Random Halo 3 Screenshots

Author: Parziale

Author: DemonGhost666

Author: PhillyEagles113


Author: Special Ops 69

Author: xAlastorx

Author: JONATHAN369

Author: Halcylon

Author: UnsafeJavier

Author: Redd Hedd

Author: Nuclear Moose 0

Author: Zarathustra16

Author: exim13

Author: IXpI xNeCr0sS

Author: AwesomeBossHiro

30 Responses to Random Halo 3 Screenshots

  1. the light show says:

    these are pretty freakin sweet! i love awesome screenshots!

  2. -S- says:

    lol these are totally sweet. I love the guy getting hit buy like 8 sniper rounds at once, and the 2 red’s falling over in the same pose hahaha

  3. -S- says:

    err, by* lol

  4. zukan says:

    Hehe I made a similar one to the last pic, but I think AwesomeBossHiro’s is a bit better.

  5. nyo says:

    I only liked the 3rd the rest of them seemed pretty mediocore to me.
    Sorry for sounding so negative.

  6. those squirrels says:

    cool…I personally have a couple that could have easily made this. Those are all nice though. My favorites gotta be the Halo 1 one though, that’s beautiful. lol

  7. Paranimal says:

    i liked the one that looked exactly like the Halo CE cover even the warthog and ghost are in the right place… and the other guys armor is the same color as the soldiers on the the cover! thats pretty sweet i don’t know if it was an accident or if it was on purpose but its pretty cool anyways

  8. zhenoob says:


    personally, the Halo 1 one, was pure awesomeness. nice job on finding all these :D

  9. Peniamina says:

    they are amazing i was i had enough free time to do this sorta thing.

    oh if anyone wants to party up on thursday, friday and saturday, just send me a message on xbl or just add me i’m Peniamina cos i have free time to go home and play on my 360.

  10. wolfy says:

    i liked most of them
    the Halo:CE cover and the one with all the sniper rounds were the best

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  12. bs angel says:

    I read that the Halo CE one was done that way on purpose, yes. I love that one too. Some people really get some great shots. I need to work on screenshot capturing skills a bit. My personal favorite is the first one (I love the vivid contrasting colors) and I also like the red Spartan that looks like he is singing with a microphone. :)

  13. XMixMasterX says:

    I like the one of MC in a gave and you can just see a silhouette

  14. Morpheus says:

    Can someone tell me what’s so special about the one by Alastor?

    I don’t get it.

  15. momohine says:

    I dunno, maybe he’s got some sweet dance moves?

    I enjoyed the snipey one.

  16. bs angel says:

    That is the one this comment I made was referring to :

    I also like the red Spartan that looks like he is singing with a microphone.

    Just personal taste, that’s all. :)

  17. Zoom says:

    That poor dude…

  18. GrimRune says:

    Those are freakin sweet!!

  19. This is still the best one that I have seen, taken by one of my friends.

  20. Psycho78 says:

    Those are all freakin’ awesome!

  21. bs angel says:

    That is a good shot TrueDarkFusion, it looks like he is waving his hands to be rescued or something.

  22. NsU Soldier says:

    My favorite one was the Halo 1 box art remake. I’ve seen it before, but it’s still really cool.

  23. Timothy Welsh says:

    Look up FragsDontStick and check out Wild Hog. It’s a pretty sweet pic.

  24. djdave says:

    Awesome shots!! Could be used as desktop wallpapers or some other kind of background!

  25. Grunt2552 says:

    And not ONE of these has a “Watermark” at the bottom!!! I mean, your “Lo0k @ h0w kwel mine Steel/Red/Blue/ect. Hayabusa arm0r iz” or “Double/Triple Killz iz in ur Face” screen shot didn’t have much in the first place, but when you put your Gamertag at the bottom, that seems like a pathetic cry for attention and takes away from ANY artisticness of the picture. So please, to anyone reading this that does or is thinking of “Watermarking” a pic, until you you get a semi-hard to achieve medal or climb your character out of a map, please leave off the watermark, and maybe, just maybe, try a free-cam shot, they seem to look better in general.

  26. Mario C. says:

    I’m still busy playing Crackdown. Fuck overrated Halo 3. Bio Shock killed it in the ratings anyways.

  27. these are wickeD!

  28. -S- says:

    Mario C are you for real.

  29. ferto3 says:

    bioshock is a pretty good game but you can’t compare them. They are to different. (but if you could compare halo would win, so fuck you mario C.)

  30. DalaxVanPwn says:

    Epic screenshots. I have cool pictures of my Spartan, but I dont know how to upload

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