Four Things To Do in Forge

Halo 3 has an awesome new feature called Forge which allows you to insert various game objects absolutely anywhere your little heart desires onto preexisting maps. You can make some fun, interesting, or just plain weird altered maps that your friends can then access via file sharing. Some people are using Forge to create awesome gametypes like “Sandtrap Race” (seriously, go download this gametype and map, it is amazingly fun). Here are a few other things you can do with this wondrous feature.

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Propose to Your Significant Other
Please be warned that this will only be successful if your significant other is an avid gamer. If your other half despises your obsession with all things Xbox, proposing using Halo 3’s Forge mode might bring you an angry slap in the face instead of the yes you were dreaming of. Assuming your partner in life is also your partner in gaming, asking her hand in marriage this way should be a walk in the park. The easiest phrase to spell out would be “Marry me” but dressing it up would definitely earn you some bonus points. Pretty polka dots made from power ups as a border or a big beautiful ring with an activated bubble shield as the diamond would help you hit that home run. A Forge proposal, who could say no to that?

Craft a Greeting Sentiment Card
If you spell out “Happy Birthday” on Forge mode and save the image at a hosted site such as Photobucket, every time a friend’s birthday rolls around you simply have to send them that image via email. Think of how much time and money (no more stamps!) this one could save you. Besides the basic written phrase, another option would be to create a birthday-themed image such as candles from sniper rifles (with fusion coils as the flames) or a layered birthday cake decorated with grenades. After creating your stock birthday image from a screenshot, personalize it by using your paint program to scribe their name across the bottom. Bonus points if you can pull off the Halo font. It just doesn’t get much better than a Halo-themed birthday message.

Make an Amusing Image
Most people will be doing the horribly uncreative images like all of the call outs from Burial Mounds. Remember those? Sniper in the twins, rockets by the phallic shaped rock, the list of innuendos on that map were endless. Stand out and do something amazing. MishKabob did one of Homer Simpson that turned out really good. Choose one of your favorite characters from a comic book, a video game, a movie, anything that is fairly well known and then focus on the head when crafting your image to make it instantly recognizable. As random as this seems, I think a Forge created Medusa would be absolutely amazing. Just don’t look directly at her in your completed screenshot.

Spell Out Your Catch Phrase
Do you have a particular phrase that you use so often that you are known by those words? Think of how awesome it would be to have that spelled out in Halo weapons and vehicles. You could then save your image and insert it into your forum posts. Every time you wanted to use that phrase, you could instead put in the image via html tags and your sentiments would be made crystal clear. To really make a personal statement, you could craft your phrase out of your signature weapon. My phrase would be “your mom” and it would be made out of shotguns that shoot glitter. Or maybe I would make a tent out of batte rifles with a mauler hiding inside. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

If you had the time to create absolutely any image you wanted using Forge, what would you make?

15 Responses to Four Things To Do in Forge

  1. Elnea says:

    I don’t suppose anyone’s done the Mona Lisa, or Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe yet, have they?



  2. Mr. Sandman says:

    Alternatively it would be an incredible way to dump aforementioned significant other; nothing says Halo 3 > you, like ‘I think we should see other people’ spelt out in carbines and rockets.

  3. What would I make?

    A plain and simple message for Microsoft to fix the Red Ring of Death so they can stop sending me broken Xbox 360s.

    At their current “repair and return” rate, I’d have a better chance of playing Halo 3 on the PS3. :)

  4. Dracc says:

    Anything by M C Escher…. You try replicating non-Euclidean geometry in Forge and you’ll end up with nothing but a headache.

  5. AshofPompei says:

    I’m pretty sure I’d be eating my controller if I proposed through Halo. Good thing I got married before it came out otherwise I’d probably consider doing it.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing a Spartan Helmet made with items in forge.

  6. Alekat says:

    Excellent article. The next paper I turn in might just have my name written in weapons at the top ;).

  7. Hi5 Codes says:

    Haha… funny stuff. Propose to someone. Nice article!

  8. XMixMasterX says:

    Isn’t this what Forza2 is for? The livery editor was hard to use, but Forge doesn’t seem much easier.

  9. Sol=Sun says:

    This is all my better half needs, it this program. What I would do is leave him a message that says “It’s time to stop. Please save your game and go to bed now!!! XXOO.

    Seriously, I am jealous, because he is always hogging our Xbox360.

  10. Forge-a-licious definition-make those gamers crazy.

  11. editionspro says:

    Wow! What next? What cant you do on a video game. Nice article.
    impressed with your game knowledge

  12. jac velasco says:


  13. lol, when bungie said “people will use this to do stuff we never imagined”. They meant this stuff.

  14. Silvercube says:

    I would love to make my own levels… but all you can really do is “reshape” the levels that already exist.

    I guess with whats given I would make something…. I just don’t know what. I have not tinkered around with Forge very much.

  15. Callum says:

    Ah forge, this is what keeps me coming back to halo. Especially with all of the maze, puzzle and jump maps that are constantly popping up on the forums.

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