened, but still…whoever is responsible should roll over and die for the obvious ache and pain they have caused. This is just sad. For once Microsoft seemed to genuinely do something really nice and well intended, only to have some jackass come along and mess everything up. I’m pissed…

    Best wishes…

  111. paul says:

    I am sorry to say guys but I truely think that this kid set this all up himself so he would have a case to get something free from microsoft. He takes a before shot for what reason? I think this kid is a fraud and that he wiped it off himself.

  112. Mintz says:

    How could an employee sit there, scrubbing furiously, thinking he was doing the right thing?? That’s very malicious. I don’t blame Microsoft; I blame a seriously-screwed-up individual.

  113. AL says:

    LOL… MSoft, way to go.. bravo bravo. You wiped it clean… great job.. nice work.. [/sarcasm]

  114. Dustin says:

    Sue. Seriously, that is complete B.S. They destroyed YOUR property and ruined any potential resell value (not that you would resell it). So yeah, e-mail Mr. Gates and demand compensation. I would suggest an elite with signatures from everyone you previously had on your 360.

  115. Barbara says:

    I’m reading this while on hold with MS repair for my 5th broken Xbox 360. Simply amazing.

  116. idan says:

    I just hope my Xbox 360 will last until the release of the new GTA… I cant depend on it anymore, its my 4th console. Microsoft is simply amazing. They have retards for workers

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  118. Laird says:

    111. paul | February 28, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    I am sorry to say guys but I truely think that this kid set this all up himself so he would have a case to get something free from microsoft. He takes a before shot for what reason? I think this kid is a fraud and that he wiped it off himself.

    This isn’t a scam, he isn’t a kid, he is a practical nurse and a good person. I saw Nathan get most of these signatures in person at several of the events he attend to get them. Infact I even signed the 360 myself at his request.

  119. Blake says:

    Wow, that’s really rude. But, he did get it back right, and his letter didn’t mention anything about cleaning, just about smudging. Loophole. Anyways, I guess it was because the person there didn’t like it or something.

  120. Mohammad Hassan says:

    My dearest sympathies with you man. I mean i am completely baffled as of why would that someone do that? It was supposed to be someone else’s property and he had no right to do that. Trlu sad to hear that.

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  122. Blake says:

    Oh, and did you read some of the things ON the case? If you worked at Microsoft, wouldn’t you erased SOME(Not all) of the signatures that are negative towards the very system the company is working to fix?

  123. Marcus says:

    This shit aint right

  124. Ragingterror says:

    “This isn’t a scam, he isn’t a kid, he is a practical nurse and a good person. I saw Nathan get most of these signatures in person at several of the events he attend to get them. In fact I even signed the 360 myself at his request.”

    Actually, I’m a Registered Nurse, but that’s beside the point. This man speaks the truth.

  125. LKane says:

    Time to sue! Time for Microsoft to lose another 1.35 billion dollars :p

  126. artisfordouches says:

    seriously, if you think the stuff on this xbox was art you are a tard… if someone sent back my product and it had something written on it about being shitty id clean it off too…. kudos to microsoft… dont be tools….

  127. grimsanto says:

    To be honest I would have never said anything that prized back to microsoft or any company for that matter. Still it does suck.

  128. BBJynne says:

    grr, yet another reason MS sucks

  129. psn jdawg_1 says:

    What you need to do is contact Microsoft again and tell them you want them to contact all of the people and more to sign and get more artwork done to your new xbox, check and see if it has a hdmi on it too. like someone said you may have been tricked. Thats the only way I would feel satisfied bulls84t you not , if they don’t cooperate, threaten to sue them since you do have the letter as evidence and most likely the conversatioin was recorded. Thats bull. I love my ps3 can’t wait till metal gear. So Microsoft pay s50 mil for Andreas and Vice City (old game) whhhhhaaat.

  130. graboid9 says:

    Do you think the average mexican factory worker knows or cares who rooster teeth are? I don’t think so. It goes down an assembly line and probably one guy cleans every box that comes in…thats his only job is to clean the outside. Day and night cleaning boxes. He most likely doesn’t know how to not clean one, because if a dirty one got out he would be fired and his family would starve.

    I guess I’m the devils advocate here. The people saying sue microsoft are idiots.The signatures have no monetary value just sentimental. Did he go to all these events for just signatures or did he go to have a good time, meet people and play games? It sucks and i feel a little sorry for him, but the fact is something so precious to him should never have left his possession no matter how much he was assured it would be fine.

  131. Marco says:

    Let me tell you, all those signatures are hilarious and the artwork, magnificent. Now back on the article, horror, mayhem, whatever you want, but Microsoft screwed up big time. Not only did they erase signatures, no, they obliterated wonderful memories. Boy, you better get a refund or sue them, because this is crap.

    Oh, seems that some people complain about the fact that the Xbox had some “insults” written on it. Well, yeah, but hey, it’s a joke. I mean, if they meant it serious they wouldn’t have signed the 360 or wouldn’t even have designed any game for it.

  132. SidearmS says:

    Hawty, I am just stunned. This is like you sending your system back with your pink Halo custom faceplate on it and getting one back with a Forza 2 plate instead.

    Ok, maybe not THE SAME, but this is the only thing I can think off the top of my head that would compare.

    XBox 360 – Halo makes us do bad things…

  133. Richdad says:

    Cant say any thing abt this, but artwork thing is gone is no big deal it would have happen with any of the product and I am not gonna say its said its overreaction.
    I think its easy to sue anyone in your country.

  134. picaflor says:

    I’m inclined to wonder whether the cleansing of the case was with malicious intent.

    There truly is no reason to believe that the markings on the console constituted any sort of teenage graffitos, and inferring from the quality of the work, it is obvious that the markings are truly special.

    Is it possible that someone at Microsoft perpetrated an act of vandalism?

  135. yepness says:

    Lol, funniest shit I’ve read all day.

  136. Count3D says:

    Like many who have commented, I am extremely disappointed by MS’ apparent negligence in customer care in this situation. This is a pathetic shining humdinger of a cock-up on their part. My sympathy is with Nathan.

  137. MH says:

    Dude, after you get reimburstments from MS, just get a ps3. You will never have to worry about any RROD or shoddy customer service. I can guarentee that.

  138. ano says:

    Although I do think that MS wronged the ‘gamer’. However, what did you expect sending that valuable in. People can assure anything, but in reality the people assuring you this have no control over other departments or let alone the guy that did this.

    I symphatize with you and wish this did not happen. I concur that you did your best to get assured. However, you sort of asked for it when sending that thing in. You should have just bought another one…. was it worth the $350+tax (in US) saved?

  139. Mark Wilson says:

    This is freaking unbelievable.

  140. Bordz says:

    umm people dont ralise that paint thiners will take it right off with out much effort and ususlaly if done correctly it wont damage the dried paint on the console. none the less microsoft you are selfish bastards with the second worst customer service ever (the first being telstra where the people at the call centre get angry at you)

  141. JohnEMT24 says:

    First off you have my sympathies Nathan. As a firefighter, I have seen lots of people lose somthing treasured in a fire. Fires that are normally accidents. I remember a fire I pulled up on and a woman asked that we try and find a picture of her husband whom was serving in Iraq at the time. We found the picture, slightly burnt, and gave it to her. Its not the item itself, but the meaning we give to it. That 360 was one of those items. I hope the right people see this and maybe you can get the signatures, artwork, or even both redone on there. It may not be the orginal, which looked great, but you might geta little more too. Halo has one of the larger communities in the world. Maybe as big as trekkies or even star wars or bigger. But hold out hope, and pack this Tablu Rasa, or clean slate, with you and regain its former glory.

  142. necrozen says:

    Wow man. Sorry to hear all this. I don’t have a 360 yet, I was waiting it out to see it if would get cheaper. Luckily, now the wait is over as I’ve decided not to get one.

    It wasn’t just the poor service that convinced me, it was all the xbox fans on this site blaming YOU, as if you did something wrong. I was only getting one for Xbox live, but if that’s what the community is like, wow…

    I mean I had heard stories that the fans were as cold as the company they worshiped, but this really puts it into perspective.

    I’m sorry this happened. I hope MS shows they care for once and hooks you up.

  143. Scott Thong says:

    MS, being a huge bereaucracy, is bound to do what was described above.

    The poor, hapless technician who has to the repairs probably has 100 pages of documents that he must stirctly adhere to – including ‘Casing of repaired XBox must be rhoroughly cleaned or no stock options for you.’

    What’s a low-level employee to do? Ask his manager and get smacked around? His daily meals VS some kid’s drawings… No contest.

    “Sorry kid, but I wanna afford my own XBox some day after I buy my freedom from Gates Slavers Inc.’

  144. ColinSSX says:

    This is why outsourcing is a bad idea.

  145. Chryton says:

    Yeah, that was most definitely stolen or replaced. If you look at the picture that shows the MC on it, its the same side as the picture of the “after” photo, and there is NO WAY the smudge near the front of the console is from he original because there was NO INK there in the first place.

    I would have to say, this is almost as low as Sony saying “We don’t care what the customers think.”

  146. WAT? says:

    That’s pretty lol’able.

  147. Tomas says:

    I would murder anyone who did this to me, im seriuos, people will die if it was me the guy that got through this.

  148. Fearless says:

    While this is an incredibly Bull situation i do find it amusing that MS is getting blame for it.
    Do you think that they decided to wipe it clean? I highly doubt it.
    It would have been some disgrunt worker who felt like making someone else have a bad day.

  149. Wow…I really don’t know what to say. You have to be pretty dumb to have a note and see obvious signs of artwork and sigs on a console and just wipe ot all away. M$ owes this guy big time.

  150. jash says:

    man that’s the worst thing i’ve ever herd. I am truly sorry for your loss. ms owes you

  151. aaaa says:

    evil MS sons of bitches !!!

  152. frickendevil says:

    111. paul | February 28, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    I am sorry to say guys but I truely think that this kid set this all up himself so he would have a case to get something free from microsoft. He takes a before shot for what reason? I think this kid is a fraud and that he wiped it off himself.

    He possibly could have taken a before shot just in case (maybe) they sent him a complete new model? And he would have some proof if they did? I do kinda remember reading something that may have indicated he was worried that might happen.

  153. Jake B says:

    Did you know that its a 100% proven fact that Microsoft is gay as f—?
    I feel bad for you man. I mean, they wanted to be dousches about it, so I guess they decided to take your letter quite literally. My friend took in his Xbox 360 with a drawing of a dinosaur and when he got it back the drawing was still there. Not only that, he put in a note that said, “PLEASE REMOVE THE DRAWING” in capitalized letters in about size 72. He even called Microsoft about it!
    … This all happened before the PS3 launch, so obviously (over horrible service, and horrible treatment ending with Microsoft yelling at my friend) I bought a PS3. Not a Wii. If I wanted a Wii, I would have put wings on my PS2 (or better yet give it Red Bull).

  154. I’ve owned 3 Xbox 360 since launch (I was there at pre-order time). Two of ’em failued with RROD. Last week I sold my Xbox 360 Elite and now gaming with my PlayStation 3 (which I also got at launch and was (a) worked perfectly and silently ever since and (b) is now beginning to have games and content that to be honest the ‘360 couldn’t reproduce to the same level). Microsoft make great operating systems and development tool and completely crap gaming hardware. Never again.

  155. OmegaHunter says:

    I have to wonder why so many here are acting as if Microsoft as a whole is somehow responsible for screwing this guy over. People have accused Microsoft of having an evil, horrible customer service that was out to screw this guy for no apparent reason. I’m no huge fan of Microsoft but I find it ridiculous that people are calling for him to sue them over this. The person that cleaned the outside might not have ever seen the note; who know how many people handle any one console that comes in and who knows how many filthy consoles the guy that wiped it down probably deals with in any given day. I bet he cleans a lot not just this one.

    I work at a GameStop and you wouldn’t believe the stupid crap people put on their consoles. They write shit on it, put skins on crooked, put stickers on there, draw dumb stuff. That doesn’t count the systems covered in dirt, sticky stuff, spiderwebs, dog puke, various food and drink, unidentifiable gray crap, etc. Ignoring the drawing do you think this guy read all the signatures let alone knew who those people were? At a glance it looks less like autographs and more like a yearbook. I assumed at first looking at it it was a group of friends that had written on it.

    Something else to think about. Several people have said that it’s Microsoft’s fault since their system failed him. And while I do find the red ring problem ridiculous and can’t believe they would let something with such a huge problem out they did extend the warranty to 3 years to cover it. This has cost them reportedly millions of dollars to fix. Now I’m not saying this shows some great benevolence on the part of MS since it was such a big problem to begin with but most companies don’t triple the duration of their warranties and fix the problem with no questions asked even for widespread failures like this. He says he preordered the system months in advance. He had it for 2 years. Had MS not extended the warranty he’d be buying himself a new system.

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  157. M$ says:

    sue sue sue!

  158. badcastd says:

    I’m sure it’s standard procedure to clean the boxes. If not, people would complain for that very reason. “Oh, why is there this black smudge still on my Xbox? Dammit, I hate Microsoft”. Based on that, there’s a risk of sending sometihng like this is. And how many companies will warrant the little comments? Especially one like Microsoft.

    Permanent marker is very easy to clean off. Rubbing alcohol and a little effort. Bet there’s much more efficient ways than household items. Especiallyi n a major repair factory.

    Everyone has lost something sentimental in their life. This is not the first person to get screwed in life. Compensation isn’t worth jack, unless there is a hidden motive behind. Deal with it, and learn from the mistake. Keep sentimental things safe next time, by not sending it in if it is worth more than the value of a new Xbox 360.

    I am not sympathetic to this story. It’s ridiculous how many people are so stupid and quick to point the finger.

  159. timestoby says:

    but still people are still buying these dying machines.ive had two that died and now im sayn goodbye to xbots and sayn hello to least its got the latest hd format

  160. KillerScene says:

    Similar thing happened to me here in europe. Called M$ to book a repair for my 360, explained in great detail that my console was a JPN / NTSC version and could they please have it noted that it mustn’t be replaced by a PAL version. “Ok, not a problem” they say.
    Before boxing the unit I wrote “NTSC CONSOLE, please DO NOT replace with a PAL unit” in black marker pen onto a sheet of A4 paper, and stuck it to the side of the console with sellotape.
    Now, you’d think that with prior warning over the phone, AND a huge, unmissable warning stuck to it that someone would take notice. Apparently not, because it was replaced by a UK / PAL console, rendering 3/4 of my software collection completely useless, just before Christmas, thus giving me no chance to put it right before mid January.
    Called M$ to complain, and got the following response: ” Well, what do you want ME to do about it?” No apology, no compensation, nothing. Worst of all, since my problem was 2 red lights (overheating) and not 3, I had to pay £65.00 ($130.00) for the privilege!! Ooh, the nerve!

  161. Steve says:

    I will say that this stinks. I will also say that I would NEVER send an Xbox like that in for repair. If it was that important to me, I would have just left it broke and bought a new one. There are retards in this world and I would expect they would screw something like this up.

  162. BattleMaster25 says:

    If that was me, i would be on the phone with my lawyer first thing the next chance i had, becuase that, to me, is easily worth quite a few bucks. I have several transformer toys signed by their respective voice actors, and if someone ever stole them or damaged them, you can garuanty there would be swift and decise repercussions that i would befell upon them!

    That kid better sue them, because that is absolutely absurd what they did to him, and thats why things like that i would never send in to microsoft, i mean, my god, it takes them 2 freaking hours just to figure out and solve a simple software problem when ever i call them for tech support. I highly, highly doubt they are much more capable of fixing and returning an xbox and returning it the exact same way you sent it in, barring the hardware fix!

  163. Funnydale says:

    Wow, reading most of these comments, I now know why gamers have such a horrible reputation of being called “Man-Children” in the mainstream press.

    Not that I don’t feel sorry for this guy — I actually do — but most of these responses are idiotic.

    1) Ignore everyone who is suggesting that you sue — a judge will laugh you out of court faster than your next 360 will Red-Ring.

    2) People who say that his artwork was “stolen” are also morons. The person working at the Xbox repair center in Mexico probably makes 3 dollars an hour — his/her only concern is to follow procedures so he doesn’t lose his/her low-paying job and watch his/her kids starve.

    3) If you want to bitch at anyone, target Microsoft for building a console that has a 50% (or more) defect rate. I’m on my 3rd 360 and I’m having hell trying to get all my downloaded content reauthorized. All I know is that I’m not spending another dime on DRM crap on the Xbox Live Marketplace; I’m also not going to spend another dime on any future Microsoft product.

    If you want to send a real message to Microsoft: stop buying their products. Only then will they change.

  164. Simon says:

    Microsoft are scum.

  165. Al7eredBeasT says:

    I’m lost for words. I can’t begin to imagine what that must have felt like when you got your console back. Someone at Microsoft knows whos hands this console passed through between it leaving your doorstep and it arriving back home, and if I was Microsoft i’d do a thorough investigation into who did it, and fire them. At the very least they should offer to pay for transport to Redmond for a Bungie visit.
    I really do hope you get some form of compensation for this outrage. Microsoft have really screwed up.

  166. hector sorto says:

    Well, it is pretty clean

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  168. Edgar says:

    Maybe the employee that was responsible for the repairs can’t read in English and just followed the standard procedure? Even if there were some interesting graphics on it. Shame.

  169. zoggynog says:


    Totally uncalled for. I am an admitted Nintendo fan boy, but I gotta say I’ve been on the fence about buying a 360 (for Rock Band).

    Good thing Rock Band was announced for the Wii. Guess I’ll be waiting until later this year.

    Let’s hope Halo goes multi-platform now that Bungie technically can choose to do so.

  170. AC says:

    “Don’t blame on Malice what you can attribute to stupidity…”
    – famous quote

    I don’t believe that a Microsoft employee just decided to clean this for no reason. Here’s the deal:

    Microsoft outsources this. Microsoft includes a list of instructions for the outsourced vendor to follow. The repair person probably hands the fixed box over onto a conveyor belt. Basically someone who does not read English handled this, OR there was a conflict between the note and business rules (guess which always wins?)

    I like to think that even the lowest EMPLOYEE in a company cares about doing a good job. But when the job is outsourced, people handling the task are NOT ever going to think outside the box. Whenever something like this happens, the fault CLEARLY lies with the company manager who wrote up the REQUIREMENTS of the outside repair shop. Then the manager insulates themselves from them… profit!

  171. Lalala says:

    Wah. It wasn’t worth much before and it wouldn’t be worth much later. Little kids get worked up by the silliest things.

  172. I have posted a link on my website to this blog to spread the word. Very unfortunate situation.

    Web design forum – Xbox 360 owner gets repair blunder by Microsoft

  173. Ogre says:

    M$ did this kid a favor. Get some new heroes and maybe go on a date.

  174. Boss Playah GC says:

    Who Cares you lost your precious artwork. You should of went out and bought a new 360 kid. You knew it was going to either be stolen, or replaced.

    Stop Crying.

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  176. getoverit says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t call there equipment “three shitsy” and then ask them to work on your equipment.. I would have done the same thing.

  177. dazza says:

    those poor dudes in darfur feel real bad for you too…

  178. jmac says:

    only retards would sue. you wanted them to fix your xbox so they did for free and probably promptly. Unfrotunately your artwork was ruined, and I feel for ya but knowing the 360 launch team and Rooster teeth, theyre pretty awesome people. Let them know what went down and im sure they’d be happy to resign or redesign somethin for ya for your loss.

  179. Eddy says:

    Dude contact Major Nelson ( he seems a sound guy I’m sure he’s a better option then the customer service muppets.


  180. p-brane says:

    OK I think this was really sh*ty but as for the comments about permanent marker not coming off very easily. on a surface like the xbox all it would take is a little bit of rubbing alcohol to get it off. try it at home and you’ll see. but sorry about the loss

  181. beeker says:

    F**K THAT HAPPY HORSE SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    They hire incompetent and unreliable support staff and think no one will know the wiser i agree with battlemaster25 get one the phone with your lawyer and own theres asses.

  182. gfsdfgsdfg says:

    Disgruntled employee prob.

    Anyway, permanent marker is EXTREMELY EASY to remove: just get one of those normal board markers and then color over the original, it’ll wipe clean after that. Also trivial with alcohol, acetate , meth spirits etc…

  183. Osiworx says:

    Well I had a car which I had multiple people from the Demo community to sign and add artworks. It was a white car in the first place but after the signing and painting session it was as unique as the Xbox here. After I had my fun with that car I just gifted it away to some buddy I knew. He just spend the whole weekend to wipe off the last value that car had… poor guy lost a unique car and some never restorable artwork just for having a “clean” car…. I bet some M$ guy just stole it and you got a pretty new one…

  184. Kayla says:

    To everyone that says the mexican workers wouldn’t know who the signatures are of-I wouldn’t recognize half of them either but anyone with half a brain would see theyre there on purpose and probably prized. Just because they’re mexican doesn’t mean theyre living in a cave and don’t know what autographs are. Its a pretty universal thing, autographs, and most people know they’re special. I have worked boring assembly line jobs but I still notice things that are out of the ordinary

  185. Andy says:

    Your a idiot, you should have taken the case off before you sent it… they just replace it

  186. ap says:

    He might have a case if he wouldn’t have said he’d only be “displeased” if the artwork was removed. He should have made an unequivocal DEMAND that they not remove the ink, and if they planned to, that they should send it back untouched instead.

    If being reviewed by a court, I think this distinction would be made in favor of Microsoft (as well as any agreement he signed before shipping)

  187. Lolerbator says:


  188. SorryDude says:

    I did not read the entire prior 161 comments but, MS never returns the same console you send in to get repaired. They have a rolling inventory of consoles that are repaired and sent back out. It speeds up their turnaround time for getting a working console back to the customer. They then just take your HD and place it in the new box and there you go. In this case it sucks but thats the way it is. They even outline in their warranty that they are not liable for lost “data”. I guess this can be considered “data”.

  189. Omnifarious says:

    I’d definately have to whip out my molotavs…

  190. 360ftw says:

    MS owes him nothing!!! Thats the same as getting a Jersey signed by Michael Jordan and getting it dry cleaned, you can’t get mad at the dry cleaners for doing their job. If the signtures meant that much to him he should have got a second Xbox 360 and put the other one away. This is a simple case of being naive in a society that is becoming more dumb by the minute.

  191. maldog says:

    Personally after looking at the pics, I dont think thats his original case. If you look at both sides you can see that there is no ink on the right of the “360” on either sides, so why such a blatenet smear there? If it was accidental, ie off his polishing cloth, it would be 10x easier to get off – the “glorified cleaner” must have made this mark himself and tried to rub it out!!

  192. myyellowshoe says:

    That sucks!

    I would be so pissed.
    Pissed isnt even a good enough word.

    That xbox was easily worth a lot of money with all the sigs on it.
    I say you get some compensation. You need to call in and complain like freeking heck.

    Good luck.

  193. Kloudstriker says:

    Sorry to hear that, bro…my sympathies. Wish we (the community) could do something about this…

  194. watchaget says:

    Sorry but I can’t offer any sympathy here either. Should have known better than to waste so much effort on a 360 knowing full well it would eventually fail.
    I agree with the few people here when they say you really don’t deserve any compensation. It was grafitti on the case which was cleaned off in proper procedural order. I wouldn’t expect anything less than ignorance when it comes to any major company.
    I’m glad I’m not that stupid to let someone sign my PS3…oh thats right, it’s black and looks good by itself. You don’t see many people ‘decorating’ their PS3’s because it’s good looking out of the box.

    Lastly. Bungie is no longer with MS so MS will not give 2 flying shits about it. For all you know the employee who cleaned it probably showed it to his boss and his boss said “Oh! A friggen traitor halo fan eh? I’ll teach this person a lesson for bungie leaving us!” meh, It’s funny to me.

  195. bob obb says:

    hey, here is a thought… stop buying from microsoft.

    you’d all juggle knives because someone said it was cool and accidently stick one in your leg, then cry because you have a knife in your leg….

    you bought a microsoft product, you got screwed, learn from this

    sucks that it happened, but you trusted a company that has been having ongoing unprotected sex with its customer base for how many years now?

    le tear.

  196. whooha says:

    fck microsoft for doing this, my god how could you even think of wiping that off??
    If I were this young man I would do anything in my power to get some sort of compensation!!

  197. Brother Monk says:

    Like I need another reason to shun Microsoft…


  198. Mike Danton says:

    WOW… im speechless. its unfortunate that happened to your 360 bud, but honestly does it really surprise me? Thanks M$

  199. midnightninjas says:

    that would piss me so off that i would go down to were they fix them and raise so much hell the devil himself would be scared of me. Also i would camp outside for days with signs saying dont trust the fixers down with the fixers until they got all my signatures back from everyone and add a few

  200. Funny says:

    Ha HA Ha Ha, Well you learned a valuable lesson. MS suck etc etc. But still thanks for the laugh.

  201. -S- says:

    Alright, it’s seriously time to put an end to this “Who is right, and who’se fault this is” finger-pointing nonsense. Everyone’s making valid points (except for the guy who said that Nathaniel was “playing into the hands of the liberals”. Go back to Kindergarten. Jk. but not really), but we seriously have to stay on track and look at the facts – ok?
    FACTS –

    Yes, since we’ve seen posts on this thread from some guy who actually WORKS at Microsoft and said that giving the Xbox’s that are sent in the wipe down IS IN FACT an official part of the repair process – that’s legit, it’s obviously a low wage factory worker who doesn’t want to question his job and was just doing what he was told.

    Nathaniel could’ve taken other options – buying a new 360 and switching some of the outside parts around, etc etc, or collecting the signatures on paper (which I thought was a stupid argument. Kids go to baseball games all the time and get their gloves/hats/shirts signed…its whatever is more meaningful from the experience to you. Obviously Nathaniel wanted his 360 to get signed, that’s his choice, end of argument).

    This was a DIFFICULT decision – he didn’t want to void the warranty, but it was risky sending in his prized possession.

    However – the fact of the matter is that he was LIED to.

    Think of it this way – Since the ‘cleaning process’ is a legit part of the repair process….why didn’t the person on the phone simply tell him that when he called up? They had obviously discussed it – If the cleaning wipedown process is an official part of sending your console in to get repaired, then WHY WASNT HE INFORMED THAT OVER THE PHONE. The person on the other line could’ve said “oh, i understand your dilemma – but you should know that one of the official processes in us repairing your 360 is that it’s going to get ‘cleaned up’ before being sent back to you”.

    That was never said. That over the phone Microsoft employee WIITHHELD information from a customer, and not only that – Lied to him. Does anyone see the problem with this? It’s not MS’ fault for following procedure and giving the wipedown…its MS’ fault for Withholding information and directly lying to a customer.

    Do you honestly think if the MS Employee had told him what he was ASKING ABOUT truthfully, that he would’ve sent in his console at all? if he had been told about the official wipedown process, he would’ve done it a different way!

    I would really appreciate if everyone thinking this is ‘not a big deal’ or ‘not Microsoft’s problem’ to please re-read everything that I just wrote before making more comments…I’d really, really like to hear a counter-argument to this.

  202. Jeff Horn says:

    I do admit that that is a terrible thing but you cant just blame microsoft, it was some employee in the repair centre who felt like he wanted to be a jackass and ruined the guys case. Every company has its fair share of terrible employee’s, you cant just blame the entire corporation for their lack of respect.

  203. Eugene says:

    You cant really say that it’s MICROSOFT’s fault, it’s not like they have a rule that says “screw with people’s signed consoles”, it was just some dick employee. Saying that this is Microsoft’s fault is like saying that it’s McDonald’s fault if one of the employees spits in your drink.

  204. Al says:

    Whilst I do feel sorry for your loss, I can’t but imagine a scenario where the guy saw the letter and thought, what a loser, and made a special effort to get everything off.

  205. NeuroMan42 says:

    I would sue the living crap out of them. Plain and simple.

  206. Jeff Horn says:

    To add my opinion on the phone guy to my previous comment, How can any person on this say for sure that the guy on the phone even knew about the “official wipe down” part of the repair process or even the possibility that it never crossed his mind while he was talking to the guy. There are way to many things that could have happened somewhere down the line like missed communications or if anybody thought for a moment it could have simply been a case of “Human Error” but oh i forgot all you that posted comments on here never do anything wrong and get things perfect the first time. Think for a moment that we’re all human and we screw up, get over it and play your games. We all have things that we hold dear that we lose or that gets broke at times and you need to forget about it, drop a disk in you nice fresh “Pearly White” 360 and play some games. Im not sure, so dont quote me on this but i think that Halo 3 is the same game whether you have signatures on your console or not.

  207. Monk says:

    It’s a fake or something is up… There was actually no writing where the big red circle is on the 360.

  208. zane says:

    dude…this is legendary.Microsoft is boned even more then they already are.

  209. reth says:

    Man its sad that some people show no sympathy. But thats the world we live in today. I just hope for those who say this is his fault and calling him a dumb ass, that something along these lines happen to you. (sad to say it like that).

    I feel for you man, its heartbreaking to have priceless pieces lost. But be assured you have a lot of people on here posting on other sites and trying to help you out. Maybe not tomorrow or this weekend but i think bungie and rooster teeth will do something for you.

    Its good to see the gamer community having each others backs. (even if there is a few bad apples.) I know i will be posting around and sharing this story.

  210. organicskincare1 says:

    Shame… Real shame

  211. TN says:


    Absolutely the most insane thing I’ve seen in a long time. Who in their right mind would do such a thing? I look forward to the follow up story.

    I just can’t believe something like this could even happen. =(

  212. Dan Brownlow says:

    Dude, some people are assholes! It IS Microsofts fault! They’re the ones who hire these people, I mean, if your computer got sent of to be fixed, and they returned with different HDD! All your music, films, Etc.. Gone! I’m sure then the people who are saying, “You shouldn’t have sent it off”, would be pissed off. I mean, I’m not an XBox360 owner and it makes no difference to which company I prefer for my gaming needs :P It’s still crap and seriously, I’m sure even a fuc**n’ Mexican could look at it and think, “Hmm”.

  213. dave says:

    Actually, permanent marker comes off really easily. It dissolves in rubbing alcohol. All they would have had to do was rub gently with a cloth with some alcohol on it, and poof, no more ink.

  214. Lawman says:

    What MS did to this kid does not surprise me in the least. I have lost a lot of respect for MS (not there was a lot to begin with) over their repair (or failure to repair) the red ring of death on my 360. MS has had the repair request since last year and I have still not seen any progress. They have been saying “just another 10-15 days” for two months. Nice work. Way to piss people off.

  215. bob says:

    i went ahead and sent this to as well. hope everything works out.


  216. Rickets says:

    I’d sue if I was you. By making those oral representations that the console would be returned in its original state Microsoft have almost certainly breach an implied covenant in your repair contract. I’d say that you would have a good chance of recovering the cost of the repair plus possibly some damages.


  217. John J says:

    I work at a Microsoft facility and used to fix game consoles this isn’t anything special. We always wipe down and clean consoles before and after we fix them for two reasons: 1) to make sure no dirt gets inside the system and 2) To make sure it isn’t covered in dust from our factory afterwards.

    Now that you’re signatures are gone perhaps it’s time you got a life.

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  219. Christian says:

    Bro, I’m still waiting on a 360 I sent in more than a year ago… Same type of situation. I work for Vicarious Visions, an Activision Studio. I had tons of history writtten all over my machine. From 2 E3’s and 3 GDC’s

    I’ll never see it again.

    The irony?

    As developers we love microsoft…

    As consumers we hate them…

  220. FilmTraveler says:

    The article states, “Taking it apart would have voided the warranty.” The letter Nathaniel wrote said, “The original warranty for my machine has expired some time ago.” This seems a very important point to get straight on. Which is it?

    Some comments argue that he should have removed the cover, some argue he couldn’t because of the warranty issue. If we go by Nathaniel’s letter, the former argument is correct.

  221. Swing Ninja says:

    It is possible that is NOT your XBOX 360 case. If I were the tech support fixing your console, I would replace it with another case. Then I would write some “smudges” on it, then “clean” it enough to make you believe that it was your beautifully-signed case. Why the elaborate work ? It’s easier to say “oops, your xbox 360 case got screwed during shipment” then, “oops, somebody stole it, but we can track down whomever fixed your console using in our database”.

  222. Taylor says:

    This aggravates me to no end.

  223. Stupid comments? says:

    I LoLed at the comment how this young man could scam Microsoft into giving him something free is beyond me. “’s a beautiful day today, what should I do. I’ve got it! I’m going to take the one day out of my busy schedule and make an attempt to scam Microsoft into giving me something free!” I can only imagine a 12 year old idiot making comments like this. (Other possible scenarios besides the ones that lack a brain IQ higher than 3 >_>). Like he is the only person to take screens of items, ect.. with somewhat have value to them. They could have been pictures that he took just for the purpose of having good memories with something he loved. Also possible he took them to show other people who maybe couldn’t see what an awesome 360 he had. Come on, who doesn’t want a hand drawn Master Chief on their console, I sure as hell would. There is also what frickendevil said and he took them as a precaution to realizing he is taking a chance with Microsoft because their service does suck and anything is possible. In this case, he has the memories of the pictures and that IMO was a smart move. Pff, for all you know that console was from the employees home and he made a switch because it was so 1337. In the end it doesn’t matter how many people handled the console as it arrived because the point is one person saw the note and made a bitch move by not respecting this young man’s wishes and therefore all principle of the matter was shot out the window and that my friend = epic failure and bad service and we can and will BLAME Microsoft for this act of unholiness and it will not go unpunished because what goes around comes around. Truly a tragic incident and I feel sorry for this man and hope he takes this situation into consideration by not dealing with the services of MS in the future.

    PS. People need to stop making futile comments because if you have nothing positive or good to say, say nothing at all. Cheers.

  224. MitsuharuMisawa says:

    That is a bunch of crap. I also just sent in my Xbox 360, for the 6th time and when I get it back, it’s getting traded for a PS3. Screw Microsoft.

  225. DRe says:

    FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!! Carefully look at the pictures!!!! Where he circles there was no writing…. Totally diferent case!!

  226. The only counter argument I have is per the phone conversation. But before I get into it I would like to once again state that I sympathize with Nathaniel on this.

    The person he spoke with was most likely from a call center. While they should be trained on what happens when someone sends in an Xbox for repair, they are most likely from another country (I would also appreciate if the racial slants would stop, just because someone is Mexican doesn’t mean that they are grunts who just do what they are told, for all we know a worker DID question cleaning it and a superior told him to proceed…but anyway). If the person he spoke with wasn’t aware of the cleaning process then he cant be held accountable. When he submitted the notice for repair, the person to receive it should have questioned it and then found someone to contact Nathaniel and explain the situation.

    All in all I believe that if MS was as devoted to customers as they like to pretend they are, there would have never been an RROD’s, but since they exist, the next step is to properly educate their employees on the process that they will be taking to make repairs.

    Thats is all. Thanks for taking the time to read.

  227. Matt Hodges says:


  228. DaveP says:

    I bet that comments were made to take extra care of the box and make sure that the artwork and signatures were perserved. At some point the tech who was working on the box did something and smeared, smudged or otherwise tarnished the artwork. Then in a moment of haste grabbed something to clean up the artwork with. Well; this just made things worse. Now you have messed up artwork, what do you do? You just clean the whole thing and hope for the best.

    This does suck, but the owner should have taken better precautions. Buy a can of clear coat at Home Depot, and cover the artwork. That way accidental smudging won’t happen. If it was really that sentimental he could have done several things to protect that artwork. Never assume people will take care of your cherished possessions like you will — actually assume people are idiots is typically the best bet.

    I do feel bad for him and I hope something is done about it.. but still, he could have done something for himself.

  229. Crunchywyte says:

    This is why Micro$oft does not see a dime of my money, reading stuff like this makes me even more happy that I am a PS3 owner.

  230. eddiep says:

    1) I would sue them. You have photos, you have that phone call which was probably recorded, also a note was probably made about it. You have your letter you sent to them. And finaly you could have the testimony of all the individuals who signed it… Again, I would sue them. People were sued for less and they had to pay great money.

    2) YES MS is for blame. If an employee makes a mistake, the company makes a mistake… I don’t know how it is in US, but it is in this way here. So the COMPANY to be sued, and after that it can recover the costs from it’s employee as it sees to fit.

  231. mallchin says:

    Permanent marker ink is easily removed in seconds using a whiteboard pen.

  232. Yep microsoft need to find out who done this and am sure they didn’t ignore his request to not clean but there are others involved like a disgruntled employee or just and employee that thought id would be soooo funny to take note and clean off marker. Todays generation has no respect for much of anything unless they bought or stole it. Trashy ignoramus young ass punk is who done this not microsoft in general but ya need a value set and reimbursed whether from the idiots paycheck or micrsoft. I am sure they can find out who done this and take appropriate action against his or her tardly ass. Best of luck to ya Nathaniel :)

  233. Justin says:

    Should have written it in know they ship the crap to Mexico so they can pay in oranges and Cervasa

  234. ADHDfreak says:

    Hmmm sounds like good old microshaft to me. It is a bunch of crap either way. Some jackass either did this as a cruel joke, or jacked the original case for themself and had the original s/n put on a new case

  235. perspective? says:

    Uh….are people seriously crying over this?


    That’s retarded.

  236. Razor says:

    Makes me happy I didn’t get a 360 and got a PS3 instead.

  237. Smart One says:

    He should have known better. Look at the signature on the case: “360? More like three shitsty!” He was warned.

  238. brian says:

    not really that big of a deal.

  239. N says:

    “Think of it this way – Since the ‘cleaning process’ is a legit part of the repair process….”

    Simply cleaning/wiping a console is completely different than what was done here.

    Removing permanent marker from something is NOT an easy thing, and it was very obvious that it wasn’t something someone would want removed.

    Microsoft is to blame here.

  240. Impulsive says:

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. It also could have been anyone or company in this case besides Microsoft.

    Our high school had a wonderful mural painted by 2 students onto one of the walls in my French classroom. The school was being renovated with new paint, so we took precautions to keep it from being painted over. This is what we did:

    1. Put a huge piece of paper over it, covering the mural. Holding the paper in place with masking tape.
    2. Wrote “DO NOT PAINT” in about 5-7 languages including English, Spanish, and French.
    3. The teachers then left a note, and expressed their concerns to the administrators.

    What does the school do? Paints over it. People are either dumb or spiteful.

  241. Captain Anonymous says:

    They may have wiped it off or perhaps it was something more ingenious than that. perhaps someone took ANOTHER case/frame leaving the portions with the serial numbers intact and scribbled on them…then wiped them off making them appear to be his original signatures and art wiped off….then sold the original on eBay or kept it.

    Could be a case of the ol’ shell game trick…either way…dood got banboozled.

  242. shaggy says:

    OMFG! What Bastards eh? i smell a law suit. if i was you i would write to all the papers and send the mofo’s at Microsoft to court and sue there asses. the crime would be criminal damage or summat. i hope you made a copy of the letter and it is dated. good luck mate i hope you get it sorted out.

  243. smurf says:

    Owned son!

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  245. real says:

    I agree that the remaining smudges are just a diversion. Some repair guy marked a new case, let it dry, then cleaned it off and swapped the cases. He now has the decorated case at home.

    He should be thrown under a bus. (twice)

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  247. real says:

    90% of this happened, because people just won’t say “I don’t know” anymore. They feel they have to give you an answer, so they just give it their best guess, when they really have no idea. MS (and all companies) should consider ACTUALLY TRAINING, their call center employees, and a big part of that should be teaching them to say “I don’t know, let me find out for you.”

  248. Bill says:

    That really sucks. But with such a special item, I would never trust anyone with it. Not even if they promised to take care of it as I asked. Not everyone is technically minded to do such a thing, but I’d have arranged a new Xbox360 and done the electronics swap myself, to make sure that no on else would mangle it. If it’s going to get royally screwed, I’d rather it be my own fault for something important like this guy’s special console. Though I cannot imagine why someone would think it a good idea to wash off all the personalization of this console. Lesson learned, never trust anything so special with anyone you can’t directly supervise and tackle before such destruction can get very far.

  249. Ristlin says:

    I could care less about the 360, but as a fellow gamer who also enjoys being a fan, what you experienced is outrageous. You have my sincere sympathy in this situation.

    Many companies fail to take account of attention to detail, but at least Apple still goes out of its way to ensure you are happy. I sent in my Ipod in the other day, having forgotten all about the engraving in the back of my case, and the sales rep reminded me about it asking if I wanted to change it or keep it should they have to replace the case. Granted, its a job they themselves do but I am sure if I told them something as simple as “replace the insides but not the outside” then they would be happy to oblige.

    The fact that MS personal relations do not take things like this into account (360 staff signing a 360…) combined with their poor and rushed project leaves me at a standstill.

    At least this is something you can go back and laugh about when you are older.

  250. sdfsd says:

    why didn’t he bought another case before sending to microsoft?

  251. meh says:

    Based on how ugly your console looked, i’d say they did you a favor.

  252. Joe says:

    In his letter, “Although the original warranty for my machine has expired some time ago, I still keep the sales receipt and original retail box.”
    I also don’t want to play the, “blame the victim game” however….
    Knowing MS rep…I would have sent back the console minus the case since as he stated the warranty had already expired. So what if you broke the seal after the warrany expired?

  253. Kane says:

    While it is nice to ASSUME what went down, -S-, unless we have more information, I’m inclined to disagree with this conspiracy theory you are trying to establish. You make it sound as if the customer rep and by extension Microsoft made it their duty to lie to Nathaniel.

    Unless, of course, you have some unmentioned insight into the conversation between Nathaniel and the rep?

    The fact is the story gives us very little information about the questions Nathaniel asked or the assurances he received. All we know is the rep(s) told Nathaniel that he would get the same console back and, by all accounts he did, albeit heavily altered from how he sent it.

    Did Nathaniel go into as much detail WITH THE REP as he did in his letter or did he just want to stress the importance of getting the same console back? What if the rep didn’t take into account or worse was ignorant of the cleaning procedure? Most reps probably WOULDN’T mention the cleaning as it is probably considered to be a minor detail, if they have prior knowledge of it, of course.

    Obviously in this case that was clearly not the issue.

    I sort of feel bad for Nathaniel but it is honestly something that can’t be helped. The only thing that will make it right is for Nathaniel to suck it up, go back out to more events lugging his 360, and get NEW signatures, and NEW artwork, and make NEW memories. Not as replacements, mind you, but as supplements to those that were damaged.

    Things far worse than this happen to good people all the time, or did you not read the comment from the firefighter talking about how a woman lost the home she shared with her husband serviceman?

  254. Gill Bates says:

    WTF!?!?! O_o

  255. Shake N Bake 26 says:

    It is actually very easy to remove Permanent Marker. If you want it done in a second or less use any type of Insect Spray (like OFF!) and then wipe and its gone. Then come back with windex or something to make the smell go away. They make other cleaners out there but that is what works best. WD-40 also works to remove tar from a vehicle, aluminum foil to restore rusted chrome or stainless without scratching, etc there are tons of these tricks out there and they do work.

  256. animefreek says:

    Holy F*CKn’ Sh*T!!!!!!! I am not a big Halo gamer or fan (not my kind of thing), but D*MN!!. You would think that the people at “Michroshit”, regardless of what department they work for would have some sense to realize that GAMERS LOVE their consoles and want to make it THEIRs’ Like the other person said before me, someone probably snagged the original cover and will eventually f*ck up and try to sell it. When they do, I hope they get everything they have coming to them F*ckn’ JackA**es!!! Microshit needs to make this right to Nathaniel. Though nothing they do will bring back what he has lost. Hang in there man, hope things work out.

  257. louise79 says:

    No matter whether the employees speak English or not. MS should make an effort to understand their employees and if MS decide to contract out, well its their risk to take, not their customers. This boy made an effort to keep his Xbox without voiding his warranty.
    MS should have at LEAST made an effort to make sure this boys Xbox was safe. They didn’t even after they promised to. Its not good business to treat your customers that way, I guess thats why microsoft got the monopoly, so they don’t have to try when it comes to customer service.

  258. BKR2879 says:

    The sad fact is, M$ isn’t responsible if you deck out your casing in all sorts of funky things and it gets “wiped” during the fixing of something they are responsible for, aka the internal hardware failing.

    Do I feel bad? Of course I do. Do I think M$ is at fault? Not really, they did what they are required to do, and in the process restored that case to “like new” condition, which is what they seem to do to all consoles sent in to them, so the risk is with the person who puts anything on the outer case that they don’t want to lose.

    The fact that the phone person didn’t mention that all cases are “wiped down” probably doesn’t even know what the whole “recondition” process is that a console goes through when it gets there. Trust me, at M$ the left hand almost never knows what the right hand is doing.

    Funny, I don’t even own an XBOX or X360, and based on this story, it’s one more reason I’ll never own one.

  259. Turbs says:

    Collecting costs money. If you want to collect stuff, you have to pay for it initially and you have to pay to keep it.

    The kid wanted special treatment for free. It would have cost Microsoft time and effort (and therefore money) to treat this particular repair job different from all of the other repair jobs they do.

    Microsoft would have had to mark this console internally and supervise its handling through the entire repair chain. An accountant at the company could have provided an estimate of the costs for this process (including his own services for making the calculations).

    Here’s how a smart collector would have handled it: secure and pay for a special handling contract with Microsoft. Or get an independent firm to do the repair job, one the collector could supervise closely.

    All of that would cost money–money this kid says he didn’t have. Because the kid didn’t have this money, he asked Microsoft to donate their work to his collection project.

    Microsoft did not agree. Look at how the kid describes the phone call to customer service. First of all, customer service can’t agree to allocate funds simply to preserve this kid’s memorabilia. Second, per the kid’s account, customer service agreed only to return the exact same console–not the same console in the same condition, without cleaning.

    Yes; the kid wrote a letter, too. Who answered it? Who wrote back to say, “Microsoft agrees to give you special treatment for no money”? Nobody, that’s who.

    If you want extra services, then you must pay extra money. If you want a contract, then you must tell people what you want and get an agreement in writing–in THEIR writing, not yours.

  260. jebas says:

    what did you expect. was probably sent overseas to a country where no english is spoken.

  261. kfsone says:

    It’s been my general experience in life that when dealing with a special case return or maintenance point, you should always insist on sending the unit to the individual in question. If “Bob” won’t receive your unit, then Bob isn’t 100% sure about what he’s telling you and is therefore not willing to be accountable – in which case, ask for his manager.

    Some companies might require you to pay a surcharge for “VIP” handling, but it usually means the difference between getting the repair you asked for or getting screwed.

    My sympathies – I lost 10 years of accumulated emails, personal history, source code, etc, when I sent a dell in for repair and despite 8 big, red, “do not format” labels stuck to the case (which were still on it when it was returned) and an assurance from the random call center guy I spoke to, they wiped the hard drives – which I couldn’t remove without voiding the warranty, but couldn’t back up because the machine had quit working.

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  263. ultim8p00 says:

    Ugh man, that sucks!

    I bet this is what happened. They sent in the xbox to the repairs facility and some 50yr old guy who has never heard of Halo said to himself “What delinquency! Kids these days don’t know how to take care of a product. I’ll have to clean this up.”

    Or maybe MS has some policy to clean up every console they repair and someone was trying really hard to get a raise.

  264. zankster says:

    This story makes me sick…I can’t believe they did this! The person cleaning the case should have seen that this case was different. That this case had personal touches to it.

    Thanks for posting this story.

  265. Ross says:

    This makes me really want to sell both xbox360s I have and boycott anything Microsoft does.

    I think we Shold make sure this story gets major attention. I’m a photographer Artist. The person at the repair center destroid ART …it was clearly art and clearly signatures.. not random drawings and stickers.

    I’m up for phone time, Why don’t all the Diggers and other poeple out there start making a noise about this! Start calling Microsoft and make their phones go nuts trying to get the attention of the big boys and hell the news media. If this could get some Air time on a good size news channel then MS would have a huge PR issue they better correct. So if anyone knows anyone…Do IT!!

    Desroying Art like that is a Crime. They should try and replace it, even if it means flying a PR person all around the country to try and collect the origonal signatures and then some!!

  266. Kriana says:

    they probably used ethanol or isopropanol to remove the marker. Sad, but sharpie really isn’t that permanent.
    Only suggestion I have (other than don’t buy from microsoft!) is to go onto a science supplies site and get ethanol resistant markers.

  267. Carnage says:

    The only one at fault here is the guy who talked to him on the phone and gave him faulty information.

    For all 360 repairs, it’s shipped to a 3rd party company with some Microsoft association.

  268. Philips says:

    I was told by an Xbox employee that the customer service guy clearly didn’t understand the repair procedure, or he would never have told him it would be alright. It’s not “Microsoft” that’s to blame – it was nothing vicious and purposeful- But the call center should have been better informed

  269. gabe says:

    They actually took the time to wipe down all the signatures after he wrote the letter. lulz

  270. Chris says:

    Doesn’t MS know that all they’re doing is pushing more and more people towards Sony and Nintendo. Before the next-gen consoles came out I owned an XBOX. It was all but a sure thing that I was going to get a 360 instead of a PS3. A few of my friends bought 360’s at launch. With all the problems they had, I went ahead and bought a PS3. Never been happier with a system as I am with my PS3. Sorry MS, YOU turned a sure thing into a never again.

  271. sonikokaruto says:


    Is gonna get a lot of attention. I hope they fix it up. And if they do, i’d love to see pictures of the redemption of MS.

    I also hope J Allard (my new new hero) gives you a zune for all your troubles (they could make it … special)

  272. Gary says:

    The moment a Microsoft Exec gets word of this, I am sure he will be taken care. of. BS like this happens at all companies that have staff that only get $6 an hour. It just can’t be avoided. The moment that someone with pull gets word of this and firestorm will occur and he will get compensated greatly. I would even bet that if Bungie finds out they would do something very cool for him.

  273. ILTE7 says:

    I do feel sorry for you…if this is in fact true.

    However, what’s with some of the comments on your 360? If you loved it so much (and apparently you did), why have someone write:

    “360? More like three-shit-sty!”

    That is very foolish, unless it is a poor joke. If you like it so much why openly let someone criticise it?

  274. Randy Stewart says:

    Dear 162….Fact is….all you people who think the world owes you something, are sadly mistaken…and YOU are the problem.

  275. quikbit says:

    i almost cried a little bit for this guy. at this point, i would be buying a ps3

  276. SanchoKiller says:

    This is what we get from a company that we pay a lot of money too? You would think they would leave it as it is, but it goes to show how much of an evil company Microsoft really is .

  277. blah says:

    Another case of put-the-spotlight-on-me overreaction. Sheesh, if its that important, don’t send it in. Look, its unreasonable to expect that every letter is read and all wishes are granted at whatever refurbrishing factory this got sent off to. Could it be that it was a assembly line process where every xbox was systematically cleaned? I wouldn’t be surprised if most systems sent back were filthy (god forbid, gamers?) with dirt and grime. If I had sent mine in, and it came back looking nice and clean, I would think, “Wow, excellent service. Fixed and they even took the time to clean it.”

    So you sent it in for repairs. Was it fixed? Yes. End of story. Sick of these “I’ve been wronged, everyone read my version of the story. Back me up cuz everyone has to see things my way” stories.

  278. A Non E-Moose says:


  279. poopster says:

    O.K. people, it sucks that Microsoft blew it, but who here hasn’t had similair experiences with any number of major corporations. Bad things happen. What shocks me, is that all you people are making such a big deal over some graphiti. It’s not like the kid spent money on getting signatures and pictures drawn on the 360. The way I see it, you had a really unique paperweight before you sent the 360 in for repairs, now you have a functioning game system. You broke even, so stop whining and complaining about loss. Some of you people need to get out a little more often.

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  281. SSJPabs says:

    Ever thought about switching to the PS3 or Wii?

  282. Get an effin life says:

    Sorry dude, that sucks. Get over it. Life is full of dissapointment. If this is what pisses you off the most, you have it really good.

    Permanent marker comes off easily with ethanol which is a common solvent in cleaners. No huge amount of effort needed as some of you suggest.

    How much intelligence did you expect from someone whose job it is to wipe off x-boxes? Did you write in huge letters not to clean it? Why would you expect someone to care more about your x-box than you? Just because you see it as valuable, doesn’t mean others will recognize it.

    MS did exactly what they said. They sent the same one back. He should have asked whether it would be cleaned. Whoops.

  283. waggy says:

    i have to agree with will.

    if this was so precious to him he should not have sent it in. He got back a xbox and th at is all he deserves. Not to mention how much could the sigs been worth anyway? $5? pft.

    overblown story because its MS

  284. badandy says:

    At the very minimum, MS can turn a horror story into a SAVE by just inviting the young man out to their Gaming Headquarters, and hand him a brand NEW XBOX 360 with all the signatures of every gaming legend they can find and a crap load of games. But too bad it will never happen.

  285. yorgyb says:

    This type of mistake shouldn’t be happen….

    Microsoft’s should take are more caring action to their customer…

  286. Tyro says:

    Man… Personally, I’m a Sony fanboy, but I can’t do anything but feel sorry for the gamer in question. If it was my case that got mistreated like this, I’d probably go down to the place I sent it in, find the guy who cleaned it, and clean his ass with my foot.
    Somebody needs to be fired because of this! Again, I feel for you dude.

  287. Mark says:

    From another gaming fan that has gotten screwed (not like this!) by Microsoft – I offer this. Why, why WHY did you take the word of the dumbshit monkey that you talked to on the phone? Those people are worthless! Perhaps a chat with a supervisor (which takes ALOT more time and effort, take it form me) would have prevented this. Personally, I would have kept the old one, and purchased a new one. It was a priceless unit with all of the signatures anyways, and worth the cost of a new system.

    All of my comments do NOT change the fact the Microshit has got a MAJOR FREAKIN’ problem with their consoles and their customer support. IT HAS GOT TO STOP.

  288. IceMan 0007 says:

    Horrifying!!! I sent my original pre order unit back a year ago which came back to me scratched up and looked as if someone tried to open the case with a pair of pliers. I was fortunate it enough to have some extra cash at the time to buy a replacement premium console and hd dvd add on. This console has performed flawlessly for a year now.Thank God!. But I completely sympathize with Nathan people usually have enough comon sense to realize hey wait this one doesn’t look like all the other consoles let me ask before I give it a bath in rubbing alcohol. DEE DEE DEE ! there goes the ink ! MS should re think their policy and for the love of god help this poor guy get back the precious art work and signatures he lost.

  289. I'm with Blah says:

    I’m with blah, another case of overreaction. Sorry but its not like you TRULY expected them to give you special treatment. When you send something off to be repaired like this, I wouldn’t even expect the same hardware back.

  290. crybaby says:

    you’re such a cry baby. you send it for fixing, it got fixed. you’re pwning MS just for erasing those signatures? WTF!

  291. Confused. says:

    Why not just send the unit in for repairs without the shell on it?

  292. John says:

    I’m sure someone at the repair place was having a bad day and decided to screw him. Life happens.

  293. Wow says:

    Do you realize Microsoft probably sends your consoles to repaired in a factory in China or India?

    Some poor worker probably were probably instructed by a supervisor to clean everything as thoroughly as possible.

    Like #234 said, this was probably a standard treatment.

    Honestly, at least you can afford an xbox 360 console. The person who cleaned it probably can’t imagine what it’s like to be able to play one.

  294. Bob Chebat says:

    Hey, at least the kid has pictures of the signatures. LOL Sending the box to Microsoft was a bonehead move to begin with. I wouldn’t be surprised if they cleaned the box to teach him a lesson.

    That story wreaks of ignorant characters. I think it would make a gret Coen Brothers movie. LOL

  295. john smith says:

    Don’t be a dumbass and have people or stickers put on a video game console a) cause they break down often b)you cant frame your xbox 360 and hang it on the wall c) the picture that you had drawn on your machine wasnt worth having there in the first place

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  297. Abe Flint says:

    Kudos to MS for doing such a thorough job of cleaning the console before sending it back. You don’t see customer service like that anymore!

  298. Reno says:

    im sorry yh it’s a shame he’s xbox broke and a shame that he lost the sigs and pics BUT he has some fault here, he could have collected all those thinsg on a more reliable source such as a limited ediotn of a game or a hard back book i don’t think on a games console and one with a very hight fail rate is the best place to collect valuble ( sentimental or money wise ) and i would have thought that M$ staff have to follow rules when repairing xbox and sending them back to makie sure that the xbox gose back ‘asnew’ not ‘as received’ but still shame he lost it but it isn’t all m$

  299. blah idiot says:

    You sir, are an idiot that has no clue. If a company says that they are going to do something, they should. If they said we cannot guarantee anything, then thats one thing.

  300. Slippy Lane says:

    On permanent marker – in a permanent pen, the ink is dissolved in a solvent, and even after drying is still soluble in solvents. A capfull of Meths will remove most marker pen ink.

    Companies like MS would, I imagine, employ a bunch of minimum-wage kids to clean and pack units for shipping. These people are probably also armed with solvents and a very basic grasp of the English language, so it’s likely the box was cleaned by someone who didn’t know not to.

    Either that, or someone accidentally damaged said artwork and decided to cover up the evidence by removing all of it.

    Word to the wise – if you have a custom computer case you want to keep pristine, coat it with protective laquer, and take plenty of photographs for later comparison. Oh, and get written confirmation from the company that they are aware of any specific requirements before you send it away for repair. That way at least you have some recourse if the worst should happen.

    I’m no defender of Microsoft normally, but in this case, well, stuff happens

  301. TheTurk says:

    Microsoft, with all it’s power and money should get someone off their fat coding ass to go round with a top of the range 360 with all the extra’s and collect the signatures, artwork and words back onto the box and hand deliver it to Nathaniel. There is no other penance that will do.
    After all If this employee did all this in a hired limo it would still only cost Mr gates about thirty seconds loss of profit.
    Mr Gates, you are where the buck stops so where is your integrity and commitment?

  302. Graham says:

    Ok, seriously, (most of) you guys need to chill the fuck out. He called and asked if his original case would be returned. It was. Maybe the letter got separated from the console at some point along the repair process. Oh, but no, this was a “malicious attack on an innocent victim” by some “micro$oft n00b”. Get over yourselves! Do you really think that Microsoft would go out of its way to fuck someone over? On top of that, Microsoft would never intentionally fuck over someone so nerdy that they have signatures on their xbox 360, because that’s exactly the type of person who cries about it on their blog right away. Think about it.

  303. Peon says:

    The reeeeally funny part is what some of those “signings” say. I love the one where some dude put a word balloon coming out of the unit that says “don’t put too much ink on me, I might overheat!” How true…

    Then there’s “360? More like ThreeShitSty!” Classic stuff…

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  305. Mojo Afro says:

    Life lesson. If it was that important to you, why would you send it in expecting them to not mess it up?

    Sucks, but next time you’ll be more careful…

  306. DFectuoso says:

    I will not rest till they get the signatures back and a special halo drawing in a brand new gold xbox for this guy!

    Seriusly this is v3ry very bad….

  307. rawsteak says:

    i dont have the time to read 260+ comments, but i sympathize with the screwee. that said, if it was my xbox, i would have gotten the damn thing insured and probably laminated. i think of the worst case scenario and prepare for it.

    i dont think anyone working for m$ would do this, and i do think someone is being dirty and stole the case planning to hock it later, so i hope you get all the attention you need so they track down who did this. i would seriously shit kittens if this happened to me.

  308. Derek Gordon says:

    People need to take responsibility for their actions and that of their employees. It basically comes down to respect for other people and their property. It seems many people have the attitude that the guy should just take it up the arse and move on, but let’s be real. If it were you, you would be ticked off as well.

    Glad people speak up when they have been wronged and I hope he seeks some kind of compensation.

  309. Julie says:

    Permanent marker comes off with rubbing alcohol very easily, which is often used to clean electronics.

    It really is not permanent at all.

  310. Trolls Suck says:

    You trolls must have very small “lives” to be such asswipes.

    Go back to eating cheetos that your mother paid for.

  311. a nobody says:

    haha. this story is utter bs. First, take a look at where he circles the so called “erased marker marks” then compare that to where the halo figure is drawn, and you will see, wow, no marker was ever used where that circle was!!!! amazing deduction batman! If you cant see it that easily, please train yourself on some wheres waldo book.
    2nd, MS doesnt clean the consoles. If they are repairing the same unit, they repair whats wrong with the inside, maybe replace the faceplate if its in bad condition, then send it back. They dont erase any marks, or remove any stickers. Also, its called permanent marker for a reason. No way could you get it all off that well.
    Also, its your fault. Hell, the reason you needed it repaired could have been because you took it “all around with you everywhere you went”. This system is a freaking computer. Move it around a whole lot will most likely cause something to break. You dont treat electronics like that man.
    Seriously, people need to shut up and not post so many ignorant replies that seem to be based off of just some bias hatred toward a company. This story is total bs.

  312. PyroSC says:

    PWNED! As for permanent marker being hard to get rid of, that’s a lie, I use them all the time at work, you just spray it with a degreaser and it’ll rub off just like it’s a dry erase marker.

  313. vel says:

    oh please please sue the shit out of those asswipes.

  314. brian.rettie says:

    Shit Happens. No need to cry over it.

  315. john says:


  316. Anonymous says:

    And the reason he hasn’t filed suit for damages yet is because..? Microsoft would be more than happy to settle.

  317. vin says:

    could u crop those pics and print on sticker(s)
    would be almost good as new

  318. Sony says:

    Shoulda bought a PS3

  319. Veg says:

    Let penny arcade know about this. I am sure they will do it justice.

  320. BigDaddyDLo says:

    Well I have sympathy for the guy, but honestly with a brick rate as high as the 360 has, did he really expect it to last forever?

    Way to go Microsoft. Your “dedication to customer service” really shines bright.

  321. Stupid says:

    How smart was it to send this console in for repair in the first place? IMHO, that’s just plain stupid, considering the value of this console compared to a new one at the store.

  322. Bladzalot says:

    @ Ragingterror

    If you want to post contact info or a paypal account I would be THRILLED to donate to your cause if you actually hold MS accountable.

    I have worked in the tech sector for 15 years not and I have watched as everything from every manufacturer from Tech Support all the way through manufacturing has been outsourced. These companies need to realized that the $$$’s they are saving doing such is only going to benefit them until the peeps getting fed up start ONLY buying equipment from companies that take the time to support their equipment, on their own, not outsourced.

    I cannot boycott but have gotten as close as I possibly can to limiting my MS, Cisco, Linksys and Dell equipment cause when something goes wrong and I need an answer, the last thing I want to do is talk to “Steve” in India, Mexico, or the Phillipines.

    The more people start realizing they are buying a product that is only going to last a certain amount of time, and once that time is up you are either going to be severely frustrated trying to get it fixed, or buying a new one, the more these companies are going to start realizing that the american public does not want to learn another language just to get their tech products fixed…

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  324. vel says:

    and LOL @ all the tough guy trolls on here sayng pfft get over it. You all must be white kids. White kids love to go overboard at inferring the grand scope of their false sense of maturity by making it seem that if some comparable tragedy happened to them, they are soooo crazy mature and hardened that there’s no way it would ever effect them. Their signed copy of the latest Fallout Boy CD? Pfft so what. What, you watched your parents get eaten by bears when you went camping? Dude grow up. What did you expect when you went into the woods, they’d bring you crates of Oreo cookies? You act like your parents were worth something. Seriously, stop playing World of Warcraft and get outside and grow some balls.

    Ahhh white internet kiddie trolls.

    /b/ is —-> this way folks.

  325. Tony Rayo says:

    Ouch, guess that “permanent” marker wasn’t so permanent. I am sorry this happened, but knowing the fail rate of the first-gen units I think you took an awful gamble traveling with and gaming on this unit. I would have kept it as a display and bought a Halo 3 edition or something with an HDMI port later on and kept this in a display case and brought it only out for signing.

    Of course if you could have seen into the future I’m sure you would have done the same.

  326. eric says:

    what i cant figure out is why you wouldn’t put a layer of clear gloss paint over the signatures before sending it out. knowing before hand that those were important would have made me think “how can i preserve these without voiding warranty”

    just my .02c

  327. panther says:

    honestly, who cares? you lost some nerds signatures, stop whining. you remind me of the people i have to make fun of over xbox live because they are so nerdy it’s annoying.

  328. john says:

    Oh please, they did you a favour, they cleaned your xbox for you.
    And in all fairness, the guy on the phone said that you would get your original xbox back and you did.

  329. Anti-M$ says:

    I truly feel sorry for what Nathaniel has gone through and there is now excuse for that type of “customer service”. But i do have to state…DID ANY OF YOU REALLY EXPECT BETTER FROM MICROSOFT? The reason microsoft can do things like this, continually do things like this, and GET AWAY WITH IT is cause we keep supporting their dumb A$$E$!! Microsoft has never nor will they ever care about the consumer. They released a crap piece of hardware, that they STILL have not fixed, for the first 6 months they refused to admit any problems, and yet people still treat them like the gods of the tech industry. SCREW MICROSOFT!! why has there not been a class action lawsuit against these A-Holes? I think by this time the world has gained enough damaging evidence to bring them down in court. Maybe im just too idealistic.

  330. Noah says:

    For the love of God….. it’s 280 to buy a brand new arcade 360, and he could have just swapped the shell and hard drive. Why the hell did he allow something so personally prized anywhere out of his sight?

  331. FCK_MS says:

    I hope this gets out, Microsoft is responsible for this in every way, he should sue these incompetent F*CKS

  332. Cynden says:

    That poor boy is my older brother. He is DEVESTATED. He spent a lot of time making sure his xbox would come back ok. He LOVED that custom artwork. It was all he could talk about for a week when he came back from the rvb convention. And he didn’t seal the marker because it would void his warrenty. He couldn’t do anything to save it…

  333. Chris Brennan says:

    Sue them … sue them into the ground. D00d, get a damned laywer and SUE them.

  334. celeste says:


  335. Talan says:

    It’s funny to read down through these, and see just where the M$ fanboys (or employee’s) started adding comments.
    This is simply shameful!!. Yes it probably could have been prevented, but why would any “repairman” clean something like that off the system. I would tend to say he now has it wrapped around his xbox at home. While there is nothing legally that can be done, the owner needs to make sure that the manager of the repair department, knows what his employee’s are doing.
    The least M$ should do is through a couple new release games at this guy!

  336. Mr.Domino says:

    Todays a good time to get over the sentimental and attachment desires created by our egos.

  337. Erock says:

    Is there a letter writing campaign or something to come?

  338. Adam says:

    This is why I sold my xbox 360 when I got it back from microsoft.
    Their tech support service is really bad as some of you all ready know. Now my system was 14 months old and it went out on the E74 and they send my a used 360 which all of my downloaded items that I bought over the year whould not work on my replace 360 seen the serail didnt match so I call microsoft and told them my new problem that my stuff wouldnt work it took them 4 months to get to work.. I also have a PS3 which I got at the release date and its 15 months now and it stll working just fine. No problems what so ever the money I save on the PSN Network I can buy more games for my PS3.

  339. mike says:

    yes i hate microsoft but i can see why they did this,

    1. look at the comments that were printed on the 360 “dont put to much ink on me i might over heat” and “360 more like three shitsty”

    2. even after you buy your consloe from MS they still own it.

  340. IckAck says:

    That dude got Pwned!
    Way to go Microsoft! You sure showed him.

  341. chaosgone says:

    “…he called Xbox support to discuss the possibility of getting a different 360 sent back to him and the importance that he get the same exact console and case back. He was assured his console would get repaired and they would ship the same console back to him.”

    The problem is this, in my opinion. People don’t like to say “I don’t know,” so they will assure people of things that they have no way of knowing. The Xbox support person should have told him “Sorry, I have no idea if we can do that.”

  342. vyperbyte says:

    It’s truly a sad case to read. I find it amusing that some are defending MS or saying he should not have sent something in that was so precious. Like him, I don’t have tons of money lying around to drop on a new system when one breaks. When something breaks, you try to have it repaired. Should something go wrong on your custom 67 Shelby Mustang, should you go out and try to buy a new one so nothing happens to first? Microsoft is at fault for several reasons:

    First and foremost, he contacted them directly, spoke with the customer service agent who ASSURED him everything would be fine. If cleaning and removal of all decorations was standard procedure, then why the hell didn’t the agent mention this?

    Second, because MS is using outsourcing. I’m sorry if that’s a lame excuse, but I for one am fed up with companies outsourcing and thinking they’re giving customers the same care and quality. I mean, how many of you have called a help line and got some idiot who spoke 10 words of broken english?

    Third, even if the work is outsourced, the note should have been taken by the tech to someone who could read/translate it. The fact that the tech completely disregarded the letter, without any investigation as to what it stated, is pure negligence.

    To those who say the company could erase any anti-MS comments written on it, you’re really narrow-minded fools. I can walk into Wal-Mart wearing a T-shirt that says “Wal-Mart is Satan’s right hand and the very cesspool of all things evil warping society” and they would still have to treat me like any other customer. This is America! Freedom of speech, remember? He paid for his Xbox, which made him the owner, and for that reason he can write whatever he wants on it.

    Yes it was a unique and prized possession that deserved the utmost care, which he did his best to do. And why do people jump to the “scam” accusations? So he took pictures. Only an idiot would send something of considerable value off and not photographically record it beforehand. This was not a scam or a foolish mistake by some unsuspecting kid. It was a passionate gamer who took the most ideal steps within his budgetary range to have a console system he obviously enjoyed very much repaired while staying within MicroSoft’s warranty policies.

    My sympathies go out to him, as this is indeed another case of failure by a big company to take care of its customers. Care and concern for customer service has gone to the wayside in favor of maximizing profit, as we are all simply numbers to them, faceless currency where the individual doesn’t matter, and this is another shining example of that.

  343. The issue has been forwarded to the relevant higher ups at the Xbox division by an acquaintance.

    I think before people start flaming and attacking Microsoft or Nathaniel , it is better to wait until the Xbox team investigates this matter. I don’t work for Microsoft but I can assure you that companies like Microsoft do take customer service very seriously and will be looking into this shortly.

    Also if the customer hasn’t done so already, he should contact Xbox as well.

    Danial Jameel

  344. Azrylle says:

    If this story isn’t fake, then that really pisses me off. Some jealous dickweed decided to screw over someone that happened to be luckier than him. He can be jealous all he wants, but how dare he think he has the right to take away those memories. If it wasn’t a fit of hateful jealousy, though, all I can say is DAMN that employee was stupid as hell.

  345. formatDelete says:

    sorry kid… you should have just bought a new console… It sucks, I know, but you just learned a powerful lesson. You can’t trust something so valuable like that with just anyone.


  346. THE BENCHWARMER says:


  347. Avenger says:

    This is so sick,

    MS owes him a lot, those signs r a lot to a person, i know it, believe me. after he made all of this y da fuck MS did that, some can say it’s a daily routine to clean stuff after repairs.but u must pay special attention after a customer makes this kind of apeal.

    oh and btw this showcases that all of the customers are same toms. all they need is money.

    thats the thruth ay.

  348. Kanianreborn says:

    OK I have read through all the comments and am completely disgusted. This fellow gamer, we are not divided by our consoles we are all gamers, is sh*tted on by Microsoft and you insult and down right degrade him.

    Stop acting like jack*ss’s and think for a moment, how the hell would you feel if this happened to you? He took the all the precautions he could think of, and thats more than some of you jack*sses would have done.

    And to the sony-fanboy xbox bashers, get a freaking life. Each console has it’s strengths, pros and cons. You guys get MGS4 so p*ss off and take a look in the mirror.

    Lets see, is that all?

    Ah wait no it isn’t, I haven’t offer my condolences to Nathan.

    Dude that really sucks, that sucks hard, but if Bungie or Rooster Teeth has anything to do about it you’ll be fine. I wish you luck fellow gamer.

    And to the possible repliers to this comment, if you ain’t got anything good or decent to say about somebody or something, piss off!

    PS: that goes for all the other commenter as well.

  349. What. says:

    297: You see that sort of customer service -EVERY DAY-. Stop lying.

  350. Anonymous says:

    There’s a very good chance that these repairs were done by someone that didn’t recognize how important these signatures were to the owner. Could there be a chance they ship this stuff over to China and the repair person didn’t even recognize these marks as language and simply graffiti?

  351. erz says:

    Yeah, too bad man. But they held their agreement. You got the *same* xbox back apparently. Sorry for the loss of the exterior’though.

  352. Snowman says:

    While this is surely sad for the boy, maybe it will have a positive outcome – causing him to reconsider whether it’s worth it to invest so much of his life in video games? We’re all going to die one day…

  353. ChromeWeasel says:

    Seriously, I can’t believe people are making a big deal out of this. I can see this is annoying for the customer. But it seems like the defect was repaired and the original case was returned. It seems perfectly reasonable that the repair techs would scrub down the case as standard policy to return all items in as like new condition as possible. So the sigs got wiped out.

    Crying about this particular case is just ridiculous. Nothing of real value was lost here. Nothing was stolen. The console was fixed. This is just an example of uber-geeks crying about Microsoft because it’s become cool.

  354. John says:

    Sounds about right. I went out and bought a 360 last weekend from a WalMart and when I got home I couldn’t fit the power cable in to the system. Called CS and was told that this system was shipped with an old version of the power cable and it’s not compatible with my system. Not nearly as bad a story as this but I got nothing bot form letters from MS when I tried to figure out how this could happen. Despite the customers spending hundreds of $s per console MS doesn’t even spend the time to make sure that they are sending out consoles with compatible cables. They do not care about customer satisfaction at all as long people are still buying.

  355. Pepperhed says:

    Holy mario! I’m a whiny Wii Fanboy, and this even cheeses me off!

  356. rob says:

    thats messed up though ……. sue the bastards !!!

  357. Papa 5m1rf says:

    Permanant marker comes off very easily with any number of paint thinners you can buy at hardware store. It is quite obvious to me that the box was cleaned by a very vindictive little shit. If that’s not the case then microsoft have workers with IQ’s less than 60 working for them.

  358. knoby says:

    Dude. Someone stole it. They saw all the siggies, and the original art, and stoled it. They changed the case. They put a new one on it. They “scribbled” some shit on it, and then they tried to erase it so it would look as if the whole thing got erased. No one in their right mind would have erased it so well. It means extra work for them. MS employees don’t like extra work. Is it possible that MS has a policy where they will CLEAN YOUR BROKEN 360 when you turn it in? Not that I know of. I say take this shit to their corporate offices, and give them hell about it. They owe you bigtime man.

  359. Gideon Ransom says:

    I call bullshit. Show us that the old system and the new system have the same serial number.

  360. josh says:

    to post #311: you’re an idiot.

    1. that’s a lot of black marker on the console buddy. shit like that tends to smear when you try and clean it.

    2. who’s to say some asshole didn’t decide to just ruin it for this kid? there are douchebags everyone, you’re a prime example.

    3. he paid for the system, if he wanted to use it as 3rd base it’s his choice. he sent it in to be repaired, was assured he’d get the same system back (which, they did live up to that part) and even included a letter about why he wanted the same system back.

    jesus christ man, i find it incredibly hard to believe someone can be as retarded as you and not need a fucking machine to help you breath.

  361. Ridiculous! Greedy corporate bastards! I had the RRoD also and after waiting weeks we got a ‘replacement’ unit back that STILL doesn’t work correctly.

    Keep spreading the word. I posted on our XBox Flickr groups…

    They completely suck. I’m sorry man.

  362. Another observer says:

    The before and after pics don’t match… take a look at where the “rubbed off ink” is, and then compare it to the first picture.

    I don’t know if this is either someone just bashing MS and making a fake blogging about how they got screwed or if it’s an actual case of MS fudging up.

    Too bad it’s hard to actually verify anything on the intarwebs.

  363. rene says:

    i hope you pay ms…this just pisses me off!!!!!!

  364. chris says:

    That sucks! Sending off personal things that mean a lot to you is always tough…

  365. brian says:

    that sucks big time my heart goes out to you.

  366. michelle says:

    thats bullshit you piss me off Microsoft

  367. jordanlund says:

    When you send an Xbox 360 back to Microsoft they put a little form in the box, this form tells you, specifically, that any modifications you want to keep need to be removed BEFORE you send the box back.

    In fact they even tell you to remove the faceplate, hard drive, etc.

    When I sent my box back I got a completely different 360. Different serial #, different mfg. date, everything. The only thing I have from my original unit is the faceplate, HD, video cables and power supply.

  368. TwelveMind says:

    Sad part was if the console never went faulty then this wouldn’t have happened to Nathaniel. Way to go, Microshit…way to screw over one of your loyal customers. We seriously need to find out which repair center it was sent, and put a choke hold on whomever is responsible.

  369. impuLsive says:

    Typical MS. Heh.

  370. craig says:

    seriously, this guy can sue them and would probably win. thats destruction of personal property. i would if i was him.

  371. FD says:

    Oh come on, it’s HIS OWN FAULT. Lets say he had a diamond ring attached to it, what’s the likely hood he’d get it back? Obviously no chance!

    He should have removed the faceplates, bought new white faceplacets and sent that back instead.

  372. Tom says:

    Well maybe in the future.. We Americans should demand that M$ build these units in the good old U.S. of A. That way when they break down or need repairs we can walk over to our neighbors house and punch them in the nose for making such a crappy product. Good luck trying to find the tempo migrant workers building em now.

    Hey M$ stop outsourcing. I’m not buying another fn thing from any company that manufactures it in Mexico. The quality control is horrendous. Also these repair/exchange centers are guaranteed to be over worked and underpaid.

    Your lucky to even get your’s back. I babied mine and got one back that looks like it didn’t have dinner ready when it’s owner got home.

    Although they might have had the case cleaned to remove all evidence of the people who authorized and designed a faulty system to begin with.

    Good luck getting some free swag. Maybe Major Nelson will give you an Autographed pic of himself, and a new faceplate with his gamerscore and tag signed. That’s gotta be as good as the old stuff cruddy marker stuff?

    /Love my 360.. Just wish it was as reliable as a Honda.

  373. MoronsRus says:

    Wow, sweet ass console with one of a kind signatures and graphics, next time use yer brain, get a new XBOX and stick the RRoD box on the shelf proudly plugged in and keep the sentiment, sending that it was dumb, the people you talk to on the phones are picking their noses and waiting for the next break to go get some Butter chicken from the vendor down the street in New Delhi, India. The Moron fixing your box (ie replacing the innerds) is some underpaid Mexican who is lucky to have a roof over his head let alone read english, live learn and get a brain, you screwed yerself.

  374. IKP says:

    More evidence that in this corporate fuckup world of ours, you just can’t have nice things.

  375. Spanky says:

    First off, I do feel for you man. That is a heartless thing to do to someone else’s belongings.

    However, did anyone notice the “three shitsty” comment on the box? You know, that probably hit a nerve with someone, and that someone got a little revenge. Imagine you work on a team, you put your heart and soul into a product, and someone returns your product with some cute rhyming calling your product “shit” – really, think hard.

    He called their product “shit” while they had no defense – so they got some revenge while he could not defend. 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but some people call it justice.

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  377. Random says:

    Who does put a sealant over stuff like this? Yeah MS f**ked up, but they are not the only ones that f**ked up here.

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  379. -S- says:

    Anyone that says this story is “BS” deserves to get punched in the face. Like this kid woke up one morning and said to himself “hmmm, what should I do today – Oh I know! I’ll make up some story and Con Microsoft into feeling sorry/giving me some free shit!”

    The respected ‘bigs’ who signed this 360; Artist Luke McKay, folks down at Bungie Studios and Rooster teeth i GUARANTEE will back up this story that they did in fact, sign this kids 360 – especially Luke who seems to have put a lot of detail into that gesture…so it’s not BS and if you think it is, you’re a moron.

    brilliant observation – we’re just as confused as everyone else is in this matter. It could’ve been smudged while being wiped off IN that direction (ever clean something with a rag? it smears everywhere you rub, not just where it originally was). And they might’ve just replaced his case with a cleaner one that just had smudges on it.

    Either way, this story isn’t BS, you’re a retard and should go back to looking at lolcats and 4chan all day if you think it is – and

    “I work at a Microsoft facility and used to fix game consoles this isn’t anything special. We always wipe down and clean consoles before and after we fix them for two reasons: 1) to make sure no dirt gets inside the system and 2) To make sure it isn’t covered in dust from our factory afterwards.

    Now that you’re signatures are gone perhaps it’s time you got a life.”

    Whoever wrote that I feel sorry for, because they will surely die alone. Show a little heart for f*cks sake – you may think that stuff like this is childish and insignificant, but what if somebody ruined something that was really sentimental to YOU. Would you like it if a bunch of no talent clowns started spewing sh*t like that around? What a bunch of asses.

  380. AcidGrfx says:

    sue them that way they learn

  381. noway says:

    Since Bill Gates has stepped down and the greed has since increased by more then ten fold.

    Get a Lawyer and sue these fucking pricks for everything you can!

  382. Nate says:

    If I where Nathaniel, I would be extremely ecstatic!!!

    I would call my lawyer and sue Microsoft for more than thousands of dollars. Since you can’t buy those signatures you can pretty much put any $ value that you deem necessary on it. Congratulations Nathaniel you are a rich man, unless you throw this golden opportunity away.

  383. Insomniac says:

    Poor guy, he definitely deserves some serious reconciliation from Microsoft for this outrage. I have always seen Microsoft as a huge money grubbing conglomerate that cares nothing about average Joe and this just reaffirms my stereotype. Weather someone stole the case and replaced it with a smudged forgery or actually took the time to scrub it off, either way it’s a malicious act and should be a lesson to all, Microsoft doesn’t care about you or anything you hold dear.

  384. Hunting_Phoenix says:


    It probably is a quite from Red vs. Blue. Underneath that comment, it says “Simmons.” I haven’t watched all the RvB, but there’s a Simmons character in there.

    That sounds like a RvB thing to say.

  385. Rorkimaru says:

    If that had been my console i would destroy microsoft. if i couldnt sue i would make sure everyone i could think of in the gaming industry found out about this. such a callous act can not be alowed. i cant think how he could be compensated. something like that is irreplaceable.

    tell fox news, they will take it out of context and say you were sent porn in the box but at least it will hurt M$’s rep

  386. Nate says:

    graboid9 | February 28, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    Do you think the average mexican factory worker knows or cares who rooster teeth are? I don’t think so. It goes down an assembly line and probably one guy cleans every box that comes in…thats his only job is to clean the outside. Day and night cleaning boxes. He most likely doesn’t know how to not clean one, because if a dirty one got out he would be fired and his family would starve.

    I guess I’m the devils advocate here. The people saying sue microsoft are idiots.The signatures have no monetary value just sentimental. Did he go to all these events for just signatures or did he go to have a good time, meet people and play games? It sucks and i feel a little sorry for him, but the fact is something so precious to him should never have left his possession no matter how much he was assured it would be fine.

    You are wrong. If I had a base ball signed by Babe Ruth, that base ball would sure as heck be worth more than an ordinary base ball. The signatures clearly added considerable value to the box. Your the stupidest person on this page.

  387. chris says:

    if you would like to kick MS in the butt buy a Competing console.
    PS3 or Wii and sell the 360

  388. Joe says:

    Not cool. Not cool.

  389. ra says:

    Q: why didn’t he just take the case off?
    A: because it would void the warranty

    um, doesn’t he say right in the letter “Although the original warranty for my machine has expired some time ago…”


    Yes, MS should not have told him it would be ok, but sheesh don’t ship somelike that into the borg.

  390. Pau says:

    I totally doubt that the people at the repair center spent much time on this console.
    The person responsible for this probably printed the same serial number on a different case and smudged some purplish goo to make it look like they removed the signatures on the case and kept the original to themselves.
    The repair center is over at Texas so there is NO WAY that the people who repair them do not know the value of this thing… I wouldn’t be surprised if it pops up on eBay.
    Sorry for your loss.
    And a big F@#% U to thieves.

  391. N says:

    Microsoft doesn’t owe this guy a fucking thing.

    Next time, get something that doesn’t have the potential to be sent in or repaired signed …. maybe like a piece of paper.

    Any dipshit who says they aren’t going to buy anything outsourced(or to Mexico) — have fun being homeless and owning NOTHING.

    They repaired his Xbox, and that’s all they were required to do. Fucking signatures … who goddamn cares.

  392. mUH says:

    The smudge on the post-repair case does not match up to any writing or doodles on the pre-repair case.

  393. jim says:

    I don’t mean to sound well…mean but guys come on!

    Theres people dying in the world today! wars! disease!
    I can’t find much time to care about a signed console and the usual “microsoft sucks” argument.

    Corporations worry about their money, not their customers (This applies to apple aswell to any Steve Jobs worshippers…)

  394. gus says:

    They basically did a full refurb, that’s impressive service. OK there’s two ways to look at this, it wasn’t a very intelligent decision to do this but the guys in refurb probably have absolutely NO autonomy. Too bad. This way it probably works our well for almost every other customer.

  395. Blaine says:

    Well, his first mistake was writing a big long letter regarding his precious artwork. Do you think a factory worker (probably located in india or mexico), that doesn’t speak English is going to read your letter and think, “Oh, wow, better be careful with this boy’s xbox 360 case, it’s a rarity indeed!” No. They’re going to follow standard procedure, repair the box, wipe it down, replace any cosmetic damage and send it back.

    He should have taped a big piece of paper on the side of the case that said, “DO NOT REMOVE ARTWORK” in English, Spanish, Hindi, and perhaps Taiwanese.

  396. timo says:

    Dude, Microsoft OWNED that young man BIG TIME!!1111

  397. Beaner says:

    I read these comments most of the way down. I feel sorry for Nathaniel. I think he was screwed. I also think it’s Microsoft’s fault. I also blame Nathaniel for not expecting it. It’s SOP for every large corp. these days. It’s also the reason I have not and will not buy an XBox. Microsoft first lyed about having a problem, then admitted they have a problem and now just lie about the numbers. Why is anyone continuing to buy a game that is a piece of junk when the customer service that goes with it also sucks. Walk past the 360 and give your money to the competition and MS will build a better unit and take better care of there customers if they really want to win them back. As long as they are making billions on a piece of crap and they don’t even have to say ‘Sorry’ why would they change anything?

  398. lulz says:

    Kid wiped it himself, sues MS, gets money

    Just wait a few days for the lawsuit

  399. You know, that really does suck. I just don’t understand how permanent marker would just wipe off a case though. My bet would be that they replaced the sides of the case and those smudges are just random chance. And not wanting to sound like an ass but why would you ever mail something back to them that has that much sentimental value to you? You know that the people “fixing” these systems (they don’t fix anything, they just replace them) are making 7 dollars an hour and could care less about you or your system. Now, having said that, I am really sorry that this happened to you, especially with something that is essentially not replaceable.

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  401. Tom G says:

    The kid that sent this in is an idiot. They don’t even guarantee that you get the same console back. If it was that important he should have put his console in some sort of display case and bought a new one. To blame Microsoft for you own stupid ass mistake is laughable. There are plenty of things that MS does wrong, no doubt about it, but this is really not their fault.

  402. Pingback: » Blog Archive » Gamer gets SCREWED by Microsoft.

  403. bob says:


    wow that is really pathetic of MS. Shit, i feel bad for nathaniel. Microsoft really should do something for him.

  404. Danielle says:

    Bleh, I wouldn’t have sent it in at all. I woulda waited the time to save money to get another one.. I feel sad for you, but what the heck were you even thinking sending it in? That’s just not good judgement. I wouldn’t trust a huuuuge company like microsoft to keep anything of mine safe.

    I mean, they let all the xboxs be released with the RROD timebomb in them. Do you think they’re going to pay attention to your single xbox? Bad call, buddy. bad call. :[ You should get reimbursed… but you most likely won’t. Keep the things that are worth that much to you, with you. Don’t hand them away..

  405. Hyshinara says:

    MY GOD!
    It would be like me losing all my bag of drawings and my drawings on my pc’s harddrive in a homefire…

    If that ever happens, that’s the end…

    And don’t say screw you microsoft, they didn’t have anything to do with it… All it took, was 1 fucked person that really didn’t like Halo…

    screw that person!

  406. Joseph says:

    Wow…all I can say is Wow…that is completely fubar. They should seriously get him a console and send it themselves to the people who signed it with a note to get a new console back in order to scope of what it was before…Wow!

  407. Quantifier says:

    Sad story indeed. And I know it hits home with you too angel as one of your previous boxes you had decorated got swapped out with no consideration of the personalization you had made.

    Regardless of whether it’s their process now to wipe cases down, hopefully this gets their attention to change their process to not alter cases that have been personalized and be sure they are properly returned.

    As an alternate option for future reference (not sure if anyone else noted it already or not as I didn’t read all the comments), people like Nathaniel might want to consider sending it to a 3rd party repair site/person who will give their box the personal attention/care they desire.

  408. steve says:

    fuck microsoft …. bastards

  409. Dawn says:

    I’m really sad for you, but maybe you deserved to have it taken away. Just a little. I wished you’d gotten it back,
    But you are one dumb kid.
    Wtf were you thinking, this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
    Buy a new one, keep yours safe. Geesh. Don’t be cheap when it comes to things like that.
    Lame. Shame on you. I don’t have any blame for Microsoft, really, and you shouldn’t either. I’d just regret making a stupid mistake that I hope you would never make again.
    Peace, homie g. :D

  410. !!!!READ THIS!!!!
    You may not have received the exact same case back. The agent who might have “cleaned” up your xbox noticed the signatures had value and took the case. This agent then might have marked up another clean case and then proceed to clean it up, making sure to leave smudges.
    I surely hope that this didn’t happen!!!!

  411. jAYBIRD2005 says:

    “Permanent” marker erases easily with alcohol. Alcohol is often used by people in the electronics industry to try to protect workers from the crud on most electronics. The people doing the repair probably did not speak English so they did not understand the note. Plus, the repair forms he agreed to state that M$ can repair or replace at it’s option. If this unit’s value was greater than the cost of a new one, he should have retired it and bought a new (and better) machine. I have a computer signed by one of it’s designers, that will *never* leave my possession for any reason period.

  412. #380 I agree with the policy changes, interesting points. However I don’t think it has to come to a point of sending units to 3rd party.

    As I stated before the relevant authorities at Microsoft Xbox division have been notified and are looking into this incident. Until then its best to be patient :)

    Danial Jameel

  413. anonimi says:

    holy f**k…i cant believe that happened. i dont even know what to say, it’s insane.

    no more 360 games for me…hear that microshit? Im done you pricks

  414. 50ny 10v3r says:

    Sure sounds like M$ took care of him to me! Good job buying that POS

  415. John Crihton says:

    What’s funny is that even if he does get a replacement from Microsoft (signatures and all) it’s just going to RROD again lol. Didn’t you know, being a MS fanboy requires you to pay the retard tax every couple of weeks.

  416. moo says:

    wow….the repair monkeys are retarded
    i mean, that was a fuckin drawing of the fuckin master chief himself, how can you wipe that off??? it was pretty obvious that it was there on purpose, plus he even told them and encased a letter
    this is about as retarded as it gets…fuck you, microsoft!

  417. Bored@work. says:

    I wonder what he used to clean it. I have a few monitors that are turning yellowish.

  418. Noah says:

    This is horrible.

  419. Phil says:

    MS is at fault, even though the repair company was in Mexico.

    First of all, a prime contractor is directly responsible to its customers for all happenings of subcontractors.

    Second, a MS representative who works for the REPAIRS division ASSURED him that everything would be okay. Now, don’t you think a person working in REPAIRS would have the knowledge of how the REPAIR process works? Or else how could he ASSURE him it would be okay?

    MS is liable. Plain and simple. He has documented proof that shows this. He can legally sue them. Hopefully MS will step up and do the right thing and he won’t HAVE to sue.

  420. moo says:

    oh and you have my sympathies, dude…i feeel really sorry for you

    ps: what weapn is the chief holding in the drawing? an SMG, an AR or something different?

  421. sonicanatidae says:

    Starting email carpet bombing run on M$.

    Anyone else up to join me?

    ps. I dont even own an Xbox and I’m pissed about this

  422. John Gardner says:

    A similar thing happened to me!

    I have a 360 signed by Steve Ballmer from a charity auction. When mine RROD’d, they repaired it, and apparently washed the case, leaving the signature pretty faded.

    Before pics:

    I have to take/upload some “After” pics though!

  423. Turbs says:

    Bashing outsourcing is foolish; bashing Mexicans or the Chinese is worse.

    You can hire excellent 3rd-party repairmen right here in the U.S., as can Microsoft. 3rd-party services would allow for much better oversight and specification of the job you want done.

    You won’t hire 3rd-party American repairmen, however, because they’re too expensive.

    Microsoft feels the same way.

    You want your Xbox360 to cost $400 bucks, rather than $1,000? Then get used to overseas labor. The same goes for extended warranties.

    High quality service costs money. You traded higher-quality service for lower initial sticker price. Now you regret your decision.

    Me, I don’t make keepsakes out of my electronics, in no small part because electronics break down easily and become obsolete even easier.

    But if I did become attached to a piece of hardware, I would have the good sense to pay money to protect it.

  424. heathercicle says:

    Why someone would clean it, with or without notification of the personal/monetary value it had, is beyond me. How many people do you know would go out of their way to clean a random stranger’s broken -anything- on top of their normal work requirements?

    Other than that, boycott Microsoft! Linux FTW. :)

  425. Jim says:

    Yeah, as soon as I saw the story I thought ‘I bet there’s some minimum-wage drone in a room somewhere with a bottle of cleaner whose job it is to make sure that the boxes don’t go back to the customers dirty or greasy’.

    This does not, of course, excuse this.

    MS, you agreed to a standard of service and failed to meet it, at a tangible cost to the client. it’ll be cheaper in the long run to just cut the kid a cheque for $50K. I look forward to reading that you’ve done the right thing.

  426. ampersand says:

    someone made off with the goods. that much ink doesn’t come off that easily. no industrial solvent can wipe away sharpie or any permanent marker that well. this guy was robbed and microsoft really ought to do something about that. i’m not a game person at all, but when it comes to property being stolen, thats just wrong. did this person contact microsoft after the discovery? have they been notified that this story is online? this is criminal, but only slightly hilarious.

  427. owned says:

    looks like that lil xbot got 0wned

  428. microsoft are fuckers says:

    SELL YOUR XBOX260, it is redundant now, HD-DVD died.

    Buy PS3

    DONT sponsor M$ they are cunts

  429. whocares says:

    Maybe he shouldn’t have “carried it around” to get the stupid signatures in the first place, its probably why it broke.

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  431. Seanchai says:

    Sorry to hear that, dude. It sucks. – John

  432. Jan says:

    So sorry to hear this happened to you! A real bummer. But you still have something that they haven’t taken from you and that is your memories of collecting the signatures and the feeling of achievement in getting them. You still have those to cherish and remember~ “they” don’t and never will :-)

  433. Horace says:

    Well… I think the safest thing to have done would be to just not get it repaired. Put it on a display shelf, save up for another one. Yeah, it’s hard-hearted, but a valuable lesson was learned here: don’t let stuff out of your hands that you don’t want to lose.

    Lesson learned, sucks to be sure but now he’s a wiser individual and will likely be more careful with any future memorabilia items.

    Welcome to life.

  434. logan says:

    This is bull shit … holy fucking bull shit. Isnt there some law u can sue them for or something… like the bull shit law. if the company is that mental they should just die because u could of sold something like that for a lot of money so cant u sue them for that?

  435. Rory says:

    That’s what you get for attachment: screwed. Notice how every time we attach ourselves to things around us, those things end up getting us down when they go bad.

    If you can live without these things, you have no reason to get upset if something happened to it. I don’t know how many times I’ve been without a computer ’cause of crashing, but it never stopped me. After all, there is a real world with real trees and real people where if you die you don’t get a second chance without starting the WHOLE GAME OVER!

  436. Bob says:

    doesn’t microsoft outsource these repairs to some company that i dont think is actually a part of Microsoft. i could be mistaken but the places that you send them (from reading the address label on their pre paid boxes) dont seem to be affiliated with Microsoft. stop hating on them because they are better than you.

  437. Fuck.. Shit… Hope you can handle this Nathaniel !

    All the best from denmark

  438. Donald says:

    I agree with an earlier post that the case was not cleaned, but stolen. The smudges are just a red-herring meant to disguise the theft of the orginal case cover. It’ll be on ebay or someone’s collection soon. Regardless, Microsoft needs to step up. This is pretty sickening. We should all be offended. It could be us (in some other way) getting hosed in the future…

  439. CrimsonKIng says:

    I hate Microsoft. I hate the Halo community, but if this guy is willing to go and get the developers signatures, then he probably isn’t a frat boy. No one cleaned that case. Someone took it (Akums Razor). A good business man would look at this and say “What could I possible do to make this better, not only better but good enough to forgive the original offence?”

    In your honor I will continue to not pay for all of the Microsoft products I use.

  440. joe says:

    when are you people going to smarten up, and start boycotting this company? they don’t care about him, or his autographs.

    Be men, and deal with life without your silly effing video games

  441. Kyevan says:

    Oh gods.

    If you have a case like that, accompnany the damn thing to the repair center, and don’t let it out of your sight.

  442. Alan says:

    Sue them for the cost it would take to go around and get all the signatures again. Sue the exact place that did this, try to find out supervisors and employee names.

  443. Alex says:

    I am still upset. I am really sorry for this gamer. This employee should be fired instantly.

  444. Grumpicus says:


    Look at where the (circled) smudge is – a little below the words “XBOX 360” and almost to the edge. (I believe the the bottom of the picture is showing us the front of the case with the faceplate removed.) Now look at the two “before” shots. In neither shot is there any ink in that specific location. Especially if my theory is correct that we’re looking at the side with the “0” closest to the front in the “after” shot then this would correspond with the “360Bottombig.jpg” and there’s definitely not any ink in that location.

    My two cents… though it’s sure to get lost in the flood.

  445. SpaceGhost2K says:

    I only have a second so I have to do this quick-like.

    I shared this info with other MVPs and it will be seen by the product group. Not that they are responsible or can do anything about it, but I wanted them to know about the situation. One of them knows the guy personally and can vouch for the situation.

    I think it’s riciculous to blame “Microsoft” as much as it would be to blame Bill Gates himself. Microsoft is huge. Xbox is global. There’s millions of 360’s out there, getting shipped worldwide. There’s language issues. There’s culture issues. There’s procedure issues. What may be valuable autographs to us might be unsightly graffiti to someone else. The guy cleaning this might have thought “Wow, he’ll be so happy to have a nice, shiny Xbox again.”

    The whole thing was a bad error in judgement by multiple people: The guy on the phone who promised it would be handled on an individual basis, the guy who owned the console and believed it, the guy who did the cleaning.

    The truth of the matter is this: MS is responsible, BUT… they did nothing wrong. Obviously they are responsible because the cleaning was done by their hands. However, the owner should have come to the conclusion that when this art was done, he should treat the console as “out of warranty” and have any repair issues done locally and paid for out of pocket. He weighed the risk of damage to the case against the reward of saving the repair cost, and went for the $$$.

    Getting the “yeah, sure” from some guy on the phone in one country when your Xbox is going to another country is NOT the same thing as having a local guy tell you to your face, “We will take care of your case when we fix your system.”

    I had three signatures very valuable to me get wiped off a Zune just through normal handling, so I CAN understand what they guy is going through. I mean, Sakaguchi-san and Mr. Molyneux and Mr. Moore all signed it, and poof, they just came off. It’ snot like I can ever get those again. But had my Zune died, I wouldn’t send it in to get it fixed. It would go on my shelf and I’d be buying another Zune.

  446. Jim says:

    #426, there are any number of off-the-shelf solvents that’ll clean off Sharpie with a single wipe of a rag. When some idiot uses permanent marker on the whiteboard at work, we have a spraycan full of I-dont-know-what-but-it-stinks-like-death.

    ‘Permanent’ marker is anything but.

  447. Somebody that thinks most of you are gay... says:

    OK, holy shit people. I, for one, agree with Will up there. Yes it pisses me off that someone @ MS was having a shitty day and decided to take it out on you, but you should have kept the damn xbox you had and saved your money to buy a new one. Its no different that people that work for UPS taking their shitty day out on my packages as they load them on the truck and beathing the shit out of them. Sorry to hear about it, but fucking hell people, get the fuck over it and move the fuck on. I hope MS sends the guy a new xbox or does something for him(which i highly doubt), but talk of lawsuits over a 300 dollar item is slightly ridiculous in my opinion. Its over, its done, time to move the fuck on.

  448. V says:

    I don’t mean to be cruel.. but only a fool would send an “out of warranty” xbox back to microsoft with those sig’s and artwork on it. What Nat should have done was preserve that for all time and buy another xbox. Shame on you man.. but I you just learned a lesson that many of us already know. MS doesn’t care about people.. only money. Sorry for your loss.. now don’t do it again.

  449. Matt says:

    Ugh this is horrible, this is why I stick with sony, might not be perfect but way better then microsoft. Microsoft should be paying you by the truck loads for your forgiveness because if not, they’re just up to a quick get rich scheme.

  450. Jim says:


    “Getting the “yeah, sure” from some guy on the phone in one country when your Xbox is going to another country is NOT the same thing”

    Actually, yeah, it is. It’s called a verbal contract, and he was acting as an agent of the corporation.

    Whether there are ‘language issues’ or other issues is wholly irrelevant. How big the company is is wholly irrelevant. How many clients they deal with on a daily basis is wholly irrelevant.

    MS agreed to a standard of service and did not meet it, at a tangible cost to the client. That’s actionable.

    And don’t get me wrong: I’m still laughing at this story. I love this kind of gamer-gets-punked schadenfreude. But don’t kid yourself into thinking that MS did no wrong or that they aren’t 100% responsible.

  451. jim says:

    It sucks that they did that, I’d even argue that it was done on purpose by some asshole, but it’s a bunch of fucking signatures…I think you’ll be fine.

  452. Snap says:

    “Sometimes all it takes to feel like a valued customer is an acknowledgment of a mistake and a simple apology.”

    Couldn’t agree more with this statement. Unfortunately Microsoft has grow too large to care about individual consumers. There so large in fact that their Xbox Live Support “team” is completely outsourced. When you call 1-800-4MY-XBOX you aren’t talking to an employee of Microsoft at all. Your talking to a company who is contracted to handle Xbox Live Support calls.

    The Xbox Escalation team however has people that are MS employees. Yet reaching those people takes an act of God. In my case I had to email Robbie Bach directly to get an MS employee to discuss my Xbox 360 issue without speaking through a script.

    I feel sorry for Nathaniel. Dealing with Xbox Live Support is a travesty. There is absolutely no excuse from MS to hire such a completely incompetent company to run Xbox Live Support.

    Bill Gates needs to supply every single employee of the Microsoft Corporation with the following book: The Fred Factor

    MS needs to learn that the customer comes first before profits.

  453. Meeper says:

    Wow, Thats just crual. But i guess it is Microsoft.
    Hope you can get some new sigs :( The art was amazing.

  454. To all who think this isn't a bad thing says:

    I can’t beleive any of you are defending MS, even accept that ‘it’s the way things are’. Who the hell poisoned you into thinking that this should happen in any comsumer society? If you’re over 16 you ought to be ashamed. If under, then I guess your comments must not be worth much as you are not saying anything remotely normal.

    MS gave him assurances, he went out of his way to mark the item with an explanatory letter. They failed to follow on their assurances. If a MS employee promises something, the company is then bound by that promise. This is why they are TRAINED in their responses for christ’s sake.

    MS failed utterly and anyone who disagrees with that assessment is, frankly, wrong.

    I’m not an xbox360 gamer (PC) but this needs to go upwards in the xbox community and MS needs to put its hands in its pockets and give this kid some compensation. A trip to MS, xbox goodies, HALO stuff etc. It’s a drop in the ocean for them and a PR coup as they can splash it everywhere to make them look cool.

  455. Reditus says:

    I don’t know what to say, I love PC Gaming and if that happened to me I would never let Microtwats…eeerrmm, i mean Microsoft live it down. I feel so sorry for you man, really, I mean that. :-(

  456. david says:

    i would agree that this isn’t the worst thing in the world that could happen to this guy, but it still sucks, saying it hold no importnace is ridiculous if only because you took the time out of your say to post. seriously people get off your high horses. this is a messed up thing that happen, the dude has my sympathy. I don’t think he is really asking for much more.

  457. gh0st says:

    What did Microsoft do? Well, other than sign a pack with the Lucifer and his progeny, thus harboring the return of Saramon and the flood all the while stomping on cancer ridden kittens…

    Some of you people out there are SOOO nieve it is jaw dropping. Yes, this guy got screwed, not saying he didn’t. But because some bong-head in the lower dungoens of some lab thought that he could get away with this, it is somehow Microsoft’s fault. Sweet bejeezus, do you people not realize how removed from logical that is?

    Now, if Screwee (that made me LOL) has since tried to contact the company and has gotten the cold sholder, then this is another topic all together.

    And…I am somewhat unmoved by the original issue. Do I feel bad for the dude? Yes…but, if you go into the slums at 2am with a $1000 watch and other various bling and then get mugged…I mean, it doesn’t make it “right” or excuse anyone or anything, but a little common sense is in order. I do truly feel for you and can empathize with the feeling you must have had pulling that out of the box…but come on dude, wtf in the world were you thinking sending *that* box anywhere?

    Sad, all around. Except for the idiocy of more “MS is EEEEEEvil” (any Spongebob fans getting that?)

  458. Rectifier says:

    More like, screw the asshole worker who used cleaning solution on his case, not Microsoft.

  459. WallaWalla777 says:

    Ok, reading more of these comments has annoyed me into posting again…
    (directed mainly at #311)
    Seriously man, you tell everyone not to post “ignorant” comments, and yet you clearly have not read any of the ones before yours. The case was not a fake, as several of the actually signers have vouched for the fact that they signed it. Also, a guy from MS said that cleaning was a process done at the plant where they do the repairs. Thirdly, plenty of people have brought up the fact that permanent marker can be removed with rubbing alcohol. Fourthly, I can’t believe you actually went so far as to blame RRoD on Nathaniel himself. I doubt that he quite literally takes his 360 everywhere, as you insinuate, but is probably like me as in I take my 360 to LAN parties ever couple of weeks. RRoD was a problem on MS’s end, not his.

  460. Gilhooley says:

    What a moron. Think about it for 1 minute and incude a SPANISH LETTER..

  461. WallaWalla777 says:

    wait, sorry, I admit I made a rather glaring error in my last comment. I will give you the fat that he did travel around a lot with his 360, although I still don’t think that would have caused it.

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  463. Steve says:

    I’m no gamer. I prefer pinball. That’s how old I am. But this blog is too real and follows the pattern of the typical large corporation. But, until they feel the pain of lost income they will not listen to their customers. Think about it….if a company is rolling in the dough do you think they are going to 1) look for ways to improve or even maintain their customer relationships or 2) sit on their fat, pig-like asses counting their cash?

    Microsoft, and all other large corporations (think Exxon, Enron, Worldcom, etc.) honestly, truthfully, pathetically do not give a flying shit about their customers at any level above lower management. That’s the way it is.

    And, Nathaniel, sorry about your XBox.

  464. Ryan says:

    This makes perfect sense. This corporate policy discourages users from sending in their machines to get fixed. Thus increasing profits for the shareholders.
    Move along sheeple,m nothing to see here……..

  465. Steve says:

    Is it just me, or does the ink smudge at the bottom of the bottom photo not line up with any of the original ink in the above photos? I don’t own a 360 (never buy Microsoft products), but the “XBox 360” imprint does match up while the ink smudge does not.

  466. douchebag says:

    hate to tell ya dude, but shit happens

  467. Steve says:

    Haha I find this a funny “sob” story. This is a piece of electronics. If you have a hobby or a fond memory come on its just plain thick headed to get these memories on a device which is not guaranteed to last. Thats like getting your favourite sports star to sign your TV.
    In all honesty people who collect objects of a mechanical nature, or anything with moving parts keep these object in pristine condition and DO NOT USE THEM. The fact that this kid was playing his xbox he got signed, or got signed the xbox he plays, is not gunna make me feel sorry.
    So people, come on. use your heads. Stop whining, and learn something called personal responisibility.

  468. TheeFerret says:

    First off I am very sadden to hear this news. This young gentleman was told what to do and had in fact told them about this unique situation. My heart goes out to you sir and I hope you get back what you lost (I know they can not replace the one you lost but they have thier ways of making it right)

    Second, to all of you who come on here and laugh at this gentleman or say that it is his fault, I say I can not wait till this happens to you. Ohhh,it will, trust me. See that is how things are in this crazy thing called life, trust me, just remember when this happens to you what you said here.

  469. Mike says:

    #2 — Acetone and nail polish remover completely remove Sharpie marks, along with most other ‘permanent’ markers. It works really well so its possible it was cleaned and not just stolen.

  470. blade402 says:

    Yeah i bet you anything the workers actually thought they were being *nice* by cleaning it. HAHAHA

    microshit lol

  471. Who careS says:

    My 360 broke 2 years to the day it was released/bought, I had it covered with death metal stickers and what have you. I knew I wasn’t getting the original back and to believe what the M$ agent was blowing up my skirt, I took all the stickers off. This guy WTF was he thinking??? I’d feel bad for him but at the same time I can’t ecspecially with rumors abound at the time with RRoD news, it was only a matter of time before it would die. My dumbass bought another one just for back up if the replaced one dies.

  472. Kiddo says:

    This is an unfortunate situation… I am glad you ran this BS even though you got some ridiculous responses.

    Just a reminder… hind sight is ALWAYS 20-20.

    People do what they feel is best at the time, there is really no way to tell if they will regret their decision until its already been made.

    I do hope that this is looked into, and that some type of resolution can be reached for all parties involved.

  473. Jamie says:

    I do feel for the guy, but something doesn’t seem right here…

    In the 2 pictures, the Xbox is in virtually the same place on the table, just rotated, with the same lighting. The times in the EXIF data are within a minute of each other too, on the 20th of this month. On top of that, there are messages about the smudges.

    I must say that I apologize profusely if I have mis-judged, and it would be awful if it had happened, but something doesn’t seem quite right.

    Again, I’m very sorry if I’m wrong, and please don’t flame me.

  474. Jerry McBride says:

    Why, Oh Why… would you trust microsoft with a keepsake like that???

    He should have just bought a new one and put his old one on the shelf…

  475. >>>jeff says:

    Lets all jump on the Anti- Microsoft bandwagon!
    Its cool to hate!

  476. bs angel says:

    I would not have carried this story if it didn’t come from an extremely reputable source. An upstanding member of the community that is a personal friend of mine asked if I would do the article. He is someone that knows Nathaniel, and also is one of the signatures on the case.

    Nathaniel has a Red vs. Blue journal where all of this is chronicled back to when it first red ringed. It wasn’t linked because it is a members only site. If there was not solid proof that this happened, I would not have agreed to write the story. There are more than enough people to back this up, people who personally know Nathaniel that I also know, and if you read through the comments, you will find those people. They range from people who signed the console to Xbox MVPs who know him.

    When ink is wiped, it often smudges. And not just in the one small pixel that the ink was originally located in. Plus we don’t know what sort of solvent they use to clean the consoles. Perhaps the cases were switched but somehow the serial numbers all match up. I don’t know. Perhaps the case was cleaned but smudges were left. Again, I don’t know. But the fact of the matter is that Nathaniel was assured he would get his console back with the art still intact, and that did not happen. Will we ever know what happened at the repair center? Microsoft is looking into it but the truth may forever lie with the specific employee that handled the case.

  477. CDoogle says:

    you are all ridiculous people – from the guy with the autographed piece of steel and circuit boards to the unrelated boners expressing outrage at his loss to the only smart people in the whole story – the MS repair guys who should give a shit about you all as you’ll continue to buy from them no matter how bad they treat you: kind of like a drugee-drug dealer relationship

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  479. eup says:

    i feel dirty using a PC

  480. Jamie says:

    Ok then, fair enough :)

    I didn’t know your sources, and for obvious reasons I’m not going to read through 475 comments.

    Again, sorry for the lack of trust. I don’t normally come to this blog, or Nathaniel’s journal, so I don’t really know the full story, or your references. It is a real pain that we can’t trust anyone with anything like this anymore :(

  481. Al Dente says:


    But at least this didn’t happen to him:

  482. Turbs says:

    I’m calling it. Here’s what happened with the cleaning guy.

    He took one look at the sharpie scrawls all over that 360 and said to himself, “Argh! Those assholes in repairs did it again!”

    He cleaned off all of the magic marker, packed up the 360, passed it on to shipping, and then went to complain to his floorman that the dudes in repairs were fucking with the cleaning guys again.

    High-end electronics are not made by craftsmen or artisans. The factory guy is not your personal 360 cobbler. You cannot send him a note asking for special treatment. He is a wage slave, sweating his ass off every day so you American assholes can enjoy the benefits of living in the First World. You’re lucky the guy doesn’t wipe down your machine with his own piss.

  483. cwo says:

    That really, really sucks.

    Then again, it’s Microsoft we’re talking about here. Anything a Microsoft employee tells you over the phone cannot be taken seriously.

    If it was me, I would have bought a brand new 360, removed the case, put the old case on the new console and use it like that. Obviously it’s going to cost you and void the warranty on both consoles but I think it would have been more worth it than what happened to him.

  484. myles says:

    Fuck the faggots who blame it on microsoft. Its not microsofts fault its some asshole employee who thought it would be funny to do that to him. Don’t blame the company for hiring a douchebag.

  485. edgar says:

    Even not having any relation to this kid reading this story truely disapoints me. MS the least you can do is look into this case and figure a way to recollect those siganutes.

  486. Henry says:

    What do you expect?
    The same idiot who is patronizing M$ is the same idiot who goes to BestBuy, etc.
    You had it coming…we all need to just stay away from companies that have bad customer service…and maybe and i mean maybe these companies will go out of business and companies with great service will continue (ie: Nintendo,, etc).
    It was gonna happen sooner or later.
    M$ uses Flextronics to manufacture/assemble its XBoxs and like many other Flextronics products XBox’s break down alot more often then Wii or Sony PS, PS2, PS3.

  487. James says:

    This is NOT the same case. They replaced the case. I have done a visual comparison of the two cases and you’ll find that there are a vast number of inconsistencies between the two in the images provided.

    The image which proves this is a completely different case is located at:

    Please feel free to take a look.

  488. Microwave MasterChef says:

    ha ha. looks like the microsoft boffins taught that geek-nerd a lesson!

  489. Ragingterror says:

    @ Jamie, #473:

    As an additional note, the tags show that way mainly because the originals are High-Res photographs not suitable for free image posting on the net on most sites (E.G. Photobucket).

    Due to the maximum image size of 1 MB, I was forced to scale down the images and reduce their quality somewhat to get them under that limit before uploading them.

    The original photographs are, in actuality, over 9 months old, and were taken upon returning from CanWest in May of 2007.

  490. yeah, thats right says:

    At least that Xbox is famous now.

  491. lolwutermelon says:

    Turbs, that guy is lucky that we’re willing to pay him to do a job that could easily be done by a robot. We shouldn’t be thankful that he’s willing to work for a living, we should be (rightly) pissed that he destroyed the majority of the value that this 360 had. As a customer, you pay money to be treated well by the company. If the company goes “LOL URDUM” and abuses you, as a customer, you have channels you can go through to get things set straight. And that is what this person is doing.

    Your attitude is very “LOL ANONYMOUS ON INTARBUTT SO ILL BE A DICK” though, and it isn’t welcome in most areas of the intarbutts.

  492. Jamie says:

    Yeah, when looking at them, I was wondering if image editors tended to play with the EXIF data when re-saving.

    I guess I’m just used to the internet being full of people trying to slate Microsoft at every opportunity. It’s good that MS are trying to do something about it, but there’s only so much that can be done about something this priceless.

    I hope you get somewhere with MS, and that you can accept my apologies for comment #473.

  493. ryan says:

    Microsoft… No excuses… Service is everything. Your rep is quite the embarrassment.

  494. FadedKnight says:

    dude this is horrible…and i cant believe all the assholes on this blog just talking shit…i hope karma comes back and kicks your ass ten-fold (and it will) i am soooo sorry that this happened to you dude…please keep us updated and let us know what happens. and as far as ms customer support…next time you have to talk to them..ask the person your talking to if they have a last name…or an employee id # to indentify them, or ask them where they are located…if you can get an answer to ANY of those questions i will fly out just to bow at your feet. after the SECOND time my xbox rrod’d i called and spend almost two weeks going back and forth with customer support. eventually i worked my way up to the corp office for customer support. but you think my email to the senior vp of customer support was answered? lmmfao fuck no. M$ has outsouced all their c.s. people to places like india, indonesia, pretty much anywhere they can get away with paying less than five bucks an hour. personally im tired of their business practices and this is the quintessential example of how much they fucking suck. NEVER trust what the c.s. agent tells you. they picked their name at the beginning of the day and they wont be the same person the next day. so yeah, thats it…im sure ill get flamed by all the assholes who have bothered to post to this, but i dont really give a shit. this is a terrible situation, plain and simple…my suggestion? demand an elite and then go get one of the silver PAINT markers (you can find em at walmart) the only way they will ever get that off is if they take turpentine to it. once again im SUPER sorry this happened to you dude, its a shit situation. and to all the ASSHOLES posting about how its his fault ect ect ad nausem STFU! your just wasting your time posting and showing off how much of a d-bag you are. this was in NO WAY his fault. P-E-R-I-O-D. not his fault his box rrod’d not his fault he actually trusted what he was told and DEFINETLY not his fault that M$ customer support is akin to asking a deaf man “what the hell was that sound?” shitty situation all around and i REALLY hope they do whatever it takes to make it right. and if they dont…..fuck it dude, sue em. they will settle o.o.c. (out of court) and you can get a elite with the new processors that dont rrod and plane tickets to get all your signatures back.

    keep us updated brother :)

  495. Karsten says:

    Hi Nathaniel :)

    Sorry to hear about your troubles.

    I know how you much feel right now, I think. I also know that if it happened to me, I would be very very mad…

    I think you have done everything you possibly could to make sure you’ve got your console back again (which you did). Unfortunately, the case was wiped clean :( which I can understand is somewhat hurtfull to you – even if you included a letter or note telling them to please not wipe the case or something to that effect.

    I have read or skimmed thorugh all of the comments. And I will say three things

    Please stop making racist remarks about the poor factory worker in India, China, or Mexico who is probably just following orders and standard procedure on how to clean an Xbox outer case.

    I don’t event think they’ve read your letter. Sorry to burst your bubble here, but my guess would be that the ltter probably got thrown out :( as junk or something like that e.g. something that shouldn’t be in there in the first place. Or the shipping guy took or something else happened to it.

    I don’t think you should blame Nathaniel, nor MS for this. In fact, I should think we probably all should blame ourselves and start taking responsibility for wanting an xbox 360 at 400 US dollars.
    This price could only be obtained by MS outsourcing the Xbox 360’s making to a factory in Hong Kong that did not solder? something correct, I think. And probably also managed to mage a few other mistakes as well. If we, as consumers were willing to pay, say 600 or even 800 US dollars for an Xbox 360, then maybe, just manybe, rhe RROD-problem would go away, since it (the 360) were made of better quality labor and better quality goods than would be needed for a console that were to purchased at say 400 US dollars.

    As a final comment, I will say that I think it is a shame and also very unfortunate that customer service has been outsourced to
    India and China etc. since this means that people probably won’t say *i don’t know* anymore. And this is not just a big problem in these countries, also in Europe we have these things happen to customers…

  496. Grace says:

    People online are assholes because there are no consequences. Good article, shame it happened, sorry you’re taking so much crap for it!

  497. To the screwee and the poster here, I want to thank you both for posting this article. It gave me something to post about today and see what types of responses I get from our own community over at

    I sympathize with you on the troubles of the 360 and the issue with trying to get a new one. Personally, I have not gone through the issue since I purchased an extra warranty through Gamestop, and I’m glad I did because I am currently on my fifth system. It was worth the extra money to avoid having to go through the issues of getting “the coffin” from Microsoft after getting RROD’ed.

    As I mentioned before, I’ve posted the story on our website for reaction. I do not know if it will be noticed by anyone important that can help you in your matter, but the story is worth being spread around.

    I wish you nothing but the best and pray that you are compensated for the troubles and loss of memories that you have gone through.

    – Sean Cahill
    Senior Staff Writer,

  498. Jamie says:

    Also, James, you got the wrong side of the case ;)

  499. Rob says:

    Turbs #476

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable for a customer – who paid for his 360 and needed to have it serviced – to ask, rather politely, that they not do any more work than is necessary to fix his console. Why would a “factory guy” be pissed off that he’s being cut some slack on this particular 360? And at any rate, US 360’s are repaired in the US, which doesn’t necessarily exclude the “factory guy” from being a wage slave, or from being an American asshole himself, but it does bolster my argument that you’re an ignorant dick.

  500. Charles says:

    Wow. What a bunch of assholes on here. Seriously, you guys are dicks. It’s called sympathy Find some.

  501. Snowflake says:

    Learn this:
    1. Smudging a case and wiping it clean to look like a cleaned case makes sense. The serial number aspect should be double checked but I don’t think it is strong evidence of anything.

    2. Learn how to write an instruction letter. Being friendly and appreciative does not help. Be short. Be to the point. Be explicit. Do not use words like “could you”, “please”, “will you”.

    3. Issue instructions but do not be rude.

    4. Busy people do not read long letters, either of praise or instruction.


  502. James says:


    Then look at the one with chief on it. Wouldn’t it be obvious?

  503. Alfred says:

    Somewhat in response to 476:

    While your theory of what went wrong is certainly plausible, how could you argue that this is anyone’s fault but Microsoft. If they assure a customer that the console they send in for repair will be handles a particular way, they better handle it exactly that way. If they cannot guarantee that a console will be returned in the condition a customer requires, they should say so up front. I’m sure their return policy doesn’t make any such guarantees, so it would have been completely within Microsoft’s rights to simply explain that they could make no guarantees other than a working console of equal or greater specifications would be returned.

    As a contrast, I will describe my dealings with apple customer service. In my time as an Apple user, I have needed to send three laptops in for repair. I may not have requested or needed any kind of special handling, but in all cases they met or exceeded whatever guarantees they made. In fact, the one time they messed up and forgot to send my 4 year old computer to the repair shop after three weeks, they chose to simply give me a new computer straight off the shelf instead of having me wait. I didn’t even suggest that they do such a thing.

    That is what an experience with customer service should be like. Not to sound like an add for Apple, but just about every time I hear about a repair gone bad, I am happy I happen to have chosen to do business with a company that has provided such a high level of customer service. That is how you make a loyal customer.

  504. There would be far too many people to quote in here regarding the ones who are attempting to blame the person who sent in the 360, so let’s just point out the suggestions that were given.

    1) He should have removed the case before sending it in.

    Voids the warranty, unfortunately. Microsoft would’ve sent back the guts and said “Thanks, but no thanks.” It’s just like when you mod your own case to have