Xbox-Themed Pumpkin Carving Templates

Are you looking for some inspiration this year for your annual pumpkin carving extravaganza? Would you like to show the world (or at least those pesky neighbor kids) your fondness for a particular gaming console? has four pumpkin carving designs with templates you can download as part of their festive Trix and Treats section.

xbox themed pumpkins

Available patterns include the power button, the Xbox Live logo, an Xbox 360 console, and the Xbox Jewel logo. Which one will I be doing? As if you didn’t know. I will be carving the power button design, except I will omit the upper right quadrant and simply carve three rings. Then I will place transparent red paper inside the design so when I light a candle, the three rings will shine a brilliant red. That horrific image instantly strikes fear into the hearts of gamers everywhere. Could there be a more perfect design for a truly frightening Halloween pumpkin? I think not.

6 Responses to Xbox-Themed Pumpkin Carving Templates

  1. tornado says:

    sweet! the kids and i are definitely gonna have some fun with these!

  2. Cayote says:

    I love the ring!

  3. Silvercube says:

    Thats a great idea, to make a 3 ringed pumpkin thingie.

    However, the picture showed above do not look like carvings, they look like they were painted on or something..

  4. Kato says:

    Red Ring of Death Pumpkin! That’s appropriately scary for Halloween!

  5. xmiyux says:

    I carved a pumpkin with my clan name, the brigade i’m a part of, and my call number on the back. Suitably nerdy for my front porch. :lol:

  6. badhobo says:

    hay! i’m mentoring some kids and they are obsessed with halo. i should totally bring these along for their Halloween party.

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