Life Size Real Energy Sword

Everybody loves Halo’s energy sword. Well, almost everybody. I personally have a love/hate relationship with it. I pick it up and for some reason it instantly loses 99% of its effectiveness. I don’t think this energy sword would let me down though.

real life energy sword

real life energy sword

Purchase here : lionheartsrealm’s eBay Store
Starting bid : US $124.95
Auction ends : Jan-30-08 18:48:26 PST

This life size energy sword is three feet long, 14 inches wide, and has a solid stainless steel blade. I’m not sure you can get away with using it as a cosplay accessory but you can display it proudly on the solid wood walnut wall plaque that comes with it. Assuming you can afford the price tag that is sure to climb before the auction ends.

UPDATE : This item sold for US $525.59.

29 Responses to Life Size Real Energy Sword

  1. Florence says:

    Whoa! Now that’s pretty sweet!

  2. -S- says:

    Dangerously awesome?

  3. Avid X says:

    That is so beautiful

  4. johpan says:


  5. The More Deluded says:

    You know, more or less since my introduction to the Halo 2 energy sword I had wondered if something like this could be done.

    I feel… moist.

    I wonder if its balanced properly…

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  7. XMixMasterX says:

    HOLY S!

    I bet that was a lot of work to make… looks cool

  8. Eisen Feuer says:

    I am SO making one of those this year in welded metal sculpture.

    Want one Angel? ;D

  9. bs angel says:

    Uuummm, … yes please! LOL … :)

  10. That looks dangerous – don’t give it to the kids.
    And PLEASE everyone, vote for your Game of the Year here:

  11. AnTi PRO says:

    Man…its times like these I wish I had money to spare for coll stuff like that.

  12. Nick says:

    (Quote) […] Since no medieval battles are scheduled to occur any time soon, this will probably just collect dust on a mantle or shelf. It alsocomes with a walnut plaque so you can display it in your gaming lounge and brag to your friends while they make fun of you for how much money you spent on a sword. If you have friends, that is. [Via Hawty McBloggy] […] (unquote)
    harsh…… Very harsh man.

  13. wolfy says:

    that’s way cooler than my real sword is

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  15. PMS Furied Fate says:

    Dude, that is a pretty sweet sword. I wonder how heavy it is.

  16. trademark says:

    That’s hilarious. Just proves you can really find *ANYTHING* on ebay.

  17. B03 says:
    Nice, but that’s not to scale…this one is.

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  19. Ray says:

    Is it rechargeable? or can I only use it about 100 times?

  20. Taoist Biker says:

    Yep, the first things I thought of were the weight and the balance. It seems like that would have to be very forward-heavy and hard on the ol’ wrists – but a hell of a conversation piece!

  21. boakleywo says:

    i can already see a bunch of nerds robbing a bank all dressed up in master chief suits with bloody stainless steal energy swords. hahahahhaahahah or a few nerds that want to test there skills on each other in real life wow that would be right funny except for the large amounts of blood and whole loosing limbs and mabey even half ur face :)

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  23. nikopsk says:

    just saw this on ebay now I see a post here… LOL

  24. Mintz says:

    That is insanely awesome. Makes me wish I (legally) had access to machines that could make these things. Or a fat wad of cash, I’m not picky.

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  26. awesome skateboarder says:

    how much r u selling it 4

  27. Lionheart231 says:

    O my…That is fricken awsome. To bad it sold. Can any one give me the blue prints to this? that is awsome.

    Send blue prints to:

    (Have subject be Blue Prints For Halo Energy Sword so i don’t erase it on accedent)

  28. hAlOmAsTeR75 says:

    holy crap that thing is so frikin awsome get me som mor pics of it

    heres my

  29. MrNoName says:

    sweet im makin one out of wood and now that i have the lengths it helps alot

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