The How-To Guide to Fabulous Armor Color Combinations

Whenever a friend approaches me with a problem they are seeking help with, I always try to step up to the plate and be there for them in any way I possibly can. I realized last week that someone desperately needed my assistance. His private message to me :

When I have an important meeting or social encounter I have my wife dress me as I am male and seem to be lacking the color coordination gene; it must be on the X chromosome. So since I will be soon entering the social killing fields of matchmaking I’m worried about my Spartan’s armor color combinations. There are so many colors and armor permutations that I am getting confused. Let’s be honest, how can I be a finely tuned killing machine if I am worried that I have the wrong secondary armor color or armor detail when pwning noobs? My wife is supremely helpfully with dressing me yet seems to have very little interest in my Spartan armor. Could it be due to Halo stealing away her husband every night??? It seems to me that I saw an official bs angel armor color guide on your blog soon after the Beta came out yet when I search for it I cannot find it. Would you kindly direct me to your color guide or offer some suggestions? Thank you for your assistance with this important matter.

Before you ask, that letter is not made up. I did a simple cut and paste to it; everything is verbatim. Finally I have found someone who truly understands the importance of color coordination, even in a video game. How my heart swelled after reading that letter.

After debating simply pointing him in the right direction of the article he was looking for, I decided to instead utilize this opportunity by teaching him the skills he needed to color coordinate his Spartan himself. I would much rather enable someone by giving them the tools they need to find the answer independently instead of presenting the solution on a silver platter. This way when he is faced with the same challenge in a different game, he can confidently maneuver his way to an acceptable answer without looking back.

I dedicate these basic guidelines to creating a truly fabulous armor color combination to my struggling friend. Not only will you look amazing when you are done but it has the potential to bring other benefits as well. Having confidence in your Spartan’s appearance carries the possibility of improving your game. Considering you will no longer be distracted by worrying about if your colors match or not, you will be able to focus on simply being a killing machine. And that is all any of us want, right? Let’s begin.

color wheel

This is your basic color wheel. If you were in an orchestra, this wheel would be your instrument. A professional football player, your quarterback. Master Chief, your assault rifle. Study it. Learn it. Know it. Then use it.

Technique #1 : How to Choose Analogous Colors

A definition of analogous colors, from :

An analogous color scheme consists of any three or four adjacent colors on the color wheel. Their proximity to one another assures that analogous colors will contribute to a harmonious scheme, and where colors meet, they will blend beautifully.

It is quite easy creating a pleasant color combination using this theory. You simply choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. The important thing to note is to choose colors that are on the same ring. If you go with the lightest shade, choose the lightest shade with all the neighboring colors. If you go with the darkest shade, choose the darkest shade with all the neighboring colors. Bungie’s color layout makes this extremely easy. They give you three shades of the color in different columns. Simply stay in the same column, either the first, second, or third. Look how easy it is to choose analogous colors on the color wheel.

color wheel

Noob instructions : Close your eyes and throw a dart at the color wheel. Start at the dart point and choose the two closest colors to it. You have selected analogous coordinating colors. Congratulations!

Technique #2 : How to Choose a Color Triad

Definition of color triad, from :

Three colors space equally apart on the color wheel.

This technique is slightly more complicated than the last one but still completely doable. You simply form an equilateral triangle on the color wheel to create a more daring but coordinating color combination. The most common color triad is red, yellow, and blue. Orange, purple, and green is another basic color triad. To do the triangle triad easily on this particular color wheel, simply start with a color, rotate 60 degrees, count three colors in between, and select the next color. Rotate another 60 degrees, count an additional three colors in between, and then you have your third color. It is that easy, and this technique will yield a more bold result.

color wheel

Noob instructions : Close your eyes and throw a dart at the color wheel. Start at the dart point and draw a big three sided shape. You have selected a color triad of coordinating colors. Congratulations!

Technique #3 : How to Choose Complementary Colors

Definition of complementary colors, from :

Colors which appear opposite one another on a color wheel. When placed next to one another, complementary colors are intensified and often appear to vibrate. When mixed, brown or gray is created.

While you utilized a triangle with the last method, you only need to use a straight line with this one. Finding complementary colors is extremely easy. After selecting one color, you simply choose the color that is directly opposite from it. Complementary colors have a high level of contrast but as the term indicates, they complement each other superbly. Examples of contrasting colors include blue with orange, yellow with purple, and the ever classic red with green.

color wheel

Noob instructions : Close your eyes and throw a dart at the color wheel. Start at the dart point then go directly across the wheel. You have just selected complementary colors. Congratulations!

Until you develop confidence in the area of coordinating colors that look good together, use the color wheel as a handy reference tool when customizing your Spartan. After attaining an attractive appearance for your character, your mind will be at ease on the virtual battlefield since you will know without a doubt that your armor coordinates fabulously. Now go pwn some noobs, you color coordinating stud you.

23 Responses to The How-To Guide to Fabulous Armor Color Combinations

  1. Silvercube says:

    “Noob instructions : Close your eyes and throw a dart at the color wheel. Start at the dart point and choose the two closest colors to it. You have selected analogous coordinating colors. Congratulations!”

    Congrats on just throwing a dart on your computer screen! XD

    Very interesting color guide.

    How would you rate my spartan color scheme?
    I’ve used the same colors since 2004.
    cobalt,blue,white, and a bit of gold for my avatar : )

    whatever anyone would rate it, it does not really matter anyways, because i love my spartan.
    the only time i change my color scheme is for the holiday season!

    -silver ^_^

  2. CzarCastic says:

    Brilliant! Nice job, angel.

    I’m going to post this at, if you don’t mind (with appropriate credit, of course). I know NJ will appreciate the article.


  3. tornado says:

    hmmm… i don’t see “steel” on your color wheel. :)

  4. MARTIN5 says:

    I see so many pretty spartans running around but have yet to hear the female death cry in a real game :(. 8BB FTW!!!


  5. Ray Reece says:

    Crap… I followed the n00b instructions and threw a dart at the color wheel…
    Now my laptop screen is broken and I have to use an external monitor.
    Thank God I’m not that stupid! lol! Anyways, I’m just going to use the guide you wrote during the beta this weekend when I finally get to play Halo 3 again. (I played it for the first time last night! ^_^ )
    Later on today, I’m posting a small article with pictures… because yesterday I got your card in the mail! I’m going to blur our addresses of course… one can never be too careful! I’ll let you know when I’m finished, since I have a lot on my plate today.


  6. bs angel says:

    Tornado, I just used a regular color wheel. I didn’t modify it to the actual colors available on H3, just used it as a general example. It does make me wonder where steel would actually fit in though. Luckily the silver and steel colors go with pretty much anything!

    So does NJ not have coordinating colors then? I’m going to have to check next time I play with him. Perhaps I can give him his lesson online in person. You should warn him though, those lessons typically resemble torture. Yay!

    Oh, and I kinda assumed people would print off the color wheel in order to draw on it to find their coordinating colors. I suppose if I was giving noob instructions I should have included that. No real darts at your computer screen! Suction darts would probably work just fine though. : )

  7. CzarCastic says:

    Oh, NJ’s colors match. He’s into the whole fabulous colors thing. In fact, his colors match extremely well with his Hello Kitty with a Cowboy Hat avatar.

  8. TTL L askan says:

    “hmmm… i don’t see “steel” on your color wheel.”

    Copy that, strike brother.

  9. agdTinMan says:

    Oh, man, you should see the color guide I’ve had to put together for outside vendors like WizKids. I have a small poster of every single colored spartan, along with their Pantone colors hanging in front of my desk. Truly Spartan Pride.

  10. bs angel says:

    I want that poster. !!

    LOL … Sounds awesome.

  11. Fezzer says:

    Sweet. I picked complimentary colors without even realizing it!

    Blue primary and khaki/brown secondary.

    I really love the new color combos and armor permutations. Makes your Spartan or Elite much more personal.

    Thanks for the tips angel.

  12. Mikeio2002 says:

    Ha. Thats a great write up. I spend alot of time picking the colours for my guy. Its almost as important as playing the game! Thanks for the extra advice :)

  13. Elnea says:

    Not only is this a great guide for those of us that want to coordinate our Spartan (or Elite!) armor, this is a great guide for any aspiring artist.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together!


  14. Joe says:

    Heh, the color triad definition is from my high school! wooo!! :)

    (I misspelled definition in previous attempt. Obviously they didn’t teach me to check my writing for errors… :( )

  15. bs angel says:

    Seriously? What an odd coincidence! That’s awesome.

    (And nobody has to know about the spelling error, I deleted it for you!)

  16. phew! some light reading… went a blog hopping and ended up with some eejit yaking on about the devil and hell and crap – I said yeah just be nice and go for a guinness or relax and take up smoking.
    This blog is feckin’ mad – GOOD – nice comment there Ray reece – and I have been looking everywhere for a colour wheel.
    Whats the fascination with steel?


  17. lenito says:

    HI guys! Nice article with good explanation. Do anyone know another ways of using the color wheel? Not to mention, I have a problem using a contrast color to my website. (I haven’t upload it yet). I used skyblue for navigation as button. What do you think the best color to be used for it when hovered? Is it a light color or dark color? Just to let visitors know what page they are into, hence avoid them from being confused of where they are at in the website. Any thoughts? Thanks..

  18. Owen says:

    yo,this is some good advice.i picked steel and white for my Elite on Halo 3 and its pretty sweet. i look like a bad _ _ _ stormtrooper that just hopped out of Star Wars.

  19. Ryan says:

    I use different colours every few hours lol, why can’t I wear the whole rainbow?

  20. Waffle Deluxe says:


  21. Scout643 says:

    btw that color wheel isn’t the correct color wheel, it should be only this (and ONLY these 6 colors):

    Purple Orange

    Blue Yellow


    so that means that red and green are complementary, purple and yellow are complementary, and blue and orange are complementary

    • Scout643 says:

      sorry the color wheel i made with words didn’t come out the way i planned, so just imagine what it would really look like.

  22. Carlos says:

    Simply awesome

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