Mario Meets Halo in a Fan Made Game

About this video, from YouTube :

Super Mario Fusion is a crossover Mario fan game made in Game Maker 7 Pro using a heavily modified version of the Super Mario Bros. Hello Engine III. Halo will be its own world in this crossover Mario fan game. I’ve developed three Halo weapons into the game: Plasma Pistol (with charge shot), Assault Rifle, and Covenant Plasma Rifle; Mario can use them all!

The demo is expected to release this weekend (January 11th-13th).

*A special thank you to -S- for the link!

38 Responses to Mario Meets Halo in a Fan Made Game

  1. silvercube says:

    Oooh that is a cool find, indeed. Sweet!
    That is so wrong, yet so right..

    Gotta love the Grunts… and the guns..

    Now where is my sticky? lol

    Very cool! ^_^

  2. Qix says:

    aww… no longer available…

    Is this the same one? – new location:

  3. -S- says:

    This is like mixing pizza with bacon…oh so excellent

  4. JudgeSpear says:

    Hello, I’m JudgeSpear from YouTube. Be sure to indicate that the Halo graphics are from the freeware Halo 2D fan game “Halo Zero” by Dobermann Software. I received permission from Dobermann himself to use the graphics.

  5. iNteRn says:

    Rofl, throw plants at that stupid elit!

    Looks awsome xD

  6. Jordan says:

    Oh man, that’s awesome. Especially the lil grunt sfx.

    I’ll definitely screw around on that whenever he makes that available :D

  7. Smurfa says:

    The project has been postponed due to some credits issue.

  8. JudgeSpear says:

    The credits issue has been resolved. It was an oversight by me not to include information about Halo Zero, and Dobermann (the creator of Halo Zero) has given me the green light to use the Halo Zero graphics.

    The project is still a go.

  9. Elnea says:

    You got chocolate in my peanut butter!

  10. Smurfa says:

    JudgeSpear: Glad to hear that, I loved what I saw and look forward to play it.

  11. HammerShot says:

    Nice work.

  12. guywholovesrice says:

    thats awesome

  13. PacRan says:

    PacRam likes. Mario < Mister Cheef

  14. Ty says:

    You got peanut butter in my chocolate!

  15. GlossGreen says:

    I’ve been seeing a few flash games taking the cue from the old master lately. On PETA’s website they have a game that they call Super Chick Sisters. The goal is to rescue chickens from the evil Colonel Sanders. It’s weird, but my daughter thought it was fun. I love to see the creativity in games like this. Who would’ve imagined a Super Mario Bros/Halo crossover? Good stuff, look forward to seeing more.

  16. Syahid A. says:

    What more can I wish for. This is fantastic!


  18. drowbot says:

    Great…more halo. :P

  19. lozza123 says:

    Hi What a great way to do it loving it loads!!!!! :-)
    But where from?

  20. XMixMasterX says:

    My co-worker and I are thoroughly impressed!! That’s great stuff!

  21. Excardon says:

    Wow that is beyond awesome.

  22. lozza123 says:

    I know isn’t it just i wish i had the equitment to do it though

  23. douhavemyusername says:


  24. crapcakes says:

    Love the doom sound effects

  25. tom99k says:

    Got to love Game maker!

  26. bobdole5 says:

    Can u actually download this?

  27. bs angel says:

    Yes, I believe you can download the beta here :

  28. Spore Forum says:

    Wow, amazing.

  29. lozza123 says:

    R u sure it’s legal? LOL

  30. Zeno, Internetographer says:

    Reasons this looks like trash:
    1. Cartoony Mario sprites/backgrounds don’t mix well with that Halo stuff.
    2. Has gameplay elements from Super Mario 2, which was a travesty and should be forgotten for all time.
    3. No way to drop or swap out your weapon?
    5. Hammer Suit as a normal pickup? That thing was super-rare for a reason.
    6. Doesn’t appear to be any readout of how much ammo you have left.
    7. The gunfights really slow down the pacing of the game. Halo is fast-paced, and so is Mario, but this mix-up looks to be at an easy pace…

    On the plus side, seeing small Mario carrying the Assault rifle made me laugh.

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  33. clarjon1 says:

    This is sweet :)
    Do you think you could work on making a linux-compatible version? I would LOVE that. :D

  34. MR. blankerton says:

    I love the video, but is there a download that isn’t megaupload?

  35. bs angel says:

    He has various links in his “about this video” section located here :

    I’m not sure if any of them are what you are looking for though.

  36. aslk;djf says:

    Ugh, this is like mixing pizza with shit, Halo sucks add and Mario is great, why would they mix the two together =(.

  37. Foda says:

    Zeno, WTF? Dude, you suck.

  38. mhytee says:


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