My Master Chief Snowman

Most of you know I have been caught in a snowstorm for the past week, sometimes without power, all the time with large amounts of snow right outside my front door. With my city shut down for days in a row and the road conditions beyond horrible, there hasn’t been much to do besides game. Like I do anything else anyways, right? Desperately needing some fresh air, I finally bundled up and went outside to make a snowman. You have to know what kind of snowman I made, right?

master chief snowman

master chief snowman

spike grenade

My version of the Master Chief snowman includes a plasma grenade, a spike grenade, and a katana. Yes, my snowman has gotten all the Halo 3 achievements. Maybe I’ll bring him inside to help me with mine. Regardless, he’s armed and ready if we get invaded by the Covenant under the cover of the snowstorm. I feel safer already. *Your beloved Rorschach Inkblot Test will resume its regular schedule next Friday. The caption contest winner will be announced next week as well.

17 Responses to My Master Chief Snowman

  1. NsU Soldier says:

    Wow, even he got all the achievements before me, but I shouldn’t expect anything less from the Master Chief! It seems everyone is getting slammed by snowstorms except for yours truly. I know I should be thankful, but I have had this idea for a Batman snowman I’ve wanted to do for so long now. It’s funny how something cold and harsh can make you feel warm and fuzzy…

    ~NsU Soldier

  2. -S- says:

    Hahahahahah I didn’t even notice the Chief’s accessories until you mentioned them lol Katana = Stick. Nice spike nade though, halo art at its best.

    …and I’ll pretend this is the Rorschach Inkblot test anyway. I see…..Coagulation, from halo 2. win.

  3. chickachicka says:

    lol very nice.

  4. the light show says:

    needless to say, an over-charged plasma pistol would do more than take down his shields…

  5. Jonathan says:

    lol you’re awesome

  6. ZXERO says:

    A most fantabulous “Snowbound” Master Chief!

  7. Super-Awesome snow Chief Angel!

  8. wolfy says:

    cool, my snowman was much bigger though (think double size)
    but yours has accessories so you win :)

  9. drewkaufman says:

    Looks more like the needler gun hah

  10. Susie says:

    yeah I thought that was a needler…. but still, BEST SNOWMAN EVER!
    of course, I don’t have much experience with snowmen… since I live in the desert and all….
    but I give it two thumbs up :)

  11. Morpheus says:

    Heh-if he turns on that plasma grenade, it’ll be so heavy, his arm’ll fall off.

    Great snowman! The Legendary Helmet was a nice touch.

  12. Mintz says:

    That is insanelyawesome. Yes, all one word.

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  14. Louis Wu says:

    ZZoMBiE13 sent me this response to Hawty’s snowman; I sent it to her via email, but just realized I could post a link here, for everyone reading her comments, as well.

    Hawty’s SnowChief – ZZoMBiE13’s Response

  15. Littlemikey says:

    Amazing :) Hope the helmet still works XD

  16. Sam152 says:

    Awesome… just great.

  17. Qwepir says:

    Uh… the plasma grenade looks kinda disgusting.

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