You Are Not Cracking Everybody Up

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*Thank you to “K” who left a link to this comic in a comment!

12 Responses to You Are Not Cracking Everybody Up

  1. wolfy says:

    someone is standing up to the randoms
    (I’m not a girl but I still don’t like them)

  2. MNPundit says:

    Treating women like objects after you actually start to interact with them is the nadir of style.

    Also taste.

  3. lolz says:

    Let me guess, a male desperate to get laid made that comic. Am I correct?

  4. Avid X says:

    Hey Angel, Congrats on your 2 nominations for best blog and community member !

    I got a nomination also but i dont care its all about the newcomers..

    Good luck, you got my vote.

  5. e says:

    @lolz – no, you’re missing the point here. Go check out for a while. Absolutely worth the time.

  6. Phreak says:

    lol nice

  7. I wondered why there were so few women on the internet… explains a lot.

  8. tessa says:


  9. Silvercube says:

    I guess its just too early in the morning for me to understand the joke in the comic.

  10. Eric says:

    I love this guy’s comic, I read it daily. :)

  11. demonknightinuyasha says:

    I love XKCD and keep up with it regularly. It’s great. For anyone who’s never read it it’s basically a lot of humor based on things like math, science, programming and the like. I would definitely suggest giving it a chance if you like any of those things.

  12. Andrew says:

    xkcd is easily one of the best comics online. The author, Randall Munroe, has an amazing level of insight into the mind of the nerd. Also, it is worth noting that Mr. Munroe is now President of the Internet. He declared himself to be so at a speech at Carnegie Mellon. No authority existed before to deny him, and no one can deny him now because he is President of the Internet. Makes sense.

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