Finding The Right Clothing For Your Body Type


Some of us have a tough time finding clothes that fit and flatter our body type. Although clothing stores and manufacturers do a good job of standardizing womens fashion, it still becomes difficult to find trends, styles, and colors that will flatter your unique body type every time. This is because body types and builds vary considerably. Every woman can look beautiful but the very first step to looking beautiful in any clothing is to understand your body type.

Common Body Types
Once you know common body types, dressing yourself becomes easy and fun. While there are several body combinations and builds, there are five major body types that can be used to describe most women.

Petite — This body shape is probably the most difficult to dress. Most designer boutique ‘s do not stock petite sizes and it can be difficult to find fitted clothing. Even if you do have to alter clothing, make sure you choose clothing that is tailored to the body with fitted bodices, and with vertical lines. Short dresses, cropped tops, and cinched waists are also perfect. Take a look at the personal style of stars like Rachel Bilson and Sarah Jessica Parker to understand their personal petite styles.

Tall and Square — If you are tall, you are very likely square or bell-shaped like Taylor Swift or Gwyneth Paltrow. Your body shape is perfect to carry clothes and dresses that fit at the waist but showcase your legs are stunning on your body type. Both light and dark colors work well to create an illusion of curves. Heavy fabrics and knits are a no-no but stretchy and clingy fabrics are great.

Curvy or Hourglass shaped — One quick look at Kim Kardashian with her curvy figure and you know that this body shape is the easiest to dress. Choose fitted dresses, cinched-in waists, and a-line skirts that will draw attention to your waist and arms. Add wide-hem trousers and jeans, light-colored tops with strong shoulders, and strapless dresses to create the perfect outline.

Pear-Shaped or Pregnant — Pregnancy womens fashion is hot and trending with stars like Jessica Alba showcasing their pregnancy bulges quite prominently. Bold colors, layered pieces, tunics and leggings, maxi-dresses and wide legged trousers formed the core of the look and resulted in a dramatic style statement.

Full-Figured — For full-figured stars like Adele, retro-inspired name brand clothing caused the perfect day-to-night looks. Embellished necklines, fitted dresses, lace neck and arm panels, A-Line dresses and belted coats created the perfect look.

General Tips
1. No matter what body type you are, remember to show skin strategically. Choose one body part and show it off to make the most of your outfit and your body type.
2. Ripped Jeans and a white button-down shirt or blouse is the perfect outfit for any body type. Make sure you choose the right jeans though for your body type.
3. If you find a particularly flattering fit, make sure you buy in bulk. If it works, don’t question it. You can easily change its appearance with accessories and shoes.
4. Invest in the best quality supportwear to ensure a trim body outline.

As you can see, these five major body types are quite easy to dress. Remember, there is no perfect body type and what suits your body type may not necessarily suit other body types. If you aren’t sure on how to find appropriate clothing, you can try browsing an online boutique. Most women’s boutique clothing is listed in the form of a lookbook. With the lookbook you can combine outfits, accessories and shoes to preview a look before purchase. Of course you can also try browsing local stores to find the best outfits for your body type.