Blog Banter: Top Ten 2008 Halo 3 New Year’s Resolutions

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the first

With the formal ushering in of a new year comes a chance at new beginnings and a fresh start. Many people use that time to think of ways to improve themselves or the world around them. Some people are determined to be kinder and more generous. Other people look to help protect the environment through conserving and recycling. Many other individuals attempt to drop a bad habit and replace it with a healthy one.

When I sat down to write my New Year’s Resolutions this year, I wanted to focus on my friends and their Halo experience. How could I, just one gamer swimming in a sea of millions of intolerable randoms, help make my friends’ Halo experiences more positive? After looking through my File Share, the resolutions suddenly became glaringly obvious. I present to you my top ten 2008 Halo 3 New Year’s Resolutions. You better hope I succeed. Otherwise the past will also be your future. Oops.


Top Ten 2008 Halo 3 New Year’s Resolutions

File Share Item : Slot 1
I resolve that when I am going after the VIP on Valhalla that is hiding inside the lower part of the base, I will not put a plasma grenade (meant for the VIP of the opposing team) on the back of a teammate that goes into the side entrance right before me.
Film Clip Details – Size: 1.38 MB, Length: 00:00:24 [Download Slot 1]

File Share Item : Slot 2
I resolve that when I see an enemy on my radar on the floor directly above me on Last Resort when playing defense during an Assault game, I will not shoot the person’s face off who drops down in front of me if they are the same color I am.
Film Clip Details – Size: 1.33 MB, Length: 00:00:22 [Download Slot 2]

File Share Item : Slot 3
I resolve that when I am attempting to capture a territory on High Ground with a few teammates, I will not put a spike grenade on the back of my teammate that is fighting directly in front of me.
Film Clip Details – Size: 1.46 MB, Length: 00:00:27 [Download Slot 3]

File Share Item : Slot 4
I resolve that when playing Team Slayer on Narrows in Multiteam, I will not betray my teammate who has rockets with an AR burst in their back, pick up their rockets, then betray them again 12 seconds later when they respawn right next to me.
Film Clip Details – Size: 1.42 MB, Length: 00:00:34 [Download Slot 4]

File Share Item : Slot 5
I resolve that when playing Assault on The Pit, I will not put a plasma grenade on the back of my teammate and use him as part of a kamikaze attack when we are in the middle of planting the bomb.
Film Clip Details – Size: 1.46 MB, Length: 00:00:28 [Download Slot 5]

File Share Item : Slot 6
I resolve that when playing Territories on Valhalla and gunning in a warthog where the driver dies, I will not run over a teammate when I am driving said hog back to the base to pick up my freshly respawned driver.
Film Clip Details – Size: 1.42 MB, Length: 00:00:21 [Download Slot 6]

File Share Item : Slot 8
I resolve that when fighting with an opponent on Valhalla during a Flag match, I will not somehow plant a plasma grenade on the back of a teammate in an extremely open part of the map.
Film Clip Details – Size: 1.42 MB, Length: 00:00:19 [Download Slot 8]

File Share Item : Slot 9
I resolve that when a teammate is standing next to explosive barrels on Narrows during an Oddball match, I will not blow up the barrels with a grenade.
Film Clip Details – Size: 1.44 MB, Length: 00:00:18 [Download Slot 9]

File Share Item : Slot 10
I resolve that when playing Team Swords in Multiteam and someone comes around the corner quickly and startles me, I will not slash him if he is my teammate. Especially if he has the power to ban me.
Film Clip Details – Size: 1.36 MB, Length: 00:00:18 [Download Slot 10]

File Share Item : Slot 12
I resolve that when a teammate goes into the bottom of the Froman base and is fighting someone, I will not put a spike grenade on said teammate’s back instead of the person on the opposing team, especially if the enemy has no shields and only needs a few AR bullets to finish him off anyways.
Film Clip Details – Size: 1.53 MB, Length: 00:00:28 [Download Slot 12]

Everybody knows New Year’s Resolutions are meant to be broken so don’t be surprised when I do all these things again (probably tonight). Maybe you’ll be in my File Share next, ya never know. Do you have any Halo 3 related New Year’s Resolutions?

*A small warning : My film clips aren’t pretty and don’t have spectacular camera angles or anything. They are simply from my perspective. Be thankful I figured out how to record things so you don’t have to watch 20 minutes of me crouching in the corner.

19 Responses to Blog Banter: Top Ten 2008 Halo 3 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Jordan says:

    The one resolve that sticks (lol) out to me and applies is not running over my own teammate when I’m driving on the ‘hog.

    You hear the horn, you move damnit!

  2. silvercube says:

    I do silly things on Halo myself.

    Of course I just blush out of embarrassment, but luckily no one notices my cheeks turning a bright red besides myself, lol.

    I don’t think we have played a game of Halo 3 together yet, angel.
    That is craziness! *cries* T_T

    I heard that the heroic map pack will be free in April… as that is when the second map pack will be out… I really hope Headlong is in there! : )

  3. tornado says:

    hmmm… seems like a lot of these have to do with betraying teammates. weird.


  4. bs angel says:

    I don’t betray. I protect. With my super 1337 skillz.

  5. Higgins113 says:

    “I don’t betray. I protect. With my super 1337 skillz.”

    Or so you say +_+

  6. Sorel says:

    Betrayal is fine, compared to suicides.

    And a resolution for that:

    I resolve not to bounce plasma grenades off of Bubble Shields and onto myself.

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  8. Tylor says:

    So basically you resolve not to betray your own team anymore. :)

  9. bs angel says:

    Well, it’s a noble goal at least, right? … :)

  10. Cat says:

    Awesome list!

    See this is the problem with the saved film feature, I’m soooo good at number 8 and on Halo 2 I could always say if there was a certain distance,: Yeah, there was one from the other team here, he stuck you before I killed him. I’m really sorry, I was too late, man!

    Damn Bungie and them implementing their amazing film feature. ;)

  11. Phreak says:

    lol, gotta love stickeys, great post by the way, and yes BS the smack session can begin, I should be back on Halo 3 soon!!

  12. Cunbelin says:

    Think of it as proactively preventing the other team from killing them.

  13. bs angel says:

    Is that what you were thinking both times I killed you with the sword? LOL …

    I like that line. I’m gonna start using it.

  14. deckard47 says:

    I sadly can’t relate to these (no Halo 3), but I could make a similar list about TF2. Probably the biggest would be: don’t be a sucky scout. As regards your question, I like reviews, and I need to get more into editorials. And I love PC RPGs, so I love to review them. Good luck with those Halo resolutions.

  15. XMixMasterX says:

    That’s a pretty good start!

    I’d have to say I need to stop running over teammates too… what can I say? I get excited when I’m in the hog!

  16. momohine says:

    Seems to be some strong similarities….

    Good luck with that!

  17. Tony says:

    I resolve to make sure I’m never on your team!

  18. bs angel says:



  19. jgibbjr123 says:

    ….um, sounds like someone has a very itchy (LEFT) trigger finger.
    Like me, are you ever alone in a your tenth Team Game in-a-row, and have to look down at your boots to remember which team you are on?

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