Top Three Female Gamer Mistakes

Female gamers have a complicated reputation. We tend to get certain comments said to us over and over and over. Some people treat us as goddesses, others see us as the scum of the earth. The minority view us as simply gamers, which is actually all most female gamers want. Many of us (myself included) simply want to game. We don’t want to be treated differently, we don’t want to be treated better, we don’t want to be treated worse. We just want to be treated the same. As an equal. Because a gamer is a gamer, regardless of which gender we are, right?

Unfortunately there are some bad apples out there in the female gaming population (as there are in any absolutely group) that manage to single handedly ruin the reputation of female gamers. These are the top three mistakes I see female gamers making that hurts the image of all of us. Girls doing these things just need to stop and handle themselves in a more mature manner. Perhaps then we will be seen in a more positive light.

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Four Funny Female Gamer Shirts

I love my gamer gear. I am a total nerd and revel in my complete and utter geekiness. There is nothing I love more than showing off my passion for gaming. Especially those subtle shirts that non-gamers don’t understand. Those are the best.

One time I was traveling to an out of state LAN and I was wearing my Press and hold (X) to Pick Up shirt. I remember coming to the screening area and being next up in line. The guy waving people through just sat there and stared at me. I patiently waited, not sure what was going on. After a solid minute or two of just studying me and my shirt, he finally told me to come through saying, “Sorry, I was distracted by your shirt”. I just looked at him and said, “I’m a gamer, you’re not really supposed to touch the X” and he said, “That’s what I figured” still looking puzzled. I went on my way, giggling over the exchange.

I am always on the lookout for girly gamer shirts, not just regular gamer shirts but ones that are suitable for females. I recently discovered some gems. And guess what? They aren’t even pink. Enjoy.

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My New l33t Buttons

I have sang the praises of a few different finds on Etsy before, including Pac-Man earrings and also a Nintendo necklace. I found something this time that I decided to snag myself before posting about it as there was only one more set left. You can call me selfish but a more accurate term would be l33t. Oh yes, now I have the buttons to prove it.

I purchased this adorable set of pastel buttons from DLS Designs Shop. Between the amazing colors, the gamer slang, and the inexpensive price tag, I didn’t bat an eyelash before clicking that “add to cart” button. I am stoked about getting these. I am not sure where I will put them but I am thinking about placing them on my pink clan messenger bag that I hold all my handheld equipment in. Perhaps I can start a gaming button collection. That would solidify my already incredibly geeky status. Sold!

I haven’t even gotten my package yet but I already feel my coolness level rising. Sweet dude, sweet.

300-Inspired Xbox 360s at Comic-Con

The largest comic book convention in the world, Comic-Con International 2007, is going down July 26th – 29th, 2007. Along with a special screening of the movie 300, attendees will have a chance at entering a giveaway to win one out of ten of these 300-inspired Xbox 360s. They have a fabulous black matte finish (could it be an Elite perhaps?) with a profile of King Leonidas and a Frank Miller-styled blood spatter.

Via the Xbox Live Marketplace you will be able to see all the footage from this event and watch the panel discussions. They will also have exclusive themes and trailers available for download for a limited time.

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This Wii is Good Enough to Eat

Playing with your Wii is incredibly fun. Playing with your friend’s Wii is a mighty fine experience as well. Having a Wii in your mouth and savoring the delicious taste as it melts on your tongue is only something we could dream about. Until now.

In Wired Magazine Issue 15.08, there is a “How To Bake a Wii Cake” article. Unfortunately for all of us it looks tremendously better than it tastes. Apparently it is meant for viewing only as the taste is not too great. In my opinion, if you are going to call something a cake, it should be absolutely delicious and sinfully sweet. I am also slightly confused on why the controller is not size proportionate to the console. In fact that whole cake looks too large to be accurate. Those statements may have revealed a little more of my geekiness than I wanted publicly known. Never mind.

Don’t bother reading the directions on how to make this cake. They are nowhere detailed enough to actually make the final product. You can’t eat it, you can’t follow the guide to make it, thank goodness this cake at least looks good. If she would have decorated it with a pink skin, it would have been even better. Then I wouldn’t have even cared that it tasted like cardboard.

July 2007 LAN

I just got back in town last night from an out of state clan LAN. The gaming was fast paced and furious, the company was amazing, and the entire weekend was just too good for words. Friday night was a Meet and Greet (with spouses and significant others), Saturday was LAN day, and Sunday was frisbee golfing off the side of a mountain.

This picture was taken after 14 hours of gaming. We started the LAN at 11 am and things didn’t wind down until after 1 am. This is not everybody who attended, it is just those of us that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. If we look a little tired, it is because gaming for 14 hours straight isn’t for the weak hearted.

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Six Nintendo Wii Skins That are Family Friendly

Decal Girl has an amazing collection of Nintendo Wii skins. It is an affordable and easy way to personalize your console. We have already discussed the girliest skins and also the more manly options. This time around I have simply compiled six cool choices that would be appropriate for all ages. Many Wii owners are families with children so all of these options are family friendly. I have children and they are all boys so my picks are a bit more geared towards sons than daughters, although not intentionally. On to my picks!

Wii Skin – Bricks


Purchase here :
Price : $14.99
Child Friendly Reason: Who doesn’t like Legos? This is a good one for the grown ups because it brings back fond memories and a good one for the kiddos as they are probably still obsessed with them. I’m 31 and I still love Legos! In fact, I just went to the Lego store this last weekend. So cool.

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