Two Custom Halo 3-Themed Xbox 360 Faceplates

It’s been a while since one of my favorite custom faceplate designers has offered up some Halo 3-themed goodies. 35 days to be exact, not that I have been counting. Finally my need for Halo 3-themed Xbox 360 faceplates has been satiated again. This time eBay seller worldwidewebbs has a faceplate for the girls and a faceplate for the guys. He is an equal opportunity faceplate maker you see.

Custom Xbox 360 Faceplate: Halo Girlfriend’s Revenge
halo girlfriends revenge faceplate

UPDATE : This item sold for US $25.49.
Current bid : $24.99
Auction ends : Nov-28-07 20:02:53 PST
Features :

Guys, wanna score some girlfriend points? Show her you’re not above admitting defeat by putting this plate on your Xbox. ‘Cause honestly, if you don’t…. she IS going to post the video save file of her kicking your ass up on YouTube, and then you really WILL be mocked by the fellas. And like Private Donut says, pink really IS the new black. It is very, very important for your pride that you purchase this today, because the next one just might have My Little Pony on it, too.

I’m a bit on the fence about this one. It seems like it would be a cool gift from a boyfriend to his Halo obsessed girlfriend, but it doesn’t seem like it is a faceplate that a female would purchase for herself. My opinion on it right now is meh. And what’s wrong with My Little Pony anyways?

Custom Xbox 360 Faceplate: Halo 3 with Plasma Grenade
halo 3 faceplate

UPDATE : This item sold for US $71.00.
Current bid : $29.99
Auction ends : Nov-28-07 20:09:26 PST
Features :

This is a version of the popular Halo 3 with Battle Damage plate, as featured in Official Xbox Magazine. Each plate is unique. It also comes with a mock Plasma Grenade that you can display next to your 360 or on your desk at work, or wherever. Great Christmas gift, ya know, and one of a kind. Press Master Chief’s noggin to activate your 360. The ring of light casts a green… halo behind his head.

Now this one just reeks of awesomeness. And you better hope that halo is green behind his head. Otherwise there won’t be any Halo 3 action for you.

9 Responses to Two Custom Halo 3-Themed Xbox 360 Faceplates

  1. Ooo! I want the green Halo 3 one!!!! I wonder if the color matches my Halo 3 Xbox 360…

    Thanks Angel!

  2. Cayote says:

    OMG I love that pink one!

  3. Silvercube says:

    The pink one should have said:
    “Your mom got her ass kicked at Halo”
    “My mom kicked your ass at Halo” ^_^

  4. Kathan says:

    Hahah that is pretty damn cool.

  5. I LOVE the first one.

    any chance at making one for Lego Star Wars II or NCAA Football 08?

  6. oooootheoogreat says:

    I’m just thinking dear ………………..

  7. SpaceGHost2K says:

    Yeah, nobody liked that pink plate. They liked the idea of it, but they all had ideas on what would have “fixed” it. My girl friend “kicks” or “My mom” or “I kicked HIS butt”, etc. Eh, can’t win ’em all. And I do have a My Little Pony plate, but it also had issues so I moved on. I’ll make it right some day. I was also going to do a “Godfather Babies” plate and put a My Little Pony head with a pillow and… well, you get the idea.

  8. olletta says:

    iM a Lass And i Love Playing On My Xbox360 On Halo .. i Would Buy The Pink facePlate iF it Said … i kicked My Boyfriends Ass At Halo!

  9. Sean says:

    i want the sticky grenade…lol

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