Top 10 Romantic Halo 3 Lines Useful for Forge Proposals

We all want some. We all enjoy getting some. I am all about helping everybody in the never ending quest of scoring. Hopefully my Top 10 Halo Pick-Up Lines played wingman to your virtual action endeavors. This time I would like to assist you in something of a more romantic nature.

In my Four Things to Do in Forge article, the first activity I suggested was proposing to your significant other.

Propose to Your Significant Other
Please be warned that this will only be successful if your significant other is an avid gamer. If your other half despises your obsession with all things Xbox, proposing using Halo 3’s Forge mode might bring you an angry slap in the face instead of the yes you were dreaming of. Assuming your partner in life is also your partner in gaming, asking her hand in marriage this way should be a walk in the park. The easiest phrase to spell out would be “Marry me” but dressing it up would definitely earn you some bonus points. Pretty polka dots made from power ups as a border or a big beautiful ring with an activated bubble shield as the diamond would help you hit that home run. A Forge proposal, who could say no to that?

forge proposal

Apparently not furtive penguin. Her boyfriend of over two years chose the Forge setting for his proposal. He spelled out “Marry Me”, she said yes, and their journey officially began. I knew it was just a matter of time before an event like that happened and now that it is occurring, I would like to help you out even more by supplying you with some romantic proposal lines Halo 3 style. Spell out your proposal on Forge mode, pair it with one of these lines, and your success is guaranteed.

Top 10 Romantic Halo 3 Lines Useful for Forge Proposals

Do you have a mod that gives you an endless supply of flares? Because every time I get near you, I am blinded by your beauty.
If for some reason she says yes, run away as fast as you can. As the common phrase goes, once a cheater, always a cheater. That doesn’t bode well for a marriage.

I had the most amazing dream the other night. In it I made a custom Forge game and every portal I entered took me straight to you.
Thinking a little more in depth about that, coming out of a portal and landing straight in front of the same person over and over again sounds kinda scary. It’s like you could never escape that particular person. Oh wait, this is for a marriage proposal. That is actually very accurate.

The Halo 3 ad campaign told me to “Believe”. Since the day I met you I have.
So, so sweet. Unfortunately the one thing you still can’t believe is that you will be forced to play split screen for the rest of your life. Not so sweet.

The katana means nothing to me. Unlocking your love is the only achievement I need.
Now if you could actually use the katana in the game than that answer would probably be different. But since it is for aesthetics only, this statement is probably true.

Did you just get an incineration medal? Because you just made me so hot.
Wait, that wasn’t so romantic was it? Oh well. Maybe you can use that one after she says yes to the proposal.

You can have the bubble shield, I have no use for it. Your love gives me all the protection I could ever need.
Hopefully she will find this line so sweet that when your shields are down and she is right next to you, she will activate her bubble shield to save you. If she doesn’t, you will know that her love won’t protect you quite as much as you thought it would. Selfish bitch. Next time you’ll know to grab the bubble shield yourself.

I think something is wrong with the active camo because every time I look at you, everybody else just disappears.
This one is somewhat believable because Halo 3’s active camo really is that good.

I’ve noticed something about the Halo 3 heat maps. The hottest area is always where you are standing.
Perhaps not the most romantic line, but what woman doesn’t want to hear that she is attractive? +10 points for you.

My heart is like a territory that you just keep capturing time and time again.
Hopefully it just doesn’t take as long as capturing an actual Halo territory. She may give up before she sits there that long.

If you were a map in Forge, I wouldn’t change a single thing about you.
Because she is perfect just the way she is, right? <3

*Best of luck in your quest of scoring a permanent player 2. I’m pretty sure that unlocks an achievement by the way.

43 Responses to Top 10 Romantic Halo 3 Lines Useful for Forge Proposals

  1. -S- says:

    The katana means nothing to me. Unlocking your love is the only achievement I need.

    Hahahah that one is the best by far, I hate that Katana. It’s a nice change of pace to see some romantic Halo lines for once – theres just too many “let me show you my sword”ers that just eventually get old…unless it’s “i like my women like my covenant; screaming incoherently with a sticky face” lmao….alright im done.

    I wonder if someone could come up with some good Halo break-up lines?

  2. bs angel says:

    Eeewww. LOL …

    Some Halo break-up lines, eh? That sounds like that would be fun!

  3. Eric says:

    Aww, how sweet! :)

  4. Louis Wu says:

    “I’ve noticed something about the Halo 3 heat maps. The hottest area is always where you are standing.”

    Erm… isn’t that the same thing as saying “wow, you suck, you keep dying!”

    Or maybe it’s a kill map. Yeah, that’s better.

    (Great list. :) )

  5. bs angel says:

    Well, in my case your interpretation would be correct. I am the master at dieing frequently.

    (Thanks! :) )

  6. PlasmaFire says:

    Wow. This is cranking Halo nerdism beyond 11! I like the genius reasoning behind those lines…

  7. Il Rifle Uk Il says:

    Hehe, great list! It wouldn’t hurt as a test too…I wonder if my girlfriend would protect me…

  8. bs angel says:

    Uh oh. I take no responsibility for any break ups that occur after said test takes place. ;)

  9. -S- says:

    So far, I’ve only thought of one good Halo breakup line; In the beginning it was fun…but this can’t continue. I’m going Lone Wolves now.

  10. d.maile says:

    This warrants more than a few laughs.

    That last one is the best, really. Too bad I don’t have a game-savvy girl on my mind. If I did, I swear I’d use these, haha.

  11. Alekat says:

    The couple could ride an elephant to the reception too! How romantic. I don’t think anybody has tried that one since the movie Alladin.

  12. -S- says:

    If they drove an elephant to the reception that’d take forever! use your head man!

  13. bs angel says:

    Yeah, they should take the mongoose so he can ride her from behind.

    Oh goodness, I just suck at this romantic stuff.

  14. Cayote says:

    Cayotes Halo Break Up Lines:

    I must forge on to new territories, I’ve already planted my flag here. I no longer feel as if I am King of the Hill, I must find a new base to arm my bomb baby.

    The classic “Game Over” will probably work too.

    A strategic placing of the Red Rings of Death, and a simple, “This isn’t working anymore honey”

    I don’t needler you anymore.

    We’ll always have Vallhalla.

  15. Cayote says:

    I know we met on Zanzibar baby, but this is the last resort now, we are through.

  16. darkr790 says:

    they work! i managed to get a girl from.

    and heres a break up line

    we are like dual needlers but thats no longer possible.

  17. -S- says:

    Lmao @ angel. Or they could take a Warthog for some 3-way fun. These lines are all classic; I like the breakup lines better than the romantic ones hahahaha

  18. ML7 says:

    “You can have the bubble shield, I have no use for it. Your love gives me all the protection I could ever need.” “If she doesn’t, you will know that her love won’t protect you quite as much as you thought it would. Selfish bitch. Next time you’ll know to grab the bubble shield yourself.”

    LOL XD
    Heres on line:
    I’m sorry for getting killed. Your beauty distracted me.

  19. XMixMasterX says:

    Break-ups aren’t quite as entertaining…

    “im done” – that’s as creative as they usually get…

  20. SuperGirl Brig says:

    OMG- that was great! I loved them all! If I found a guy that said ANY of that>>>>>>I would instantly fall in love!! I think you have completely defined my dream man, girlfriend!! Thank you!!!!!!

    Great article! Keep it comin’!!

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  22. mujeb says:

    Wonderfull job you’ve done

  23. Nishu says:

    I used to think one can only flirt in warcraft or second life

  24. lolalolo says:

    this one is cute….hahaha

  25. Mako says:

    That Bubble shield line sounds like it has something to do with a contraceptive device.

  26. aditive says:

    awesome! I should try some of those lines in real life, see how that goes:)

  27. Silvercube says:

    Lol, nice, angel.
    I liked the “Believe” one the best.
    I came up with a few myself, although one you may have heard before.. : )
    One is also a bit “suggestive.”

    “Baby, I trip over mines for you.”

    “You had me at Halo.” (Classic ^_^)

    “Honey, you make me feel so happy when we use the bubble shield.”

    “Baby, can you spike me?”

  28. Miss Expatria says:

    I have no idea what any of this means, but I still found it absolutely HILARIOUS.

  29. extrapreneur says:

    they are quite cool but I think you’d ahve to have someone who was as obsessed with the game as you were or they might think you’re nuts.

  30. Daniel Bee says:

    Those are the best! :D

  31. nikham says:

    reno kudo

  32. Abhishek says:

    Oh really nice ones!

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  34. amateurish says:

    I find Halo a great way to bribe nephews. I didn’t become the “favorite aunt” for nothing. The magic words are “xbox” and “halo” (any version). Woot!

  35. checkapos says:

    i love this expression it make me feel like one

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  38. love is love,
    love is you,
    i love love,
    so i love you…

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  40. Ryan says:

    Angel how do you come up with this stuff? xD And the last ones really sweet :3

  41. bs angel says:

    My brain seems to think in Halo terms only. It’s a curse really. :)

    And the last one is my favorite as well!

  42. voicedwalnut says:

    I’m never going into matchmaking again because you are my perfect match

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