Top 10 Things Female Gamers Hear on Xbox Live

As a female gamer, you hear a lot of different comments on Xbox Live from random players. It doesn’t take you long to realize that the majority of jerks on Live are not the most creative of people. You tend to hear the same comments over and over and often times verbatim. Each person thinks they are the first person ever to say that. Yes, you are that smart and original. And by smart and original I mean you are the one millionth dumb ass to say that to me.

To everybody that has said these things to females online in the past and to those of you that will be saying them in the future, please come up with some new material. I say this on behalf of all female gamers that frequent Xbox Live. These comments have been heard time and time again. You are not quite as witty as you think. But we all knew that already.

Top 10 Things Female Gamers Hear on Xbox Live

Are you a girl? You can’t be a girl. Everybody knows girls don’t play video games.*
I don’t expect that you would know much about girls as you obviously don’t interact with any. Ever.

Are you playing on your brother’s/boyfriend’s account?*
Well clearly it’s not my own. Everybody knows girls don’t play video games and thus don’t have their own accounts. I don’t even think Microsoft lets females purchase their own accounts actually. I think I read that in the fine print somewhere.

You must be a fat and ugly since you play video games.*
How did you know? But of course all males that play video games are ridiculously hot. Every last one of them. Including you.

Shouldn’t you be playing Barbie Horse Adventures?*
I’ve already beaten it over 10 times. I rock at that game! Just every once in a while I need a break from it.

Hey sweetheart/beautiful/baby doll. How you doing?*
So much better now that you are here, thanks.

Dude. Dude! Are you a girl? Will you be my friend? Dude, accept my friend request! Let’s hook up!*
Yes please! Because I really am that incredibly desperate for friends. And hook ups as well.

How old are you? Where do you live? Do you have a MySpace page?*
I will share all of that information with you as long as you promise to stalk me. Frequently.

Girls belong in the kitchen. Go make me a sandwich.*
I am in the kitchen making a sandwich. I just beat you playing with one hand.

Are you a boy? When are your balls gonna drop?*
They already did. And your mom tells me I have the manliest voice ever. Every night. At least twice.

You sound hot! I bet you’re hot. Are you hot?*

*sent a friend request

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  1. XxURDONExX says:

    hahaha. so true. i’ve played with you enough to know this stuff. but, if you are in the kitchen, and did in fact beat me with one hand while making a sandwich, is that sandwich for me?! haha. jk! jk!

    • IRushWithFame says:

      Well, i’m a girl who plays COD6 on XBOX LIVE and i get those comments all of the time!!! LOL!!!!

      • Lol wut? says:

        You can tell this is a girl because there is no COD6…

        • dj_2_dk says:

          COD:6 AKA Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2……Learn something before you go insulting people dip shit.

        • Emily says:

          LOL no shit shes dumb but im a girl i play xbox live i play L4D2 and MW2 haha

        • Crusty KoolAid and yes thats my gamercard says:

          I really hate that XL is such a sausage fest sometimes

    • AsianChik says:

      I absolutely refuse to put my headset on due to number of ridiculous comments I get. It’s enfuriating trying to play with these boys and not get any actual nice comments. Like hey, you did really good. Or something along those lines. I always get, “are you really a girl? you sound like a little boy.” or ” oh no we’ve got a girl on our team, we’re gonna lose.” First of all why the hell would a guy use a girl name for their gamertag. That’s just dumb. Second, most of the time I am the one who has the most kills. So for all you guys out there….how about being nice to us girls for once?? Instead of saying some stupid bullshit that no one cares to hear. Most of the time when you say stupid shit, I mute your ass and that’s that.

      • Bridget says:

        HA! I know. I put my headset on just to listen, but most of the time I don’t talk b/c stupid boys make stupid comments. Sometimes I will let my boyfriend talk while I am playing:) B/c I am better than him. I only play MW2 and I can’t wait for Black Ops to come out. I miss my zombies. But, I will always keep my headset on, just incase I need to rub it in a guys face that I have 39 kills and 4 deaths, and he was my 39 kills.

      • Patrick Valentine says:

        hahah yeah my friend does that too sometimes she says it makes it so she cant really think haha ……… i myself think its creepy to pick up chicks on xbox …. like come on really? is that the only place u can actually talk to a girl

      • Chris-tee says:

        No offense, I’m a girl gamer and I’ve been gaming on xbox live since the original xbox and I think these comebacks are solid. The only thing is girls like “Asianchick” and other girls give gamer girls a bad name. Of course playing in a male dominated field you should know harassment is the risk you take by picking up a controller. Girls shouldn’t complain because they are getting their feelings hurt for being a female. You play with the guys and you need to learn to grow a pair of none existent balls. This is why guys laugh at us is because we let them think that we sit around and cry about the names they call us. To bs angel or whoever wrote this blog I give you props because you just make a whitty comment back and move on with the game. I’m a very girly girl who in fact plays with a pink controller but like I said before, if you can’t take the heat of playing with re guys then gtfo. Stop giving girl gamers a bad name just because your sensitive. THOSE are the girls that should be playing barbie horse adventures.

  2. That’s a funny bit of snark there. It’d be funny how stupid some of these guys are if it wasn’t so sad. Of course, these are also the same guys that reinforce the common stereotype of your typical gamer. Shame…

    OH, and bs angel is definitely the hawts.

  3. yankeyhotel says:

    Yeah, no doubt there are some (ok a lot) of us losers online, but give us a break. We would probably be just as lame in person as over live. Not to mention the fact that we are still in shock that girls actually talk to us, anyways.

    Great write up, maybe I’ll be witty enough to get onto the next article like this one. :)

  4. Excardon says:

    Never heard the Barbie Horse Adventures one yet while playing with my wife, lol.

    I think it’s all the pent up rage and dissapointment these kids have from getting rejected for their annual school dance that they use to unfortunately take it out on people that can’t execute any real means of reprecussion against them.

    Seriously… I wasn’t a big assbag like some of these kids back in the day. I may have done dumb stuff, but not like this.

  5. Ray Reece says:

    “I think it’s all the pent up rage and dissapointment these kids have from getting rejected for their annual school dance that they use to unfortunately take it out on people that can’t execute any real means of repercussion against them.”

    LOL! Either that, or they’ve never talked to a female (other than their cat) before… someone ought to teach them a lesson, or at least require everyone to watch a sexual harassment video before they can get on X-Box Live!


  6. I feel embarrassed to be a guy sometimes when I hear things like this. There are idiots that don’t know how to act toward women period and Xbox Live is no exception.

    • tkdmaster328 says:

      Well said. I especially hate the fact that sometimes all guys are seen as horny jerks because of those…idiots. I am proud to be a guy who has never been afraid of being beaten by or hit on a female gamer.

      @ bs angel: Hilarious comebacks =D Unfortunately, the fact that there are a$$h0les who say things like that kinda adds a depressing tone to this post. =(

  7. bsangel says:

    Anything on this list doesn’t even bother a female anymore. At least not me. You get used to hearing it and you know it is the other person’s ignorance talking which is not a reflection on yourself at all.

    Now things that are too offensive to make the list, that is where the problem lies. Randoms rarely bother me anymore, but every once in a blue moon someone will say something so repulsive and disgusting that it will take me a bit to shake it off.

    Otherwise, just the same ol’ stuff, over and over!

    • C.x says:

      Haha i love this.
      Experienced everything.
      Friend Request after Friend Request, it’s so annoying!

  8. Ryan says:

    Man I was in a room with 2 girls last night. One was a friend of mine in real life (who does play on her husbands account) and the other was another married girl. I think I heard all of these last night in rapid-fire. To bad the dudes trigger fingers didn’t work that well. The girls in the room spanked them and not in the good Happy time way.

    PS. I hear in the comments you were hot will you add me as a friend /Wink

  9. Stuicide says:

    Angel, I know your set up is in the kitchen! And, I’m glad you accepted my friend request when I asked if you were hawt.

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  11. Susie says:

    this list seriously made me crack up!!! hahahahahaha the only video game i play online these days is Halo 2, but I’ve heard every single one of these SO MANY TIMES!!! oh man… thanks for posting this!!

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  13. trainmaster01 says:

    My boss at Microsoft is a 25 year old woman with the moxey to supervise me effectively for the company’s best interest (I’m 56 and male). If the Xbox Live jerk bunch doesn’t understand even the basic dynamics of the company that built their little toy, they deserve more than the polite retorts you gave them. They need their accounts blacklisted. Bravo to you!

  14. themoviereport says:

    Gr8 list.

    I know that its a annoying when guys either diss female gamers or try to hook up with them. In my opinion, it shouldn’t be that way – I say bring on female gamers! More the merrier! It makes no sense why females get this kind of treatment. After all, there’s women working in the games industry – how about that woman behind the forthcoming Assassins Creed? Attractive, obviously talented, and giving the female a face in the industry! here here!


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  16. PJ - Pugovitz says:

    Haha, I made an ID for my girlfriend on the PS3 and I did it early enough so that it’s just Brittany. Even though she’s never been online she’s got a few messages from guys like, “Hey gurL” and “howz it goin”.

  17. Bexstar33 says:

    haha, I totally know what you mean, I have had most of those comments already and only had my xbox a month… im totally addicted to it, tho not for the “hot” guys, but for the games!

    another common one (espeicially from the Americans is) “you have such a sexy british accent chick,you must be sooooo hot with a voice like that”…… !!!

    Pass me the sick bucket and let me get back to killing these b****rds on Gears of war!

    My response is… “I’m a female gamer…… DEAL WITH IT HUNNY!!!! We do exist!”

  18. HaloMarine117 says:

    I met my girlfriend over Xbox live and we are going six months strong. She gets angry whenever people pull the “You must be fat” one. But I’ll show her this.. I’m sure she’ll get a kick out of it. =]


  19. Deadguy71 says:

    My girlfriend gets comments like these all the time too. Unfortunately when she trys “light flippant” answers like the ones you’ve listed here, they move into porn mode.

    So now, she’s just like “This is why you’ll never get laid by a girl under 300lbs.. When you look like this, you don’t NEED to do charity work.”

    Then folks laugh an do the whole “buuurn” thing.

    If anyone keeps going, she pulls out the “Needle-d*cked-BugF*cker” line.

    All the other guys are “on your side” immediately because obviously they won’t get laid if they’re against the only woman in the room. Then the friend requests start piling up from all the hopeful contestants for your fancy.

    If someone’s genuinely funny, she’ll add them after the match, and most are still cool with her after learning that her boyfriend’s in the party too, and sitting right next to her. The rest, including all the clan invites (she’s not exactly clan material, she’s just having fun out there) just get ignored.

    It sucks to realize that guys don’t have to pretend to not be guys, or get flirted with constantly. The flirting thing IS nice for the ego, despite how empty it really is, but there’s simply nowhere to run or get away from it, unless you ditch the headphones entirely. Guys are not likely to ever have to experience that, unless they become famous or something.

    Within a week, she averages about 100 invites from folks she doesn’t recognize. it get’s pretty old pretty fast.

  20. Teh Interweb says:

    I find that most of the racist/sexist/[insert appropriate -ist word] idiots on Live lack originality and creativity. Of course, when they’re stupid enough to spout prejudiced crap which they actually seem to believe is true, this is not surprising.

    As someone outside the US who is on the receiving end of a lot of racist comments, I’ve found one of the most effective ways of getting under these people’s skins is to use their own comments against them (such as telling them to speak English; a comment that often comes from their mouths). Drives them mad with rage!

  21. AshofPompei says:

    guy: shouldn’t you be playing Barbie Horse Adventure?

    you:…this isn’t Barbie Horse Adventure?

  22. Craig Betts says:

    Heh, yeah, my wife hears those as well. Her latest ploy is to just keep quiet on the headset until she whoops them, then unmute. Granted, she sticks mainly with Texas Hold ‘Em, but many guys still don’t like being beat by a woman.

    She lowers there spirits even more when she advertises her age (46). Yeah dude, your mother just beat you!

  23. quikstryke117 says:

    there is nothing hotter than a girl who plays halo.

  24. KitKatGrrl says:

    Too true! I’ve heard far worse than that. Every single night I hear comments like this. I am constantly amazed that they’re able to deduce that I’m fat! Dude, I thought I had my webcam off.

    One time I was playing with a guy who asked if I was either Asian or Fat because the majority of girl gamers he played with were Asian or Fat. I was stumped because I didn’t know if there was a “D, all of the above” version :P

    My favorite is when they spend the entire game harassing you, calling you the worst possible names out there, t-bagging you and heckling you, then send you a Friend Request. Dude, that’s so not the way to meet girls……

  25. KitKatGrrl says:

    Crap, hit the wrong button.

    1. Are you a girl?
    No, i’m a kitkat. Or “I”m a grill”

    2. Are you playing on your brother’s/boyfriend’s account?*
    I’ve actually never heard this comment, but that’s probably because my name has “Grrl” in it.

    3. You must be a fat and ugly since you play video games.*
    Ohmigosh, you must have ESP, how did you know?

    4. Shouldn’t you be playing Barbie Horse Adventures?*
    That games doesn’t have a shotgun in it. Not interested.

    5. Hey sweetheart/beautiful/baby doll. How you doing?*

    6. Dude. Dude! Are you a girl? Will you be my friend? Dude, accept my friend request! Let’s hook up!* because I’m probably old enough to be your mother. Or “Hey, you sound just like my son’s friend”

    7. How old are you? Where do you live? Do you have a MySpace page?*
    I’m 70 years old, I don’t shave my legs but I’m single. Interested?

    8. Girls belong in the kitchen. Go make me a sandwich.*
    Make your own sandwich, I promise I won’t kill you while you’re in the kitchen.

    9. Are you a boy? When are your balls gonna drop?*
    When yours do.

    10. You sound hot! I bet you’re hot. Are you hot?*
    Yes, i’m extremely hot right now. I think i’m actually menopausal.

  26. prowlaz says:

    LOL so true…

    lol ive found myself saying a few of those…

    im a peticular fan of teh sandwhich.

  27. bs angel says:

    Truth be known, I make a mean sandwich. But don’t tell anyone.

    • T2STR8 says:

      Male gamers they also ask other male gamers, How old are you? Where do you live? except for asking people for a MySpace page…

  28. prowlaz says:

    oh and sry for the double post but i gotta mention this..

    one time my friend beat me at dead or alive 4 while he was takin a dump…

    still slightly mad over that one but it mak3s m3 lawl

  29. Queen 0f Blades says:

    Hehe. The three most common things I hear are:

    1. Are you a girl? [Sigh… Yes.]

    2. What’s your bra size? (sometimes worded differently and more vulgar) [I’m not big, don’t get excited.]

    3. Do you have a picture or myspace? [No. Myspace sucks.]

    And on Starcraft, I’m told that girls don’t play games, and they belong in the kitchen. :/

    I love this list, and your comebacks. You’re awesome.

  30. bs angel says:

    Wow. I have no idea how that relates to this article, but thank you for the appetizing story!

    Your comment would be perfect for this article. In fact, one of those rules was probably made just for your friend.

  31. Walshicus says:

    I must confess I’ve actually used a variant of number seven before.

    It was a particularly one-sided game of H3 Beta, where the entireity of the opposite team – minus one – had quit. On congratulating the person for sticking it out in the post game lobby, we were met with a string of high-pitched abuse. A friend on my team asked in jovial manner how old the person was. What followed was the BEST. DAMN. RESPONSE. EVAR:
    “Old enough to suck your balls!”
    We laughed for a while, until I managed to gasp something to the effect of:
    “Sweet Mother of Artemis, boy…”
    Which gave us:
    “I’m a girl guv’na! Retard!” – we were all English, see.

    So there you have it. All girls are jerks. ;)

  32. Shadowblade says:

    good list i personaly think that more gamers girl or other are good and have nothing against girls. u mostly get these from boys who just got their @$$es handed to tehm by a girl

  33. Smurfa says:

    Hahaha, nice replys. Loved the list. As a guy, I am ashamed that other guys treat girls bad, it’s just stupid. I wish everyone could play online without getting harassed. Unfortunately I guess that won’t happen in a long time, so keep up with the fine replys and keep kicking our a***s in whatever game your playing. That might make them to shut up.

  34. Kroll GB says:

    Heh, the tide is slowly turning-

    I was in a game of Halo 2, saw we were up against some of the higher ranked PMS girls. Every member of our 4 man (all strangers) team groaned; the conversation went like this:

    Me- Wow, we’re up against PMS
    PMS- And???
    All (Pretty much in unison)- we’re going to get killed…
    PMS- Giggles

    Keep it up ladies, there are some of us who can take it. ;)

  35. pogi says:

    I’ve played with many of the pms girls back when it h2 was just release and I use to hear lots of slut/whore/bitch calls. We kinda put it in their face when the score was 50-25 hehe. Big Team Battle was the best. Hearing 8 other voices calling out sluts with a squeaky voice.

  36. Monty Python says:

    Heh. Pretty funny.

    Anyways, as a guy gamer I try to be nice to any female gamers I meet on Live (admittedly not many, which is unfortuneate because the one that are there tend to be less jerky).

  37. Eisen Feuer says:

    lol I must memorize these verbatim for the next time we play :3

  38. trigarhappy says:

    Wait… do you want new (non-vulgar) comments for kicks or not? :)
    I personally almost prefer to play with girls because the ones that I have played with usually have different strategies than most of the people out there. Keep the witty comments coming back. (A follow up to this would be awesome)

  39. Stormwing says:

    There are no girls on the internet. there are no girls that play games. that in scientically proven FACT.

    kidding aside, all the girls I know can get sooo brutal when playing video games, it’s terrifying. Great list, and so very true. But it’s too bad stuff like this gives a negative effect on the community as a whole….there aren’t enough girls to counter the number of jerkoffs on the internet/games. It’s always a massive sausagefest of morons out there. :(
    I also love how they all sent friend requests, not that that’s surprising…

    nice comebacks. hope that sandwich was good.

  40. writeitoutplease says:

    The people who ask those questions are probably 12-15 years old, or have the mind of a person who is. Actually, this insults the smarter 12-15 year olds. So, to rephrase, people who ask those questions are just idiots. That would insult the idiots. People who ask those questions just don’t have any place in life.

  41. Elnea says:

    The sad thing is that this sort of thing makes a lot of girls just turn off their microphones so the other players won’t know they are women. I’ve done it myself. During the Halo3 Beta I played several matches with some players and only after the third match did I realize they were also female!

    Something funny that’s happened a few times is that I play online a fair amount with my son (yes, I have my own account), and occasionally someone will start taunting him about being a kid and saying things like, “Hey kid, I ****ed your mom.” and I’ll say, “Really? I don’t remember you…”

    It really confuses people when someone’s mom is online. On the flip side it gets really uncomfortable when they start verbally abusing me. With my son sitting right there. Usually I just quit rather than listen to that. I can’t wait for the new easy-to-use mute feature in Halo 3…

  42. Ra-Devil says:

    God. I feel like such an a$$. I’ve met girls playing Halo 2 before, and once I did think they were a little kid trying to pretend… *sigh*

    Does that make me sexist? I mean, after having a prank pulled on me by my friend where he said he’d invite his girlfriend into the match so when I start talking to them everyone in the match busts out laughing because it was actually the guy’s younger brother playing doesn’t exactly make you feel comfortable every time you here a non-monotone voice come through the headset. At least to me most guy’s voices just sound monotone and almost transparent when compared to most other voices, unless you actually know the person.

    I did meet some girls online actually, and I didn’t make an a$$ of myself when I did those other times, because I learned to keep my mouth shut and only say things relevant to the game. As long as you just act as if nothing different is occuring… since it’s really nothing special when a girl is playing a game, then there isn’t an issue. I just wish all people weren’t retards/jacka$$es/pricks/imature/stupid. But most are.

  43. monster says:

    Every now and then my ex-roomates girlfriend would play on my account. The next day I always had like a million friend requests, the message attached was usually “lets hook up.”

  44. Deadguy71 says:

    “As long as you just act as if nothing different is occuring…”

    This right here is part of the problem. There IS nothing different occurring.. if you think there IS, then you’re being sexist by definition.

    Just play, have fun, don’t worry about who/what the other folks are, just stay respectful to folks that aren’t disrespectful to you. You don’t have to treat them nice because they’re girls and “need / deserve that”.. you should treat ’em nice because they’re human.

    Girls can be disrespectful too, treat ’em accordingly.

  45. Lex says:

    Freaking. Hilarious. It’s amazing that people are that stupid.

  46. Stuicide says:

    It’s easy to ignore it when the mean guys are on the other team, it’s actually fun to shoot them.

    Sucks when the verbal abuser is on your own team, that’s why I only party with Gunslingers. Makes it easy to win when you stack your team.

  47. Terry says:

    Were they one of those little kids who are ridiculously throwing words around at you because you are female? My cousin gets alot of that. I cant play a game with my cousin without the comments and language being thrown at her. Its kinda funny though.

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  49. Drohne says:

    Seriusly are u really really really a girl?!!!! hhahahah LOL

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  52. Josh says:

    “I feel embarrassed to be a guy sometimes when I hear things like this. There are idiots that don’t know how to act toward women period and Xbox Live is no exception.”
    LOL PERIUD!!!!11!!1!!

    In all seriousness, I hear that crap that you listed all the time being said to any and all girls in the game. Not at me though because I’m male, but I occasionally let slip a word of Hebrew or mention it to someone in my house with me and I get the bloody Neo-Nazi brigade all over my ass. Although the funniest one was when the Nazi’s team turned out to be 3 Jewish brothers….TKing and teabagging ensues.

    Anyway, I hope that these people’s parents actually read the damn M rating on Halo 3 when it comes out, so that I can be free of the annoyance.

    One can dream.

  53. Jenna says:

    lmao I am going to use some of your come backs bravo

  54. H says:

    I can take the comments no probs, but I draw the line when someone thinks it is a good idea to send me pictures of his knob using his live cam (12 pictures in total). Not funny, especially when my kids also use my account.

  55. bs angel says:

    Gross. Seriously.

    I stopped playing Uno the day those cameras came out. I don’t have one, nor do I want one, nor do I want to play with anyone that has one (that isn’t on my friends list).


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  57. 5up3rfly says:

    Yeah you got a point there, I rarly see girls on XBL and the only girs that i know that play Halo 2 is well you and Xena. but just because they are girls dosent meen they cant pwn any of you guys 1v1 or FFA or anything.

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  59. bulldog says:

    my ex girlfriend is on xbox live, she loves the attention and sends pictures to all the boys. what a waste of time she was

  60. Nance says:

    This is why I tend to turn of my mic when I play online games. Thankfully, I have to say that most of the guys I run into while playing online are actually very courteous and don’t even ask whether or not I’m a girl. Of course, that might be because they mistake me for an 11-year-old boy, so…

    Anyway, great post!

  61. Crazyeye0 says:

    Anyone who does this is the apitamy of gamers with no life, their the people who make the male gamers look bad, and they also put off the female gamers from gaming, and probably spread a stereotype for gamers being pervs.

    I actualy pitty anyone who uses any of these on XBL…

  62. Bertnell says:

    yeah some guys are you know what, but most of us are ok i have a number of female friends online. But Im a lot older so i guess my maturity level is a bit highrer then most guys.Plus I havew three duaghters!! LOL

  63. cecd says:

    lol that is so true lol guys in this day and age need to accept the fact that A) yes more girls are getting into video games and B) no most of them dont wanna hook up with you (a hand full of the guys i have met but most of them are very nice.)

  64. wolfy says:

    I think we should be extra nice to girls
    it’s not sexist to be really nice as long as you
    don’t keep talking forever and leave them alone

    whwat i mean is when talking to girls i try to be polite and i encurage other men to do so as well

    and not all uf us 10-16’s are immiture scum
    just most

  65. I’m a man but the only thing I used to do in front of a girl playing Halo is : Are you a girl? (girly gamer tag or pink suit*), and then friend request (yes girls playing make me horny, that’s like the “virgin phantasm lol). Anyway being beaten by a girl is always painful (it happened to me once) but that’s cool to see them at high skill levels.
    Your article is quite funny I’ll quote you on my blog. ^^

    * pink is also very common with homosexuals as it seems.

  66. K8 says:


    I frequently hear statements from blokes like ‘girl’s brains aren’t meant for gaming! – like map reading, they’re just not equipped to understand it.’

    Clearly we must have excess brain power, does this mean we need to have a lobotomy before purchasing an xbox?

  67. NukieFreak says:

    I play with a girl i know all the time. As soon as guys find out that she is one, they act like the most immature 11 year old. Bitch is said every other word. They go way over the top with sexual questions. At first we found it a little funny, but now its just mind boggling pathetic.

    • STOMPY says:

      Have you considered trying a Nukie dance to confuse them?

  68. joel says:

    Great stuff, especially the comeback comments. Funny!

  69. Non says:

    You’re hot let’s hook up.

  70. I must say that I haven’t had a geat laugh like this is a while. I don’t play games but I am shocked that these people would say such things. As expected, we do still live in a male dominated society, adn the macho concept is still taught to our teenage boys. If God wills, things will change in the future.

  71. shadowtech says:

    Achievement Unlocked: You found a female.

  72. Dennis says:

    Your comebacks are epic.

  73. UFC Fighter JohnnyM says:

    I know what you mean Loup Solitaire – “* pink is also very common with homosexuals as it seems.”

    Us homosexuals are just frought with stereotypes. If your a man, then act like one. Girls (not women) make you horny, but you have to dominate them or your in pain? You might be happy relocating to the 50’s. Oh wait, no Halo then – Sorry!

  74. Opieateit says:

    It is hard to tell if its a prepubescent boy or a female don’t you think?

  75. Brigadier GEN K says:

    ANGEL rock..congratulations on the awesome blog!

    P.S. You forgot “Are you single?” ..that is a GEM of a question on it!
    **Briggy P
    The CAVEgirls

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  77. Heather says:

    These are great and so true! I don’t play on Xbox Live, but I’ve heard just about all of these on other online games.

  78. Kathan says:

    Pretty much hit the nail on the head.

  79. dewknight says:

    any time it’s a girl, I have to use the sandwich one. But most of them that I have played with are really good. And they even know what teamwork is, unlike a lot of guys.

  80. MikeLovely says:

    You have to admit that female gamers are few and far between, most of my female friends (and I have alot of them) don’t regullarly play games and when they do its katamari damacy or possibly one or 2 rounds of halo. Sorry you had to deal with the immature fat boys/frat fags but until there are more females who play this crap is gunna happen.

    p.s. Not saying I haven’t know girl gamers I knew a few, but most were back when I was a video game arts major, one girl I knew had a half sleeve tattoo that was all game related, adn she kicked everyones ass in our major. I could marry a girl like that.

  81. paul axel says:

    lol those comments were weak. i prefer that chick just caught my shot in the eye… ouch. or after getting a grenade kill…. she just ate my load. idk i thought they were kinda funny considering i used them against my team mate in cod2. she laughed… i think

  82. Mike says:

    I got a bunch of these type of questions after I used “Katie”, my wife’s name, to name a starcraft game. Note: Katie wasn’t my player name, but simply a game name. A girl even commented to me about how there are no girls playing online, and the boys kept hitting on her. A few minutes after I told her Katie was my wife, she left the game citing her boyfriend was there?

    I’m always amazed on how sexist the players and companies can be. Ever see the pictures of these gaming shows? Gaming companies seem to always use barely dressed women to promote their games.

    Good luck on your list!

  83. Godlesswanderer says:

    Sadly, the majority of people on Live do this (which I’m sure you already know); whether they’re 10 year old or an adult. And with that said, I respect the fact that you’re still playing, I know a couple girls that hardly play online anymore at all because they’d get abused or generally annoyed by other players in every game they played.
    Also, expect to get a lot of friend requests within the next couple hours. You’re on the front page of Digg.

  84. Ben says:

    Sooooo funny. I’m a guy and I just think it gives gamers a bad name when they do things like this. I am constantly hearing people taunting girls in online games. What bugs me the most is when they say “hey sexy, wana be mah GF?”. I laugh at them…

  85. vader says:

    bs angerl wins thread and a thousand internets

  86. One of the retarded gender says:

    Bravo on finally calling out the horny, perverted and immature majority of my gender. It’s about time, seriously. I hate sitting in CS games or Halo games with guys doing exactly the things you listed above.

    Just a few more to add, and I’m going to be calling out a few in these comments you’re getting, would be:

    1. They’ll “defend” you and possibly try to get closer to you in that sense. This is an overused tactic and some of the time, it works. Right after, you’ll see a following of your 6th, 7th, and last ones on your list. Don’t fall for it :P

    2. People who usually have to defend themselves automatically and points fingers, usually have done one of the others and are trying to play it off. I mean the people who are saying stuff like, “omg who does that?? haha losers” or “i never did that before!”
    Good try to you guys, as I’m sure you already did it before.

    This last one goes out to the ones angel pointed out – keep it in your pants. If you can’t get a girl IRL, you don’t deserve one at all.

    The funniest thing is, anyone making a comment at me about this post obviously means they’re offended (unless it’s a girl or angel). And I really don’t give a shit anyway.

    Oh and angel – nice list :P

  87. lj says:

    > Anyway being beaten by a girl is always painful (it happened to me once) – Loup Solitaire

    Umm… why should it be any more painful to you than getting beaten by a guy? Unless you see women as your inferiors…

  88. Matt Huggins says:

    I expect this happens to you about as often as I hear the N-word on there, unfortunately.

  89. Mike says:

    I think it’s funny how most of the posts by the men on here are actually ass kissing the OP :)

    • Matty0040 says:

      too right buddy, i was just browsing and just waiting for someone to say that

  90. Axel says:

    Yeah, I hear girl gamers whine about this all the time.

    Three Situations
    1.) Girl Gamer: “I’m a Girl!” – Typical Questions ensue
    2.) High pitch yelling hurts the ears – Typical response starts
    3.) Some retard notices it MIGHT be a girl – Typical Questions start

    I’d say 80% of the time its situation 1. As a “oh my boyfriend and I are XX” or ect ect to “hint” its a female on the other end. Grow up.

  91. bs angel says:

    Excellent. I always enjoy when someone comes along and tries to place the blame on the victim of the situation. Girl gamers deserve it because … well they’re girls. And they open their mouths sometimes. Seriously, the nerve.

    And since we going into percentages, I’d say 80% of the time you’re an ass.

  92. Axel says:

    Nah, not placing blame on the victim. Just stating LAN party afte LAN party.

    Actually, i was the guy the female gamers always came to talk to. I wasnt trying to get in thier pants at the parties and talked to them like they were humans instead of a set of boobs.

    I’m say as a default ratio, alot of the stuff female gamers do cause some of thier own grief. Notice no where in there do I say the girl deserved it.

    Honestly you may not fall into the typical #1 catagory, I give you mad props for approving the post. Just remember, your playing with a lot of 14y/os and guys who havnt had a g/f in years due to neglecting them and thier jobs. So, although not right, its easy to send those retards in that direction.

  93. Andrew says:

    Did you… did you dis Barbie Horse Adventures? Oh no you didn’t. Watch yourself little lady, or you might find yourself impaled by a pink unicorn. Worse yet, I might go tell my mommy!

  94. Axel says:

    BTW: My wife is a FPS/RPG gamer, and I’m a military dependant with a govt job of my own in IT.

    So yeah, I’m not just some regular sexist asshat.

  95. Dan says:

    so, whats ur gamertage, lets see how good you really are…..

  96. bs angel says:

    So you are a married member of the military sexist asshat? ;)

    Thanks for coming back and at least clarifying some stuff. I think stereotypes in general are negative so instead I will say some females may bring it upon themselves, some females may not. I can’t speak for experiences more than my own.

    I will say this article is simply poking fun at the randoms that inhabit the world of Xbox Live. There is no whining going on, there is no “poor me” going on, it is simply a rolling of the eyes at common occurrences. I’m on Xbox Live to game. So I am going to game, and everything else that happens simply rolls off my back.

  97. Brigadier GEN K says:

    HawtyMcBloggy for President of all the Universe.

  98. Sometimes I pretend I am a girl on live just so I can make people feel bad about losing…but you have it so much better, because you are a girl, and when you kick ass you don’t even have to pretend like you have a vagina.

  99. SuperGirl Brig says:

    I sure missed seeing you at PAX! Next year!!!!!!!! Hey..where are the pics of the new console???????

  100. Geoff says:

    Funny quick read. :)

    Major props to you for doing what you enjoy, and ignoring the assholes who get in your way. I don’t play consoles, but I’d be more than happy to have you on my team any day.

  101. Reid R says:

    At least you’re not black.. and/or gay. You’d be really bad off.

  102. kT^_- says:

    “Are you a boy? When are your balls gonna drop?*
    They already did. And your mom tells me I have the manliest voice ever. Every night. At least twice.”

    ahahaha. i heard this one this morning actually, and my response was actually just the same. your mom jokes are the best imo.

    i definitely agree that some females bring it upon themselves, so really it doesn’t bother me when i get one of these, i just shove it back in their face, it amuses me more than anything. i play cs though, (yay pc!) and i guess some of those guys have less of lives and therefore are a little more creative than console gamers? i dunno, im half asleep still so i cant think of one off of the top of my head, but ive heard some pretty interesting ones.

    but awesome post bs angel =P

  103. Mark says:

    Stop making stuff up. You never heard any of these because, as we all know, girls don’t play games. :-P

    God, I feel so dirty saying that. Great post.

  104. X5 176 says:

    I have some female friends on my list that constantly get badgered like this, it’s pretty funny because most of the guys who do the badgering sound like there own balls haven’t dropped haha, anywho i didn’t see this line on there so I’ll give you a new one to hear. “You’re the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen…on a sunday!” haha

  105. kT^_- says:

    Oh! i remember now..

    “your a girl?? playing games?? so when is your girlfriend coming over? will you give me a tape of you two having doing it??”

    Sad as that is, ive heard it, a few times. its better though when you have another female gamer who you can joke around with that you are actually planning on doing it with her.


  106. IT gal says:

    Thank you for getting the message out, and in a humorous way that gets the point across.

    I have long said that there is a shortage of women in computers/electronics/gaming, not because there is a lack of interest or talent, but because we experience so much harassment that many of us just get too fed up and go elsewhere, or stop doing what we love to do.

    This is a shame. Kudos to you for sticking it out! You have a tougher skin and quicker wit than most, male or female. :)

  107. Advise-Art says:

    ahahaha excellent je kiffe !!!!!!!

  108. That Girl Hates You says:

    I’m going to have to remember those come backs…

    Anyway I’ve been asked more times if I’m a gay male then anyone thinking I’m female…

  109. chris says:

    I find it funny when a gril plays video games. A lot of them can waste the entire room. My running joke is to say, “HEY! BABY!” In a stereotypical, “SHAFT” voice.

    More or less, I’m making fun of all the other guys trying to hook up and get laid. Yeah. Like YOU”RE really going to make such an impression on this girl buy a freakin’ video game that she’s going to cream her panties to come and find you and make hot passionate love to you and marry you on the spot.

    I think guys who hit on these girls are as pathetic as the ones who still live in mommy’s basement.

    I live on the second floor, thank you.

  110. Hi there, always keep in mind that you are participating in a generally working-class/teen male demographic.

    It doesn’t come to a surprise that what you experience on Xbox live servers would roughly resemble a cartoon biker bar filled with tired puns and sex-depraved man-children.

    As for myself, a real man, with an adult set of male shoulders, id rather keep enjoying my brilliant Wii.

    check my youtube profile guys, its teh pwnzors

  111. Coherent says:

    The real question is, under what circumstances would you, as a girl gamer actually accept a friend request from a guy that you’ve teamed with? Maybe they just think you rocked as a teammate and they want to play with you more.

    That’s the big issue with so few girls being on the net and involved with online gaming. It must be hard for them to tell who their real friends are versus random idiots who just want to get into their pants.

    I suggest the solution is to get MORE women involved with online gaming until men are actually in the minority. THEN the age of suspicion will be at an end :)

  112. Hideo says:

    I love girls
    Just not on the xboxlive on my team
    They distract too much the retards trying to impress them, and they are generally below the average level at the game anyway
    And in the virtual worlds, sex doesn’t matter, skills do

  113. EmperorChow says:

    wait there’s girls on the internet?

  114. K says:

    … makes me think of this XKCD comic :)

  115. BuZ says:

    bs angel nice post! i’m one of the “Are you Hot” lads u come across asking that qustion.
    it’s a typical guy thing to say that, and yeah i say it gets annoying hearing that every time you go online but the males species are the inconsiderate type.
    So heres me saying sorry to all those ladies out there i may have offended/owned. But i say before i think my bad. :D

    ps. Girls got game 2 i have 2 sisters!

  116. BuZ says:

    Ps off to play Mario Galaxy…

  117. darksonxd says:

    Great post…and about that XKCD comic, FANTASTIC!!!
    As a male gamer…i really like getting my ass kicked by a girl, and even if i am really interested on hooking up with female gamers…it just sounds stupid to trying to do that thru a internet video game itself.

  118. Mec says:

    The secret truth is, women need to be belittled when they play video games because they are feared. If they become comfortable among us there, then they will inevitably become better than us there — as they have proven in almost every other area of life. ;)

  119. raetsel says:

    funnier are the girls who use names to purposefully illustrate that they are female… and try to insinuate that they are, in fact, hot (or sluts looking for attention somehow otherwise)… who then complain that this is all they hear. Hideo is an idiot for thinking gender has a direct correlation to skill, but at the same time potentially has a point since plenty of women are misrepresented in video games by doing exactly what i said above. you won’t even know much of the time that it’s a girl who just kicked your ass because many aren’t either insecure enough or feminazi enough to have to advertise it (and you sure can’t base anything off character gender choice).

  120. Delta says:

    This about what I expected when I heard about this list, I don’t understand what the big deal is. I was playing COD4 with some girls the other day and it’s not like everyone freaked out and started asking all the weird question. She played her match just like everyone else we had fun and play a few more matches, but I bet she still got a few friend request.

    Just to ask does this whole list of question seem to happen more often in one game then any others?

  121. Alex U. says:

    bwahaha, that article is awesome. So true. I think it’s awesome that girls play video games, because a lot of the girls I know don’t want anything to do with them.

  122. XXX says:


  123. SidearmS says:

    Man, are we a long way from the days of “What’s your sign?”, “What are you wearing?”, and “Do you go all the way?”

    Ahh, when looking like a choad was so much simpler… Viva la Internet.

    I love Hawty, but not in the ways you think. Her next end of month email should be fun to read.

    XBox 360 – I am not Hawty. Really, no I’m not. Ok, maybe I am. Nah, just kidding. Are you sure I am kidding? I could be Hawty. Not A Hottie, but a Hawty. Comfortable yet? Is that a laser sword on your back or are you just happy to see me?

    PS – This is all satire. Please open your minds.

  124. schetle says:

    In real life, if you’re a somewhat attractive female, the majority of guys will do whatever it takes to get conversation out of you (they also set their goal to a much much higher level). The ones that don’t do whatever it takes are either too shy to do it, or they’re actually genuine men (with/without confidence) (or of course they have no interest at all)

    In game: Guys will let their fantasies fly, and assume you’ll be some kind of hot piece of ass ready to do their bidding. They will say and do whatever they can to get in your skin and make you respond. If it’s a good day, they’ll get some conversation out of you. The more questions they ask that get answers, the more questions they will ask. Not much different than real life. Asking questions about a boyfriend can yield a few bits of information. You’re single (duh), or it’s a possible chance that the guy asking the question will assume that you’re attractive enough to have a boyfriend. “I CAN SRSLY B UR ONLINE BF LOL!”

    Every male friend I have, I just shake my head at them and laugh. I’ve never met another guy that actually shows some respect. Not to feed the guy hating fire, because I’m a guy, but the majority of guys are fucktards. Find new ways to get girls and treat them like human beings and you might actually get a girlfriend someday. That is if you put down the controller and leave the house.

  125. Babykoalaprincess says:

    … ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!!

    Most of those comments are just for hitting! And when I mean by “hitting” I mean both hitting as in verbal abuse and hitting as in talking dirty to you!!!


    I’m so glad you made this post though! :D Your blog is awesome!!!

  126. Anonymous says:

    You are not a girl. There are no females on the internets.

  127. domage says:

    I bet, if you played your cards right, I could take out a restraining order against you.

  128. Ahaa! Well to be fair I think 90% of women on the internet are actually men..

  129. Gerak says:

    Sometimes I make the no females on the webernets just 40 year old perverts without any intention of being offensive but I can see why when every other guy says it its kinda annoying.

  130. jedge says:

    What are you doing playing video games?! these clothes aren’t gonna fold themselves!

  131. nestarrr says:

    girls that play video games are automatically awesome
    and its hot when they own me in them

  132. an honest gal says:

    Females are just as desperate and pathetic; they’re just usually less “straightforward”. :)

  133. Darkchris76 says:

    Im a guy and I found this halarious I hate how people stereotype women and wish it would stop ^_^

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  135. RTM says:

    I’m sorry to hear that this has typified your experience online… Do you have any suggestions on what would be considered appropriate language for chatting up a female gamer online?

    Unfortunately, regardless of all the talk about equality of the sexes, it still most often falls to the man to make the first overtures of a relationship, and falls tot he woman to accept or reject those advances… the human mating ritual I suppose.

    Perhaps you have some insight as to what one might say?

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  138. Heather S says:

    My all-time fav was “ru a girl” from some prepubescent male.

  139. Viper007Bond says:

    *sends a friend request*

  140. Cydonia says:

    Your right 99% of the guys probably say that crap. But lets not forget, 99% of the girls that play video games are drama whores that lap most of it up and try and flirt almost constantly. We wont even bring up how things get when we criticizing their technique.

  141. Maca says:

    It’s been said before and it will no doubt be said again:

    Internet + anonymity = idiot

  142. GanglyTeets says:

    I make it a point to ask every female on XBL the same question: “How big are your areolas?” It’s clearly on of the most intelligent ways to get to know someone.

  143. NPC says:

    Well I think at this point(142 comments in, on a subject I fail at) no matter what I say here is pretty much pointless.

    Oh well, nice article. Times like these I can proudly I say I not own an xb360.
    *wishes he had an xb360*

  144. BT Bill says:

    funny post =D

    hehehe.. yeah I get this alot in MMO’s using a female avatar (I like playing female characters. Not cause I’m girly >.<)

    But I won’t lie. I enjoy the awkward silences. The ones that are so long I can almost hear them questioning their sexuality, after revealing I’m actually a guy.

    Any payouts in the aftermath, I usually retort with further pokes at their sexuality… like, reminding them that they just tried to pick up a guy. =P

    I occassionally get the the weirdo’s who want cyber out of nowhere. I usually tell them I’m a minor and chuckle as they immediately log out. (the gf finds this one funny too)

    It’s moderately entertaining and breaks up the monotony of questing. =P

    But I think I might be a part of the reason why girl’s get talked to the way they do in online games. Sorry bout that..

    anyways, enjoyed reading this blog. Regardless of how well known this type of thing is, it’s always funnier reading about it.

  145. PAStheLoD says:

    Dude! Dude, I can’t decide which one of those answers were the best.. the kitchen one-hand beating or the manliest voice, min. 2 times :)

    Keep fraggin’ the p00r-minded, lady :)

    [and now I’m going to spam her with friend req.s :DD]

  146. Liz says:

    I was playing Halo 3 with some buddies, and this dick goes, “You’re a girl, wait, wait a second!” “Aren’t your brains 3x’s smaller then men?” I replied, “Oh that’s ironic, because so is your D**K.” I think girls should take this trash talk and shove it right back at them. These losers who have to pick on women, are such pussies. Honestly I believe they do this to make themselves better. Sure it’s fun and all but sometimes it can be taken personal. And for women, who most of you already know, just take it in one ear and out the other.

  147. Doowutchyalike says:

    You’re the best BS. I wouldn’t pay attention to 90% of the comments I have read so far. It is obvious that most of them can’t appreciate a well written article and get the humor out of it. I call them all haters! So keep up the great blog and to all y’all haters eat a d***.

  148. Qial says:

    It’d be easier to sympathize if circles like yours drop the “gamer grrl” mentality and just designate themselves “gamers.” Stop treating it like a new medium for the battle of the sexes and just PLAY. Besides, this has less to do with sexism and more to do with the vast majority of Xbox Live players being functionally retarded.

  149. bs angel says:

    You bring up an excellent point Qial.

    I do not think females are treated any better or any worse than anybody else on Xbox Live. If you dig deeper into my blog, you will find that out. My thoughts are that anybody who stands out gets picked on. It doesn’t bother me. As Liz so eloquently put, it all goes in one ear and out the other. If it bothered me in the least bit, I would have stopped gaming a long time ago.

    Unfortunately though until the virtual world becomes a more positive place, certain groups will continue to band together to create a more positive experience for themselves. You find that with PMS and other female groups. You also find it at places like I for one am a supporter of groups like that with the highly negative environment we find ourselves in. Until people learn to act in a mature manner, like minded people will continue to find solace amongst each other.

  150. jademaid says:

    Xbox live tech support:

    Call one called me Sir and Mr. Adams the whole time.
    Call two asked if it was my son’s account.

    It’s not just the gamers.

  151. Colin M says:

    Thats good. I play with girls sometimes and one guy said “Show us ur boobs!”

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  153. DeadlySadie says:

    Im a girl, and I play Xbox on a regular basis.
    I can back you up on this. I get these comments ALL the time.

    Mostly the one where people think I am a 12 year old boy. Its usually more along the lines of “Oh man.. we got a kid on our team!!”

    “No jackass, Im a girl!”

    “No way ! Your not a girl?”

    “Yes I am”



  154. leslie256 says:

    i so argee with everyone of these!!!! it like guys get a hard on just thinking about girls playing this game and then they get mad when we kick there butts lol !!

  155. Nick says:

    You know I play games with my wife all of the time..and yes she has her own Xbox live account and flies solo with the gaming.

    I found an interesting article talking about this exact issue.

    pretty cool post btw.

  156. mragrotime says:

    its sad that stereotypes like this are constantly reinforced. Guys ripping on women for playing hard-core video games is like a white man ripping on a black man for skate boarding, or a black man ripping on a white man for playing basketball or digging hip hop. Let us all accept each other in all that we do and have no exceptions and biases in our judgments. On that note like tupac’s song “only God can judge me”, let us feel that way about others and accept one another. Stop hating.

    – Mragrotime

  157. Gert says:

    i actually like when girls play video games. if a girl is hot well thats pretty cool but if a girl plays video games well shit thats fuckin awesome

  158. Gert says:

    p.s you can kick my ass at video games anytime you want it doesnt bother me

  159. Dylan says:

    gender roles are so 19th century.

  160. Jules says:

    Hahaha…this is funny..ignore them and just enjoy your “Live” gaming….and feel free to frag them male egos…

    MCP just makes me feel bad being a guy myself…

    Well refer to a comment above about some 12yr old kid..

    I am not embarass to say that I was once defeated by a 12yr old kid….hey may the best gamer win regardless of age and gender…

    I am looking forward to the day my son frags my old sorry ass in UT3 or something

  161. Ashley says:

    i’m a girl.
    gamertag- AshleySTELLAR.

    add me.
    it’s my own gamertag.
    my boyfriend/brother would be a fag with that gamertag, FYI.

    who’s got halo 3 and gears ?


  162. Brittany says:

    I’ve gotten most of those comments. Ugh. It’s annoying really.

  163. xtoothlessx says:

    i came up with the myspace one cause i am original

  164. Anonymous says:

    Ive said everyone of those to every girl who pleys. Never gets old. U gotta do it for the lawls

  165. Travis says:

    I respect females that are willing to put up with this and play a little live.

  166. Erik says:

    Back when the PSU demo first came on live anyone that looked like a girl was either surrounded by guys or were being teabagged. Anyone that was confirmed to be a girl was surrounded by even more guy’s and teabagged to hell. God that was annoying, guy’s I doubt a girl wants to date you over XBL they are there to kick ass and take names.

  167. JVENEGAS says:

    i think this is a good eye opener. i play with a few girls that are actually really good. i think its funny people say shit like this just cause its ignorant and disrepectful. its hilarious when these girls kick your ass too isnt it guys? hahah

    nice post.

  168. DaRebel says:

    funny thing is, i let the girls i have over play on my account all the time just to hear what guys say. and if it isn’t “um, ok it’s a girl” as if they’re nervous, its at least 3 of these top 10. nice list

  169. Dude seriously it really sucks being a girl gamer… cuz there are too many idiots on there trying to hook-up and talk shit ….. but i’m a tough ass chick, so i tell these fuckers how it really is…. i lay it down, and take names.. i’m really tired of lame lil boys trying to talk there shit, like there momma’s didnt teach them anything.. prob didnt! i play mostly shooters, and its bad enough when i get guys saying “oh girls arent supposted to play video games.. but i’m 28 years old and have been a gamer for more than 20 years… so get over it…ALREADY!

  170. haha – I have heard every single one of these in matchmaking… but the fat and ugly one I’ve actually heard someone be slightly more original.

    They included pimpily…

  171. wanze says:

    Is this really your blog? Aren’t you just using your boyfriend’s blog? I mean, everybody knows that girls don’t blog!

    Where do you live btw?!

  172. hifi650 says:

    Bet u anything dudes in here did do that…..doesnt some one feel like a douche bag

  173. RunJun says:

    Geez, what a bitch! I’m just messin’ with you. I make sure to ask all of those questions when a girl comes on because I know how you “woah mans” love the sweet talk.

  174. Monday morning reading and I stumbled across this – really well said – got a laugh out of me. Evidentially, all gamers (or people) are not created equal – what makes me laugh is it’s just a game, just a service, just a place for us all to play together and waste a bit of time – why do we all take it so seriously?

  175. Hehe :D Well Im really not suprised to see that comments like this accurr. The same happens to girls that play for example Counter-Strike. These boys who never interact with any girls still dont understand that some girls actually lke gaming.

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  177. Matt says:

    I met my girlfriend on Day of Defeat. Yes, it’s not XBL but it’s still online gaming. We played on the same server for something like three years and never really spoke to each other. One evening (May 17th 2005) we just had a bit of a random chat, which went on for a little longer than expected and saw us go to bed at 04:30.

    Fast forward to now and I’ve moved down to live with her and things are just great for the both of us.

    Thinking back to those days of playing on a server where a lot of girls (and women) played, it’s strange to see how many of the same “OMG! hi2u” comments come around time after time. It gets tiresome after a while – and that’s as an observer – so it must be bad when you’re on the receiving end all the time. At least on most PC servers you can just ban the idiots.

    You just need to remember that these boys have never had a girlfriend whose surname isn’t “.jpg”.

  178. shpyda says:

    I can completely relate to all 10 of these comments. My husband actually saw your blog and forwarded it to me. I know that a few males on here have commented about the girls bringing it on… this is not true in my case. In Halo 3 I have a red and black uniform, and a gamertag that is non gender specific, but if I open my mouth slightly to talk to one of my friends (almost all of which happen to be amazing men) a wave of comments come my way. I have heard every single comment on your list numerous times. They actually don’t bother me they just make me laugh.

    Someone said on here that it is about skill level and that the women just aren’t up to par. Well, I for one normally dominate and the 3 other women that I have as friends do as well. So it’s not skill… it’s just simply having a womans voice that brings on the crap. I don’t even respond, luckily all of my male friends take care of that for me.

    So like I said above, normally it just makes me laugh but there has been twice where guys on my team have gone against me and harrassed me the entire game. My own team! Those two times I was not able to laugh or shrug it off. I have never been so ripped into or torn down for absolutely no reason. Each time I just ignored them and let the other members of my team rip into them. The last time though the guy got up in my face and he had been saying some really, really awful things that I can’t repeat. Well, when he got up in my face… I shot him.

  179. Maarten says:


  180. joe says:

    i love girls that play games……..woooo hooooo

  181. Cchrist says:

    Hey i just got the link for this through Kotaku. I think i actually played a Halo 3 match against you once (i remember wondering what the bs stood for :p) you kicked my ass! :D (Come to think of it so does anybod else.) Cool list although i’d like to see like a top 20 because its so funny :)

  182. Digit says:

    To be honest, I’ve said the first one several times, but as a joke. I don’t really think it’s something anyone could take seriously surely? My wife and I play TF2 and numerous other games, and she prefers people don’t know that her character has a woman behind the wheels, for pretty much this reason.

    I also don’t think it’s really fair to push around the whole, “You are so shocked that I’m a girl, so you clearly don’t ever interact with girls ever.” It’s a pretty broad generalisation to level at the male gaming audience, whereas I think most of these come from the genuine internet jerk(tm). Also I would imagine someone who totally does not believe you are female, for even a second. As to be fair, considering the industry is one where we constantly pine for more and more woman to play, it’s odd to treat them like this in light of that. I imagine too, any angry responses to this, are either the same crowd who make remarks like this, or just that sort of group that follow popular links and then post about how they definitely shouldn’t be popular, and then unravel a scrolls-worth of reasons why.

    I would encourage anyone who is subject to these sorts of abuse to either ignore or just answer pretty plainly, I really don’t think online gaming needs any more trash-talk, seriously, we play games, it’s fun – we don’t logon to lay the smack down on what is quite likely a pretty young person on the other end. I don’t feel like an adult for picking on a 14 year old, and nor should anyone else.


    P.S. Best line I heard was from another player in a TF2 server. There was a girl on the other team, and he did the, “What? Girls don’t play games… LIES! ;)” thing and she just laughed and they made general chit chat for a bit. Then I said, “Well actually my wife plays TF2 with me all the time.” He goes, “You wife is a DUDE?! o_O” Hahaha. Cool guy that.

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  184. Kevin says:

    Although im not a female i know exactly where u are coming from. My friends and I are from a country called Barbados which is located in the Caribbean. Many a nights on Gears of War and Halo 3 we’ve been heckled about our accents and country sometimes we have to mimic an American accent as not to be ridicule and be understood clearly because it seems alot of persons expect only Americans to be on live. Sometimes we are even botted from gears with the host saying or messaging us after “we dont play with terrorist” but the latest one in Gears left us truly shocked last night. We join a 4 on 4 game and when we begun to talk teh host asked us “are you black?”: which we responded yes then we were promptly booted. I truly hope that’s an isolated event. Also wats up with all the gay comments. EVERY game banter from our opponents is some gay form diss. Then whenever anyone one of us dies one of the american’s who called us gay tea bags the dead body. Now isnt that truly gay???

  185. luke says:

    As a male who plays games it’s nice having female friends who are into video games, the last girl I was with was huge into pokemon…. she lurrrvessss mudkipzzzz.

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  187. Robert says:

    I feel sorry for girl gamers. It’s horrible what people say to women online, but even worse when they think they’re witty.

    I respect all my lady friends who are serious gamers, because each of them have at least one game where they would royally whoop my sorry heiny D:

    Unfortunately I can’t get any of them into the sack [I’m being facetious here].

  188. F says:

    I work with many girls in my crew – since we’re all are game developers – one must quite expect they play – sometimes they play a lot. Guess what – noone believs that each one of my girl/cooworkers/gamers are girls actually. “Stop fooling me You are probably another guy trying to play as a girl”. Men feel so certain that while playing they are at “no girl” company as on bachelor evening. 80’s are gone. Now there is so many girl -players that – most of guys would never expect. Especcially thouse guys not too familiar with opposite sex.

  189. LowLevelAlt says:

    I don’t play Halo because I suck at shooter games (Especially on a console) but I have seen a little of it on other online games. IMO, the WORST gamer sexism is the unspoken kind, you know, inviting guys to games over girls, even if they’re useless, because guys are better at games than women.

    I usually just slap people on ignore.

  190. Jypcee says:

    Very funny and sadly very true! We just had a post on the XGX forum about how ridiculous some of these guys are, the comments they make, how we handle them, and how very unoriginal the comments truly are. Great Blog!

  191. Anonymous says:

    i don’t know whats everyones deal with dissing gurl gamers i live with 2 gurl gamers/geeks and there really cool :3 in fact i get my ass kicked at soul calibur T_T its just people can’t get over stereotypes its annoying!!

  192. I have plenty of girl gamers, yes some aren’t the most attractive, but i also have a some very beautiful. Most of them do play silly games like Barbie or but can also kick my ass at more “manly,” as they say, games. Although, I tend to play RPG’s myself. =) Anyways. sorry that most guys are complete morons and are also 12. Good for you putting them down ;-). Game on!

  193. Fred says:

    I’m a male gamer and to let u know I never insult any girl gamer i meet. but there’s always one guy or in this case 10 that screw it up for us so dont go thinking all men are like that

    Im not gay!!!!

    λ Long_Shot λ

  194. RTM says:

    Is it ironic to anyone reading this that someone who calls herself “Hawty” (Hotty) online is complaining about being regarded as a sex object online?

  195. Joel says:

    Rule 15

  196. Morden Night says:

    Funny stuff. But kind of sad that most of these online Xbox peoples haven’t wised up to the ways of the world. Girls play games. Not exactly a new development either.

    And your’re totally right about those comments being unoriginal.

  197. latifah says:

    oh god ,so true ,your a genius!

    i play world of warcraft the guys on there are immature

    this topic rules

    i love you

  198. Meta says:

    @ RTM or it could mean Hawty as in Haughty, or she could just have a really unfortunate first name, you don’t know, jumping to conclusions will often result in falling and breaking your face.

    @Hawty I was once stalked over XBL when I was frequenting Burnout with my mate. Some guy pestered me for my number half a million times and in the end my friend and I conspired and a plan formed in our tiny brains. We gave him a number on my mates old SIM and he started texting him. This guy started to initiate what I supposed is called TXTS3X. The following evening we rounded up the group of regulars in a game and read them all out. Oddly enough he left me alone after that. They give us the rope to hang them.

  199. Diyor says:


    Nice blog!

    The lines are so stupid… i mean … how thick can u actually be to say something like that?

    Even in my country with less girls playing video games we know to respect them.. even if they actually play better than us..okok.. this is me speaking.. probably most guys dont think the way i do..

    but… from there to ask u out or something.. come on? that’s how sexual predators take advantage…

    ok .. i don’t think this makes any sense at all but..

    Stay well.. and keep posting funny things like that =D

  200. Chris says:

    Hey guys, didn’t your parents treat you to be nice to ladies? Anyhow, my person comment is that when I usually meet female players on X Box Live, they chit-chat a lot more when I tell them I’m already married [therefore I’m not gonna be pestering them for “the hook up”]. It’s sad female players only feel comfortable chit-chatting online if the guy isn’t going to pester the hell out of them.

    And yes, the smart-ass guys who disrespect woman on X Box Live are only proving that they haven’t nor ever will get a girl, get married, or get laid…. unless they use one of them 1-900 #’s! LoL!

  201. bs angel says:

    I love many of the comments here. Interesting stories by males and females alike, all of which are familiar.

    Just an fyi, all comments proving John Gabriel’s internet theory correct are simply sent straight to the spam bin where I don’t even have to see them. To anybody who takes something that was written as a light hearted poke at the randoms on Xbox Live seriously, you should probably just take a deep breath and perhaps get some fresh air.


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  203. shpyda says:

    Okay Digit. I’m positive that the p.s. that you wrote was me in that conversation. If not I had that same exact conversation with some other guys. Verbatum. That’s hysterical! Usually if someone just says something funny like that I laugh. If I was to react like a complete bitch though, and list the facts and reasons why girls can and do play video games I would just open myself up to more crap.

  204. Anthony says:

    This is all made up because we know #1 is true, girls don’t play video games.

    Certainly not the ones in my WoW guild. Especially not the ones who are better players than 95% of the other players I have ever met.

    A lot of them do player healer classes though, which I guess stems from motherly instincts (yes, they are wives and mothers in some cases). I just like to shoot stuff in the face.

  205. BodomChild16 says:

    I honestly don’t care if its a female playing or not, as long as she plays the game correctly. I have a problem with some girl that gets on her BF’s account without even knowing how to hold the controller and joins my ranked game and starts teamkilling then thinks its hilarious.

  206. Justin says:

    On behalf of all the few gamers out there who aren’t like the boys you describe, I’d like to appologize for not pwning those morons even harder.

  207. Tana says:

    So, painfully true.

    Crikey. Look at all the comments.

  208. Thyrza says:

    I have grown up among gamers most of my life, and I’ve been dealing with this attitude ever since I began growing breasts in the sixth grade. Weither it was at game conventions or having my ‘fragile’ teenage feelings hurt the first time I played Counter Strike, Its never ceased to amaze me how your treated on online games just because you happen to be a woman.

    The irony is these same individuals (and I’ve met a few of them) that say such things also complain that they don’t have a girlfriend…

    In my observations of growing up among the culture of gaming, I think that this attitude is the biggest reason why women don’t play games in the first place >.<

  209. areana1500 says:

    not only do I face the GIRL issue…I’m a MOM on top of that…I mean how many gamer rules do I break in that one hmmm….I mean girls don’t play and the world should end if a ( gasp!!) Mom plays and actually mayyyyybe even (shudder….awaiting worlds end…) BEATS THE FRIGGEN GAME!!!!!


  210. yes please says:

    Someone always asks “are you really a girl?” I like to wait for the inevitable “*sigh* yes I’m really a girl* and pipe in with “what a coincidence, I’m a Unicorn.”

  211. Samantha "Sunshine" says:

    I play Counterstrike Source online and this is totally what I hear all the time. This was definately a good read it reminded me how smart and original every guy on the internet is.

    *would read again

  212. Graie Wholfe says:

    hehe, this is so true. it must be all that bottled up testosteron theyve been saving. of course there’s also the fact the only time they actually see a girl is when theyre looking at porn :P. niblets ^^

    I hope you run into some better examples of my gender when you play next time :3


  213. Jackie says:

    LOL Holy crap, SO TRUE.

  214. COOLgodfather64 says:

    Wow. I am in my teens, and my voice isnt super deep yet. Whenever they ask if im a girl, i go along with it them laugh when i kick their ass

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  216. LordChris915 says:

    I hope iv never offended any girls on psn, i have been surprised a few times when hearing a female voice but never made a big deal about it.
    BTW lets have no sandwich making while playing against me….it hurts my feelings

  217. crsp says:

    Haha, so true. I must admit that, the first time I encountered a girl playing on my favoured Counter-Strike Source server, I was quite surprised, not because I believe that girls simply do not play games, but because I had never actually been aware of playing against one online. There are so many idiotic guys who constantly say such stupid and, often, vulgar things on these games that I never imagined that a girl would WANT to be involved; how many girls do you know that enjoy the company of crude men who make constant sexist remarks and references to their genitalia?

    Obviously, I know better now. (Actually, the person who really got me into most of my early great games and gaming discussions – and also into decent music – was a woman. That was a long time before the aforementioned incident, though, and in that time I had met no other gamer girls and therefore considered them a rarity. They’re not a rarity, but they are a definite minority.)

    Anyway, yeah. Most of the males I know who play games are actually pretty romantically astute (after all, most boys my age do play games), but I suspect that the sort of person making those remarks is a complete loser.

  218. Paul says:

    Exactly why I’ll always maintain that a well-programmed AI is a much better opponent. At least the AI doesn’t try to digitally hump your leg…

  219. AntiQuest says:

    This is because you’ve never played with people like me…

    Most commonly used phrases when a girl enters one of my games:

    1) Hi… (I’m boring)
    2) Thank God you’re not one of those hormonal teen boys.
    3) Please may I take the sniper role.
    4) Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress (Because all my female friends are dominatrices/goths/fun)

  220. Commented says:

    Being able to point something like this out I’m willing to bet that you are a pretty smart person. Just thought that I’d get that out of the way first. Now then about the actual content of your post. The reason why you hear most of those comments are because guys are stupid. All of them. I include myself in that group too although I don’t say stuff like that in games. The brain of a guy has the capacity to process two functions at a time. One thing they process 24/7 is obviously thinking about sex (which takes about 50% or more of their brain power) and the other process (since everything else is now the other process) needs to be done very efficiently or else bad stuff will happen. To process a lot of information efficiently people have stereotypes. And that is the only way guys know how to interact with anyone and thats through these stereotypes. But here is the complicated part. They are always thinking about sex so when they have to deal with the opposite sex 80% to 90% of their brain is now dealing with sex so they at best have 20% of their brain power left to deal with the confortation of the opposite sex hence becoming imbeciles. So thats the best they can come up with so give them a break because I don’t think you could do any better in our situation either.

    For this reason female gamers have more sex:

  221. Sulfura says:

    Sarcasm at its best :P

    Sad that these facts actually are true. But taking into consideration that a lot of gamers aren’t very social people, it becomes quite clear why it is that way ;)

    Anyways, it is rare to encounter a female gamer (or they don’t tell what they are: for a good reason though). And that’s why people will always be surprised if one joins the server. It can’t be helped ;)

  222. jonsoh says:

    Sad, but true…

    Unfortunately, doesn’t only happen on XBOX Live either… I’m not a female gamer myself, but I have friends who are, and I find it absolutely revolting that this occurs.

    How many people know others that play drivel like Barbie whatever adventures or whatnot…there’s a reason why they end up being cheap, nowhere games that eventually find their way to Walmart bargain shelves.

    I’ve had gamers ask me if I’m secretly a girl in real life. Personally, I don’t take that as an insult. After all, it just means that perhaps I’m nicer and/or more intelligent than the average, vulgar gamer ^^.

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  224. For_Medivh says:

    This is sadly true. Since I know this, and I’d like to think I am a considerate online player…I apologize for the idiots.

    And I have NO doubt you could beat me with one hand.

  225. InsanePyros says:

    I think it is horrible that people actually say these things. When I’m playing halo 3 and getting my ask kicked by someone and finally manage to kill them and realize they have the female death sound and there gamertag is XxmariexX It makes me happy. seeing more competent female gamers on male dominated games such as halo 3 would give the community some real respect for you if there wasn’t so many god damn 12 year olds.

  226. Myke says:

    Yeah, these guys are jerks and probably don’t get girls… Ever. Being honest, I’ve only ever had a few experiences of girls on video games online (two of which on Halo 3), one time she owned me by like 40 points, and the other I beat by about that much because she was trash talking. Alot.
    Really I prefer playing with them because they do tend to be alot more fun and don’t trash talk/get aggressive quite as much as we do.

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  228. Mike says:

    I’ve actually done one of those things once or twice. Guys are kind of that desperate for girls that play video games, because we all know you’re the coolest of the bunch, and like me, there are none that are fairly good looking, and can match us in video games. I mean, my vision of my soul-mate includes sitting on the couch, playing Tenchu Z with her, watching the gore pour out of some peasants gut. Then making out afterwards because the sheer awesomeness got us both hot and bothered. Failing meeting this girl, I’ll just have a female clone of myself. Awww yeah. We couldn’t reproduce though, the baby would probably end up either being too great at everything, or autistic, deaf, blind, mute, and any other ailment that comes from inbreeding. Knowing my luck, it would be born without thumbs. What a horrible way to live.

  229. jeff says:

    all i say is


  230. CashmoneyXL says:

    hahaha thats sooo funny because its sooo true. I played before and those comments like exactly i got. i just laugh.

  231. David says:

    yeah… I think the whole attitude of a room changes when they figure out a girl is there, no matter if it’s a game, or IRC or anything.

    Nerdy guys are girl starved… so when they notice that one is there… they just act different.

    It’s really funny when two people are talking, and the guy assumes that he’s talking to another guy. Then when he learns, he completely acts differently.

    Some people say the things you have listed above… some people don’t do anything at all. But we can all agree that Nerd are nervous around girls… even when there are thousands of miles between them.

  232. Asbjørn says:

    U forgot “marry me!!”


    Although I aint a girl I have heard it alot.

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  234. Kurt says:

    Yea, I don’t play halo, and I can imagine that that is quite annoying, in all honesty, i prefer girls who like to play video games to those who act really feminist.
    But I felt I had to say, you should have come up with better comebacks, I was expecting a bit of ownage. I guess, maybe if your a good player actions speak louder than words…

  235. w3c says:

    Absurd. Everybody knows the only thing that work is ‘sudo make me a sandwich’.

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  237. tgg1 says:

    haha! great post. One of my good buddies is a female gamer so playing with her on live I get to hear some of this stuff. she LOVES the attention though. :)

  238. Trulseren says:

    I’m sure I’d say at least one or two of these comments with heavy irony ;)

  239. markcocjin says:

    I love your blog and all these wonderful replies. I understand how Xbox appeals to a lot of women out there given the fact that it is so convenient with the Xbox live feature. I am not a console gamer by the way so bear with me. We need more of you mommies, sisters and girlfriends out here in the PC world too. Though not as awesomely macho like Halo or Gears of War, I think the game of Team Fortress 2 (not the Xbox version since they say it’s buggy) might appeal to a lot more women than in most games since there are nine personalities to choose from. So you don’t have to always be Rambo if you don’t feel like it.

    My sister plays a lot more on my profile than I do and yes I can relate to the incidents some of you have cited. We play on Asian servers and she’s lucky enough to not have as much verbal abuse as most of you (TF2 players on Steam type in in-game chat a lot more than voice which is less intrusive). On a plus note, when they do know that she’s in the game, she gets a case of cute combat crushies where the guys would all defend her and flock like ducks around her as she moves around (like the phalanx formation in 300). Unfortunately for me, when I do log into my account and play, I often get the “hey baby” greeting from her past playmates. The game’s kinda specialized though so screaming children running around usually get a balisong shoved down their spine.

  240. thespinningbrain says:

    I know exactly one girl in real life. She plays video games. Therefore, all of the girls I know play video games, and I should have no reason not to think that all girls play video games.

  241. Jeska says:

    Wow… totally what I deal with EVERYTIME I play Halo! I had one guy tell me to take my fallopian tubes and go hang myself. I think they’re just mad that girls are invading the one thing that they were good at. Awesome article!!!

  242. blazex says:

    you know, this is a nice blog you have here. i hope you don’t hate ALL guys tho, being one myself.

  243. bs angel says:

    Absolutely not! I just hate the jerks, and there are no gender lines when it comes to that.

    (And thank you for your kind words as well.) :)

  244. Abstract says:

    Now, I wouldn’t consider myself a “jerk”, given that I’m never serious, but whenever I see a girl (or someone who claims to be one) I say something along the lines of “Who wants to bet is a boy trying to get attention?”. They’ll always point me to friends who know the truth, ask me how I know this, ect, to my unchanging response of “riiiiiiiiight.” It’s all in good fun.

    Yeah, it’s immature too, but watching the responses is funny.

    Of course, they always eventually realize I’m playing them and laugh, so in case you were planning to say something along the lines of how I’m probably overweight/12 years old/never going to get laid:
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  245. tomvale13 says:

    I Just wanted to drop in and say,
    Hello for some and others g’day!

    It seems a strain for girls to play,
    amongst pre-testosterone-ish angst
    Day after day.

    I figure its the world we’ve helped to create,
    Either that or its hard to play and masturbate.

    Cheerio and good luck.
    Tom Vale

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  247. Betty Skeddi says:

    Angel you rock. Much <3!


  248. Me says:

    Well, honestly, what do you expect as a girl when you walk into a room full of guys, guys who only ever hang out with guys in this particular room.
    It would be something like being a female ‘entertainer’ back in WWII.
    Especially since you’re mingling with boys who have no life and spend all their time in a virtual XBox Live cyberspace.
    You’re new flesh in XBox Live!

  249. Gem says:

    Being a girl gamer leaves you open to all sorts of crap, however, knowing that you can pwn someone so hard that they cry for a week is enough to make up for it :P

  250. Wil says:

    My Favourite is (on MMOs admittedly, not live) is I gotta leave now, my BF is here

    Them: OMFG! are you a girl.

    Me: No, I’m gay.

    They: WTF Faggot

    Me: WTF reported.

  251. Rayzak says:

    Having been with two gamer girlfriends, I’m quite familiar with the cat calls and the insults. Including some really distasteful ones. For all you female gamers out there who are sick of stalker requests and testosterone-filled outbursts, take comfort in the fact that, at the end of the day, the attribute that those teenage boys make fun of you for is the same attribute that makes you more attractive to the nice, mature guys who you’ll meet along the way. (and for the dirty-minded guys out there, no I am NOT talking about boobs) The truth is, a girl who knows about games is the equivalent of a guy who knows how to cook, clean, as well as dance. It’s not everything, but it does give you a BIG plus. So, don’t be put off by some d*ckweed who can’t come to terms to the fact that he just got pwned by a girl. Until he changes his attitude, the closest he’s going to get to a girl is that life-size poster of Sarah Michelle Gellar hanging on his wall. Someday, I hope to see this stigma gone from the respectible gaming communities. The way I see it, the more girls join the gaming world the better. It’s a great feeling when you can share the experience of good gaming with your significant other.

  252. Funny, these are truly the common ones.

  253. Jason says:

    lol… funny shit

  254. Gozno says:

    zOMG there r gurls on the interwab?

    Meh, it might be that I’m a Guild Wars player (I would guess the population at 60/40) but I’m pretty used to girl gamers, I tend to play with girls more cause, on a whole, they are much friendlier.

  255. Gozno says:

    oh. p.s very funny :) good read

  256. Grant says:

    I stumbled across this on Stumble Upon but anyways,I dont play XBox, quite frankly I think it sucks, as well as Microsoft, but when I play Socom Online, and there is a girl playing, I think it is pretty cool that girls play video games(and pwn many players), everyone should play video games, maybe politicians would shut the hell up about how bad they are and use their imagination for once

  257. Tox says:

    Oddly enough, I must be the only old person left who still has the artistic ability not to give a crap on someones gender.
    I do not play xbox, I still wander in the world of text based MUDS where I can enjoy actually reading a nice story that someone took the time to write, and being old my vision crapped out enough that 3d games give me headcaches.
    Your Gender does not matter on a game, even whether it is your real gender, selected for the game or percieved, too often I watch the young guys help the “girls’ on the game, later to get busetd finding out it was thier frined pretneding, all too funny.
    I got my daughter to play the Mud I work on, far more guys spend time talking and hitting on her than attempting things on the game itself.

    I guess it comes down to those who you choose to be your friends in life and what you base the friendship on, I spend 2 years running with one person on the game, to later find out they were female, her reasoning was to avoid it not to get hit on, I never gave a crap before or after and we still hang out together on the mud when we get time inour lives to goof off and play.

    Dig out the reading glasses,, look it up if you can handles, oh yeah reading again……..I help all newbies to it, male or female, prejudging them on their sex is wrong, prejudging them on thier stupidity comes easy.

  258. Wade says:

    Xbox Live? I’ll give it to some of ’em – that’s a little more uncommon. Maybe it’s because of the dolts that populate it, or because of the bias of the content (ever seen Marcus Fenix?), but it would seem to me to be a little bit anathema for a woman/girl/female to be playing a game that treats a gun like some Freudian incarnation of masculinity. That’s just my old-fashioned chauvinism speaking, though. : D

  259. PhantoomTa2 says:

    It’s funny because it’s true

  260. nk says:

    no girls allowed ;)

  261. Matt says:

    I just try to be nice to everyone on live. I find almost all English people are just plain nice. Cause we English are like that. The abusive ones are the Americans.

  262. Gryphon says:

    The way I figure why most of the little horndogs on Live act the way they do is because they a) have an Oedipus complex, b) are so socially retarded that girls put restraining orders on them just for saying ‘hi’, c) haven’t left their couch since the early 90’s and haven’t seen a woman that wasn’t their mother/grandmother, d) will probably die as 90 year old virgins, or e) all of the above.

    Of course, considering that when they aren’t playing online they are ‘playing’ by themselves it doesn’t explain a lot.

  263. Lucy says:

    Further proof that microphones dont belong on the internet.

  264. Jinglez says:

    My favourite is “Send me a pic to prove you’re a chick”….. My reply is usually I’m the fat and ugly and can never see the light of day type, I wouldn’t want you to vomit.

    Also I find it funny when I grief other female players about how terrible they play their reply being “I’m a girl” just gives women in gaming such a bad name.

  265. Lukey Boy says:

    In my entire 2 months I’ve been playing Halo 3 on Live I’ve only come across 2 chics and there’ll always be at least one really, lonely guy who will try to pick them up and it’s moments like that that make me cringe soo bad, on a relaed note google up a video called halo homophobia evolved. Some dude has the name xxxgayboyxxx and all the other players tear into him, you’ll notice the only voices are male and sound like they’re from redneck country. That’s my 2 bob.

  266. zalifer says:

    Lol, this list is class! Bravo for standing up to all those losers. I mean, sure, I find girls that play games to be an attractive feature, but i have never harassed someone online! (partially to do with the fact that I met a girl in real life, who happened to play games ;) )

    The sad fact is that this is a common occurrence. I think its time to create a fake girl gamer name, and fuck with some people heads ;) Teach them to be losers.

  267. EG OverkiIl says:

    Ha all you guys/girls I have seen this happen all the time when I play halo or cod4 a group of girls will join and a few guys start saying crap that is just like up in your post. Also m a guy but I still don’t know why ppl just do this to others people on xbox live. And i think all the guys that joke about any one in any way should get banned. From xbox live for at lest a week for a forts time offence and a 2 or 3 months and then perm ban.

    I’m typeing this on a iPod touch so my spelling is bad.
    -EG OverkiIl (xbl gt)

  268. snorkle256 says:

    I absolutely hate when other guys act like this on live. It usually drives the girl gamer away which results in no fun. I believe in the notion that girls think differently than guys so that being said they can out smart us. This making gaming fun.

    Anyways I’m also glad to see you sportin the U360 laws gamer picture. I’m not sure if you are on those forums or not but Deacon’s got an unscripted night of COD4 tonight. check it out

  269. Distant sniper says:

    wow…its hard to beleave but I think I have said some of those things. Crud, I try not to be a jerk and anything like that. I think that its cool that girls play video games its even better when they play COD4. Thanks for the tip I will definatly watch what i say in the future. Although anybody up for a game guy or girl im up for it. name is WWZ 2 just send me a mesage if you want.

  270. Required says:

    I’m a guy, and I think that Barbie Horse Adventures is an awesome game. On my favorites list right next to Shaq Fu.

  271. CODAY says:

    ahahahah i have at least asked each one of those at least once

  272. Pingback: Columbia College Chicago : IAM Blog Engine

  273. Ashlyn says:

    OMFG YES!!! soooooo many times i have heard this bull. Im a girl playing 360 so that must mean im super hideous and fat! lol i usually reply yea im so huge i cant fit outta my front door and im so ugly i have to wear a bag around my head or somthing along those lines. I mean C’mon guys get a freaking life trying to hit on a chick over xbox live =/ srsly shame on you. As for the called “Jerks” i bring along to other games with me like CoD4 their just my close friends and my fiance sticking up for me. I mean d00d if ur girl played online and guys tried hitting on her and talked shit wouldnt u stick for her i think yes! l8z

  274. Puppetsoul says:

    I remember when a Q3A team I was in beat PMS waaaaay back in the day, and they stuck around after the match to talk. One of our guys told them that unless they were there to blow us, that they needed to take the walk like the rest of the losers. So they had us banned for sexism, which wasn’t even in the rules but got added because everybody kisses female gamers’ asses.

    Be glad that you get preferential treatment just because you have ovaries*.
    *This offer expires when you turn 40.

    Look at Frag Dolls… one of western gaming’s highest paid, most renowned professional gaming clans… but they never win anything. Ever. They’re not even decent at the games made by their sponsor (Ubisoft). They’re literally paid to just show up and make an attempt, because the target audience loves the mammaries.

    FEMALE gamers are a joke. There’s no such thing as a MALE gamer, it’s just a gamer… FEMALE gamers affix their gender to the front because they want the same perks they get in real life from it.

  275. hehe yep I’ve heard all of those too. You forgot the naked web cam requests. I mean why else would a girl be on X-box live, except to get naked??

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  277. daWg says:

    Do women realize that’s it generally uncommon to come across female gamers? I probably experience one a night. And I’m not gonna lie, I’ve made comments before asking if they were hot. This is called “having fun.”

    I wasn’t aware if you went on XBox Live that you couldn’t speak personally to people, especially women! I treat everyone I meet on there first as someone who could be a friend. I like to get along with people.

    Now when I try to get to know people (by sometimes asking gender-specific questions), I must remember the long list of pissy females who can’t stand the fact that men actually like females…

    And females hate all men. So find a different topic to blog about. ;^)

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  279. Dave says:

    I know people that have done EVERY single one of these. I try not to play with a mic, especially in pregame. One time I left for a week and came back and I had all these random friends on my account that my roommate added. Turns out they are all like 14 year old girls from pulling a #6.

  280. Dan says:

    LOL ahh man im not gonna lie i asked those questions “are you a girl..sigh yea i am” , but still its cool that girls be playing VIDEO GAMES i dont see whats the problem with that. There was this one guy who lost to a girl in Gears of War and he acts like his life is over just because he lost.

  281. meltron says:

    I hear number one almost once a week in WoW….it gets so old.

  282. PMS Furied Fate says:

    These are the things that make being a female gamer worthwhile. I just love to squish the hope and wet dreams of pathetic male gamers.

  283. Shurtless says:

    its Cool playing with girls on Live, most them have awesome skills and own but then comes along a dude and his mate that just have to make a “big Man” outta himself and try and most likely fail to establish who is the bigger “Person”. since i like playing with girls on live i tend to hear these alot and yet ive never heard the sandwich line… :P

  284. M4D PWN3R says:

    I dont like these sexist stereotypical veiws on girls and video games, i mean i know a girl down the road who plays video games and she is HOT XD
    but seriously, About 1/3rd of my friends list being girls i tend to side with girls when i meet them on live even though i am a guy

  285. halo12and3 says:

    *applauds* This list is (unfortunately) hitting the nail on the head. I’ve heard all of it and then some. Don’t get me wrong- some of the guys I’ve played with were cool and had no problem, but a lot of them figure out I’m a girl (I don’t tend to offer the info up on the get go) and just act like total asses. Oh well- that’s what the handy dandy mute button is for. :)

  286. GeneralCupcakes says:

    Why do people have to be that way? I’ve had the opposite happen to me when a girl sent a friend invite to me. o.o

  287. SH3 D3V1L says:

    It’s sad that these are just the top ten. And as a fellow female gamer, i know that the list goes on.

    At first it use to bother me just because it was so ‘scarce’ (not) to see a girl playing a shooter game. But it’s true, you can only hear it so many times before you’re just like “uh huhh.. okay”

    I find it amusing because the guys are starting to chill out. Until they get raped. Then it all comes back. I love it when you have a whole clan in a lobby and one of them tries to be cute and say something like that, a girl says something completely witty in return and their entire clan turns on that guy and laughs.

    My favorite part is the amusing things we put in our bio. Like mine for example:

    “Don’t worry so much about my place. I’m playing from the kitchen poisoning that sandwich you asked for.”

    Great article, i love it. :)

  288. SH3 D3V1L says:

    And the majority of chick gamers are hot anyways. i don’t know where this “300lbs and hideous” thing came into play.

  289. Croey Brown says:

    Well I go to alot of gaming conventions and there are alot of hot good looking girls that are realy good at video games. There are to many people out there that live in there parents basement that never talk to girls othere then there mom who think they need to prove someting or abuse women becaue they think if they could not have to time of day to talk to one in real life just be an asshole. You see this in yonger gamers to and this is not a good thing because they take this new idea in there head and apply it to real life talking to women like the things sayed online or in a game are ok. I could keep ranting and raving but I dont know how much of a diffrence it will make simple fact is that females get the stupied dick heads who only think with one head not the one by there shoulders or there are the guys that are assholes. Realy just keep playing and dont let it get to you just kick there ass in game.

  290. Kamikaze Goldfish says:

    Omg its so true!! I hear this all the time on WoW -.- that i must be a 12 year old boy because girls definitely don’t play games.

  291. Joel says:

    You know this is all true but all guys say to other guys is hey what a fag and I fucked you mom, all sexual jokes, so when I girl comes on she should probably expect the same just from a different angle. The creepers wanting to be your friend are just creepers.

    You’re getting harassed as much as anyone else, just more friends requests.

  292. desposy says:

    lol, that must really suck. I respect girls that play seriouse online games, they ususally cream me. and i gtta admit female gamers tend to hold their own in chat. its funny to whatch 3 guys so completly stumbed they cant even snipe straight anymore

  293. INTERNET KNIGHT says:


    Nobody really gives a shit if you’re a girl and you play online. People just like to give other people a hard time. It’s not considered “the norm” for a girl to play video games, so guys give you a hard time for your gender.

  294. Roy says:

    LOL. that barbie horse adventures is so true. I say it all the time, I even say it to some of my guy friends.

  295. Starlll says:

    As true as it is… yeah, it’s all true. But what you don’t realize is what the guys hear.
    ‘Stop playing games all day and do something productive’ (My sister, after spending all day making cookies.)
    ‘Ha! You just got beaten by a girl!’ (Let’s think about that for a moment…)
    ‘Can you beat Bowser for me?’ (My sister, two hours after telling me to do something productive.)
    ‘Your insane, Starlll!’ (A lot of people.) (If I’m so insane, then why is everyone my friend?) (No, I’m not a self absorbed ego manic.)
    ‘Starlll, are you making another list to send to someone?’ (My sister, right now.)
    ‘Yes, now go away so I can finish it in peace.’ (Me.)
    ‘Did you just tell me to go away?’
    ‘Shut up and get off so I can check my e-mail!’
    ‘There’s another computer downstairs, you know.’
    ‘Yeah, but that’s way to slow!’
    ‘Well, I have to finish this list!’
    ‘Just send it as it is!’
    ‘I’m not done yet!’ (Me.)
    ‘I’ll tell mom!’
    ‘Are you really about to drag mom into this?!’
    ‘Yes! Now send this right NOW!’
    ‘For crying out loud.’

  296. Bilawal says:

    lol some of my stupid friends say stuff like that, i usually tell them to shut up, but the girl usually bites back :S

  297. AL Starchaser says:

    Haha this shit is hilarious! I have used the sandwich one countless times!!

  298. eddie says:

    i managed a clanserver for a fpsgame and i cant remember how many of those idiots that we kicked from the server.

    many of the female players i met was really good players and it´s probably that those guys cant handle that there are girls that are better then them…… poor bastards ;-)

  299. maya says:

    FOR SURE. But ive found its not just on xbox live. Ever try telling a guy you know you like to play video games?

    Every guy friend i know laughs. Then says OH what games do you like?
    When i start talking about like call of duty, god of war, gears of war (aka games that dont suck ass) theyre like haa whatever id pwn the shit out of you.

    funny thing is, none of them will ever play me.

    good for them though, cuz id eff them up–and i dont think their egos could take a blow like that. theyre all classic jock prep jackasses though, so its to be expected.

    Not all girls like to spend their time twisting their hair in their fingers, getting their nails done, and hanging out in shopping malls.
    We will snipe your asses. :)

  300. Not a real name. says:

    You know whats even stupider then the way 90% of guys act online? When girls make a big deal out of it in public.

    LOOK AT ME I’M A GIRL AND I PLAY VIDEO GAMES. THAT MAKES ME MORE AWESOME THEN EVERY OTHER GIRL EVER. I HAVE MY OWN ACCOUNT AND I KICKED YOUR ASS AND EVERYTHING. SOOO MUCH BETTER. (I’m looking at YOU, maya. Congratulations, you’ve defied a stereotype that is quickly disappearing. Shut the hell up and play your games.)

    I dig that chicks play games. Love it, most of my female friends do. It’s actually really common, only most of the time the girls are the ones who don’t use voice chat or just stay quiet because they know what kind of morons play the game.

    Seriously, though? Don’t complain. You love it. You love the attention, otherwise you wouldn’t talk and let people know you’re a girl.

    Mmm. I can smell the comment deletion already.

  301. Nick says:

    @SH3 D3VIL
    I know what you mean. All the girl gamers I know are cute, short and nerdy.

  302. moi says:

    Don’t forget the ever so insulting “are you a fag” comment. Most of my friends are gay and I play with them all the time. I love their responses when I get that question!

  303. yanilucifer says:

    These are the same idiot gamers who will call you gay, or call you every racist thing in the book. I have even been called racist comments from several different ethnicities by the same gamer?? It is sad to think this is what is becoming of the “typical” gamer. What happened to the good ol’ days, when people could actually put their quarters up and wait their turn, only to get their asses handed to em? No one got in your face with these sexist/racist/stupid comments for winning, and it cost you a quarter! I think it all has to do with the fact that all these pathetisad loosers have a monitor/headset to hide behind and “get away” with things like this. This is exactly why people need to report and ban these jerks, girls AND guys. As much as I hate to rat someone out, I think it is a LOT worse to let them run around and insult people just because they are not face to face. Ok, that is enough of my ranting and opinions. Late.

  304. yanilucifer says:

    Oh and not a real name, why not post a name?? Scared some girl (maya) might just get on line and pwn you? I didnt hear anyone yelling till you got on Mr. Name. “Oh no! Don’t let me hear that some girl is good at games, and better than most her friends!” No one is threatening your oh-so awesome super uber pwn skillz. Again, stop HIDING when you want to talk trash,…. that is exactly what this writting is showing. Jerks like you just ruin it for everyone, including us guys. Good One.

  305. BIRDMAN says:

    I have a good idea to fix the whole problem here.

    360 sucks- its the poor (wo)man’s system. Save up and get a PS3, not much harassing of women going on there…
    I believe its because people with more money have a tenancy to not be complete assholes.

  306. HMMMM says:

    i understand but i swear i can never tell if its a girl or a lil boy on mic

  307. durnsy says:

    MAAD funny

    you should see the shit said to female avatars on Playstation Home, since it’s almost impossible to make an ugly avatar unless you really try… and the avatars are less cartoony, every dude flocks to them and convo’s usually start with “your so hot”…. I mean come on.. no one actually looks like these things

  308. durnsy says:

    Wait ,CosmicAudioChic… naked webcam requests? grant them! that’s the best strategic move ever!!! it would give you such an advantage if they are desperate enough to ask over xbox live they have definitely not seen any lately, or even remotely bare… you should do it sometime in a ranked match, you’ll own
    (yes i said own, my religion objects to the use of pwn3d, p0wn, pwn, n00b, noob, n008, because they are only used by fucking morons)

  309. ArmyOfAardvaks says:

    That’s freaking hilarious.
    Now seriously though, make me a sandwich.

  310. Alekx says:

    Sad, but true.

  311. 0fullmetal says:

    yeh im 15 and i hear alot of this aswell as raciall terms and homophobic terms but the reason i dont care is tat it dosent affect me in the slightest bit because i dont take offense to it… and if someone really wont stop annoying me theres always a button that mutes people so mute the annoying one… everyone just remember its only a game

  312. Travis Crum says:

    nice job just stereotyping all guys who play video games.
    some of these are truly funny, but some are just bitchy.

    my normal response when encountering girls on halo 3:
    “Wait are you a girl?”
    “Oh, sweet.”
    “Oh hey look, were on the same team XD.”

  313. Bee says:

    Ya know whats sad is most if not all of these “guy” comments on here are still simply fake. There all just a ploy to once again make them sound all good and superior just like if they were on live. Hey I know lets have a legit girl with a legit excuse start a blog about how de-tarded “:)

  314. Bee says:


  315. Bee says:

    <— dumb & retarded” boys are on xbox live because lets face it I’m thinking there balls haven’t dropped yet and they will never know how it is to treat a girl. Hey guys how about you all move back in with your mommy and beg her to teach you right from wrong. You guys really piss me off. One last thing. Please Please Please send your gamertags here so I can fire off a shot to your melon chobby.

  316. Ryan says:

    I hope none of my friends have to put up with assholes like that. Why are most guys on xbox live desperate, sexist, homophobes? I wish I could slit their throats….then teabag them lol

  317. dba4u says:

    Whoa! thats true another thing they say is : “are you a 12 year old?” i hate when they call me a little boy wich im not a boy and not 12 -_-

  318. TH3xR34P3R says:

    I have read all the comments and i agree that there are ALOT of people who don’t have the respect for their fellow gamers. I’m always muted, unless im in a party chat, and prefer to respect my fellow gamers who share the thought and play fair where possible. I have 4 female friends on my friends list who have asked for my friendship (I myself am a male gamer) and I would like to see more female gamers on xbox live, PS3 online and get rid of the stereotype that all the women play ony the wii.

    If you do want to talk to me or have fun online in the same games I have then feel free to message me anytime.
    XBX GT: TH3xR34P3R

  319. MK28 says:

    From my limited experience outside the known gaming universe: ‘R U Hawt?’ generally defines my following strategy.
    Said chick says yes: Die for her in valiant effort, respawn and attempt pickup.
    Said chick says no: Die for her in valiant effort, respawn, attempt pickup and hope she has hot friends.
    Shallow you say?
    Sure but what do you want me to be? A paragon of virtue?
    If a female plays the same game as me then she is relevant to my interests. ‘R U Hawt?’ may produce fruit and even if it doesn’t, her friends might.
    You gotta believe socialising will yield positive results!
    Add them and hawtness will come.

  320. WeeW says:

    I have seen a lot of these before, and heard these before. (I like to think i don’t partake in them too but we can’t all be perfect) I needed to say rofl, those were hilarious.

  321. val dorm says:

    female? male? who cares ,,tbh ,,everyone plays games:P

  322. SuperGameBoy says:


  323. Waffle Deluxe says:

    Too many replies to read through…

  324. Moi says:

    I am sad because I have heard most of these before. In general it is from squeaky, what I assume to be 10 year olds, who firmly believe everyone else who plays is a homosexual anyway. But that is why xbox live is awesome, if someone is irritating you can just blow them up, shoot them in the face, stick them, etc. In real life you just have to deal.

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  326. Ashley says:

    Awesome =D

    as a girl gamer i can relate :)

    — TF2
    — TFC
    — L4D
    — HL2

  327. Ashley Kiddo says:

    Every time I am either on something like WoW or where I play online game console (on Wii,) you get harassed all the time. Like guys think it’s like the myspace booty call…….. only normally much much nerdier.

  328. Ashley Kiddo says:

    oh, and my bf bought the wii, I wanted a ps3.

  329. bagones says:

    “I feel embarrassed to be a guy sometimes when I hear things like this.”

    and why is that? if anything, you should feel relief… plenty more frustrated females out there waiting to be seducted by your the true manly mojo.

  330. CT says:

    i wonder how you have time to read all these comments. i play with a lot of girl gamers but i say girls don’t play video games just to get a rise out of other girls. the ones that know me chuckle at all the responses.

  331. G4M3SL4Y3R says:

    Wow, i’ve played against some girls on L!VE, but really..

    i got owned around 60% of the times, and i don’t suck at all.. (at least, thats what the most people say)

    Girls don’t suck at gaming, it’s just that most of the girls don’t know how to play, don’t really know the fun of it, and some of them do..

    The first time i played, i sucked as well.. It’s just that starters-thingy, and since the average girl doesn’t really like it, they stop doing it after around their first time.. and everyone sucks the first time..

    So the final conclusion is:
    Why can’t girls play? The most of them don’t play on live, but thats just because the average of them doesn’t like it.. Guys really get the image that girls are stupid, bad and pathetic at video games.. Wich they are NOT..

    (oh yeah, im a GUY myselfe so really, i know where im talkin about)

  332. justSomeDude says:

    well, to me reading all of these replys is like getting slapped in the face, HARD. ive never noticed any of this going on because i tend to mute douche bags before matches even start, or im in a party so i cant hear them regardless. the only reason i added a girl was because we liked playin guitar hero together. i see now why she hardly ever gets on; and why her bio says:
    “no i will not be your xbox live gf”
    i admit i was quite oblivious until now(shame on me) but now i see some dudes are really ruining it [-_-]

    • G4M3SL4Y3R says:

      totally agreed with you there..

      There are assholes out here that screw it up for people..

      a well, nothing to do about it i guess.. :S

  333. Sherrios says:

    Yep, guys say some silly things when a girl appears on radar(haha). I’ve definitely heard the sandwich one — in a game and in a message after the guy quit from losing. He presented it with “kitchen” and I knew where it was going. Too bad he got owned in messages as well as in game.

    If you think this list is “bitchy” or just untrue, you’ve never experienced it and I agree that these don’t phase me anymore, but there are the occasional altercations where it takes a while to shake it off. Especially if a girl gets accosted in game by her own teammate. It’s happened and it’s ridiculous.

    All I can say is, guys want girls to play more video games yet they will trash talk them/stalk them/disrespect them? Awesome. GJ guys!

  334. WolfSarge says:

    I just have to say, as a guy with some sense of maturity, it’s really rewarding to give the proverbial middle finger to idiots who say “b*tches can’t play Halo” and dumb (or worse) stuff like that over Xbox live.

    I mean, anyone who says crap like that obviously has some of their own security issues to work out. Or they’re just morons. I can understand trash talk, even stupid trash talk, but what’s with all the sexism on XBL? Or homophobia? (Not gay myself, but still find it offensive).

    Thanks, God and Bungie, for Mute buttons.

  335. Sh0rtBusSpecial says:

    I really don’t see why so many guys find it so hard to accept that women play video games. I honestly think more of you women SHOULD play. I let my little sister use my account for years before I bought her her own for her birthday last year. She’s an excellent gamer and most of the female gamers I have ever played with have been great! Most of the rude and obnoxious comments are made by ignorant/meatheaded/immature/”I think I’m awesome”/socially awkward little boys who think they’re the shit. It seriously pisses me off and gives a bad rep to the rest of us DECENT guy gamers who are ready for women to pick up a controller and give us a good fight!

  336. TagAlreadyUsed says:

    Dang these are awful but I like your responses.
    You should do another list of what us boys have to go through when our voices haven’t changed.
    First, it’s “Are you a girl?” I say no. “Are you ten years old?” I say no.
    “You must be ten years old why haven’t your balls dropped you’re ten years old ten ten you are ten!”

  337. Sabrina says:

    Oh my god, too true. And then they are like WHAT? when I tell them I’m a lesbian. X D

  338. Caleb says:

    “I just beat you playing with one hand.”


    I love double entandres.

  339. Bob says:

    I don’t mind girl gamers, as long as they are a productive member of the team or a good challenge. However there are a surprising number of female gamers that suck horribly. They just think they’re good because their boyfriends make them play and they killed two people. At this point in time I say the following…

    “Woman, get your ass back in the kitchen and make me some babies”

  340. Megan says:

    I get asked these questions all the time. I don’t play XBOX live, I play counter strike source but its basically the same questions. The questions bothered me at first but not so much anymore. The sad part is I hear these questions so often I have the answers binded to a key :P There are much more disgusting and vulgar comments that are said, those are the ones that bother me. I wish more girls would game though then maybe the jerks would be used to girls being on games that they would just drop all the retarded questions, but I’m not counting on it :P

  341. Christian says:

    You know, I hear this a lot, and its annoying.
    And I’m a dude.
    They do that all the time to the girls on my friends list, and other random ones on XBL. So much for respect.

  342. Gazas says:

    “Including you.”


  343. Little Duck says:

    Kudos to you. Girl with backbone. Alot I know don’t use voice chat. Cos they’re sick of comments.

  344. scottocs says:

    “So much better now that you are here, thanks.”

    I could hear the tone of voice you typed that in, just with a longer, “Sooooo.” :P

    And the * at the end caught me off guard lol, cause it’s in every quote. hahaha

  345. VoltRabit says:

    mute = priceless.

    I seriously think I’m missing out on one of the gaming culture’s quirks. I hit mute so fast on any jerk I never get to hear anything.

  346. bigboyd says:

    my favorite was when some guys were bitter that i had beaten them and they heard my high voice so they joked saying “i bet you’re gay, i bet you like boys”

    well, i do like boys, but i’m not gay.
    that shut them up.

  347. Raptor J says:

    Are you a girl? You can’t be a girl. Everybody knows girls don’t write blogs.

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  349. Dashcan says:

    I, personally, don’t care if I play against girls online. They don’t tend to freak out when you actually talk to them. It is a bit awkward, as some guys tend to go into a certain idiot mode. I’ve done it myself.
    But I would much rather play a game of Bad Company 2 with a team full of girls who know what they are doing, than a bunch of damned 13 year olds whose balls have yet to drop, and try to act like the big dog, when they are at best, that yappy little chihuhua that needs to be kicked.

  350. Mr kitty says:

    It depends on what girl your talking to. If she’s a slut feel free to ask how old she is, what her myspace URL is, and if you can have nudez.

  351. Dude says:

    Those are actually true. I’m a guy and a while back I did a funny, yet serious, experiment where I changed up my Xbox Live account so that I looked like a girl. I even when as far as spending 800 microsoft points to change my name. I was bombarded with friend requests, party invites, game invites, etc. People were asking me for pictures, asking me for my age, and trying to flirt a lot. A part that made it worse is that I was playing Gears 2 for the most part, and since I’m pretty good at it, all the guys believe to be playing a chick that’s very good at gears. Guys are more likely to send a girl a friend request if they whoop there ass in a game.

  352. batsenecal says:

    I love getting these, actually. Boys all ways ask, “Hey, are you a girl.” And the reply is always, “Yes, I’m a girl.” And then the conversation either goes to the “Are you hot?” or “Are you fat?” When they start getting bad, that’s when I pull out the kick butt moves (hopefully). Normally, I’m just as good as them, but I love it when I’m MVP. That really gets them mad. lol.

  353. Tigersaurus Rex says:

    damn, why do all you girls have computers in the kitchen???

  354. cat food says:

    It’s annoying whenever a girl is in a game because either guys say all the stuff that’s on this list or the girl is a complete attention whore. It’s rare, at least for me, to just have a girl teammate and have the game play out perfectly normal. which is sort of a shame.

    • Emily says:

      i really hate those kind of girls when they laugh really retardedly into the mic and wont shut the fuck up and everyone pays attention the ‘her’. lots of people dont even realize im a girl until the end of the game or if they read my bio. i usually just mute the atttention seeking whores on xbl haha :P

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  356. Teejumz says:

    haha i’ve heard all of this….. it’s just funny though. i just mute everyone :P

  357. Anna says:

    This is so hilarious because I hear these comments all the time. It really gets irritating, guys! Once I was playing l4d2 versus and nearly got kicked because of my gender, and then I ended up making pwnage sauce of everyone, including my teammates. Needless to say we won ^-^ How you like me now, punks? XD

  358. Jamie says:

    Hilarious! So true too! I hear it all the time

  359. Emily says:

    haha its weird cause im not really a talker right because i find that other girls are really friggin annoying so i dont want to be like them but i love the reaction when peopple find out im a girl i dont really mind when there like “DUDE! YOUR A CHICK? ADD ME BE MY FRIEND HURRY ACCEPT IT!” cause i wont accept it but it sure gives me a laugh at how much of a deal they make over it

  360. bonezz5 says:

    ya me girlfriend has the same thing happen to her every time she gets on her account its just fun she with play them to get free map packs and stuff its just there fault for being stupid maybe one day they will learn but i think i have to much hope for them by she needs more girl fiends on xbox live her gamer tags is la blue girl

  361. danieljc2008 says:

    Exactly 3 years ago.

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  363. Mr Smarty Pants says:

    fk id be trippin balls if i ran into a she male though…

  364. Bryan says:

    I play quite a bit of XBL as well as other online games, and the only time I’ve heard guys say things like this to girls is when the girl is being annoying as shit. Like, won’t shut the fuck up whenever she gets a kill/dies, or comments on everything that happens at any point ever. Like, team deathmatch “WE NEED TO KILL THE OTHER TEAM” or Capture the Flag “BRING IT BACK TO OUR BASE!” No shit. I’ve never heard anyone insult or bother a female gamer if she’s acting like a normal goddamn human being. If you hear this stuff often, you’re most likely an annoying cunt, sorry to say.

  365. KaylaRose says:

    I’ve heard all of them at one point or another. Haha it’s pretty funny stuff yo.

  366. Anonymous says:

    You do realise that even when guys play against guys we still shout stuff at each other when we lose right? there’s just less stuff to say cos we’re the same gender. Only really lousy players who keep losing really mean those comments, the rest of us do it all in good fun.

  367. kayla says:

    lmfao at this, its all so true.
    and to the dumbass who said there wasn’t a cod6, go kill yourself.
    if your gonna insult someone on a blog, at least know what your talking about.
    all the douchebag guy gamers who think they’re tough shit because they can say ‘you belong in the kitchen’, clearly have no life. you think your cool because you can talk shit to a girl infront of all your xbox live friends who you’ve never met in real life, but in reality, you’ve never talked to a girl. you flinch at the site of us. sit the fuck down guys, and stop pretending like your awesome.
    also, stop resorting to xbox live because your too desperate in real life to get some ass.. come on now.

  368. UltimoScorp says:

    I am a little annoyed about all the kitchen and sandwich comments; seriously, this isn’t the fiftys, get up and make your own goddamn sandwich ya lazy bum!
    Also, having not(to my knowledge) actually met a female gamer, i try not to stereotype. anyway, this is a great blog, and i hope it sticks around!

    • capps681 says:

      Well I have to agree that women get mistreated on but I will stick up for the few of us guys on live that don’t mistreat people. Sometimes it is hard to tell if a girl is a girl or a young boy and i will ask. I ask because i think its cool for girls to play video games and honestly i want to see if they get more kills than the guys but if its a little boy i tend to mute them because they are usually extremely annoying with stupid sounds they make. All in all ppl tend to use live to be mean bcuz in real life they are losers. Im sorry girls that guys are stupid.

  369. A Puckett says:

    Almost four years later and still freakishly accurate.

  370. hanaray says:

    Although this is true, due to the “party” choice, I always just talk to my own, real friends, as over the years, I can’t be dealing with either, the really “butch” men who play, or the really “weak” little kids. Although, it’s not just men who are to blame for slating on women.
    I find that most girls, actually like the attention. It really annoys me when I see girls who have included “Yes, I’m a girl” in their bio, because it does not matter, if gender mattered in games, they’d have a “gender” choice to select on your bio but there is not one. Another thing which infuriates me, is when a girl, has GIRL in their clan tag on COD. Its just not needed and to point out your a girl, you’re craving for attention.
    I’ve had my xbox for about 4 years now, and over time, have realized how girls actually can be the cause of most social-problems on xbox…

  371. Dan Mitu says:

    It’s no wonder than gamers don’t have girl friends.

  372. Alice says:

    Here’s the perfect solution to all the female gamers that bitch about how boys are being boys. Don’t talk. You end up muting the mic anyways. Or you could do what I do. Stay silent until you kick the crap out of them in game, then politely say “Good game” and leave. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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