A 2nd Female Halo Spartan Figure

Last week there was an eBay listing for a “Halo 3 Mz Master Chief Spartan Statue” that fetched a winning bid of US $2,222.00. Apparently the buyer fell through though because that amazing figure has been relisted. The second auction for this curvy scantily armored sniper has already begun and runs until Oct-13-07 at 18:35:56 PDT. The current bid is $250.00 and assuming history repeats itself, you can expect that figure to continue climbing.

The seller, spectrstudios, recently listed a second figure following the same theme. The Halo 3 Female Spartan Master Chief Figure Statue has a much different feel from the last one though. The first female figure listed was extremely feminine while maintaining a certain bad ass mysterious quality. Despite being female, this new figure is quite masculine. I am sure it will appeal to some people, however I am not one of them.

female spartan master chief figure

I don’t like the fact that her helmet is off and we see her face. Master Chief never takes his helmet off; she shouldn’t either. Her hair resembles Cortana slightly, which bothers me as well. Between those two things and also the fact that she has black paint under her eyes (like the kind football players use) , I am not a potential buyer for this figure.

For those of you who are, here are the features (from the eBay page) :

Artist David Johnson

Figure is 8 inch scale, Created in polymer clay. ONE OF A KIND!! This is the only one, no molds were used in creation none taken from her. She has a strong armature underneath.

Serious Bidders only.

Bid with confidence, I lifetime insure my artwork, regardless of how she was broken I will fix her for life.

female spartan figure

While this figure may not appeal to me, I can appreciate the hard work that went into it. It looks like a high quality custom figure and it would definitely make a good collectible. The current bid is US $199.99 and the auction ends Oct-12-07 at 14:38:59 PDT.

UPDATE : This item sold for US $199.99.

21 Responses to A 2nd Female Halo Spartan Figure

  1. Cayote says:

    I keep looking at the first one, but I must say, I really do like this one better! I love that you find these things too!

  2. Siber says:

    So, you prefer your female Spartans to be skinny with are cleavage and unarmored midriffs? Perhaps the male Spartans should get an armored speedo and a helmet, and that’s it?

    There should be a certain masculinity to any spartan, male of female. They’re trained extensively in war, and will all be well muscled and exceptionally tall. I’d be happiest if it was nearly impossible to tell the gender of the spartan from the outside of the armor without careful study and measurement

    As for the helmet, we don’t see the MC’s face because he’s supposed to be easier to identify with. Someone making another Spartan who wants them to have some character beyond ‘badass’ is well within their rights to give them a face.

    As I understand it, the black paint under the eyes is a measure used to cut down on glare, and is used by military units from time to time. Seems reasonable enough to me for a Spartan to wear it.

    Overall, I very much like this figure, though I could do without the built in armored bra she has. Just a normal MJOLNIR breastplate would do, thanks.

  3. Silvercube says:

    It looks like it was made out of play-doh ^_^

  4. I agree with you about the helmet; it would be better if she kept the helmet on. Maybe the artist was channeling Samus Aran. :)

  5. bs angel says:

    Yes, I do prefer the first one as it is more original. When it comes to unique and custom collectibles, I want them to be just that. I haven’t seen a figure resembling the first one anywhere else in the Halo world. The second one however looks like many of the figures already out there. It doesn’t stand apart so much thus it loses some of its value to me. That is simply my opinion based on my tastes. I like things that are off the beaten path.

    And as a matter of fact, I would be interested in seeing a Spartan in an armored speedo. What a fabulous idea! I would imagine it would resemble the movie 300 a bit. That would be original as well.

  6. gspawn says:

    Female = Boobs and midriff? Man, this is a really original artistic slant! Now we just need to give her some sexy quotes where she asserts her gender and it’ll be the most original idea in history!

    [/End sarcasm program.]

  7. nether says:

    Looks kewl to me!

  8. Siber says:

    My sentiments are in line with gspawn’s. I respect creativity and originality, and I also respect the work that went into the first figure. It is well made and quality work.

    Nor am I trying to get in any ‘gender war’. I myself am male, and appreciate a curvy woman. Just don’t try to sell me a curvy woman with skimpy armor set in actual combat. I just can’t buy it.

    But it’s not my place to tell you what to buy either. If you like it, enjoy it. But what is a comment section for if not to voice my thoughts? You’ll see no flamethrower from me, if I can help myself.[/ramble]

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  10. bs angel says:

    Ramble away, I enjoyed reading your opinion.

    I actually couldn’t care less how realistic it is. Do I really think a Spartan is going to go headfirst into war with her midriff showing? Clearly not. Do I really think this figure is going to come to life and actually start fighting? Clearly not. Do I really think Spartans even exist in real life? Clearly not.

    I love seeing different artists’ interpretations of things. Regardless of if I like the first version or the second version, they are both quite intriguing, otherwise I wouldn’t have even written the article. Artistic interpretations don’t have to be realistic. That is one of the glorious things about art.

  11. Siber says:

    I guess I prefer some realism in things, no matter what. I guess if this were, I don’t know, Bloodrayne or something of the sort, I’d be able to accept the artist’s work as a part of that world, because that’s how women fight there. In Halo, though, you can’t tell one Spartan from the next in armor, and the female marines are pretty hard to tell from the males if you can’t see their faces.

    I suppose I prefer fan works to stay somewhat true to the source material, unless it’s deliberately a re-imagining of the world in another style. If this is a world where the MC does battle in a helmet and green armored speedo, than that fits right in. If this is a world where the MC has a full body suit that obscures all detail, then it doesn’t.

    I’ve got a thing for consistency it seems. I can accept a lot in a created reality, but if something contradicts something else within that space, I get nitpicky. I guess what I’m saying is, that’s not my Halo!

    But it might be yours.

  12. bs angel says:

    I am fascinated by your viewpoint because mine is the complete opposite.

    I am drawn to things that are different. Assuming it is well done and good quality, I go for the things that are not the norm. In a universe that is already fictional, adding new elements doesn’t bother me. Being custom, being unique, being one of a kind adds value in my book. I enjoy collecting things that reflect my hobbies, but I also enjoy knowing I am the only one that has that particular item. I see beauty off the beaten path.

    Opinions are wonderful because each one is right for that particular person. Thanks for coming back and adding to your thoughts.

  13. SidearmS says:

    The first figure was definately a Clayton Moore Witchblade figure that was heavily modified. The midriff is from the Witchblade costume. Perhaps a flash of green paint with a little black armor etching paint would have made the piece more servicable. But still the first armor was well done. In an Image Comics kind of way, it fits.

    The second figure is a one of kind, so it is hard to judge something unique versus something created from a known source.

    I tip my hat to both of course. I tried my hand at figure modification (back in the old Toy Biz Iron Man days), and I was pretty bad.

    I wish that they would just take the Spartan from DOA4 and make her.

    By the way, GREAT cortana pic bs angel.

    XBox 360 – bs angel, in your head, RIGHT NOW…

  14. Scott says:

    Haha, I heard about that, I think it is hilarious how much people will bid on things, but it is a very fun and popular game. So i guess it is bound to have some fanatics like that

  15. Yong Hwee says:

    I wouldn’t spend this kind of money for a figurine?

  16. sangesh says:

    The Spartan Figure is quite awesome, but don’t you think the price for it is a bit too much.

    anyway it is good to see female figures also coming in the market.

  17. pixelkicker says:

    siber, don’t be stupid, stupid. its a figurine, it is not actually going to war.

    although i will say that if figurines all became animated beings and started a war it would be pretty cool/scary.

    the price tag is pretty ridiculous!

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  19. Larkir says:

    It’s alright, and I agree with you – I don’t like the face being shown, but you’ve gotta hand it to the artist – he knows how to make stuff!

  20. Sandman says:

    I like the second one best, but would prefer helmet on and gun in hand.

    By the way, my daughter, age 9 (and a huge Halo fan), calls her “Miss Chief”. LOL!

  21. Amaya Hikaru says:

    Well, All I have to say is it’s a model…. Someone put some time into this thing. I look at it as a work of art, not an accurate diagnostic of a “true” female Spartan. LOL

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